Top 5 Best Smartphones Under ₹40000 Budget ⚡ May 2021

If your budget is 40K & you're looking for a future proof flagship killer smartphone then this video is for you. Today I'm going to tell you the best flagship killer smartphone under 40K Today I'm going to tell you the best flagship killer smartphone under 40K If you're watching our video for the first time then subscribe to our channel & turn on notifications for all the latest updates Let me tell you there is no perfect phone, you have to decide on the basis of your requirements eg : camera, performance, audio video etc. Based on your specific requirement you have to decide & buy. ( smartphone buying guide video i -card) We'll give the highest priority to performance in this video with some minimum benchmarks Criteria : Min SD 865 or higher, fast refresh rate display – AMOLED/LCD, fast charging with 4000 mAh battery, min 8 GB RAM + 128 GB storage, min 48 MP camera & 5G ready Phone at no. 5th position is Mi 10T Pro. Comes with 865 SoC, 5G, has really good IPS LCD screen with 144 Hz fast refresh rate, 8GB+128GB storage 5000 mAh battery with 33W fast charging & 108 MP multi cam support.

Looking at the price ie 37,999 it definitely deserves no 5th position in our list If your importance is gaming & camera then it might go to no. 2nd or 3rd position as well On 4th position is vivo's camera centric smartphone – vivo X60 5G. Has SD 870 SoC, 8GB+128GB. The vivo X series generally has very good selfie sensor I'll call this a camera centric phone. It has 120 Hz AMOLED screen, 4300 mAh battery with fast charging. If your highest priority is camera with flagship level specs then definitely you should look at vivo X60 5G Links of all the smartphones are given in the description.

Offers & discounts will make these smartphones even more cost effective The 3rd position goes to OnePlus 9R 5G that is only India specific. Comes with SD 870 SoC, 8GB+128GB, 6.55'' 120Hz AMOLED screen, 4500 mAh battery + 65W fast charging Battery & fast charging is a big highlight of this phone. If you're looking for a OnePlus smartphone around 40K then this is the one OxygenOS makes it a fluid experience with an overall good combination of hardware & software. Camera's are decent here. Overall around 40K pricing its at no 3 on our list Let's move on to the top 2 smartphones. It's a battle between iQOO & Xiaomi. 2nd position goes to Mi 11X Pro. Comes with 5G, SD 888 (currently best SoC in android world), 6.67'' FHD+ 120 Hz AMOLED screen Camera – 108MP primary camera.

So overall performance, camera, display & priced at 39,999. It's definitely at no 2nd position in our list We were discussing which smartphone would be at no. 1 but I think the iQOO 7 Legend Edition comes out on top. Reason being the improvements of FunTouchOS. The software experience you get is really very good. Camera setup you get : 48MP + 13MP + 13MP is a very functional & good camera. Comparing it to Mi 11X Pro camera Its focus is on big numbers ie 108 MP. But because of the practical camera on iQOO 7 Legend & experience of FunTOuchOS makes it really good It gets SD 888, 8GB+128GB, 4000 mAh battery + 66W fast charging gets an indisplay fingerprint that missing on Mi 11X Pro which has side mounted fingerprint sensor even when having an AMOLED screen on Mi 11X Pro.

So looking at these things then definitely in my book, Legend Edition is at NUMBER 1 for our BEST SMARTPHONE UNDER 40K Let us know in the comments below if your ranking varies with our ranking & also mention the reason why it differs with our ranking If you enjoyed this video then don't forget to like & share this video with your friends That's it from this video. Until then Keep Trackin & Stay Safe.

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4 Best Mobiles Under Rs 50,000 In India | July 2019 | Mobile Phones Reviews

How are you doing guys? Can I ask you a question? Are you guys well-off and you don't have to trade your kidney for a phone worth ₹50,000 If your answer is yes Then this video is just for you Because today I'm about to tell you about 4 flagship phones under ₹50,000 Only on "Under My Budget" Let's get to know about the first phone I'm gonna trap you into buying I'm kidding guys I'll just put forth my opinion, the decision is all yours BUDGET FLAGSHIP which implies to The best mobile experience available in a given budget Today's first option is "Asus 6z" If you wanna stand out in a crowd But, with a minimal investment Then brother The most affordable one when we talk about Budget Flagship and the toughest of the lot is here Unlike other flagship phones Here you get a 5000 mAh battery along with the headphone jack and no other flagship phone offers this under our budget and, yes In this phone, Gangadhar and Shaktimaan are the same (People who've watched Shaktimaan can relate) It's front & back cameras are compressed into one unit My second option is The Taimur Ali Khan of all other flagship phones There were talks about it even before it's launch in the market which is..

"One Plus 7 Pro" It's beyond amazing display and the strong liquid cool processor Is just like the combo of beauty with brains According to me, it's gaming performance is the best You'll have a great experience while playing PubG Besides being futuristic This phone comes with a pop-up camera Has something like this ever happened with you Don't you worry guys because this phone is water resistant You can pick it up Ideally, you should not pick it up But If you are on the lookout for a compact phone with a premium look which has a lot of color variations I've got for you "Samsung S10E" If you're still watching the video, it confirms the fact thta you are affluent You gotta purchase this phone because showing off is your birth right and the features of this phone are worth showing off Samsung's branding Fast wireless charging Supporting WiFi 6 and it's unmatchable display Rest, it's a flagship phone showing off is a must and it's camera is too good While making a TikTok, if your video shows more potential than your dance moves Then it's super steady 4K Video Mode will definitely change your luck But If you don't care about the camera and are only interested in playing games Then my next phone is just for you "Black Shark 2" However, when did Black Shark 1 release? Do comment and tell me With it's flagship features and specification This phone's rugged and rebelious look will turn on the gamer in you If you're one of those who've ruined the scores on their school marksheets because of games God has specially made this phone for you Switching on the dedicated mode will take you in a zone where no one can come between you and PubG Mom! (except your mother) But I fail to understand one thing Why do all phone companies have a problem with the Headphone Jack? Your phone is meant for gaming You should have given a second thought before removing the Jack Anyways These were my top choices under ₹50,000 But Even if I manage to find a bag filled with ₹50,000 I will go for "One Plus 7 Pro" Because I am only concerned about gaming and in this phone PubG works as smooth as butter In addition, you'll get to show off your One Plus 7 Pro You can choose your best fit according to your budget If you know of any other phone under this budget Then do let me know in the comments and all those of you who wanna buy a phone Do LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE and press the BELL ICON as well

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