Foxfi- Use your Android Phone as a Mobile Hotspot WITHOUT ROOT!!

hey everyone this is creative today I want to show you how you can enable your Android device as a free Wi-Fi hotspot device without the need of routing or paying your cell phone carrier it's a free application that apparently was just uploaded to the Android Market a few days ago anyways just go ahead and go through the our Android Market type in Foxfire just like that alright you can go ahead and open it check the box that says activate Wi-Fi hotspot alright and once you have that look for your network name mine happens to be Android 0 3 okay and then it's right there see Android 2 0 3 go ahead and connect and test it out see – so you can see that it works ok connected and it works and amusing the internet connection from my phone interesting as you can see it works it's very simple to use it's quick you don't have to root your phone you don't have to pay your cell phone provider to use your device as a mobile hotspot and the only bad thing is that unfortunately it won't work with any HCC device or the first Motorola Droid phone it should work with most Motorola phones or LG or Samsung phones alright so yeah that's it for today please subscribe like my video and comment down below till the next time

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