Telus Stores: Vital Connectivity Elements for a Successful Business

Telus Stores: Vital Connectivity Elements for a Successful Business

Technology has changed the business world for the better. Even now, it is still shaping the landscape with more advancements and improvements, making many workplaces completely reliant on technology. You would not find a single business in Sherwood Park or anywhere else in the world that isn’t connected to the Internet. Is connection alone enough? Telus stores give you a rundown on the vital connectivity elements for a successful business.

Vital Connectivity Elements for a Successful Business

High-Speed Internet

Strong connectivity is a must for any kind of business whether your employees are working at an office or on the road. It is necessary if you want to ensure that all the work is done. Like it or not, a slow connection will also slow down your progress, negatively affect employee performance, and decrease overall productivity. Creating a network also makes employees work together better and share resources. This way, workers can access files, databases and network devices such as printers with ease.

Mobility Options

Your employees cannot be tethered to their desktops all the time. Sometimes, work needs to be done offsite or while they’re at home. That’s exactly what wireless networks (Wi-Fi) and “the cloud” are for. Coordination and collaboration will see a boost when the cloud is used effectively. Your employees also need quality mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to help them perform their tasks and access important data anytime and anywhere. These devices also need high-speed connection in order to keep up and function just as fast.

Network Security

With the easy access benefit of the cloud and wireless networking, comes the unintended disadvantage of security threats. Your internet connection and all connected computers must be secured with firewalls and other defenses to protect against data breaches. Firewalls act as a first line of defense for your network by blocking malicious internet traffic and hacking attempts.  Information must be stored securely on the cloud and only authorised personnel should be allowed access. Each user of the network should have their own username and password.

Creating an efficient and secure workplace with these essential elements is key to business success in a highly technology-dependent world. You can find everything you need to set up an ideal digital work environment at any Telus store in Sherwood Park like Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated.


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