Xperia PRO-I Official Product Video – THE Camera

Designed to meet the needs of imaging professionals. Imaging I XPERIA PRO-I THE Camera has excellent imaging capabilities. Create stunning images with a newly conceived large 1.0-type image sensor
and Alpha camera image processing system . This 1.0-type The image sensor
can achieve expressive artistic bokeh. The sensor’s impressive 2.4 micron pixel pitch can achieve amazingly high sensitivity and high dynamic range with sharp contrast. High refractive index optical glass aspherical lenses
are ideal for slim shapes All three lenses use the T* anti-reflective coating Alpha camera technology to provide amazing speed performance. Real-time tracking can accurately detect and continuously focus on moving objects . Any position in the frame can be tracked to this object. This fast readout sensor It also significantly reduces the rolling shutter effect. Instant eye detection autofocus is suitable for human and animal subjects.

10 or more frames will be integrated into a single noise-free image. This device has three lenses and a 6.5-inch professional-quality display. The screen 12-bit RAW provides a rich color gradation and is set to be accurately calibrated to match the reference monitor. Shooting, editing and sending anytime, anywhere Videography Pro provides a useful UI that can assist in shooting various scenes and creative needs. Target tracking is in 4K resolution. The frame rate of up to 120fps can accurately track moving targets.

The video image is smooth and jitter-free. Eye detection autofocus is now also suitable for video recording. This device also has a built-in monaural microphone that
can capture voice cleanly and clearly . It can be used when taking selfies with the main camera . The shooting handle can achieve more tactile control and can use an external microphone for recording. The exclusive "Vlog monitor" of Xperia PRO-I allows the photographer to intuitively pay attention to their own recording when taking selfies with a movie-like 21:9 aspect ratio Supplemented by reliable color configuration to create scenes with dramatic visual effects illuminate a moment and have unprecedented color accuracy reliability. This is a new day for professional imaging. This is THE Camera.

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Miniso 2 in 1 Mobile Phone Lens Unboxing | Product Review (Q&A) | My Rating System | English Sub

Hello folks welcome to this channel and today I'm so excited because this is my first video of product review the first products comes from Miniso and the product is 2in1 Mobile phone lens and the reason why i bought this product, because i need this product to improve my video's quality and i really love to see picture from wider lens so yeah, I'm really excited to see how this product works, so without further ado Let's open this product Just how it looks so .oh yeahbefore that i want to show you guys the price So Miniso just open in Central park Mall and in Taman Anggrek Mall and some others malls in Jakarta two point five two and half dollars us dollars (~$2.5) So back again to to the lens oops, sorry :p Actually, it's very easy to be setup done The 2in1 mobile phone lens actually is not what i expected i think i will got 2 lens,just like my previous lens but actually, one of the lens already attached to the handled, and the result is quite surpsiring, because, you can see the results by yourself this is the results i Don't really know what the functions of this lens, so for everyone that know how to use or operate this lens please comment on the the comment section below and yeah, share your knowledge to everyone 🙂 So we just review the one and only lens that I can use, so this one this one So you can see the results done So actually i use this as a model but i don't know if this will works or no 😀 i using flashlight So the minus point is, the lens frams is quite big, and it's block some of the flashlight area right here then ya the picture is quite good, but the weakness is around around the frame the picture is quite blur so compare to my previous lens It's much better right am i , right? you can see there is less shadow in the frame's area and the miniso's bag is not as blur as the 2in1 lens back again to Miniso 2in1 lens You can see the miniso words is blurred It's not really clear as clear as my lens.

Yeah So, i just reviewed from what happen here, and i'm try not to be biased 🙂 so that's how the Lens work and I'll show you the pictures of Both my lens so you can see the differences between my lens and Miniso lens So back again, I will continue to the other products feature So the first feature is the the lens cover itself to prevent the dirt and it's easy to attached Then the other feature is the little pouch it's for to keep the lens and it's easy to bring It's simple its basic So yeah, that's the review of the products Don't know if you like it or no [hope you like it :)] First I will explain how i rate my review of a products, and i will start from really bad, bad it's a Normal it's like a three-point and four is great or good and the fifth one is really good, so there are five points one two three four five and one is real bad and five is the best one so My rating for this product is so-so.

Because yeah some of the feature is not really work, and yeah one other feature is the Handle of this lens, so it's not really comfortable Because compare to my previous lens, it's just like clamp It's so easy and this one need more effort to be attach to your phone and if your phone is thicker than it will be harder to attach Yeah It's also Kind of a minus point for this lens, but I already bought it, and i think i will still use it and lastly, for anyone that want to Know more about this products how to buy this products or more advice or more questions just ask me and the comment sections, or ask me from my social Media more important thing you can comment or give suggestions About my product about my videos so I can improve my video for the next Product review or other video.

So thank you so much for watching and I will see you at the next video. Bye!!!.

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