OPPO A96 Review – GREAT Value for Money, but…

About a month ago, Oppo launched the Oppo
a96, and the tagline for this device is “a perfect choice”, signifying that it is a
perfect device… but is it? In this video, we are going through everything
there is to know about this device, and all my observations from the few weeks that I
have been using it for. If you are new to the channel, welcome, and
if you are a returning viewer, welcome back. Be sure to hit the like button on this video,
so more people can see this review and be informed about this device. Alright, that is enough talk. Without further ado, let us get into the video. UNBOXING Starting with the unboxing, the items that
comes in the box are just about everything you would expect.

Once you take out all the packaging and open
the box, the first thing you see is the case that contains the sim ejector tool, the safety
guide booklets and, of course, the silicone phone case. The next thing in the box is the device itself
in its pretty interesting design which we’ll get to in a bit. At the very bottom of the box is where you
get the 33-watt fast charging brick and type-c USB cord.

DESIGN/BUILD QUALITY I have to say that when it comes to its physical
appearance, the importance of a good-looking device was not lost on oppo at all. The oppo a96 comes in a very interesting design. This sunset blue color that I got the device
in has a pretty nice twist to how it handles light with the nice blend of gold and blue
colors on its back, and I was impressed by this design. Away from looks, I was also impressed by how
this device felt in my hands. For a midrange device with a plastic frame
and back, it feels pretty solid. Oppo claims that the material used to design
the a96 is scratch resistant and can handle whatever situation is thrown at it. – If you would like to see me test that out,
leave your comments below and I’ll be doing that on instagram. So, if I get enough comments below to test
out the scratch resistance, we’ll be doing that over on instagram, so follow me @fisayofosudo.

This is what the page should look like. Please don’t follow any other parody accounts. – As for the durability of the device, while
it might not be the most premium material on a smartphone, it does not feel like you
are holding a cheap piece of plastic. I really like the level of attention to detail
that is paid to the build and design of this device to ensure that consumers get a relatively
premium feel on their smartphone without necessarily overspending. Also, I think it is solid enough to withstand
certain levels of impact and drop heights. On the body of the Oppo a96, you get all the
standard features that you would expect. A 3.5mm headphone jack, a microphone, USB
type C charging port, and speaker grills located at the bottom of the device. You also get a front facing speaker on top
of the screen that offers you a dual speaker listening experience and the small punch hole
selfie camera. On the left side, you get the sim tray and
the volume rockers. On the right side, is where the power button
sits and doubles as the fingerprint reader.

At the top of the device, you get another
mic. On the back, you get the dual camera setup
which we’ll get to in a bit, and of course, an LED flashlight, it’s also interesting
to see how the camera bump looks like, it’s of course not too big but it’s not too small
either. As the bow to tie all of these features together,
the Oppo a96 has an IP5X dustproof rating, and an IPX4 water resistant rating.

Couple this with its scratch resistant screen
and durable build, and you have quite the rugged device on your hands. Everything looks pretty well done on this
device, however, I had a couple of instances when my hand covered the bottom facing speakers
as I played games and watched videos on the device. Still, though, design-wise, I think the device
was well-thought out and its a great addition to the already highly competitive market.

DISPLAY The display of the Oppo A96 is an IPS LCD
screen with a maximum refresh rate of 90 hertz and resolution of 1080 by 2412. At 6.59 inches, the screen comes with slim
bezels, a screen to body ratio of 84% and 401 psi density. Considering the level of innovation and tech
that has gone into smartphones in this midrange category, I think that having an LCD screen
here is a bit of a let down. While the viewing and usage experience experience
of the device is not bad, I did feel the difference between using the LCD display of the oppo
a96 compared to other devices with AMOLED displays. Furthermore, I also noticed that the device
does not allow you to stream YouTube content in 4K.

So, no matter the resolution of the video
you are watching, you have it all capped at 1080p. On its own, however, the display is well-optimized
for its LCD screen with how it handles contrast, colors, and everything in between. While we don’t get an AMOLED screen, oppo
does offer pretty decent brightness on this device. Naturally, the oppo A96 is designed to have
a native max brightness of 480 nits, which is pretty bright, but you still get to set
the brightness to be as high as possible, that reportedly extends the brightness to
an even higher 600 nits.

At this level of brightness, you do not have
to worry much about not being able to use your phone in direct sunlight. After watching a couple of videos on this
device, I’d say that it does a decent satisfactory job. But then again, we are in 2022, I think we
definitely should be getting an AMOLED display. PERFORMANCE Let us now look at the performance features
of the oppo a96. On paper, the oppo a96 offers a Qualcomm Snapdragon
680 4G chipset coupled with an Adreno 610 GPU that runs on Android 11 and Oppo’s ColorOS
11.1. it also comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM and
internal storage of either 128 or 256 gigabytes. The unit that was sent to me came with internal
storage of 256 gigabytes.

These are pretty decent numbers for a midrange
device, and also when you compare it to other devices in its price region. While they are not the wildest performance
specs you’ll see today, 8 gigs of RAM is quite a lot of RAM, and it is bound to give
you just about everything you could need in terms of multitasking and high performance. The oppo a96 also comes with an expandable
RAM that draws some power from the internal storage when needed. This is an interesting extra feature to have
if you really intend to push the device to certain extremes. I put the oppo a96 to the test playing games
and running different apps, and the phone held up really well. I was not sure what to expect with gaming
on this device, but I definitely enjoyed playing games, and I never experienced any lag.

All the games ran smoothly through out the
time I played the game. The one area I think suffered a tiny bit was
graphics. For the graphics of the game, they were not
as crystal clear as I would have wanted them to be. When I played call of duty with the device,
it went straight to medium graphics by default. I did try to play at high graphics, and medium
frame rate, and it still performed nicely. When I tried moving to the high frame rate
on COD, the graphics automatically changed to low. That is to say that you can only use the high
frame rate on low graphics with this device. The Oppo A96 doesn’t have to be the fastest
device, but if you are in the market for a device that will give you a satisfactory gaming
experience without having to spend your life savings, the oppo a96 should definitely be
on your list.

As a sidenote, though, I can’t say how constant
heavy usage would affect the performance of this device after a long time. I did notice that the device began to get
a little warm after about an hour of constant heavy usage and gaming. I have to admit, though that I put the device
through a lot of stress, going from one graphic intensive game to the next. Speaking of gaming, the oppo a96 also comes
with a game assistant feature that helps you optimize your gaming experience to the fullest. The feature is useful for both optimizing
the processing power of the device for your games, and ensuring that you have an uninterrupted
gaming session by muting calls if you have the feature turned on, and limiting background
network usage. You can mute notifications and customize different
options for what the game assistant does whenever you are gaming. The assistant is triggered automatically once
you open again. BATTERY & CHARGING The battery capacity of the is device is the
one feature that certainly gave me a huge shock.

The battery on the oppo a96 is a 5000 milli-amp-hour
battery. Generally, 5000 milli-amp-hours is already
a lot of battery, but it is even more shocking how oppo managed to fit that into a device
that is just 6.47 inches tall an 191 grams in weight. In reality, I have to say that this batter
is definitely as big as oppo says it is. The battery of the oppo a96 lasted me more
than a day on a full charge. In fact, it was almost a challenge to kill
its battery. I ran benchmark apps, played games, watched
videos, and even eventually had to leave it playing one YouTube video after the other
at full brightness, while the flashlight was on just to kill the battery.

I don’t know how much of a heavy user you
are, but I do think it is safe to say that you will be comfortable going about without
your charger or worse, a power bank, with the battery performance of the oppo a96. Unless you are always on your phone and using
things like mobile data and hotspot, and running heavy applications, this phone should you
an entire day and even more on a full charge. Maybe you can take your power bank if you’re
going on 2 Days of only the A96’s battery usage. As for charging, oppo says that its 33-watt
superpvooc fast charger that comes in the box should take the device from 0 to 50 percent
in 26 minutes. Well, we did not fail to test it ourselves
and the result was quite interesting. First off after the device died and I plugged
it in, it started up by itself after a few minutes of charging. In the first 10 minutes of charging, the device
went from 0 to 20 percent. I had pretty high hopes for how it would perform,
but it began to slow down after that getting to just 48% after about 30 minutes of charging.

The device finally got to a full charge after
just over an hour of charging with its 33-watt fast charger. Now, while you would expect it to charge faster,
there are are a couple of things to consider. First off, this is a very big battery here,
and for a 33-watt charger, it is a pretty decent charging speed. Furthermore, with the 48 percent that 30 minutes
of charging gives you, you can be confident that it will last you long enough without
dying with average usage. Also, normally charging speed depends on the
current, voltage or power capability and where you are might be different and it may not
always give you the same results like mine every single time so take this as an average. CAMERA Now, for those that are only or mostly concerned
about the cameras on their smartphone I think the oppo a96 does a good job in terms of photography.

The two cameras on the back of this device
are designed to serve two different purposes. The main camera is a 50-megapixel camera,
while the second is a 2-megapixel camera dedicated to the portrait mode of this device. The small hole punch on the top left edge
of the phone screen houses a 16-megapixel camera. In order to access this 50MP setting, you
actually need to go to the More section in the Camera Menu and click on Extra HD. These days, the camera performance of a smartphone
I more than just how many megapixels the brand has squeezed into the small sensors.

Without proper attention to computational
photography and processing, you’ll have a device with a 60-megapixel camera that cannot
produce good photos. Thankfully, this is not the case with the
oppo a96. Despite it being a midrange device, there
is obvious effort in ensuring that the post processing done in-camera produces good-looking
photos. While it may not win an award as the best
in the world, it does a very good job, especially when you compare it to other midrange devices
that I have had the opportunity to test out. First things first, the selfie. I found selfie quality to be very sharp in
good lighting. Good lighting being the operating word. Once it’s bright enough, you should get
consistent results and in dimmer light, you may not retain some of that sharpness but
it’s still sharp.

Now, in comparison to portrait mode on the
selfie side of things, I had no complaints. It would simply blur the background and try
to separate you from it as smoothly as possible, thanks to that extra 2MP camera. The A96 doesn’t necessarily have a macro
mode but If you zoom in a lot, you should get decent magnified shots that can be creative
looking. Taking portrait shots with the rear camera
is nearly perfect, except for a few blur leaks around the subject which you may or may not
be able to tell from afar, however, it’s still a smooth blur effect that it adds to
the videos to separate you from the background You can go from 1X on the back camera up to
2X, 5X and a maximum of 10X.

I did also like how it preserves text, for
instance, here’s me going from 1X all the way to 10X and it can legibly read the font
albeit a digital zoom. You’ll have to appreciate the processing
power on here. I also tested to see if I could explore macro
with the zoom, just like I mentioned earlier. You can go really up close to capture as much
detail and it would come out clearly with an almost natural saturation of color. The device does capture a lot of detail with
its 50MP sensor as well in the clouds, in text and in texture and it’s also quite
true to life which is something you’ll benefit from. For the night shots, I simply compared the
normal shot to the night mode. These two images were shot at the same time. The one on the right side is night mode and
it quite brightens the photo a lot. To a very considerable extent. To some it might just be what they’re looking
for in a night shot but some also want a more natural look.

When it comes to the front video camera, I
found that the same thing applies for pictures and videos. The brighter it is in your environment, the
clearer the shots are and this sample also looked fair. The back camera does deliver the same amount
of quality you’ll get with that sensor. First off, it can only shoot in 1080p and
720p and this 1080p footage on here looked quite good. We tested it on the road, we tested it in
areas with plants and it looked fair, we tested it with metal and just a random structure.

One thing to also note is that you can zoom
from 1X to 10X with video as well, the same way you can with pictures and I really like
that the background blue is consistent and sharp. I guess that’s what you benefit from with
a lens that helps with it. SECURITY As for securing your device, the oppo a96
comes with the standard three options of password or pattern, face unlock, and fingerprint unlock. All of these worked fine and I did not have
any complaints at all. The fingerprint sensor is locked on the side
of the device, directly on the power button. I found the fingerprint unlock quite responsive
than most that I have tried out. Usually, having your fingerprint reader on
the power button is quite the gamble considering how thin the button is, and also with the
many accidental touches that are bound to happen. Those aside, it performed very well. As for the face unlock, it is hard to decide
which was more impressive, its reaction speed or just how quick it is to set up.

It literally took me less than 30 seconds
to set up the face unlock feature. I didn’t want to get my hopes up as a result
of such a quick set up, but the face unlock feature did not fail at any time. CONCLUSION
In conclusion, I believe that the oppo a96 is a good phone. It is not an overpriced device, and still,
some of the features that have gone in here would easily compete with some flagship devices. While the device might have a couple of drawbacks,
it manages to impress in other departments, and I think there is a good balance on both

One key thing that does it for me here is
the battery life of the device. In fact, based on all you’ve seen, if that’s
a deal maker for you, I’d recommend it based on the battery capability. Let me know your thoughts on the oppo a96,
is there anything I’ve missed or you’ll like to know more about? Leave your comments below and I’ll be right
there chatting with you guys. Dib’t forget to subscribe to the channel
for more videos like this and turn on post notifications so you never miss out on a ny
of my videos. Also, be sure to drop a like on this video,
so more people can see it. Thank you so much for watching, and i’ll
see you in the next one..

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World’s Smallest Android Phone!

What's up guys, Lou here back with another video. And it doesn't get any less exciting here at Unbox Therapy. Today I am bringing you The World's Smallest? Possibly? Android Smartphone? That's what I'm told. This is the Micro X S240. Company called Posh Mobile.com This was sent to me from a guy named..Tom. What's up Tom? I will link them down in the description. He sent me 3 of these units, so I guess I'm gonna do a give-away as well follow me on Twitter for details there. Maybe you want the smallest smartphone on the planet. Why wouldn't you? Specs: 4 GB ROM, 512 MB of RAM, Dual Core Processor, Multi touch. Well I hope so, hope it's got a touch screen. *LAUGHS* 2 MP camera and a VGA front camera – Listen, It ain't always about specs.

Maybe you have a different agenda. It's for a very specific type of individual. So… Ooh Get out of town! Look at this little guy! This would be cool for a kid to have. Hello? So there's your little display on there. Camera on the back, speaker here. Micro USB on the bottom for charging. Microphone Now it does look like the rear is removable here. Let me see.. I don't have the fingernails necessary I don't think. Theres a bunch of stuff, what do we have? Basic little headset with microphone Micro USB cable, Power brick Let's try this again. Come on Lou, use your muscles. So here we go, battery goes in. Come on battery… Little bit of juice Give us something Ooh POSH Mobile So…POSH Dare I… *Woosh* This little guy I mean.. Here is the set up Yes, this is small Oh my…*Laugh* Look at how small the keyboard is Do you see that?…What do I…

Oh man… What do you need for this? A little pen or something Look at that! It's a real phone Very dimly lit capacitive buttons The brightness of the screen is surprising, I didn't expect it to be that bright. The main thing here is just how small it is. Benjamin Button He's a li.. I think he get's smaller as time goes on He still needs a phone Phone, messages and contacts by default You scroll over here… little skin on this android it looks like Browser, clock… camera! *oOoOo's* Did that work? I think… Yea! *Chuckles* Just a little delay! Hello to the world From 1999 Ooo…I think i'm getting better Maybe not… You're not going to want to write a novel on this guy here *Laugh* Man..Look at that tiny little Youtube player Is the orientation locked here? There we go! Speakers not terrible! There you can see it…How do they get it all in there? I dunno how they get it all in there.. Galaxy Note 5 Wow…It's the smart car of phones! If you're a… little different kind of person This might be just what you're looking for Cause I like to suprise people…

In weird ways… Wow… What is this? This is the quietest I've been…This is mysterious.

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I Bought The Cheapest Smartphone on Amazon…

I've used a lot of famous and expensive smartphones like the iPhone X, the Samsung phone , and the Pixel 2XL in my pocket. These phones are pretty expensive, but in reality, not everyone can afford it. A lot of times when I unbox a money saving phone the radios in these internationally sold phones don't work that well I want to find the cheapest smartphone on Amazon but there are a few rules 1.

Can't be used can't be 2. Must be able to buy it on Amazon Prime 3. Must be able to support LTE 4. Must be a smartphone 5. Use Android if possible This is the phone cost me $49.99 Alcatel onetouch IDEAL From the box, the phone is still running the old version of Android , but the old version of Android is turned over to see the 4.5-inch 854×480 resolution screen on the back. As I said before, 4G LTE is 200W in the front and 800W in the rear. Camera 1.1GHz Octa-core processor Android version 5.1 Back to the era of 5.1, this is more important, the supported 4G signal frequency band supports both WCDMA and GSMA 850, 1700, 1800, 1900 American residents can use it with confidence by inserting a SIM card and as long as 49 Oh! Open the box and see what the $49 is.

Stop thinking about those good-looking phones that are 10 times more expensive than this one. First, get the device body, the removable battery! There is also a piece of paper in the front, so you know what it will look like when you turn it on The micro USB port at the bottom does not need to consider any symmetry issues at all. It needs to be placed where it needs to be placed. I guess there is no fast charging battery. This 1780mAh battery cannot be bought on Amazon. This is the back cover and the AT&T logo is posted.

What is the rating of this phone on Amazon? Seems like 3.5 stars? That's right, it's 3.5 stars. Based on this price, you shouldn't have high expectations. Simple and rude hhhh Good! Power on! Okay that's stupid bezels oversized bezels We don't care once we don't care this reminds me of the small Pixel 2 oversized capacitive buttons that I'd get sprayed on are common on older phones no glass backs, no wireless charging I went to see how much electricity it got from the factory, the screen is too dark hhhhhh The keyboard speed is a little slow, look at the difference hhhhhhh Also, I just want to connect to wifi, he told me it takes two minutes hhhhhhhhh What the hell is the same viewing angle, these two The screen is literally going down and down a $50 phone every day, the screen is completely invisible Wish the brightness could be turned up a bit, oh so much better! It 's not an OLED for a comparison dude I'll remind you, this phone is only $49 and I'm bragging that this phone has some pre-installed software and it's not that fast.

Time to look at the camera. It's a little nervous. The shutter lag is a bit high. ……The latitude is too low. Either it's too bright, or it's dark. The front camera is probably bad. It's not like human skin and zombies. However, the details are still wide and you can zoom in and out. But not being able to touch to focus the camera is really bad to test the speakers may be good may be bad latest Unbox Therapy video is this a Facebook ad? Come use Facebook. Have you heard of Facebook? have you heard of it? guys? The maximum brightness is 480p. Turn up the volume . The speaker of this phone may be accidentally covered on the back. Of course, the speaker is very bad. Of course, look at youtube . Positioning is for those who have never used a smartphone.

For those people, it's okay. After all, he has achieved the experience and price that a smartphone should do. How to balance it? I definitely don't want to buy a $49 phone if I can but $7,890 or even $500 is a bit pricey for us on the low end and you can indeed see some phones that improve that quality on Amazon in the US , I will definitely not buy it for $49. It should sell for one or two hundred dollars. There are some mobile phones at this price. It is a huge improvement compared to it. Don't buy this mobile phone. I bought it as a tape recorder or a backup machine. I don't hate the experience of this mobile phone. Just $49 Jack is more than $49 for a lunch.

This video is co-sponsored by Shanis Bennis and ProFlowers. It's perfect for Valentine's Day. There are flowers, chocolate strawberries, and truffles. Pick two, you make the decision. See who wouldn't be happy to see this. The flowers are beautiful and great, but you know, your Uncle Lewis prefers the chocolate-dipped strawberries in front of him. He's drooling, open the box and look at me! The strawberries also had nuts on them! This looks too delicious . The fragrance of strawberries is very good. Anyone who smells it will be in a good mood. First, try one with chocolate on both ends. ~ uh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ u uh…… uh…… ……… So delicious! It feels like it's Valentine's Day and you really have to try delivering the package to your loved one. Your relationship will definitely heat up. It's that simple, just buy one for her and you're done.

Just buy two together. Maybe she prefers truffles. , look at this beautiful truffle, go buy it now, don't wait until the next Valentine's Day There is no better Valentine's Day gift than this, with flowers and chocolate strawberries, so let's get started.

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ASMR Unboxing the Razer Phone 2 and Wireless Charger

Hey guys, I'm Mashable senior tech correspondent
Ray Wong, and today, we're gonna be doing something different. We're gonna be unboxing the Razer Phone 2,
and the Razer wireless charger, and it's gonna be an ASMR experience. I hope you're ready for it. Let's do it. So over here I've got the Razer Phone 2. Ooh, look at this box. I'm gonna move this aside. So I don't think this is the full retail version,
but I'm gonna show you what it looks like. So I've got some paperwork here. Looks like it's from the CEO. Okay, I've got the phone here. Ooh, it's wrapped up in plastic. I know you guys love plastic wrap.

Ooh, that's satisfying. Plasticky! So we've got the phone right here. It's already got fingerprints on it. Here's the back. It's glass this time. Sounds like glass. The front, oh, it's metal. Let's try these buttons out real quick. Clicky! How 'bout the power button, that's also a
fingerprint sensor? Oh, I turned it on. Anyway, let's talk about the phone itself
real quick. You've got some really nice front-facing speakers,
two of them, stereo. You've got an eight-megapixel camera on the
front. You've got dual 12-megapixel cameras on the
back. One of them is a telephoto, just like the
iPhone. I don't know how well the cameras are.

On the front, you have a 5.72-inch IPS display. It's supposed to be really good, and uh, also,
it has a Quad HD resolution, so no edge to edge, but, looks decent. Okay, I'm gonna start this up later, but,
so far, the phone feels great. It's glass, ooh! Look at that! Can you see that? There are LEDs, and you can change that to
16.8 million different colors, and sync them with notifications, that's kinda trippy.

So, feels good, fingerprinting, metal body,
solid build quality, great button sounds. Let's see what else is in the box. Oh, okay. Looks like paperwork. Sim card dual ejector. Metal, oh, look at that. So look at that, it's a Razer, it's engraved
inside. It's a cut out, pretty neat. Okay. Also, very nice card stock. High quality. Ooh, stickers! I like stickers, look at that. I can peel one of these stickers off. Ooh yeah, I like that, Razer branding. I gotta take that off. But yes, a variety of different stickers. This looks like it's a lot of paperwork. Instruction manual in case you don't know
how to use a phone. I'm not gonna look at this. Here's what is in the box as well.

Big, big power adapter. Also covered in plastic. Okay, it says Razer on it, that's pretty cool. It's a fast charger, and it's also USB-C.
Pretty neat. There are some headphones in here. Oh no, they're not headphones. This is a USB-C to USB-C cable. It looks like it's braided so it won't fray
easily. There's also a silly sticker on the cable.

Check this out. The cable is green inside, that is attention
to detail. Alright, also a headphone jack dongle, yes! With a sticker, ah, I can't even get it out. Not green inside though. Let's connect this guy to the phone. Let's connect the cables to the phone. Alright, not bad. So that's really it for the phone, there's
nothing else. If you like boxes, I guess this is the way
to go. Nice box! Solid. How 'bout this guy? This is the wireless charger. It's a stand, so it says it has Qi charging,
three coils for a wide charging surface, a base stand that adjusts, and Razer Chroma
glow. More paperwork. A sticker! It fell out of the paperwork. Another power adapter. Looks like the same. Here's the stand. Ooh, check that out, check that out.

Yeah, this'll flip up. How do I do this? How does it work? No seriously, how does this work? Is that it? What am I doing wrong? Oh, okay! Very gently, it flips up. Smooth. There's the power port on the back. That's it. This cardboard is not as good as the other
cardboard. There's, oh there is something else in the
box, I almost threw it out. Another very nice USB cable. This one is not green inside though. So let's plug this guy in. And put the phone on top of the charger. Okay, so we got the charger plugged in. It's glowing green. Ooh, it's glowing this other color as well,

I'm gonna hold it up for you guys. I've got the phone, I'm trying to set it up,
but it requires a huge, 571-megabyte update file, so it's gonna be a while, but let's
pop it on the charger. Did you see that? It changed colors. Now it's in yellow. It's red. What do the colors mean? It's green. You can't tilt this stand back vertically. I guess you could lay it flat, let's try it
horizontal. It's not charging though. It's still not charging. Maybe it won't charge until I update the phone. This is definitely not working. Why is it not working? Alright I guess I'll wait until it updates. But check this phone out. Here's the charger again.

There you go, it's flat. So the charger itself is a hundred dollars. The phone is eight hundred dollars, and it
comes with some decent specs for a 2018 phone. Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip. Eight gigabytes of RAM, 64 gigabytes of storage. You'll also get a microSD card so you can
max that sucker up to 512 gigabytes. Uh, there's also some kind of, uh, liquid
vapor cooling chamber, I guess it's good for gaming. So if you play a lot of mobile games, maybe
this phone is for you. Should be pretty good sound 'cause two front-firing
speakers. I can’t say much, I can't say much about
the cameras. They sucked in the first phone, so hopefully
they're better. But wireless charging I guess is pretty neat. Every phone does that. No headphone jack, so that kinda sucks, but
you get the dongle and you get USB-C. And fingerprint sensor, kinda flat, but okay. At least it's there. Gotta give it to them, buttons are nice. Oh, and it also runs Android 8.1 Oreo, supposed
to be update to Pie soon, so, we'll see how that goes.

In the meantime, I'll update this phone and
hopefully in the next year I'll be able to tell you what I think if I ever get to. Anyway, guys, thanks for watching, this is
the tech unboxing ASMR. If you wanna see more of these videos, let
us know, and we'll try to do more. Bye!.

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RED Hydrogen One review: a $1,300 mess of a phone

(techno music) – Here it is. RED has spent the last year hyping this. The HYDROGEN One smart phone
with the holographic display. It looks like no other
phone on the market. Comes from one of the most esteemed names in digital cameras. And has a screen unlike any
other phone selling today. It it unique, it is expensive. And it is a complete mess. So I've been pretty
excited for this phone.

RED announced it more than a year ago and it's been talking about this holographic display since then. But the phone kept getting
delayed and pushed back and pretty much no one's
been able to see it. They've shown it to a handful of people. But no one's been able to film the screen and so we've kinda just had to work off of what people were describing it as. And so, I've been here imagining
that a holographic screen is kinda gonna float above the display and have this very cool,
you know, hologram. But, that's not what this is at all. – Oh my God. (laughing) – What? – This is very nauseating. – My question is why? – Maybe the further you hold it, uhhhhh. – Ahhh. – This is kind of hurting my eyes.

I can't imagine using this every day. – My eye are tearing watching this. – There's really no
elegant way to say this. The screen is just bad. Like really bad. But unfortunately it doesn't
show up on video very well. So I'm gonna do my best
to describe it to you. We also made this graphic to try and help. You know those lunch boxes or post cards with a lenticular screen that kinda changes as you rotate it side to side? That's basically what this is. If you've ever seen a Nintendo 3DS, it's pretty much the same thing. I actually think the
3DS is better than this. Most of the time you're using the phone nothing is quote unquote holographic. Everything is flat, 2D, just normal when you're on the main interface, browsing the web, using your
regular apps or whatever. RED has a separate app store that includes a very small number of game and movies that work in this holographic format.

For whatever reason, RED calls it 4V or 4-View, instead of 3D. Nothing ever pops out at you when you're seeing a 4-View image or game. But when you're in those apps you can see a little bit
of depth into the screen. But the depth you see
isn't that convincing. I wasn't even sure I was
seeing it half the time.

And it works really unevenly. Most things are really bad and look kinda like
flat, gimmicky cutouts. Others, especially video where the depth is much more natural, actually have some potential. But the key thing to know
is that it just looks bad when the holographic mode comes on. The screen looks really blurry, like the whole thing is smudged up and nothing is sharp and clear. I think that's because there's
an actual hardware layer in here that's changing how
many of the pixels you can see. I played a few games this way and I didn't feel like it
added much to the experience. I think the 4V made the games worse too. Just look at how poorly
the Subway Surfers ripoff staring Paddington works. It gets choppy all the time. The other big deal here is the cameras.

There are dual 12 megapixel
sensors on the back and dual 8 megapixel sensors on the front. And both sides can be used for capturing 4V photos and videos. Before I get into that I want to say that as regular 2D cameras they're actually pretty
good in a lot of cases. Now you're not exactly getting
RED color science here. RED says there's just not the horsepower. And you're not using a RED sensor either. I think it's probably the same Samsung or Sony stuff that everyone else is using. The colors look rich and natural, though. There's style without them being stylized. But it can't match the Pixel
when it comes to dynamic range. I often found that the HYDROGEN One would blow out highlights that the Pixel could clearly capture. It also struggles in low light and the photos often
weren't very sharp either.

The real highlight here
is supposed to be 4V mode where you can capture
3D photos and videos. The photos are pretty skippable. They don't capture a lot of depth. And eventually I started
making everyone pose in these cheesy ways once I realized that made it look the best. I was surprised, though, the video is, there's something to it. I can actually see the depth a bit.

It a much subtler effect
and it's kind of cool. It's still a pain to watch. It's smudgy and the effect tends to flicker in and out
with a lot of artifacts. Some people said it made them dizzy. But when it works, you
can kind of understand what RED was thinking. Unfortunately you can't
really share it with anybody. Even if you do get
really into shooting 4V, they won't be able to see it unless they have another RED phone.

It just looks like 2D to
the rest of the world. RED does include an app called Holopix which is sort of their own social network. It's supposed to be like Instagram for RED phone owners who shoot 4V. But I haven't actually
been able to test it. Every time I try to log into the app it just crashes when I
press the sign in button. The funny thing is, RED isn't even the first
company to try this. If you remember back in 2011, HTC actually did this with the EVO 3D. It did the same thing. There was a dual camera on the
back for capturing 3D photos and it had the same kinda screen, where you could tilt it and view it in 3D. Now in fairness to RED it does look better on the HYDROGEN One. It's a little bit clearer and the photos and videos
do turn out better. But the tech clearly
has not developed a lot in the time since and it kinda says a lot that RED hasn't meaningfully improved the experience since 2011.

So now I want to talk about
the rest of the phone. 'Cause there is a lot of phone here. I actually dropped it and
injured somebody with it. But props to it for at least trying something different here. I don't really like the design, but there's a lot going on and it looks unlike anything else. There are a bunch of textures on the back. There are the grips for
your fingers on the side that don't strictly make it easier to hold but are interesting. I also like that there's a
shutter button on the top. Unfortunately its less
interesting on the inside. That's because it was
supposed to come out last year so it's running on a Snapdragon 835 whereas the rest of this
years flagship phones all have the Snapdragon 845.

There's one other big
feature on this phone that's supposed to make it unique. And that's these accessory
pins on the back. They're supposed to let you connect all kinds of interesting things. The biggest being a full
on RED camera sensor which you'll be able to
attach real lenses to. But, that doesn't exist yet. There's nothing you can
add onto the phone today. And given that the phone
was already a year delayed, who knows when these
accessories will actually ship. RED hasn't even offered any details on the sensor's capabilities
let alone its price. And so ultimately all the big things that RED set out to do here, all the ways it wanted to stand out, they just don't hold up.

And since it's not particularly
great at the basics, and costs an incredible $1300, it's just impossible to recommend. I really wish it didn't go this way. I think it great that someone
is trying something different when it comes to mobile phones. And the concept of a RED
camera in your pocket? That's really exciting. But it's not what we got. Right now this tech just isn't ready and you probably should
pay $1300 to beta test it. (electronic swooshing) Hey, what's up, we're filming
on an EVO 3D right now because we can't actually
export 3D from the RED phone. If you like this video, be
sure to like and subscribe.

Please let me know in the comments what you actually wanted
to see from this phone..

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Zero to 100% charging test huawei honor 7x vs honor 6x

hello an outcome guys today we are going
to do a charging speed test between who huawei honor 7x and huawei honor 6x and that
test would be like this how long does it take to reach 100 from zero so these two
phones are already completely empty there is no charge left basically
nothing so I connected to the charger right now and I turn on the switch the
new people can see how long it's remaining and from there how long does
it take to reach 100 so I got this request many times so I have to make
this video guys for you only so I hope you'll like it and don't
forget to subscribe because this is really important is a really new channel
so I put the timer over here you can see and I start the timer and I turn on the
switch over they are basically that I cannot show over there so I'm turning on
the switch and then start the timer so three and here so I turn on the switch
you can see the charging spot coming here and let's wait a little bit
so yeah 2% and here come come come the display is not coming but yeah because
they are 2% so basically the rule between these two phones when it's 2%
then it says a message like you have 30 seconds of time so close your things or
save your data whatever you have then the phone automatically shut down when
it's 2% basically so you cannot make it 0% that's that's yeah that's the system
maybe it would make the battery dead or something like that that's why guys they
make this system so yeah we'll be watching so now it's 11 a.m.

11 1 million before 11:00 here in Germany so yeah we'll see how long does
it take so according to my experience this one should take 2 hours something
like 30 40 minutes and this one I really don't have any experience so we'll see
both of this phone how long does it take and will come time to time maybe after 1
hour I will be over here again and give you an update about it and so it's 100%
of course I'll be here and I'll be watching every 5 to 10 minutes that how
long like how many percent is it costs oh yeah I'll give you an update time to
time so guys keep watching and guys I'm doing all those crazy experiment and all
those things only for you guys so I really need your support and of and yeah
and because of many of my viewers who suggested me that make the videos
between who I honored 7x and Xiaomi me a 1 so I'll make that video with why honor
7x and yeah this video this 3/4 of course will be there and another one
also coming that is redmi note 5 a so i'll have four phones over here to
compete against each other so yeah that would be fun to test and soon I'm
getting 1 plus 5t – so we'll make Chris experiments between this all those
phones together so I hope you will like it
and guys yeah let me know your thoughts in the comment section below what should
I make more so that I can wish I can I can fulfill your wishes so let me know
your thoughts and yeah be a member of this family subscribe to this channel
see you guys very soon so it's 6% here
4% here and it's 3 minutes 39 39 seconds right now so yeah catch you guys very
soon so guys once again we are here so it's 1 over 2 minutes
right now and see the result so after 1 hour 2 minutes it's 61% and this one
also 61% so this is basically same yeah the charging time basically I
think it could be the same so yeah it's sixty-two percent right now
in one hour three minutes so let's wait a bit more and let's see how long
finally it takes to reach 100% of charts own then we'll make a better rain test
also maybe today I could finish that test because battery drain tapes test
takes really really long time you know what I'm saying you just have to sit
with your phone for more than five hours or six hours you have to give eyes on it
for yeah every five minutes and ten minutes something like that so it's a
yes still so it's not a big deal but we'll try to do that test
also today so yeah I have many things to do then I will make camera review test
also with this one because yeah I'm getting many requests to make camera
review of this one so I have to make this one also so I'll try to make all
those videos to a tray so if you don't get any video today that's for sure that
you will get that video tomorrow so don't be sad about anything things are
coming Noorie about it i'm here to show you the
result and show you the thing so yeah by the time I'll show you everything I show
the things I'll see you soon yeah so guys once again we're back here it's 1
over 36 minutes and we will see the battery percentage right now and another
thing is I'd show you in why oh no 6x you can see the notification light over
here it's kind of yellow yellow yeah and in who I own seven X also there is a
notification light you can see over here it's also here you know so kind of same
color and I will show you when the character
basically and let's see the percentage right now it's 87% it's also 87% so the
phone is turned off together and it's one hour at least seven minutes right
now and let's wait for the 100% and I see you soon again guys we are back
again here is one hour 52 minutes right now and you can see the light over here
it's green and it's here also green you can see so being light over here again
right over here before it was a yellow right now it's green so we'll try to
find out after reaching 100% of charge how would be the color so yeah now let's
see the percentage right now it's 94 percent right now and there's 93 percent
right right now so we'll wait quite a moment and let's see when it's ninety
percent ninety nine percent basically so we'll be here and we'll try to take a
look how long basically is taking to get fully charged I'm so excited guys to
make this test yo so see you guys really really really soon yeah
so guys I'm again here it's two hours 9 minutes right now green light is all
green light is on so now the charge level is 98% so we are really really
nearly close so I think within 2 hours maximum twenty minutes everything will
be done that's what I think so I really I'm not really exactly sure about it but
yeah so you can see we're really close 98 98 I just don't want to miss this one
maybe yeah because of some reason maybe I missed one hundred percent charge for
some reason I don't know that's why it's really near to 100 percent that's why
I'm here to show you use 2 hours 10 minute so I'll make this video as short
as possible so I'll see and yeah that's a really tricky test you're not I'm
saying because you have to be sit here without doing anything and constantly
observing the phone it is really really oh my god I have never done this kind of
test in my life before it's freaking weird us sometime but it's ok everything
is fair in worse so yeah that's this this is something like different for me
and really it means a lot and so yeah no problem guys so later we'll be doing a
battery drain test also yeah it will be getting this video it will take some
time you know because it takes really long
time to train the battery completely yeah I'll do that video and soon my next
video exactly the next one will be a video about the headphone test in who I
on are 7x how to be the interface when you put the headphone and the equalizer
and the bass level and basically the sound system when you put headphone
inside this phone so yeah till then guys she was really really
really really soon yeah guys I had to come back again because it's 12 2 hours
12 minutes and see you can see it's 99% 99% so I have to constantly see which
one comes first yeah of course this one comes fast but
the right time exactly so yeah we'll be watching this one till the end right now
and yeah we'll see we'll see don't go down don't go down so yeah and
it's 99% right now 98% right now so yeah guys I should put it time lapse right
now over here so maybe for some reason if I miss this so I can say so I start
my time lapse over here where's my time lapse yeah hyperlapse and I put this
camera over here so I wanna catch this moment basically so all is good and 99
percent 99 percent 98 percent come come come come come come come
so yeah this is pretty crazy test yes it's making me crazy too I'm being crazy
seriously because it's taking my time and I have
all take my head like this and waiting waiting and waiting
II just don't know when when it just cannot do anything just watching that
time you just don't know how long does it take it
it's really really weird it's 98% 100% yeah you can see oh thanks God thanks
God so it's 2 hours and 17 minutes you can see and the phone is completely 100%
oh yeah so the green light is still green light so yeah I think I just need
to take this out then the light will be gone and we're still waiting for this
one and yeah we are waiting waiting and waiting
so guys you can see it's 100% right now so it took two hours 25 minutes
basically so we stopped this one over here so this one who I honor 7 X 2 2
hours and 17 minutes and who I on are 5 X took 2 hours and 25 minutes so you can
see over here so I hope guys you liked this video and I'll be doing another 2
videos basically today one is better writing test that coming late at the
night and another one is the headphone interior check like when I put the
headphone inside it and how to be the interface of music player in who I on
are 7 X so that video is coming really soon so guys see in my next videos till
then take care and peace in

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Unboxing The World’s Smallest Phone

My goodness. I like this mysterious package. It’s always exciting to open the box, but I happen to know what’s inside. It’s a product prototype sticker that has attracted a lot of attention on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. This is not, this is The business card is still their CEO’s business card. Throw it away ♂~ The smallest mobile phone in the world is so small that it’s unbelievable. ZANCO tiny t1 The smallest mobile phone in the world. It's the "smallest" mobile phone. This is smaller than those. Synchronize contacts and music on your mobile phone. Monochrome screen voice changer. 3 days standby time.

Built-in Bluetooth mobile phone plugs into a Nano-sized card. It can store 500 text messages. This mobile phone has a voice changer. You can become male and female, children, old cartoon characters, teenagers, Optimus Prime Duck, EVA robot WALL·E robot, Rap guy and Rap girl are starting to become fun. Let’s take a look at this stuff. How small is your child! WOW! It’s so small that it’s unbelievable. Am I dreaming? It seems that there is a speaker SIM card inserted from the side on the back. Compared with this, I feel that the Nano card has become bigger and smaller than my thumb. It is about the same size as the SD card. It is about a coin. It is bigger than a small lighter. The ketchup bag is much smaller, about the size of two pieces of chewing gum, which is too small! With a micro USB cable for charging, there is also a card pin, which sells for $55. You may be thinking, who is the user group for this thing? I feel that this is a fun thing for people who will try all kinds of things .

I took this out at a party. Everyone was stunned. They would definitely be stunned to make a phone call with this thing. The buttons on the phone are better than me. His fingers are much smaller, Jack, what do you think? hhhhhhh This is Pixel 2XL. Of course, the two phones have different goals. But if you look at the comparison, this is too small . The boot time appears. When the battery is full, I need to insert the SIM card. Try to make a call. Woolen cloth? Looks like I have a text message . Let’s try to make a call. Will you have your cell phone number? Did you hear that? Not bad . It's connected. That's weird. Oh WOW! The speaker is quite loud Will: Yo~ Hey man, your voice is very clear. Will: Uh, your voice is also very clear. Really? I didn’t expect this thing to have a good call quality. You too, I feel very clear that I don’t need to bring my mobile phone like a secret agent. Just bring this and put it in my socks. If you want to go for a jog, but you’re afraid I have a phone call, but I don’t want to take such a big phone out.

You need a smaller phone, or should I try a voice changer? Okay, I’m going to change positions with Will, Will, your low voice sounds like a robot but it feels weird Things, for example, when you think about sending text messages, it’s surprisingly good to make a scary call. hhhh What the hell, this phone is not black yet. It’s $50. You can buy a normal phone, but it will definitely not be the smallest in the world. For those who like to collect, buy this as a gift for him, he absolutely loves it.

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This $200 phone can do ANYTHING!!! – Pine64 Pinephone

– When we looked at the Librem phone 5, a lot of you were asking, why are you looking at
this piece of trash? I mean, I'm not saying that it was trash. You guys were saying that it's trash. Obviously, it wasn't quite finished yet, and there was a whole
bunch of other issues. And you're like, why
haven't you taken a look at the Pine64, the Pine phone, you know, this thing here? And I'm like, because we are. Like, this has been on our radar since it was announced. This thing has taken a long time to get to a like a workable state. And what we have here is
the Community Edition. I haven't actually like
looked at this at all yet, so, here we go. (chuckles) The box itself is pretty plain, this is Pine64 Mobian Edition. On the side here, package contents, user manual, quick
start guide, Pine Phone, USB-C power cable, and USB-C dock.

Really? Interesting. Okay, nothing terribly
interesting on the back, although it does say that it has a 2800 milliamp hour battery. – [Jono] Is that small? – It's pretty small. (Jono chuckles) It doesn't want to… (box rattling) Like everything else in Linux,
you do it yourself, right? – [Jono] Haha, got'em! – Ah, all right. Tiny little user manual. Anything in there? Before using this device, please read this manual carefully. Oh, back case removal, right, so this thing has a removable
battery and stuff too. What's this? The operating system
build you're receiving is more than a month old. So, following the initial
setup of the device, you should update to the
latest available release.

So what's in the box? We got the phone itself, which, again, is not coming out. Oh okay, a micro SIM, a nano
and a micro SIM adapter. We've got a nice red USB-C to A cable, and a USB-C doc. Oh, that's actually really nice. It's solid, it's got an aluminum shell. It's got ethernet, probably gigabit, HDMI, and two USB type-A ports on here and yeah that's everything. But yeah, it's really nice. Oh, and it has a little
power input here as well. So, B, I wasn't to expecting to have something like this in the box. – [Jono] Why would you
have that kind of dock? – If you remember the Librem phone, part of the problem
was that not everything was fully touch capable at the time, so a doc like this helps
significantly with things that may or may not be
fully compatible yet.

Also, I mean this is just running Linux, this will get you a Linux desktop, like an actual Linux
desktop, on your phone. So, it's actually cooler
than I'm letting on. And here is the phone itself. It is significantly less
chunky than the Librem. In fact, it is, well it's
not quite iPhone slimness, but it's like decent slimness. I don't see any hardware disconnects or anything like that on it, but it does have a camera, and I'm going to test to
make sure that that works. Do we have a SIM card? People asked us to like make sure that like calling actually
worked on the previous phone.

Should we make a call on this phone? Did that have a SIM eject tool in it? I feel it didn't have
a SIM eject tool in it. I went to all the trouble
to get a SIM eject tool but then I realized the back
of this thing comes off, so it probably doesn't even need one. I don't know if you can
see that, make it out, there's a little divot in
here you get your thumb into, and you just pull it right off. Just like that. How does this work? Okay, so the battery
obviously just comes out, I think. Okay, either this is like
glued in place or something, or I'm just stupid.

Remove the battery using your
fingernail or prying tool. Well, I've been trying to do that. Oh, that is not pleasant. Mm, mm, okay.
(Jono laughing) Why was that so difficult? Clearly this phone has
not been set up yet, so we're going to go through
the whole experience. Usually phones are set up prior to hitting the short circuit set. Now that I look at it a little closer, there is a bunch of things here, like there's an SD card slot
and a micro SD card slot here. This module looks totally removable. This reset switch, I'm
not sure what that does. And these dip switches, what do these do? Well, these are like
those hardware switches that were on the Librem phone.

So, instead of having them on the outside, you need to pull the
back off to get to them, but they'll actually physically
disable like the webcam, well, not the webcam, the actual camera, the modem, Wi-fi, and Bluetooth, microphone, rear camera, front
camera, and headphone jack. So you have much more control actually. So I guess you would use
something like this spudger here to go in and just toggle it off like that. Not as easy, but you get more of them. So, let's pop the battery
in for the first time. Oh, this might need to be charged. Pop the back back on. And I'm noticing they even have this little pre-applied screen protector, so I'll just go ahead
and peel that right off. We ready to power it on? – [Brandon] Yeah! – But first I'm going to
talk to you about Unbounce. Unbounce is the landing
page platform that helps you convert more visitors into
leads, sales, and customers. You can build beautiful high
converting landing pages with no coding required
using their easy drag and drop builder, and they've got over a hundred templates that allow you to bring
any campaign to life, with a fraction of the
time that it would've taken with a developer.

What's more, you can earn up
to 30 percent more conversions with their latest AI powered
feature, Smart Traffic. Why wait? Click the link below and use code CIRCUIT to get 20 percent off
your first three months of Unbounce today. Oh right, I was going
to install a SIM card. I guess we're going back in. Does this take nano SIM? It doesn't look like it takes nano SIM. Everything should be using nano SIM, there's no reason to use SIM or micro SIM. This adapter is not very fun to use. There, that's probably in. It's got a nice little power LED. Oh look, you can see me in the reflection. You are about to install Mobian Bullseye, user interface Phosh. Okay, partitioning,
formatting, blah, blah, blah, running Mount operation,
installation failed, no partitions are
defined for mount to use. Well, this is going to be a short one. Oh wow, it just like
straight up dumped me out to a terminal.

Yeah I got nothing. There's no keyboard, there's no… Actually I've got, I have this type-C doc. Hey Jono, can I get you
to like get me a keyboard? – [Jono] Oh God, Really? (laughing ) – [Jono] Oh no! (both laughing) – All right. Uh oh, maybe that's what
the reset button is for. I'm going to try pulling the battery. Okay, it's booting, maybe. And it crashed again. They really weren't kidding when they said that you needed to read
the entire thing, huh? Power the pipeline on, blah,
blah, blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So, without Sudo, what can I do? Yeah, I think probably
what I'm going to have to do is flash an operating
system onto an SD card, and come back to this. Well this seems to be a bit of a thing with my short circuits, isn't it? So, (chuckles) we talked to Pine, and they didn't really
know what happened exactly, so we're just going to
chalk it up to a, you know, bad firmware image from the factory.

Thankfully, they actually
do have some images you can download to an SD card, and I've got one of them right here that I'm going to throw in. And they also have an image that lets you just plug
your phone in with USB, and transfer a new image that
way to the internal storage. They call that jump drive. So, it's pretty hard to
break one of these things, so if that ever happens to you, just get a micro SD card and
flash one of their images. It's getting easier over time. Wait, do we still have have the adapter? (box rattling) Now I get to deal with this again, this adapter is not very nice. Oh, this SIM card tray is the worst.

There we go. Okay, cool yeah, it is
booting off of the SD card, I'm not sure if you can read that, but it says resizing file
system during initial boot. That's because the image is
only like three gigs in size, but it'll actually just expand out to whatever size SD card you have, that way you're not losing any space. Oh okay, so we've got a lock screen. It's kind of slow. It's obviously not hardware accelerated, and if I were to open Files, for example, it just kind of closes the app drawer and I'm not seeing anything, until eventually it'll come up. Yeah, there you go. And what I'm presuming is a
camera app called Megapixels. It may not be a camera app. No, it is totally the camera app, and it, ho, ho, oh, that is a camera. That… – [Jono] Does it work? – Oh, it works. Settings aren't functional yet. So, I'm just going to go ahead
and attempt to call myself.

Okay, yep, the calling seems
to be working just fine. I mean it's a little scratchy. It's not terrible call quality. I've got another SD card here
with three operating systems. Yeah, You don't have to run Mobian, you can run whatever you want. So, I'll just quickly keep
going through Mobian here and see what else is in here. Will it play YouTube videos? (soft music) – [YouTube Video] That is breathtaking. – [Anthony] You're breathtaking. – [YouTube Video] Have you seen this Andy? – So we can't blame that on the SD card. The reason why this
thing is not performing particularly well is because it's running an Allwinner A64 quad-core SOC with a MALI-400MP2 GPU.

That is, the MALI-400,
that's ancient isn't it? Two gigs of LPDDR3 memory, 5.9 inch LCD, 1440×720, 16 gigabytes of eMMC, This one is the community version which has 32 gigabytes of eMMC, HD digital out, USB type C, Quectel EG25-G with worldwide bands, I guess that's the modem. WI-FI, N, Bluetooth 4.0,
it's got a vibrator. (laughs) They call it a vibrator. Okay, I'm going to find that app. Two megapixel front facing camera and a five megapixel rear, and a Samsung J7 form-factor battery. So, that's actually a relatively
common battery you can buy, which is cool. And it's got a headphone jack, right. Did I mention that before? It's got a headphone
jack, it's right there. Flashlight, is that just literally? Oh, it actually does work. Ooh, even just running the task manager is basically spiking a core. I'm trying to be charitable here. Let's shut this down. So let's try Manjaro Plasma
and see what that's like.

So this is KDE touch. It looks like a lot more like Android, but I feel like something is wrong. I'm only getting half the screen. Oh, hey, great, so this is
a lot more like Android. I kind of like the look
and feel of KDE touch a lot better than GNOME and
it has automatic rotation, unlike the other one, but it's, okay, it's no longer decent. This is 360, 240p. (laughs) Oh, it just keeps getting worse. Oh okay, there's the multitasking. So I can open up the Calendar. Wow, that took like 20 seconds for this Calendar app to load. Wait, YouTube is running
in the background? No, don't do that. That's why that took so long. Kind of need to work on the app suspend. Let's just quickly look into Ubuntu touch and see what it looks like.

Ubuntu, Ubuntu, Ubuntu, Ubuntu, now I don't remember
how to actually say it. Welcome to Ubuntu touch, get started. Oh, it's actually kind
of a slick interface. Does it auto rotate? It does and it's smooth! And the playback looks actually okay too. What's it running at? 360P, okay. Let's try, lets try 720p
and see what happens. It's fine. 1080p, let's just keep cranking it.

Yeah no, we're in slow
motion territory now. Okay, so it can do it. It's just, none of the
other operating systems has a browser that's capable
of actually running it, and closing an app is
just like that, cool! Ubuntu touch is a lot more like Android. This might actually be the
best experience so far. Let's try something else. I just want to see what
Sailfish OS is all about. This is Home showing your minimized apps. We've accessed events. Can I stop? I don't… Okay, I think that's enough of that. Sailfish OS, looks like it's promising. I would have liked to use it a little bit, but it seems like its decided that it doesn't really want
to go any further from here. But, the idea behind this phone is great. It's a privacy oriented
phone that you can open up, take the battery out of,
add an SD card storage, and adjust what actual devices you want to be running at any given time.

You can change the operating system. You can develop your own operating system if you really had a mind to. It's not powerful, but at the same time, at $200, it doesn't really
have to be, in my opinion. This is a very low volume product. Also, it comes with this
here, USB hub, which is great. I don't know, I really like
the idea of having a phone that doesn't cost a whole lot of money, that you can use for whatever
you need to use it for. Like you can run, like automation scripts, you can hook into pretty
much anything you want to hook into. You can set up a Raspberry Pi and have this interface directly with it with no weird software that's, you know, standing in between it.

It's got a full Linux
experience if you want it. It's a lot better than the Librem phone. After having a little bit
of time with this phone, I can tell you that the
Librem was kind of trash. This is so much better. It's still not great. You don't want it if you want
to like have a primary phone, or if you're like, oh I
don't want to go to Android, and I don't want to go to IOS, so I guess I'll go to Linux. That's not kind of what this is for.

This is for people who are
either already Linux enthusiasts, or who just want to play with something, and I think that's great. Thanks for watching guys. Make sure you get
subscribed to ShortCircuit for more weird videos like this one..

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The Worst Text You Could Ever Receive…

My goodness, it's terrible Super bad That’s right, it’s a disaster To be honest, the matter is much more serious than I thought A simple text symbol that crashed iMessage Just such a symbol makes iMessage completely unusable but I asked Will to look into it to see what the hell was going on It turns out that the actual situation is much more serious On his Macbook, this symbol crashed Havok directly The Note application on the notebook has crashed Just because there is a note in it that contains this symbol Just need a symbol That’s why I called Will over because he was studying this all morning Let’s test it in different ways to see how bad it is His Android machine is here, there is another one here, and then the iPhone X I will copy this symbol in the SMS chat and send it out, and send it to the Android device using the Android device, so that I can confirm that this is a problem only for iOS and OSX.

let's start My cell phone signal is a bit poor, so… Got it, look Nothing happens on the Android machine But what's going to happen next is a bit risky Just such a simple symbol may directly crash the messaging application on iPhone X Kind of crazy The ghost knows if we find this, will other apps have problems? Give it to Jack, show them Okay, that symbol is there, once the mouse touches that symbol Highlight it… collapsed! Show them what happens when you open the note app The note-taking app can’t even be opened IPhone X on the left, your phone on the right I put my phone card in, it might be a disaster I want to warn you, don't do this! I'm not kidding, it's really bad This symbol may crash your phone Yes, let them see what we are talking about Symbols are copied in The SIM card is read on the iPhone X send Will told me before that this is a foreign language Yes, I think it should be the Indian language Anyway, the language symbols of individual countries What if you are in this country? Do you have this symbol on your keyboard? Everyone is going to collapse The sending speed is a bit slow Why I feel that as long as I send a Test, he won’t crash It takes some time Did the iPhone receive it? Oh My God A little dangerous WOW! The phone restarted directly! If I open the text message, click on this text message Ready? But I don’t know why my iMessage app didn’t crash completely Because my next text message rejected the previous one, so it’s okay If someone is stupid and sends you this symbol, then he is willing to help you He can send you a rescue text message In this case, when you open the SMS, the phone does not need to display this symbol Before I send the rescue SMS, I first try to open the SMS app Now send a rescue text message, and then…

BOOM! I can enter the SMS application now If I take the initiative to open the chat window with Will SMS app will still crash collapsed! But if you copy this symbol in and post it, the iPhone will crash again. SMS arrived Open…crash It crashed immediately, and the text message was completely useless Completely collapsed The extent of this matter is more serious than I thought Apple, I hope you can find some engineers to see what's going on This is a big problem Remember, your Uncle Lewis told you not to do this They don’t realize how much we rely on technology now Just such a small bug immediately makes you panic It’s just a small symbol that makes so many things fall apart Willy Do, thank you for investigating this matter and sacrificing your own computer for presentation I'll go back and use my Pixel 2 XL hhhh, Android device Then I want to send this to Jack Do not! Don't do that! I was kidding, kidding

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Unboxing The World’s Smallest Phone

Oh my God I like this mysterious package best Unboxing is always exciting But i happen to know what's inside This is a product prototype that has attracted a lot of attention on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform Stickers This is not, this is a business card It’s still their CEO’s business card, shocked Throw away Ah ♂~ The smallest mobile phone in the world This thing is too small to be unbelievable ZANCO tiny t1 The smallest mobile phone in the world As you all know, I opened the box once called the "smallest" cell phone This one is smaller than those Sync contacts and music on your phone Monochrome screen voice Changer 3 days standby time Built-in Bluetooth Insert a Nano size card into your mobile phone, which can store 500 SMS You heard that right, this phone has a voice changer You can become a man Female, child, elderly Cartoon character, teenager, optimus prime Duck, EVA robot WALL·E robot, Rap man and Rap sister Started to get fun Let's see how small this thing is Ho Ho Ho! WOW! It's unbelievably small Am i dreaming Great profit! It looks like there are speakers on the back Insert the SIM card from the side Compared with this, it feels that the Nano card has become bigger Smaller than my thumb About the same size as an SD card About the size of a coin Smaller than a small lighter Much smaller than the ketchup bag About the size of two pieces of gum This is too small! With a micro USB cable for charging There is also a card pin This one sells for $55 You may be thinking, who is the user group of this thing? I think this is fun to make For those who will try anything I took this out at the party, everyone was stunned Use this thing to call They will be stunned The buttons on the phone are much smaller than my fingers Jack, what do you think? hhhhhhh This is Pixel 2XL Of course the two phones have different goals But if you look at this contrast, it’s too small Ok, boot up Time has come, full power I want to insert the SIM card and try to make a call What do you think? Looks like I have a text message Let's try to make a call, Will what's your phone number Did you hear Not bad It's connected, it's weird Oh WOW! This speaker is quite loud Will: Yo~ Hey man, your voice sounds very clear eh Will: Uh, your voice is also very clear Really? I didn’t expect this thing to have good call quality You are too, very clear Feel like a secret agent You don’t need to bring your mobile phone, just bring this, and you can put it in your socks Suppose you want to go for a jog, but you are afraid of a call and don’t want to take such a big mobile phone out.

You need a smaller phone Should I try the voice changer? Okay, I'm going to change positions with Will, Will you come over Low voice Sounds a bit like a robot But it feels so strange hhhhh Okay, this thing is made for fun The body is incredibly small Not bad for fun But if it comes to work, such as texting I feel scary when I think about it It's unexpectedly good to call hhhh What What the hell This phone is not as big as the black part You can buy a normal phone for $50, but it will definitely not be the smallest in the world But for those who like to collect, buy this as a gift for him, he absolutely likes

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