TELUS Internet | Fort Saskatchewan 780-998-9551

TELUS Internet | Fort Saskatchewan 780-998-9551

At TELUS we have one of the fastest internets on the market. Our top speed 50 Mbps which gives you 400 GB monthly data usage, up to 10.0 Mbps upload speeds, and 20.0-50.0 Mbps download speeds. Now for this package it is $70 a month but we also have a more affordable option with not as high but equally impressive. Our internet 25 gives you 5-25 mbps download speed, up to 5 mbps upload speed, and 250 monthly data usage. This is perfect for those families on a budget as it is $60 a month and perfect for multiple users. We have all this information in store and you can even book your installation with us. Plus don’t forget the more services you get the more we can bundle and save you some money.

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