3 thoughts on “Intro To Optik TV”

  1. a perfect connection the tv and radio at 222 shearbrook street appartment
    v3l 3m2,saporttan,new westminister bc

  2. I can’t seem to fix the problem I am having, the picture won’t fit on the
    screen. I’ve changed some of the settings on my TV but its still not
    working. Is there a way to adjust the picture size from a menu on the telus
    TV box or is it just my TV? Please help.

  3. Extended Promotional Pricing TELUS Internet, TELUS Optik TV, Satellite TV

    New TELUS Internet, Optik or Satellite TV, and Home Phone customers are
    eligible to receive promo pricing for the first 12 months with a new 3 year
    TV service agreement, or for the first 6 months with a month-to-month (MTM)
    or 1 year TV service agreement. Customers signing up for internet and/or
    home phone only are eligible to receive promo pricing for 6 months.
    Customers who select a 1 or 3 year TV service agreement are eligible for
    discounted TV equipment rental options.

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