Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha – OMG

So just when people were saying smartphones
are getting boring, Xiaomi enters the chat with the Mi Mix Alpha which basically is all
display smartphone. Xiaomi is the one who kinda kickstarted the
bezel-less trend with the original Mi Mix and now three years later, when everyone was
expecting the successor to the Mi Mix 3 with some minor improvements, Xiaomi took a whole
new different direction and introduced a new concept which has a wrap around display with
a screen to body ratio of 180.6% yeah, let that sink in for a second. Honestly, for the past few days Xiaomi was
teasing this smartphone and I thought it was their foldable smartphone. But it isn't. It's a regular glass similar to the one we
find on devices like the Galaxy Note 10, iPhone 11 Pro, Huawei Mate 30 Pro etc, which uses
flexible OLED to bend the display at the sides. Xiaomi is calling this a 4D surrounding curved
display. Like I've said, it has a 181% screen to body
ratio, the rest 19% is occupied by small border up top and bottom and the rear cameras eat
some of that screen to body ratio real estate.

Speaking of which, the phone has 108MP camera. As we have talked in the past, Samsung is
the supplier of this camera which uses tetra cell technology to take full 108MP images
in daylight and 4 27MP images in low light and combine it to form one detailed image. There is a wide-angle and telephoto camera
present as well. As you can see, there's only one set of cameras
on this phone. So if you want to take selfies or make video
calls then you've to flip the phone which shouldn't be a problem because there's a display
at the back as well.

All in all, it looks identical to the Huawei's
foldable smartphone the Mate X, but the difference is the Mi Mix Alpha isn't a foldable smartphone. It still amazes me how fast the technology
is evolving. I mean, I knew we would see smartphones that
would look like this in the future but didn't expect that would happen in 2019 itself. To be clear, this is still a concept which
means Xiaomi isn't mass producing it like their other smartphones. They're not even planning to sell this internationally,
it'll be limited to China and is priced at almost $3000.

It's the only trend that I don't like about
current smartphone. Technology is getting better and improving
at a rapid rate but it comes with a price. But to be fair to Xiaomi, it's a concept phone. They have no plan of selling it, it's about
bragging rights I guess but if you're crazy enough to spend $3000 for this phone then
Xiaomi is ready to ship one for you in December, provided you live in China, and the last time
I checked, you don't. So have to pay way more than $3000 and import
it from China. Anyway, the biggest question you might have
right now is, why? Look I totally understand that it doesn't
provide much of value other than the fact that it looks freaking cool. Listen, Phones are getting ridiculously expensive,
to the point that they are not just phones anymore but a status symbol as well. It reflects your personality if that makes
sense. When I'm buying a car, my top priority is
looks and then comes the rest. Same for the phones as well. When I'm buying a budget or midrange phone,
looks are not really that important, the specs and features are.

But when I'm getting a flagship, looks are
one of the top priorities before making a purchase. And I'm sure there are millions out there
with a similar mindset as well. That's why looks are important, and that's
why this phone matters. Phone companies aren't dumb that they are
running in a race to increase the screen to body ratio because they know there's a huge
demand for this. And that's the reason this phone exists and
probably more companies would follow suit and come with similar phones as well One more thing I need to mention is that accidental
touches are not going to be a problem because they can just ignore the side areas with the
help of software just like Huawei did with the Mate 30 Pro and Samsung does with their
flagships. With that being said, what do you think about
this phone, do let me know in the comments and I'll see you tomorrow…Peace out!.

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Mobile Shopping Made Easy | Google App

Hey, will it be repaired by today? ‘Pick up the phone, sweetheart… sweetheart.’ Hey sweetheart calling Get a new one man I’ve gotten used to this one, I’ll buy the same phone online So buy one then It’s not that easy. I’ll have to look everywhere first. Price, delivery, offer, a lot of time is spent researching So much research? Why don’t you just search? Be it mobile, make-up or any other product you’re looking for, just search on the Google app and make the right decision You also search for it

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Are Gaming Phones A Ripoff?

Hello everyone, I’m Dave 2D In this video, talk about gaming phones, and whether you should buy them Because different companies have different gaming phones In front of me, there are three gaming phones Razer Phone 2, Asus’ ROG Phone, and Xiaomi’s Black Shark Phone 2 Are all released this fall, the new game phone If you are considering buying one, maybe one of these three is suitable for you There are also gaming phones made by less well-known companies But if you want to buy, I suggest choosing from these three Next, we will talk about what I like, what I don’t like, and whether or not I should buy a gaming phone. First of all, the configuration is different All use Snapdragon 845, strong performance and enlarged screen But they are heavy and not cheap The cheapest is Xiaomi’s Black Shark 2, but it still costs 550$-600$ What distinguishes them from the flagship machine is the screen High refresh rate screen This is the real and original difference between gaming phones and other phones When gaming phones first appeared last year, they were equipped with high refresh rate screens. The benefits of a high refresh rate screen are hard to say in the video, especially when the video is recorded at a standard of 24 frames.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes, it’s really smooth I just picked up the Razer phone and played with the 120Hz screen and immediately felt the difference I'm afraid someone will ask, mention that the 120Hz of Razer phones is indeed a bit smoother than the 90Hz of ROG phones. But not every game supports high frame rate, some popular games are locked at 60 or even 30 frames ROG phones have the highest screen brightness AMOLED screen, the picture is clean and bright, the brightness is obviously better than the Razer phone 2 The screen of Razer Phone 2 has been improved compared to the previous model. The screen of 1 is very dark. It is better this year, but it still does not meet my expectations. Another point, Razer Phone 2 once again supports Netflix HDR However, the actual look and feel is not so good Netflix's HDR video is very dark on the Razer phone 2, especially in a well-lit environment The picture details in HDR mode are definitely better For example, the details of the bright area are significantly better on the Razer phone 2.

But the overall brightness is really too low. Really need a very bright screen to give full play to the power of HDR. HDR is like that And Razer phone 2 is not bright enough ROG phone's screen is brighter Even though it doesn’t have HDR certification, I think most people would prefer the screen of ROG phones to the Razer phone 2. Even if the details of the picture in the bright place are lost, it is because the screen of the ROG phone is really bright The screen of the Black Shark phone 2 is relatively ordinary, the ordinary 60Hz screen but the look and feel is still great The exterior design is quite different.

Personally, I like the design of ROG phones the most. I think it’s the most unique design. I really like the etched lines on the back glass, the copper color elements and it’s great Razer phones look more square, still the design style of Nextbit Compared with the first generation, the second generation glass back cover makes it more high-end But still very square Black Shark 2 is less distinctive It's not ugly, but the appearance is very ordinary, not as iconic as the first two Although these three are all gaming phones, only ROG is equipped with a headphone jack Let me say that any gaming device, especially mobile phones, should have a headphone jack Any gaming device in 2018 should have But for some reason, both Razer 2 and Black Shark 2 need adapters. Maybe this is the trend in 2018. Speaking of ergonomic design, none of the three models are very comfortable to hold. In terms of long-term gaming, Razer phones have the worst experience If you hold it for a long time, the edges and corners of the phone will be very scratchy.

Compared to GBA or NS, the other two are also general GBA and NS are designed to adapt to the palm But these are mobile phones. They are so thin that they can’t hold them very well. I’d like to say that Black Shark 2 is better than the other two, but it’s average Ok light All three mobile phones have a backlit logo, you can use software to control the color or something I have seen the backlight logo on other gaming peripherals or notebooks Now finally on the phone But mobile phones and peripherals are a little different I have said in many videos The lights on peripherals and laptops can be used for fun, but the freshness will soon disappear I don’t know why, I like the lights on my phone very much You can customize the color of the logo In 2018, this is very fresh This makes your phone instantly different For example, there is a blue logo, which I like very much Make your phone look different And the mobile phone is my personal item, so this kind of customization ability is great I think the lights of Razer and ROG are great ROG has the largest light area, so I think it’s the best There are also lights on the side of the Black Shark 2, but it’s a bit redundant on the phone OK, the speakers of the three mobile phones are all front So the probability of covering the microphone is reduced when playing games, good thing The volume is full, but in terms of sound quality, Asus is the best Razer 2 is close behind, while Black Shark 2 is slightly behind, ranking third Good performance, the performance of all three mobile phones is very strong, Snapdragon 845 ROG mobile phones are packed with chips in the box, which means that ASUS deliberately selects the strongest performance in the same batch to use The highest frequency can be up to 2.96GHz instead of the ordinary 2.8 There is indeed a gap in the running time, but it is not obvious Playing games makes you even less aware of the gap Mobile games are very strong The battery capacity of the three is the same, all are 4000mAh Black Shark 2 consumes the fastest power, I don’t know if it’s a software problem, because this phone is not a mass production version Camera, let’s talk quickly Very average Razer Phone 2 may be the best of the three The resolution is the highest, and the dark details are better than ROG phones But compared to Pixel and iPhone, it’s really incomparable Finally, I want to talk about a unique function of ROG, the air trigger To those who don’t know is to put a sensor in the frame of the phone, you can perceive it by pressing it Like the console game controller, there are L2, R2, L1, R1 The air trigger simulates these buttons instead of real physical buttons The essence is the sensor in the middle frame Look directly, this idea is great The first time I heard and tried it was in Taiwan, I felt great But after trying ROG phones for a while, I found some limitations 1.

A little delay It will take a while after pressing If you bind it to an important function, such as shooting Then you definitely don’t want to delay, you have to fire immediately after aiming See the enemy, aim, press the trigger, fire But the processing time of those few milliseconds is annoying It is very convenient if it is bound to less important functions But a very important function, I will not tie it to the trigger Another point I noticed is that the maximum sensitivity did not meet my requirements. I want it to react when touched But you have to press hard, deliberately This again makes it less convenient It's not a bad thing Very inconspicuous, you can’t even see that there is a trigger here I think it can be solved in software, but now it’s cool, but not practical enough Another point, the vibration motor on ROG mobile phone is very powerful I have felt it, the strongest vibration motor on the phone If you like that tactile feedback, then it can satisfy you Vibration motors can also be used in games, if any games are used, it’s also great ROG mobile phone also has an accessory, which is a fan for heat dissipation.

I have used it for a while and it feels like a fancy thing It's not completely useless, it can dissipate heat, but it has no effect on performance In the running score and stress test with and without fans, I get the same results Maybe it’s useful if you play games for hours But in my personal test, it didn’t work. Razer phones have an optional wireless charger, which I like very much There are lights, it is annoying at night, you can turn it off But it has two forms, the form is placed flat, the phone is placed flat on top There is also a stand shape, which can be charged while watching a show, which is very cool Black Shark 2 comes with a handle that can be stuck on the phone case to make the gaming experience more ergonomically comfortable Connect via Bluetooth, no wire required I like this little accessory You can buy such an accessory on any mobile phone, but Xiaomi comes with it, which is great Okay, summary Are these phones worth buying? They are not cheap Gaming phones, definitely considered high-end products I found that Razer Phone 2 is the most balanced The 120Hz screen is great, the system UI, some games can make full use of the screen The sound quality of the speakers is full, the lighting is cool, and the camera is improved compared to the previous generation My opinion, even if you never play games on your phone This is also a great phone The user experience itself is great, if you still play games, it’s even more important As for ASUS ROG phones, it doesn’t feel so comprehensive.

Definitely a mobile phone for players If you don’t play games at all, I don’t recommend buying it Many of its features, including accessories, are to enhance the gaming experience But if you are a player and you can use these features, then it is great, especially its screen is very good Black Shark 2, the cheapest, but if you are in North America, it may be more difficult to buy it But considering its game feel and accessories, it is also a good choice But unless you don’t care about the camera performance at all, don’t buy these phones Because it costs 600$ to 900$ to buy them, you can easily buy other phones with much better cameras at this price.

If you care about cameras, don’t buy gaming phones If you really like the RGB backlight logo (To be honest, it’s really cool) Then you can buy one I hope you like this video. If you like it, please like and subscribe to the one-stop one-stop service. See you in the next issue~.

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