OnePlus Mobile Filmmaking Masterclass 1 – Start with an idea

Hi everyone my name is Giacomo Mantovani and I'm a producer and director specialised in commercials and short films. Since OnePlus released their first device the OnePlus One I've been shooting videos entirely shot with OnePlus devices becoming a true ambassador for mobile filmmaking. The main point of mobile filmmaking is that it allows everyone to become a storyteller because everyone has access to such a powerful camera. And because of the small size of smartphones nowadays we can shooot things in a way we couldn't do before with any other standard camera. An example of this is the Students video linked in the description below. Check it out. With this series of videos I'm gonna do my best to give you the most simple to understand and basic introduction to mobile filmmaking but please be aware that in reality there are many more steps which I'm not going to go through right now to make things simple for you.

After this video we're gonna release a total amount of three videos each one focusing on a different step of the filmmaking process: the pre-production the production and the post-production so please make sure you follow us you sign up for updates and you watch the whole series as you'll have the chance to participate in the competition and win very generous prizes. With this said one of the most important things when you make a film if not the most important is the idea. My suggestion for you is to think about something easy original and doable with your own resources. And when you've found a great idea you need to develop it. Basically you have to structure it with a very clear beginning middle and end and when you do that write it in the most simple and essential way exactly like the camera sees it. So I would like to invite you to submit your ideas for a short film you would like to shoot.

Remember, it needs to be something that you can shoot with your smartphone and to participate just follow the instructions in our forum post. So, this is it for now thanks a lot for watching and see you in the next video. All the best. Bye..

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Best Dual Phone Streaming Setup – Full Tutorial – Important Message in the END!!

You don't have a PC but you want to live stream. So here is the dualphone livestreaming with overlay with facecam So all here i will teach you step by step so you can achieve professional streaming even if you only use two cellphones. So it can be android to android. IOS to Android is also possible as long as you need two devices for our tutorial.

Let's get started So before we continue with this video guys 78% of those who watch my videos are not subscribed Maybe if you subscribe, maybe we will have 1 million subscribers BOSS LUCIO will give you everything you can know when it comes to streaming, PC setup,
Pc build, Gaming set up If I do something wrong you can comment below and Boss Lucio will accept it wholeheartedly Whatever you say But again the Subscribe button is just free maybe So in this video, I've actually done this before but it's a bit complicated and delayed So those guys here in our video are very Smooth and what's even more cruel here you can put (Widgets ,, Alerts) anything you want that we do using a PC But again if you only use two smart phones, the first thing we will do is of course a good internet connection, we need a high upload speed – even about 10MBPS+ that's ok, I recommend Fiber more than DSL Second two smart phones again with you if IOS Or Android or both Android both IOS with you I'm more prepared IOS and Android IOS more gameplay I Android more LiveStream So later you will know why I prefer it.

So next we brothers this is TRIPOD So of course guys like what I said it has a facecam so we need a tripod to stabilize our webcam right? it's ugly when our camera shakes it's optional, you can use a video light like the one I use, if you don't have one, you can improvise the lights. but guys just take note don't be harsh so that your skins don't burn too much on camera Good guys, only the LED are yours, you can improvise, but LED Light is a big thing for our Facecam. And the last thing we have here is optional here you can install a 3.5mm audio jacksplitter or you want a lapel you want to use in the live stream lapel that will come soon maybe you have others with you that's just optional but if you don't have siblings it's ok Let's start step by step and please finish this so you don't forget all the steps here it's very important if you make a mistake no more messages for you BOSS LUCIO -boss lucio it didn't work for me you didn't watch it properly let's take our two smart phones and download (APOWERMIRROR) to our two smart phones So you buy what you will use gaming phones and live streaming phones so I'm the same guys, it's ok to do anything between the two, but I recommend your gaming phone is better and other phones are fine as long as I can run our application there So brothers and sisters, the apowermirror has been dowloaded on our two phones, make sure that I have the same internet connection, they can't be different Just click both then you will see they can scam each other So choose what livestreaming phone so here I am my chosen livestreaming phone coconnect us to the streaming phone just click ast then start now here is our screen, he mirrored it on one of our phones on our livestreaming phone go to the playstore from the playstore search your prism live studio it will come out and install then open So now coconnect here the facebok accounts that own your pages.

In short admin ng pages im here log in my facebook account and thats it guys so here are the pages that we will use so here is the presume live studio and it has a sharescreen it has a screen cast so just hit him guys just swipe him right and then guys there it is so next let's like what i said earlier here you can place overlay widgets and alerts so it's very easy guys but our brothers and sisters for those who don't have a pc you have to find a way to have a pc now even if you just rent a pc and just borrow your friend we just need to go to streamelements or OWN3D.TV for a while, guys, you don't need too much time because you need a link so before we go to our PC do you want to have Animated overlays, animated webcamoverlays, or Highquality Panels exactly right because this video is sponsored by OWN3D Owned.Tv one top shopmall for all Content Creators and Streamers So everyone is here on Own3d.TV So simple once you need for Example The Overlay just search in the search box and you will go Straight to our window, so many designs will appear here Template for your streaming lay out If you want a transition, just search for Transition and go directly to our window and will show you various templates for the transition If someone likes that, offer it in That you can order it single or apackage But im as recommend go to apackage for right (Animated Overlay) (Animated Webcam Overlay) (Animated Pause Banner) (Animated Starting Banner) (Animated Talking Banner) And there is a (Youtube Banner) And last (Desktop Banner) Here is also the SinceTransition or what we call stringer Of course new panels and alerts are also here Example Of This It's nice, isn't it so simple, just go there, brothers and sisters, the link or in the description will appear on our screen And of course brothers we have a coupon code use code (LUCIO) Automatically Subtracted that by 50% don't ever forget the word lucio guys So you can save big and have a great overlay when it comes to your live stream So now we are here on our PC of course we will open the browser then you will go here to Stream elements log in your facebook here make sure that admin of the pages OK.

Let's go to streaming tools you can see here my overlays or overlays so whatever you choose your overlay here once you have selected create my overlay ok that's it once you choose that let's go to your my overlay at the bottom you will see the one you chose let's choose here the one with the lay out or the most lay out of the games so here is the one we will choose you will see that there are hidden ones means hidden ones you don't need him to lay out It's so simple, it's easy, just click them once you click, you'll see here on the left side what you clicked on For example, here I click on it, so this is it, so it has an eye logo, which means guys, if it's unchecked, it will come out, it should be hidden, if you don't need it You can arrange it here, it's up to you, you can arrange them, it's up to you to decide Once it's ok you're here upstairs you'll see the COPY URL you'll also see there are alerts that will work with you live streaming So guys COPY URL send it to messenger telegrams as long as it reaches your live streaming smart phone So we got the link, your strategy, that's how you can put it on streaming phones so I guys just sent him on messenger so I can get the links ang Stream Key So slide left you can see the widget prism live studio for the prism live studio you can see the WEB just click and here in the URL paste the LINK again of the stream elements or of OWN3D that will be yours So title is up to you whatever you put then save then it will appear here overlay just click it let's just fix it here overlay So it's up to you to design as long as I'm just maximizing on the phone and that's it so if it's ok just click that and slide it again left just click the link again then i lock nanatin ang layer So that he would not move.

So now let's go to ApowerMirror just simply minimize let's just go again let's go here to Apowermirror then on the other phone also go to apower then go to the gaming phone let's open even MOBILE LEGEND so you saw we screened on the gaming phone you saw there was no delay delay as long as our internet is strong You can see that there is no delay in our game, he just keeps up So now let's go here first to our Live streaming Cellphone then let's go back to the prism live Studio Once you are ready to go live make sure your phone is rotated then click live set destination let's select Facebook then here let's paste our Streamkey which we can get in Creator Studio It's very easy to use your phone if you don't have a PC so go with Safari or Google then go to our Address That's it make sure your facebook is logged in then go straight to Creator Studio then you will see the Live Producer so you can see your Stream Key and Server URL did you get it? that's where you can build the game we played if you play MOBILE LEGEND, CALL OF DUTY just tag it Our explanation is very clear so that's it paste Stream Key here save.

Before you click Live make sure your phones are rotated because if you don't duck rotated Portrait will go to Live Make sure he is in landscape then let's click live in 3 2 1. So he will enter our live Start now so ready he will come out here and let's go back to Apower let's connect our gaming Start Now let's go back to MOBILE LEGEND So now you can see here our overlay attached to our webcam you can enlarge that that's right you need a TRIPOD to put him where you want to put himphone For your face cam so I'm our brothers it's just so classic We're going to our PC so you can see that I'm really live now in my extra pages if you can see now I'm live here that's it guys we're already live that's you see we're just a little late Of course there in our Live Stream ok you can see but guys here we are the game no delay delay our internet speed is strong so that's how it is to live dual phone live streaming set so maybe this tutorial is very cool, it's super cool because it's more updated, it's better than before if it was made into a Streamlabs video setup.

PRISM LIVE STUDIO Colab Apower combination we just put them together I just experimented with applications that's how it's possible So like what i said earlier. but i want the iphone and android here in our set up? because listen carefully here is the reason for sure comment BOSS LUCIO we don't have Audio. in our game We only have a microphone because they are still the same as the PC Method when we do Mirroring using Apower to our PC and we don't have Audio right? when you use it's android So now the iphone is really intergrated because it builds in with it when you mirror everything with it when it comes to the iphone even the audio is captured. But with this Android to Android Method, just find out which phone can be captured by audio if we don't have anything we can do, it's not to Pc for those with Audio jack or everythings I posted an optional example of an audio jack using lapel earlier. Focus on the lapel on your gaming phone to capture the sound, that will be the main sound of Livestreaming, so who gets it ?.

So I hope this video helped you for sure guys many will be happy with it and we can help a lot here in our video. So that's it, thank you very much, I hope this video helped you, you want to enter the livestreaming of industry. again if you have a question you can comment below Boss lucio will read it and take it to heart and of courseStill Road to 100K BOSS LUCIO Don't Forget To Like, Share, Comment And SUBSCRIBE AND CLICK THE LITTLE BELL so you are always updated on all our Videos. So again I'm Louis Dior Teves AKA BOSS LUCIO Your Stream Coach for your Stream im tech problem Happy streaming.

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How to Connect your AirPods to an Android Phone | T-Mobile

Hey guys, it's Susana with T-Mobile. Today I'm going to show you how to pair your AirPods or AirPod Pros to your Android device. For more tips and tricks just like this be sure to subscribe below and ring the bell for notifications. Let's get started. [MUSIC] Now, whether you have a pair of AirPods or AirPod Pros your process should be the same. First, go to the settings on your phone and make sure that Bluetooth is on To do so on your android device, open "Settings" select "Connections" then "Bluetooth" Next, make sure both AirPods are in the charging case and the lid is open. Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case until you see the status light flash white when your AirPods appear on the list of Bluetooth devices select them.

Once paired, you will be good to go. Be sure to leave a comment below and tell us what you're listening to on your AirPods. Thanks for watching and don't miss the video coming up next. [MUSIC].

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What is worth salvaging from an old smartphone?

Nowadays it is almost essential to own a smartphone In order to check on the latest memes, but also to connect to the world easily Only problem is that over time my smartphone always get slower And the battery capacity dropped rapidly And since Samsung is releasing new smartphone models yearly Which is quite tempting to say the least I got myself a Galaxy S7 about a year ago While leaving my Galaxy S6 behind But simply throwing my old smartphone in the trash is not an option for me So in this video let's dissect it In order to find out which smartphone components we can use for electronics projects Let's get started This video is sponsored by JLCPCB Who produce prototype pcbs quick and low priced So feel free to upload your gerber files to order your PCBs And while you're at it also try out their new shipping methods Which is a bit cheaper than usual To start of this teardown I removed the backside of the phone With a flathead screwdriver And then continued by removing all the Phillips heads screws near the edge of the phone Afterwards through the help of the plastic spatula And a lot of pushing around I separate the metal housing of the phone from the main electronics For now though I focused on the metal closing parts which onestly did not offer lots of components But I decided to remove this black piece of plastic with wires attached to it As well as the volume up, volume down and power push buttons Now the push buttons themselves are truly tiny but through the attached bracket copper pads We can easily confirm that they are still usable But i highly doubt that I will ever find a suitable project for them The black piece of plastic however is according to its outer look, and the fact that it features small resistance between its copper pads Most certainly a coil Which is used to wirelessly charge the phone If you're not familiar with this technology then feel free to watch my videos about the subject To not only understand how it works But also to create your own wireless energy transfer system With it we can tune the frequency of the square wave voltage apply to transmitter coil To the frequency which is commonly used with such commercial wireless chargers Which is around 147KHz And thus use our salvage coil as a receiver to for example light up this LED So in a nutshell I think this salvage coil can easily be utilized in wireless power projects Next I disconnected the battery and once again used the plastic spatula to completely remove it As you can see it comes with nominal voltage of 3.85V and capacitance of 2700mAh Which equals to 10.4Wh of energy That means as an example we could power a 5V 100mA project for around 20h which is not half bad The only thing holding us back is this tiny connector So I simply removed the rapping of the battery in order to get rid of it And thus I will be able to use this battery easily in future projects Moving on.

I removed the front camera of the phone as well as all the connectors from the pcbs And then lifted them out one after the other At the end i used the plastic spatula to separate the phone screen from the remaining plastic enclosure Which partly destroyed the flexible pcb, but more about that later For now though I finished my teardown by removing the home button and weird component which looks like coin cell And finally the speaker The speaker unit as well as the home button come with other components on their flex pcbs And thus feature those tiny complicated connectors Which means they are not easy to use, and thus not worth salvaging for my next projects.

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The #1 Mistake People Make When Taking Photos With Their Mobile Phone Is This

Here’s a quick tip. One of the number one mistakes that people
make is this, what is this? This is pinching to zoom on your phone, no
matter what phone you have, whether it has optical zoom or it doesn’t, one of the worst
things that you can do is do digital zoom, you’re losing megapixels there, which means
you’re going to lose quality. How do you solve this? Simple. You move your feet, you move forward, you
move back, you get your composition right and that’s how you start doing this which
is digital zoom.

Move your feet. Subscribe now. Watch this, watch this video..

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Reballing of the IC in a Mobile Phone (Part-1) (English)

Hello and welcome to this next video on mobile
repairing. In some of the earlier videos, we tried understanding
the different chip components which are placed on a PCB. In this video, we will try and understand
how we can do the reballing of an IC onto a mobile PCB. In order to do that, first of all we need
to understand what is reballing. Reballing is a method by which we can place
an IC onto a mobile circuit board or a PCB. Many times the IC components may not function
properly. This could be because the soldering joints
that are underneath that, may probably not be proper.In those cases we will need to do
reballing. Now let's understand the two types of ICs
first of all before we start reballing.

This IC is called a lead IC and we've seen
this IC in some of the earlier videos. This is called a lead IC because there are
leads on both the sides or pins on both the sides, which are usually soldered on to the
PCB on both the sides. Sometimes, there are also ICs- lead ICs which
have pins on all the four sides. Sometimes they have it on two sides and sometimes
on one side. Depending on the IC, you need to use the soldering
iron to actually place the IC onto a mobile PCB. You can use a micro- soldering iron, if the
IC is really small. And these ICs can also be removed using the
hot air gun or SMD. These ICs are very easy to place on the board
because it just requires a micro-soldering iron to solder it on the sides and you can
use the hot air gun or SMD to remove it from the mobile PCB. However in order to do this, you will need
to practice a lot before you can do it very clearly.

The reason why we say this is done better
by practice is because the tips of these ICs are very minute as you can see in front of
the screen. These leads are very minute and therefore
you need to be very careful when you're soldering them onto the PCB. These leads should not touch each other, otherwise
it can result in a short circuit in the IC. So you need to ensure that you solder it appropriately
with highest level of focus on ensuring that each lead is uniquely soldered on to the PCB. And that's why you need a lot of practice
to place these kind of ICs. The other type of ICs are called the ball
ICs. Ball ICs as we have seen in one of the earlier
videos typically have small balls or circular tips which are placed at the bottom of the

So this is the front of the IC, if you turn
it around you will be able to clearly see the balls there. These ICs don't have any pins on the side
and as you can see now- the small minute balls are very clearly visible. These are the points which are actually touching
the PCB and thereby the entire communication that happens on the IC happened through these
small connecting tips. Now many times these connecting tips may disappear
due to continuous usage or may not have been placed properly. Sometimes, they can even break if the mobile
falls or is handled inappropriately. So, in order to replace these ICs, you need
to do a process called reballing through which you can replace these balls at the back.

To do the reballing, you will need a BGA kit-
it's called a Ball Grid Array Kit. So ball grid array is essentially because
of these small balls which are placed in a kind of a grid, in an array- that's why it's
called a ball grid array or a BGA kit and this BGA kit comes with a base plate, which
is what you see in front of you.

The base plate is where we place the ICs. There are specific shapes which are given
for each of these IC's depending on the size of the IC. So depending on which IC you need to reball,
you can pick up the right IC and place it at it's right mould and once you place it
in the right mould, the IC will fit in appropriately there and you can do the reballing process. For example let's try out one IC and see where
this places. Now if you see, each IC will have very specific
positions where you can place them. For example this IC can be placed only in
this position and this is exactly the position where it'll fit in tightly. Once you place the IC in the base plate, you
can then use the reballing process to recreate the ball grid array that you will see on or
that we saw on the backside of the ICs.

Now in order to create these ball grid arrays,
you will need specific outlines for each of these. These are all called BGA plates. BGA plates are nothing but a metal plate which
has holes in specific patterns. These holes or these patterned holes are similar
to what you would need to create at the back of the IC. So for the respective IC, you will need to
identify which pattern works well and works appropriately and then you need to use that
pattern to be able to create the reballs or create the BGA back on the ICs. Whenever you pick up a BGA kit from the market,
you normally get some standard plate- such as these. These standard plates will have the designs
for most of the common ICs which are placed in mobile phones. But as you keep practicing, if you get more
mobile phone for which you may not have designs- you can always buy those designs independently
in the market. So these are different types of plates with
very different designs, depending on which IC and what type of BGA or ball grid array
that you need to create at the back of the IC.

Apart from these tools, we will also need
a paste.This is a different kind of paste. This is not what we use for soldering or this
is not flux. This is called a reballing paste, which is
very different- looks very different and this is the paste that we will need to use while
we are doing reballing. We should not touch the other types of pastes
that we say in earlier videos such as the flux. They can create problems on the IC and in
the entire reballing process. So you need to ensure that you use the right
reballing paste and this is also available as part of the BGA Kit. So when you're buy a BGA kit, you will always
get a reballing paste along with a BGA kit as well.

There's another paste that we will be using,
which is called as the soldering paste. Soldering paste is what create those.. creates
those tips on the IC. So as you can see- this is a soldering paste
and these are the soldering tips..this is the paste that creates soldering tips on the
back of the IC. And you will learn how we use this soldering
paste in the next video.

So these are pastes that you will need to
use while you're working on reballing. You may need apart from that.. you may need
the thinner and a stone which can be used for cleaning the tip of the soldering iron. Apart from that the SMD is another tool that
we will be using to create those points on the mobile PCB. Apart from these, from a tools perspective-
there are two small tools that you can see. First one is a cutter. So when we're making an IC, or when we're
making the points on the IC- sometimes there could be overlap of the soldered points. You can use the small knife to ensure that
the soldering is kept intact and there is no connectivity between two or three different
points, when you're making them on the back of an IC. The other tool on the left hand side that
you see is essentially used to apply the paste onto the reballing plate or the IC. So whenever we have a mobile which has come
to us for repair, you will try and identify the fault with the components that we saw

Most of these components are easily removable,
replacable- such as the head piece, the speaker, the ringer , the mic or any of these aspects. Whenever we are.. those are.. whenever the
problem is not with any of those components you may need to go deeper to try and trace
the circuitry in the entire mobile device and when you're checking the circuitry- you
may come across smaller components where there could be problems. Sometimes, while you're tracing this you may
eventually find out that the problem is with a particular Ic and that IC is not functioning

You may need to do the reballing process. It could also be doubtful for you in that
process because sometimes the IC may not be touching properly. So, even in the case of doubt you can try
and use this whole process of reballing to remove the IC from the board. Once you remove the board.. the IC from the
board, you can check the backside of the IC to see whether the BGA or the ball grid are
in position. If the ball grids are not clear, if they have
ruptured off- you may want to use the reballing process to ensure that we do the reballing
of the IC. So behind the ICs you will use this entire
plate on top and create those ball grid arrays at the back of the ICs and replace them back
on the PCB.

So this is the process of reballing We've
tried to understand a little bit about the tools and equipment that are required for
reballing in the IC. Going forward in the next video we will try
and do the reballing of one of the ICs and help you understand how you can do reballing
at your own workshop. Thank you very much..

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DJI Mini 2 | How to Use QuickTransfer Mode

DJI Mini 2 can connect directly to mobile devices via Wi-Fi allowing users to download photos and videos to their mobile device Through DJI Fly without the need of a remote controller Users can enjoy faster and more convenient downloads with a transmission rate of up to 20 MB/s Power on the aircraft and wait until the self-diagnostic test of the aircraft is complete Press and hold the QuickTransfer button for two seconds to switch to QuickTransfer mode The front LED will slowly blink blue before pulsing blue once mode switching is successful Make sure Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled on your mobile device and a prompt will automatically appear to connect to the aircraft Tap Connect.

Once successfully connected Note that when connecting a mobile device to the aircraft for the first time you need to press the QuickTransfer button to confirm Make sure that the aircraft is connected to your mobile device via the remote controller and the motors have not started Enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the mobile device As you enter Playback in the DJI Fly app on your mobile device tap the QuickTransfer icon on the upper right corner to access the files on the aircraft and download at high speed.

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Android N Tip – How to enable split-screen multitasking

hey guys come here from 9:00 to 5:00 Google and Android n has been available in the form of a Developer Preview now for a few weeks and it's already into its second preview and part of this upcoming major software update is the baked in ability to have two apps side by side on the same screen this is otherwise known as split-screen multitasking here's how you use it now right now there are a couple of methods for activating the split screen a method one is what I call drag-and-drop within Android n when using any app or even on the home screen you can tap the app switcher icon that's the square one on the bottom right of the screen and most phones this launches the familiar card based multitasking window now we tap and hold one of these apps that you'd like to have on screen then drag it up to the top half of the screen or to the side and once you've done that the app will take up the top half of your display assuming you're holding it in portrait and not in landscape mode the bottom half will show the app switching screen then you tap on the second app you'd like to have on screen and then you have two apps running side by side on the same screen now the second method requires a little bit more in terms of digging into the software but once it's been activated it's actually a lot easier now first what you have to do is enable system UI tuner within the settings menu this means you need to swipe down from the top of your screen until the full notification shade and quick settings tiles are on display now you'll notice a settings cog in the top right hand corner you press and hold this icon for a few seconds until it starts spinning once you let go you'll see a pop-up alert on screen for a short while telling you system UI tuner has been added to your settings options one system UI tuner is active you go to settings system UI tuner then hit other and then tap the toggle to enable split screen swipe up gesture once this is active you can simply swipe up from the app switching button that's the square one again and it'll launch the split screen mode now once activated apps take up an equal portion of the screen as default with the split right in the middle you can adjust where the split goes just by touching and holding the middle split and moving it wherever you want up and down the screen what's more as hinted at previously this split-screen mode works in portrait or landscape so if it's active you rotate your phone so that it's horizontal and the split screen apps arrange themselves side by side instead of above and below each other when the split screen is activated you'll notice that the app switching single square icon that we've been talking about has turned into two parallel rectangles now if you want to while it's active you can actually hide the apps by pressing the home button what this allows you to do is it allows you to select the secondary app that you want to run in split screen mode just in case the one that you want didn't show up in the initial options now like with launching split screen mode there are a couple of methods for canceling it too first off you can press and hold the split screen app switching icon second you can just drag the app splitter until it's right at the top or the bottom of the screen filling your display with a single app now of course split screen mode has been designed predominantly for tablets but it means that you can drag and drop content or copy and paste text from one app into another without having to keep on switching between two different apps it certainly can make you more productive especially on a tablet now it's important to note that because this is beta software for now the methods and exact UI may change over time but we'll be sure to update the post linked in the description box if anything changes majorly to impact you by the time the software is available as a public release it's also worth noting that apps need to have split-screen compatibility so some apps will support it and some won't at least initially I've been camera mat cam Bunton on Twitter and I'll see you again soon you

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6 Android Tips and Tricks for Android Phones – 2 Minute Quick Tip

hey what's up guys if you've got two minutes then I've got six tips to help you customize your new droid so why wait let's get to it hey guys Enon here from you droid mania and first up we have icon management from the Play Store menu tap Settings and under general uncheck add icons to homescreen keeping your inbox clean no longer has to be a chore you can set up your email to use swipe for delete by clicking on the menu button settings then general settings under archive and delete actions make sure that show delete only is selected next choose swipe to delete in conversation list then when you're in your inbox you can now swipe unwanted emails to the left or right to delete them now we all love taking photos on our phone so make sure that you get your unlimited photo storage from the photo app click on the menu button and then choose settings next tap auto backup and then photo size choosing full size you're limited to 10 gigs however choosing standard size you get unlimited photo storage in the cloud now you can help protect your phone from lost or theft to do so tap on Google settings then Android device manager remotely locate this device is on by default so you only need to allow remote lock and erasing of your phone read over the details and then click activate it's that simple now we know in most cases you can't remove the carrier bloat from your phones but you can at least hide it now I'm running Nova Launcher here and for those of you that aren't familiar with launchers hit me up in the comments below if you'd like to see a video on that type of content so to hide the bloatware simply long press on the app you'd like to hide and drag it up to edit then uncheck the box where the app folder and click the check mark it's that simple again this doesn't delete the app but at least now you don't have to look at it for my final tip today don't forget to head over to the Play Store download and install your favorite apps if you guys are interested in what I have on my phone hit me up in the comments below or thumbs up this video so I know that you're interested in that type of content alright guys so there you have it have fun customizing your droid hit me up in the comments below and let me know if you'll be using any of these six tips if you've enjoyed this video don't forget to subscribe to my channel thumbs up and I'll see you in the next one thanks for watching

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DJI Pocket 2 | How to use MIMO APP with DJI Pocket 2

The DJI MIMO APP provides rich creative functions, allowing you to take full control over shooting details and unlock more possibilities for your experience with DJI Pocket 2. Connect DJI Pocket 2 to your smartphone with the smartphone adapter, and the DJI MIMO APP will launch automatically and display the camera view of the gimbal. You can slide up and down on the right side of the interface to choose shooting mode. tap the flip icon to switch the camera between facing forward and backward. tap the re center icon to re center the gamble. Tap the shutter button to start or stop taking photo or video Frame the subject and the gimbal will enable ActiveTrack to follow the subject. You can tap the Gimbal Settings icon and select Slow Follow or Fast Follow and choose between Tilt Locked,Follow and FPV mode.

Tap the Playback icon to preview photos and videos as soon as they are captured. Move the Virtual Joystick left and right to control the pan axis,and up and down to control the tilt axis. Tap the Back icon once to return to the main interface. Tap the Quality icon to set shooting parameters. Tap the Settings icon to adjust various parameters in the current shooting mode. You can also enable the PRO mode to perform more settings. .

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