How to pair your Jabra Halo Free to your mobile phone

Hello. In this video, we show you how to pair the
Jabra Halo Free with a mobile phone. To begin, turn on Bluetooth on the mobile
phone, and ensure that the headset is turned off. Next, press and hold the Multi-function button
on the headset until the light flashes blue, and then release the button. Finally, go to the Bluetooth menu on the mobile
phone and select the Jabra Halo Free from the list of devices. If you are asked for a pin code, enter four
zeros. The headset and mobile phone are now paired
and ready for use. Thank you for watching. For more information, please visit

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What is worth salvaging from an old smartphone?

Nowadays it is almost essential to own a smartphone In order to check on the latest memes, but also to connect to the world easily Only problem is that over time my smartphone always get slower And the battery capacity dropped rapidly And since Samsung is releasing new smartphone models yearly Which is quite tempting to say the least I got myself a Galaxy S7 about a year ago While leaving my Galaxy S6 behind But simply throwing my old smartphone in the trash is not an option for me So in this video let's dissect it In order to find out which smartphone components we can use for electronics projects Let's get started This video is sponsored by JLCPCB Who produce prototype pcbs quick and low priced So feel free to upload your gerber files to order your PCBs And while you're at it also try out their new shipping methods Which is a bit cheaper than usual To start of this teardown I removed the backside of the phone With a flathead screwdriver And then continued by removing all the Phillips heads screws near the edge of the phone Afterwards through the help of the plastic spatula And a lot of pushing around I separate the metal housing of the phone from the main electronics For now though I focused on the metal closing parts which onestly did not offer lots of components But I decided to remove this black piece of plastic with wires attached to it As well as the volume up, volume down and power push buttons Now the push buttons themselves are truly tiny but through the attached bracket copper pads We can easily confirm that they are still usable But i highly doubt that I will ever find a suitable project for them The black piece of plastic however is according to its outer look, and the fact that it features small resistance between its copper pads Most certainly a coil Which is used to wirelessly charge the phone If you're not familiar with this technology then feel free to watch my videos about the subject To not only understand how it works But also to create your own wireless energy transfer system With it we can tune the frequency of the square wave voltage apply to transmitter coil To the frequency which is commonly used with such commercial wireless chargers Which is around 147KHz And thus use our salvage coil as a receiver to for example light up this LED So in a nutshell I think this salvage coil can easily be utilized in wireless power projects Next I disconnected the battery and once again used the plastic spatula to completely remove it As you can see it comes with nominal voltage of 3.85V and capacitance of 2700mAh Which equals to 10.4Wh of energy That means as an example we could power a 5V 100mA project for around 20h which is not half bad The only thing holding us back is this tiny connector So I simply removed the rapping of the battery in order to get rid of it And thus I will be able to use this battery easily in future projects Moving on.

I removed the front camera of the phone as well as all the connectors from the pcbs And then lifted them out one after the other At the end i used the plastic spatula to separate the phone screen from the remaining plastic enclosure Which partly destroyed the flexible pcb, but more about that later For now though I finished my teardown by removing the home button and weird component which looks like coin cell And finally the speaker The speaker unit as well as the home button come with other components on their flex pcbs And thus feature those tiny complicated connectors Which means they are not easy to use, and thus not worth salvaging for my next projects.

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How to pair your Jabra Storm to your mobile phone

Hello. In this video, we show you how to pair the
Jabra Storm with a mobile phone. To begin, turn on Bluetooth on the mobile
phone, and ensure that the headset is turned on. Next, press and hold the answer/end button
on the headset until the Bluetooth indicator flashes blue, and then release the button. Finally, go to the Bluetooth menu on the mobile
phone and select the Jabra Storm from the list of devices.

If you are asked for a pin code, enter four
zeros. The headset and mobile phone are now paired
and ready for use. Thank you for watching. For more information, please visit

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How to pair your Jabra Elite 25e to your mobile phone

Hello. In this video, we will show you how to pair the
Jabra Elite 25e with a mobile phone. To begin, turn on Bluetooth on the mobile
phone, and ensure the headset is turned off. Next, press and hold the multi-function button
on the headset until the light flashes blue, and pairing mode is announced in the earbuds. Then release the button. Finally, go to the Bluetooth menu on the mobile
phone and select the Jabra Elite 25e from the list of devices. If you are asked for a pin code, enter four
zeros. The headset and mobile phone are now paired
and ready for use. Thank you for watching. For more information, please visit

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How to pair your Jabra Engage 75 with a mobile device

Hello. In this video, we show how to pair the Jabra
Engage 75 with a mobile device, after having performed the first-time setup using the setup
wizard. If you want to pair your mobile device as
part of the first-time setup, follow the steps in the setup wizard. Tap the 'Menu' icon to open the 'Settings'
menu and tap again to navigate down to 'Mobile device'. Tap the 'Accept' icon to select 'New' – for
new pairing. Then tap the 'Accept' icon again. Follow the onscreen instructions and go to the Bluetooth menu on the mobile device, and select the Jabra Engage 75 from the list of devices. The headset and mobile device are now paired and ready for use. If you want to add a second mobile device,
perform the same steps as just described. As an alternative to using the settings menu
for pairing to a mobile device, you can use the NFC zone on the front of the base to pair
with a compatible NFC mobile device. Ensure NFC is enabled on your mobile device.

Then hold the mobile device against the NFC
logo on the base. Follow the instructions on the mobile device
to complete pairing. The headset and mobile device are now paired
and ready for use. To learn more about your Jabra product, use
Jabra Direct, the computer application that is available free of charge. Use Jabra Direct to adjust features and functions
according to personal preferences or company requirements. Also ensure your Jabra product is updated
to get the best performance. Jabra Direct also enables remote call control
between your Jabra product and selected computer softphones. Visit for more information. Thank you for watching. For more information, please visit

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How to pair your Jabra BT2047 to your mobile phone

Hello! In this video, we will demonstrate how to pair Jabra BT2047 with a mobile phone. First, turn on the Bluetooth on the phone and make sure the headset is turned off. Next, press and hold the answer/end button on the headset until the indicator light turns solid blue, Then release the button. Finally, go to the Bluetooth menu on your phone and select Jabra BT2047 from the device list. If you are asked to enter a PIN code, please enter four zeros. The headset and mobile phone are now paired and ready to use.

thanks for watching. For more information, please visit

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Nokia 225 Dual Sim Mobile Phone Cell Phone Review, New Nokia 2014.

how since they I'm doing a review of the Nokia – too far you happy about this phone because I've been using it for a week it's been a great phone so it's going to be really good reviews on this one okay let's knock your to do five dual SIM dis one is the colors available it's available in red white black yellow green alright this one's not out in the UK yeah um it was out in India about two months ago it's now in the Europe market um I ordered from Europe um so it's like in the UK yeah it should be out soon but it's still not out yet I know that for sure should be within the next month ok the price retails I bought this for 60 pound so I don't know how much is going to be in the UK um it's worth every penny for 60 pound what I paid okay let me soak the box and tell you what's in it the phone obviously which is there tells you I put the cinnamon I'll show you in a minute okay head manual and headphones just the same nokia stuff okay one thing they didn't supply is the sync cable you know which gives me the USB to the phone so you can think transfer music and pictures and stuff etc from there to the USB they never supply that pisses me off about Nokia okay also a lot to forget the charger now this one's a European one so when they sent it would be it sent like that so for the UK I needed this adapter okay now gain to the phone it's honestly a great phone this is yellow was available black so I thought okay yellow for once I like the color anyway it's a lovely phone it's a really excellent phone um first of all when you touch it it doesn't leave fingerprints on it it's got a nice nice large screen really nice large screen it's not like the previous 220 or the 108 which I've reviewed it's actually wider as well which feels great in the hand it's light nice and light it's thin when you just overall it feels excellent it just feels really good this time it's really done a good job on this one okay all right I'll just show you before I forget to lock the phone you press that and this is a lot lock there it's locked to unlock press that and a lock that's it all right um who's the phone recommended for this phone is recommended for anyone on school kids college kid anyone anyone who wants and who doesn't want a smartphone I can understand people not wanting smartphones I can't stand it myself that's what I don't do many reviews of smartphones the factory smartphones when they in your pocket you know just buttons keep touching it cuz they all touch did you on the screen keep touching in the pocket and you ring people by accident stuff like so I like to stick with these phones so people who like these sorts of phones they're gonna love this phone it's one of the best in fact I'd say this is the best nokia since the five one five they've made okay so I'm just about to read the spec okay so this will take a couple of to three minutes let me read the spec out front okay see okay the thickness is ten point four mil the width the stopwatch which is fifty five point five mil which is just five and a half centimeters this way length is 124 mil e okay so before I continue them is describe what's around the phone okay you got the for the talk you got this which is a two megapixel camera you got this which is for the headphones you got this which is for the charger and for sinkings transferring pictures and videos and stuff whatever music – from your laptop you from to come to the frame B okay so main camera sense a 2 megapixel display size 2.8 inch okay maximum music playback time 49 hours which is excellent like a photo sharing Twitter Facebook share over Bluetooth photo sharing with slam scene a micro blob social apps Facebook Twitter would be internet browsing capabilities Nokia Xpress browser dual SIM just this one's a dual soon I'm not sure if he'll be available in doing juicing when it's out in the UK not sure about that one okay smart you'll soon that's just a standard size your salon okay before I get any further let me say open the phone up before I forget I'm sorry about it's big worries of just come back from doing exercise and I'm completely all over the place but let me just share to put the sim in now this one is not that bad compared to normal you just grab it like that from there one two and you just push down as hard as you can so you can see it's just opened up then you just sort of pull it up okay I said there E battery pulls off and my sim is in there ask the sim number one which goes in this way means take it out okay that's the same number one and then the sim number two goes in this way la I haven't got two Sims so wait yeah it's great too it comes in handy if you got two Sims if you'd always got two phones and you just want to use dual sim you can put both soon turns into this phone you use them whatever you want so it's great for that you just clip it back for the battery just push it straight back in and clip smack and hold this to switch it on okay well I'll switch and I'll continue with the spec okay okay the weight of it is 100 gram approximately it's nice and light II like a display size to point a display resolution QVGA 320 x 240 this display colors high colour 18 bit to 6 2k aspect ratio 343 pixel density 142 PPI display technology LCD transmissive ok keys and input methods in user input keeper operating keys for white navigate with select call key power and he form factor form factor monoblock hardware connectivity SIM card type mini sim dual sim smart jul su charging connectors micro USB AV connectors 3.5 millimeter audio connector system connectors micro USB USB USB 2.0 bluetooth bluetooth 3.0 Bluetooth profiles phonebook access profile PB AAP 1.0 object push profile OPP 1.1 data network epi GSM network 850 MHz 900 MHz 1800 MHz 1900 MHz GSM X data speed dl e GPRS to 36.8 kbps power management battery mode BL 4u l battery capacity 1200 mah battery voltage 3 point 7 volt removable battery yes maximum talktime on 2g phones any 2g phone so she's 24 21 hours of maximum talktime she's excellent maximum standby time with dual sim come on that's 27 days which is excellent maximum music playback time 49 hours which is excellent maximum video playtime 13 point hours 13 point 5 hours which is good maximum cellular network browsing time 7.5 hours i can memory good use the data storage memory card expandable memory card type microSD maximum memory card size 32gb ok software and applications personal information management features digital clock recorder calculator clock calendar converter alarm clock reminders phone book alarm clock with ringtones flashlight but I'll going to all that in a minute II alright game features navigated games ok software platform and other interfaces operating system Nokia OS software released the series 30 + ok communications of supported instant messaging services Yahoo message messenger messaging features text messaging unified MMS SMS editor multimedia messaging unified inbox for SMS MMS call management core management features automatic answer call waiting call history call forwarding call logs dialed received and missed integrated hands-free speaker I'll show you that in a bit how good to have hands-free it's on this one from speed dial voicemail core barring for amounts of contacts with 1000 contacts on this booze excellent ringtones mp3 ringtones speech codecs gsm FR g sh r AMR NB g sm e FR like you even understood any what any of that meant like a device security security general security features device lock pin code device lock password application certification sharing an Internet okay internet browsing internet browsing capabilities Nokia Xpress browser social apps Facebook Twitter photo sharing Twitter Facebook share over Bluetooth photo share would slam seeing a microblog video share Facebook / share / Bluetooth video sharing with slow photo photography at the main card which I told you earlier which is the camera beyond the back 2 megapixel main camera focused type fixed focus camera zoom that did come up with a camera digital zoom x 2 sensor size 1 1 1 v inch 1/5 of an inch main camera feature number aperture f stroke 2.8 camera focused and 33.8 millimeter camera minimal focus range 70 centimeter camera image formats JPEG ok main camera features main camera other features fullscreen view finder image image capture capturing captures most video still self timer scene mode automatic night color tone modes normal light sensitivity automatic photos viewed by album ok music and audio music audio features playlist in music player music player loudness music format codes mp3 AAC LC MIDI audio playback file formats WAV AAC mp3 MIDI ok radio radio features stereo FM radio now I've tried the radio and it's excellent own there's the headphones like I said previously on headphones it's nice and loud and it captures the radio stations really well on this thing all right our website okay voice and audio recording recording voice recorder audio recording file formats WAV audio recording code codecs LPCM audio recording feature stereo I'm getting dizzy reading all this now but to faint alright video main video camera video camera camera video resolution QVGA 320 x 240 camera video frame rate 15 pranks frames per second so so it's like taking 15 shots in a second so it's okay it's not that good video cam camera video zoom only times to UM video playback frame rate 25 frames per second so it plays back better than when you take the video so you can play it back to 25 frames per sec is not bad video playback codecs H point to 63 H point to 64 ABC M mpeg-4 mm and JPEG video playback file formats 3gp mp4 video recording formats a avi m j peg main video camera features video recording features video zoom ok CMOS or now ok that environment us now I'm going to read that out I'll do it for a lot for materials free of PVC free of nickel on the product service free of the ph b FR f r FR as in nokia substance list and it is the fishing unplug charger minder recycling all of that is so exciting recycling 100% recoverable as materials energy also it's great for the environment use the guy one color paint printing packaging made from renewable material renewable minimizing packaging packaging is 100 percent recycled like i really care about that as lovely layers ok accessibility's accessibility features hearing vibrating alert vision by vibrating alert font magnitude magnification physical skills with speakerphone speed up okay what's in the box it's exactly what i said sales package okay actually no key a two to five dual SIM phone the Box Nokia charger I just showed you um like I said I needed that adapter for the UK slightly UK yet Nokia stereo headset and a quick guide manual thank God for us daughter alright now let's just go straight through into the phone sorry it took that long but a lot of people complain that they don't know what the specs are so yeah sorry it took that long okay so I'm just going to start a kid as soon as you start it for the first time it's just time zone normal stuff set the time ty and set that whatever nine or ten or whatever you want and it's 24 hours I've put it in yeah 24-hour format date whatever the date is okay yeah so let's just get off with that okay as you can see that sim one it's note and there's no sim – but you can it's awesome how you can put both sims in and you don't need to phone so Jill Sims really good for that people you've got two phones of any they don't want to hold to hold on to two phones alright would be let's go straight to the menu ok menu ok let's see what's going on there ok call log missed calls received dialed clear call log ok contacts whatever context you've got our music I haven't gotten your music um but I did sink a few music songs down and it's excellent it really plays well on this phone the loud output is excellent on this phone let's see just play their next retract track back volume up and uh bass or honestly a great it's got a really nice loud output which is one excellent sign about the fact ok alarm clock you got one two three four five five different alarms to set at the same time Internet I'm not going to go into that messaging okay messaging it's just the same as normal luckiest of choose options okay Facebook I'm not going to go into that Twitter I'm not going to to that radio like I said previously said you need the headphones but it's an excellent radio it's a nice loud radio output it also catches stations really well as well as shocking but they've done well on that okay games let's focus on games asphalt six adrenaline yeah I really know what that is block breaker three the avengers' the mobile game Assassin's Creed Brotherhood real football 2012 and that's the only games that there are I'm not sure if these are sample games I think there might be sample games I doubt they're going to put a full game on let's just go for a laugh on to them yeah it is they're all sample games it's just a free play this is right now yeah as you can see our pipe and concert tricks I'm looking through the camera so I thought even know what the hell I'm looking at right now okay quit down straight get back to games block breaker three yeah this game is alright actually I like this game yes as you can see it's a good game they got some good quality games I think no sample games I'm not sure about this one yes let's just get out of this and go all day long just to piss around games exit ok that's games ok camera you know the camera is excellent it's a 2 megapixel camera but you know when you're taking it when you're like doing sort of shot something you hold it like this and you taking shots it's very good quite under quality are excellent you shot for two megapixel camera um there's a downside I wish they put 5 megapixels the whole phone would be excellent but it's the 2 megapixels I mean even on their on smartphone I think the newest one is the Nokia 360 I know 630 its Nakia Lumia I think that's the smartphone that's only got 5 megapixels so I don't think Nokia go that far to put a high megapixel camera but it this one is excellent you know when you're holding it this way it looks a nice big screen so when you're out door it takes really nice pictures so yeah ok we just go back to that for a minute that was the photos ok that was it for the cameras you've got the video camera as well which is a curve okay it's not that good got self-timer which is good choose scene image quality okay okay I was the camera I get back to you photos I've took a lot of photos off capture photos and received videos this for the videos and got enough videos settings okay connectivity flight mode dual SIM Bluetooth tone settings okay this is the Nokia tune and we put on to the high ringtone choose that a stillness on the highest ringtone let us check that check out all the ringtones writer they're learning clicker there's all the ringtones I think I'll stick judge and that's quite nice okay messaging tone alert standard beep once ringtone now the good thing about Nakia they've got such loud ringtones it's awesome I love that's one thing about goodbye lucky all the ringtones and everything is nice and loud they've got a nice variety of ringtones and stuff like a keypad turns to one full choose warning tones on okay ready for that display settings wallpaper they only got three options I think I'm gonna focus a default I think this year three one two three square level review you know choose the center fit to display on that this puts fit the upper center screw okay backlight glance screen font size as good as well choose size of font normal font contacts is all in normal anyway notifications on off wallpaper get back to the okay let's get our profiles general silent bleep outdoor personal date and time your showed you earlier backup cool settings cool forwarding automatic redial call waiting send my caller ID and number screening phone settings the phone language key key card settings welcome low service actions cost settings call trackers security settings core barring phone security change codes feedback to Nokia restore factory setting okay that's for that Kalen a lot of settings I came back quickly to calendar now kind is nice that's calendar and you can see whatever you want okay going back calculator good calculator that's the same nine and times 9 equals 81 times 9 equals 729 I think Sosua yeah down straight okay it's out the calculator mess yahoo messenger i'm not going to go into that voice recorder is very good extras countdown timer stopwatch torch converter come on ty let's go today okay these are the hours that's the minutes I thought that was a minutes in the second book that's four hours let's see what you got let's see yeah that means it would do yet just 24 hours yeah it does up to 24 hours of countdown timing and that's the minute they're on this side okay stopwatch nice stopwatch start/stop reset okay torch it's jakku put the torch on which is just there you'll see in a minute you just press that torch and on the says online that's hard to see in the daylight you can see on my hand just a basic torch but it's better than the torch of the nokia 100 so it's a good torch okay converter converter less 5 conversions hell no temperature can bear weight from birth to see what that's about pound two kilogram what's that carrot to grow ounce two gram stone to Keala stone to kill about so let's just say I wait twelve state let's see what happens for a laugh if I'm 12 stone so that means I'm seventy six point two kilo dama that I'm overweight I'll go on a diet alright let's get out of here length multi kilogram this is actually walk excellent this is you know if you're in last class or something and you want to know all this it's good to take this thing with you if you make sure you didn't get caught in the class okay vol foot to me a meat at a yard so yeah it's all excellent let's get out of it jewel let me see what the heck yeah smart you assume this is for you need to put both sim in the first we channel got I'm a Tennessee okay files and this is all the files where you transfer the stuff whatever files you want to make music files photo video whatever okay counters sin one choose sin whatever okay now this is what you covered when you want to change from the same one to the sim to so you come onto counters which is just there this one here click that and if you've got too soon you want to move on to the second sim you got to click choose and then it goes on to the second step so you can use that number okee sim menu information pairs you a call orange that's about it man I'm tired completely alright overall it's an excellent phone um um what I normally do I buy phones and I'd use a review it and sell it after a few days once I've reviewed I'm not bothered but I think I'm going to keep this phone now I'm going to keep it for a couple of months at least it's an excellent phone I do exercise it's got a great countdown timer on it what I do it um it's for me it's excellent it's just got everything you want on the phone um it feels great one thing I love about the phone it doesn't leave fingerprints and stuff uh and it's nice big screen nice wide phone nice feel to it unit feels great nice and light buttons are great you've got a great yet just to lock again you press that like I said earlier and that's it or if you want to go out to blue – if you click press that you're going to bluetooth off the phone or turn or phone whatever anyway and then you got the volume there as well now just quickly let me go to the call quality of the phone the ring turns and everything are nice and loud is excellent let's talk about the call quality now normally on all Nokia phones except for the five one five which was very good this one is excellent I'm so happy they've updated it they're so stupid you know the last two friends I did their phone you know when you talking to people it's too low you can't hear on you it's clear but you can hear this one is excellent so I'll just put the loudspeaker on for you so you can hear it and then what I'll do I'm just going to bring the phone seeking here remaining credit is 5 pounds and 26 pounds by the way did you know you can now check your credit at any time and while you're on the phone you can do this up and down from the volume so that's excellent they can do that okay so that's the loud speaker um honestly the call quality is excellent on this phone I'm shocked that's the one best thing they've ever done you buy a phone which is over up to 60 pound even if it's over 30 pounds you want the you want a nice clear the call quality when you're speaking somebody nice and loud so you can hear they've sorted the problem out on this phone okay now let me just ring this phone up okay just look how nice and loud the output that's if it ever works at an order okay and it vibrates – it's awesome you can so nice little out you're not going to miss a call when you've got this phone so yeah I'm just going to that's everything up you tell you about the phone now um so everything overall it's a great looking phone feels great great screen you can see well great buttons great feel to it great everything nice call quality nice loud call quote which is excellent all music playing everything is X and radio is nice and clear you pick substations everything everything zexal on the phone so for the first time I'm going to give this phone a 10 out of 10 because for the price for 60 pound they've done it because normally up by Nokia phones they've got some issue with it either this that the backing is not that bad is well you don't you push this to open it up it's alright it's something about live with for the price that suppose for 60 pound but it's an excellent phone and I recommend to everyone I wish I had got the white one but it's not available why it looks nice and white they've sorted everything on this phone let me see if there's anything else I miss a call quality of Donna the last week I've done ring times of yesterday CS an excellent phone turtle is seeking yep check done everything on the phone so yeah um tena attend personally this is the best Nokia phone since the five one five and it's better than that in a way because cheaper Sony 60-pound so if you can get it from Europe get it's worth every penny up for sixty pound okay so 10 out of 10 great phone if you like my videos please subscribe and like the video please so I know I'll make more videos the problem is it comes out phones knock your friends are coming out in India before they even come out into the UK and it's bit unfair because I don't even know what the hell's going on so I have to are to keep tracking or see if there's any latest phones out so it's a bit difficult but the latest nokia phone this is the latest not given but the latest smart Nokia phone is the Nokia 630 or 360 106 30 I think so yeah so please like and subscribe the video and thank you for watching

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A Quick 2-Minute Tutorial to Keep Your Mobile Phone Safe and Secure

the content on your smartphone or tablet is some of the most important in your life you've got valuable contacts private conversations memories of yesterday's home run the whole family on vacation and Aunt Jenny is 90th you don't want to mess around for me I don't know what I would do without my contacts an email McAfee mobile security protects your personal data by backing it up to the cloud so you can restore it to the same device or even a new one let's take a look at how it works go to the home screen of your device and select the McAfee shield icon you'll be asked for your pin select data backup from here you have a few options you can choose to backup different categories of your data or you can select auto backup settings to enable once-daily automatic backups in the worst case scenario if your device falls into the wrong hands or is gone for good you can use the online web portal to back up your data remotely one final time and then wipe your device clean so you don't give away aunt Jenny's secret banana bread recipe or your personal photos and if you find your smartphone tablet again and you can go back to the main screen and select data restore this even works if you switch phones for example from a BlackBerry to an Android or an Android to a blackberry as you can see McAfee mobile security makes it convenient and safe to backup and restore your mobile data to check it out go to McAfee Mobile Security com

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Telus Now Offers Wireless Home Phone

Who is this product for

For Telus mobility customers who do not have home services with us. Telus wireless home phone offers a cost effective option that gives the customer all the benefits of the Telus mobile network, but with the functionally of a traditional land line. This is also great option for customers looking to get rid of their traditional home phone service


Why you’ll love this product

■ Portability: It’s easily transported between locations so customers can always be reached at the same home phone number, regardless of location.

■ Reliability: Hub includes a reliable 36 hour battery, keeping customers connected in the event of a power outage.

■ One-Bill: Manage bills easier with mobile and wireless home phone devices on the same bill

■ Switching is easy: Customers can port in an existing number. There no technician required to setup. It comes with a quick start guide and is compatible with existing touch-tone phones.

■ Spend less: Costs less than traditional home phone service

3- Step Installation

Insert SIM into Hub

Connect your existing Home Phone handset into the Hub (handset sold separately).

Plug the Hub into an electrical outlet in an area that gets

good mobile reception, and start dialing.

Plan and add-on details can be found here

For any questions or concerns you can call us at 780-998-9551

Telus Fort Sask

Telus TV

Telus Mobility

Why You Should Choose Telus Fort Saskatchewan For All Your Wireless Needs

Why You Should Choose Telus Fort Saskatchewan For All Your Wireless Needs


These days people in all walks of life can benefit from the best and fastest communications technology. It is extremely important to have communication tools that are not only sturdy and reliable, but also instant. At Telus Fort Saskatchewan we offer a wealth of options in wireless, mobile Internet plans, long-distance plans, VoIP phones and a variety of mobile services to meet the needs of modern businesses and consumers. It’s easy to a establish fast, reliable, affordable communication system with us. If you are in or around fort Saskatchewan, you owe it to yourself to see what we can do to improve your communication options. We are authorized vendors of Telus services and products,and we are well-known for our top quality customer service.

Naturally, consumers always want to get the best value for their hard earned dollars. People want affordable, reliable, high quality communications services, and that’s just what we offer at Telus Fort Saskatchewan. We offer a wide range of services and equipment so that you can make just the right selections to suit both your pocketbook and your preferences. Whether you want a simple cell phone that’s easy to use or an elaborate communications system, we can help you out. From low month-to-month payment plans to value packed long-term contracts, we’ve got it all.

People who are on a tight budget often find our simple and easy prepaid plans to be the best option. With our excellent prepaid services, it is easy for you to keep track of your minutes and pay as you go. Using prepaid is a very good way to manage your long-distance minutes. On the flip side of that coin, if you have a need to have unlimited long distance and/or worldwide access, we offer some excellent, value packed plans that make staying connected with the world extremely affordable. We also offer some excellent payment options that allow you to pay through a credit card or your bank account. With us, you can be absolutely certain of getting exactly the services you need in terms of calling plans and mobile application. We aim to be user friendly in every way.

We offer so many options, you may feel a little bit confused when trying to make your choice. Here are some tips that may help you. The first thing you should do is think about exactly how you plan to use your cell phone. For example, if you are doing business by phone, you need a Smartphone. If you must upload large files and share information quickly, you’ll need to have a good Internet connection with a very high upload speed. We can set you up with just the right Telus bundle to accomplish all your tasks and save you money. If you are a new customer, you may be eligible to some excellent promotional and discount rates.

We have lots of different brands to choose from including:

* Telus

* Samsung

* Sony

* Nokia

* Blackberry

* Apple

* Motorola

…and more! Once you have identified what you ne ed in a cell phone, it will be easier for you to choose. If you need help, we will be happy to consult with you and assist you in making smart choices.

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