OnePlus Nord 2 5G Unboxing And First Impressions ⚡ Dimensity 1200, 90Hz AMOLED, 50MP Camera & More

The much awaited OnePlus Nord 2 is here. After a long time OnePlus seems to be back with a Flagship Killer. OnePlus made its name as Flagship Killer & this time we have the OnePlus Nord 2(successor of the OnePlus Nord).
When it comes to performance, battery & a lot other things, it’s a huge leap.
This is the 1st phone to come with OPPO-OnePlus integrated code based OS. There are many new things in the OnePlus Nord 2 & we’re going to unbox it & give its first impressions. We’ll tell you all about it & I’m really hoping it comes close to the Flagship territory. It comes with a black box with NORD written on it. Box Contents – Upfront you get the phone & there’s Nord’s signature blue colour. There’s documentation with stickers, red cable membership card, quick start guide & safety information. There’s a sim card tool, a Type C cable in signature red & a 65W Warp Charge fast charger.
There’s a good quality case which we’ll put on OnePlus Nord 2
Looks – Should I call it OnePlus Nord 2 or OnePlus 9 Lite because it’s very similar to OnePlus 9.
It looks familiar with 2 big sensors on the OnePlus Nord 2.

This is Haze Blue color, you get Grey Sierra & Green Wood color options too.
In Hand Feel – It feels slightly hefty & is a little on the heavy side, but it’s built very well.
It feels premium, fits well in the hand & it also looks close to a flagship phone.
Build Quality – The case is good & bulky but it looks nice with the case [Drop Test] The case is good so it wouldn’t matter even if I drop it harder.
It comes with a preinstalled scratch guard , so I’ll take it out.
The in hand feel is not the best nor the worst, but feels good & it’ll feel big with small hands.

Let’s weigh, I think it’ll be close to 200g. It is 189g! Maybe, I thought it’s heavier because of the heft.
And the weight distribution is ok, it’s not bad at all.
There’s glass both on the front & back. We aren’t sure of the Gorilla Glass version & the frame is plastic. Ports & Buttons – Below, there’s a speaker grill, a USB Type C port, a microphone & sim card tray.
On the left, you get volume rocker(up & down).

And the buttons are solid & clicky. There’s a noise cancelling mic on top. On the right, there’s the alert slider with the power button below. The sim card tray has a dual nano sim card slot & there’s no expandable storage. Let’s start the phone & while you’re enjoying our unboxing, do hit LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE! Display – It’s a typical OnePlus display with 6.43” Super AMOLED with 90Hz fast refresh rate & HDR10 support. There’s no exact screen-to-body ratio but the top & side bezels are thin & the chin is smaller than average. Specifications – It has MediaTek Dimensity 1200 5G SoC which is based on 6Nm fabricated technology. There are 3 variants : 6GB+128GB, 8GB+128GB & we have 12GB+256GB top variant.
Good thing, it has UFS 3.1 storage type making good read-write speeds & has LPDDR4X RAM type. Performance – It’s the successor of the OnePlus Nord which had Qualcomm SD 765G SoC. And if I compare it with Dimensity 1200’s AnTuTu Score, the performance has nearly doubled! The AnTuTu Score on this 12+256GB variant is around 6.87L which is a big jump.
The AnTuTu Score on SD 765G was around 4L.

And Dimensity 1200 clearly has a big jump.
Battery – It has a 4500mAh battery with 65W Warp charging & battery capacity is big compared to 4115mAh on OnePlus Nord.
The 4500mAh battery will charge 0-100% in 30 minutes. Overall, a great upgrade in battery & performance.
OS UI – It’s my favourite clean OxygenOS & having 90Hz fast refresh makes overall scrolling & animations smoother.
But due to the integrated code base, the camera UI is from ColorOS.
Being a daily OnePlus user, it looks a little out of place. There are 2-3 things added from ColorOS. In the battery section, you’ll get a high performance mode. Looks like ColorOS is creeping into OxygenUI. The thing missing from ColorOS is the level of customization of AOD, which would’ve a welcome feature. So I’d say it's a mixed bag of OxygenOS. For regular usage there wouldn’t be a problem.

Especially, you’ll have fun using it with Dimensity 1200 & UFS 3.1. You can play games with high-very high & HDR settings. We played for a long time & it was fun & smooth. Camera – The OnePlus Nord had a quad camera setup (48MP+8MP+5MP+2MP). This one has a 50MP+8MP+2MP(triple camera). The 50MP sensor is an IMX766 Sony sensor. On the front, there’s a 32MP selfie sensor.

And looking at the photos, the IMX766 sensor works well.
But when you move to Ultrawide, it lacks sharpness & results in softer images.
Even the selfies’ the colors & dynamic range is good. Let us know what you think in the comments. The 50MP sensor works very well. Surprisingly, the video quality options are downgraded compared to the Nord. With rear camera, you’d be able to take [email protected] which was possible with the OnePlus Nord
but with the 32MP front camera in Nord, you were able to shoot [email protected] videos.

In the Nord 2 there isn’t any support for 4K, but maybe with updates it’ll be available. Sensors – All sensors are available, in-display fingerprint sensor & face unlock both work fast & are reliable.
Connectivity – It’s excellent as you get 5G with 11 band support which is a benefit of Dimensity processors. You get more band support(11 bands) with dual 4G VoLTE, WiFi Calling, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 & NFC support.
We tried testing carrier aggregation but there’s some issue with Dimensity 1200, so I’m not sure if it’s there.
Multimedia – It's bright AMOLED screen is great & the viewing angles are also good. You get stereo speakers, one below & another in the ear piece above, which are good & loud. You’ll get a flagship multimedia experience on the Nord 2. And there is no 3.5mm jack.
Features – You get Camera2api support, so you can use GCam, there’s Widevine L1 for HD streaming..

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OnePlus Nord 2 5G Detailed FAQ ⚡ 5G Bands, 50MP Camera, 6GB Sale, OxygenOS 11.3 & More

The OnePlus Nord 2 has launched & you guys have given an amazing response to our unboxing video! You guys asked many questions about the phone & so I have planned a quick video on it. There are certain things missing in our first impressions video which we’ll cover. So we’ll answer all of that today! We bring new tech videos for you every day. If you enjoy the video then hit LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! (1) OnePlus Nord 2 Full Review? It’s coming soon, a phone needs to be used for a couple of weeks for review.

So we’ll bring it up after around 10 days from now! (2) OnePlus Nord 2 Dual 5G Sim Support? Dimensity 1200 supports dual 5G sim card just like the realme X7 Max that has DSDS support meaning it can support Dual 5G Sims. But there’s no mention for the Nord 2. Dimensity 1200 SoC supports it but OnePlus didn’t specifically mention it. I can’t really say now, but we’ll test it now so wait for our full review! (3) OnePlus Nord 2 Dialer? It has the default Google Dialer, as nowadays all phones have it, which shouldn’t happen. Google shouldn’t force anyone to use it, but we can’t help it. (4) OnePlus Nord 2 Front Camera? Yes, Amazon made an error mentioning a 16MP camera but it’s a 32MP sensor.

We have tested it & it’s a 32MP sensor on the Nord 2! (5) OnePlus Nord 2 Hasselblad Integration? No, it doesn’t have any relation with Hasselblad integration, The sensors are tuned by OnePlus & not by Hasselblad. (6) OnePlus Nord 2 Heating Issue? We have played games continuously for 2-3 days & it does get warm. It doesn’t get hot. If the temperature goes above 42-43 degrees only then we’d call it heating. It gets warm after long sessions of gameplay on extreme settings but, for normal usage with cameras, or 30-45 minutes of gaming on medium settings, it’ll get slightly warm, which is ok. But on extreme settings for a long time, it will get a little hot.

(7) OnePlus Nord 2 Camera Features? They have given both features, instead of AI Highlight it’s AI Enhanced Video Mode. And there’s Bokeh Flare Video Mode too like in ColorOS. Both features are available and we’ve tested them. (8) OnePlus Nord 2 screen visibility? It’s good, it’s bright, and you won’t have any problems with outdoor use. If it’s harsh afternoon sunlight, then it might be a problem. But it’s great, 99% of the time it’ll work well enough. (9) OnePlus Nord 2 6GB Variant? It’s coming soon in August so you won't be able to buy it now. I really don’t know how much of stock will be available then, but I hope it’ll be enough with a request to OnePlus, That many people are eagerly waiting for the 6GB variant so do keep it in stock.

(10) OnePlus Nord 2 Green Wood Variant? I haven’t had my hands on it, but it looks good! If you don’t want the glass back & want a leather finish, then you can wait for another month when it launches. (11) OnePlus Nord 2 Wireless Charging? There’s no wireless charging on it. (12) OnePlus Nord 2 Fnatic Mode? There’s no Fnatic Mode, but there’s a Pro Gaming Mode for no disturbance during gaming like disabling notifications. It has all Fnatic Mode features. (13) OnePlus Nord 2 IP Rating? It’s not waterproof & there’s no IP rating/certification. (14) OnePlus Nord 2 DC Dimming? No, there’s no DC dimming. It’s only available in their flagship series. (15) OnePlus Nord 2 Has Plastic or Metal Frame? It’s a plastic frame with a glass-plastic sandwiched design. (16) OnePlus Nord 2 5G Bands? This is interesting! We get a reviewers’ guide for the unboxings & impressions, where, 7 standalone & 4 non standalone bands(7SA & 4NSA) support was mentioned. And that’s why I said it’s a total 11 band support in the video, but now on the website there are 2 less mentioned.

It supports 6 standalone & 3 non standalone bands(6SA & 3NSA). So we’ll explain it all in the full review. We’ll talk to OnePlus officials & find out the exact situation, but for now this is the case. So these were the main questions, as we had missed them. Now that they’re on sale, I thought you all should know it & that’s why we’ve made this FAQ video, So hit LIKE & SUBSCRIBE if you’ve enjoyed & got your answers.

That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!.

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Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches ⚡ December 2021

Which smartphones are launching in December? It’s the 1st time where I tell you about the upcoming smartphones next month.
Generally, 90% of the time it’s true but last month I mentioned many phones & 50-60% of them didn’t launch! And I’m really very sorry for it! But the situation is so due to chip shortage! And with that many smartphones that were going to launch but they didn’t. But it’s possible that the launches might get postponed but there are 7-8 phones that I’m 90% sure of their launch in December.

1) Asus 8Z – I called the Asus representatives before & they said that we’re ready to launch but there aren’t many phone stocks. And due to many of the supply chain issues they cannot launch the phone. I know I’ve been talking about it but they don’t know the dates. It’s going to launch, but we don’t know when. And like many people are asking about it, it’ll launch but don’t know when. But let’s talk about the phones that are going to launch for sure!
Redmi Note 11T – It’s launching on 30th November! And it might go on sale in December. It’s based on MediaTek Dimensity 810 SoC & you already know that it’s Redmi Note 11(China). So that is confirmed! If you want to watch its unboxing, then we’ve made a video on Redmi Note 11(China).
And the other 2(Note 11 Pro & Pro+), they’re launching in India by other names.
Xiaomi 11i & Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge. Hypercharge due to its 120W fast charging in China. But when it’ll come in India, we’re not sure if it’ll be 100W because there’s no phone launched with that fast charging.
And you need to certify it with a process, so I’m not sure whether it’ll come to India with that charge.

But there’s 1 thing for sure, that they’ll launch in December end or January 1st week, the Xiaomi 11i & Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge. 3) Moto G200 5G – I’m very excited about this phone. It’ll be the cheapest SD888+ SoC phone! It’s going to be under Rs 40K & has already launched outside & will launch on 30th November in India or might get delayed. But most probably on the last day of November or the first week of December, it might launch. And it’s the cheapest SD888+ phone so let’s wait for it & it’ll obviously be 5G with flagship specifications.

Friends, this phone was going to launch under the name of the OnePlus 9RT but now the IMEI database says it's the OnePlus RT. And it might launch by mid to end December in India & it looks good with SD888 SoC & a 50MP camera.
Let’s see at what price it’ll launch but yes it’s launching before the end of December!
4) Redmi K50 Series – There’s a big launch in China in December & I don’t know by what name it’ll launch in India.
There are already hints & teasers of the K50 on the Weibo website. So definitely by mid to end December, it’ll launch.
And it’s said to come with great specifications! And this time the K50 Series will have a gaming edition on Dimensity 9000 SoC.
Dimensity 9000 SoC’s Geekbench scores are out & they’re crazy! Let it launch & we’ll see.
There’s 1 phone that I mentioned in the October/November’s video, that the iQOO 8 Legend is coming. And it might launch in December but I’m not sure it might even get cancelled.

Let’s hope it launches by December. It has a 2K screen with 120Hz fast refresh rate & flagship specifications but I don’t know about its launch. This is probably the 1st time I’m so unsure as the last video had many phones covered but the chip shortage has broken my confidence! And iQOO 8 Legend might be a victim of the chip problem. Let’s wait & watch!
realme – It’s surprising to see realme being so cold in launches as they used to launch 1 smartphone every month! But in December, it’ll change! Realme Narzo 50A Prime & realme Narzo C35’s rumors/teasers are out
& they’re already listed on the websites. So it’s pretty sure & I’m 99% sure that 1 or both phones might launch in December. So finally realme will make a comeback after 2-3 months! And these are budget series phones(Rs 10-15K). So not just flagship, but we’ll see some budget phones in December as well.

I’ll talk about China launches, OPPO & vivo Foldable phones are going to launch! Yes, finally! We guessed in our Smartphone 2021 Trends video about this & there weren’t many launches,
but finally OPPO & vivo are going to launch their foldable phones. Not in India, but in China for sure. Looking forward to that! December has another big event where we might see 1- or 2 good phones. I’m talking about the Qualcomm Tech Summit, where they’re launching their Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC & in that event Xiaomi 12 Ultra might launch based on that SoC. And along with that, the Xiaomi 12X might launch with Dimensity 9000. So during the Tech Summit we’ll know when & where these phones are launching.
We tried finding phone launches from Samsung, Infinix, Tecno etc but nothing as of yet! And it seems like they might not be launching any phones. So these were the phones that might launch in December & I’m not sure as the time after the festive season is a bit slow.

And the chip shortage is making it even slow! Especially this November as we haven’t unboxed any phones! Just 1 or 2. I’m missing it already! If you enjoyed the video, then do hit LIKE!
That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!.

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Infinix Note 11s Unboxing & First Impressions⚡Budget Gaming Smartphone!? 120Hz, Helio G96 @12,999

Infinix Note 11 series includes the Infinix Note 11s. And you can watch our Infinix Note 11 video that was unboxed yesterday. Today, we’re going to unbox the Infinix Note 11s & it’s very different from the Infinix Note 11. It’s a big screen phone & we’ll talk about it later. Let’s check the box contents. There’s a 33W fast charger, a USB type C cable, you also get the Free Fire scratch card as it’s focused towards gamers.

And if you play Free Fire, then you can use it as there are some assured gifts on it. You get some documentation & a good quality clear case! Oh there’s also a scratch guard & a sim card tool. Let’s keep everything aside & look at the phone. Helio G96! A 120Hz fast refresh rate, so there’s no AMOLED screen but there’s a fast refresh rate on the big screen. So 120Hz fast refresh rate, 33W fast charging & a 50MP camera. Wow, that’s a big display. This too has a frosty design that’s anti fingerprint. The Note 11 was flat from the sides, while this is curved. The design looks good & in fact the Note 11 & 11s are quite good in terms of design.
Let’s put on the case & do a drop test.

The case fits very well!
[Drop Test] Absolutely nothing! The phone & case’s build quality is good but it’s a big phone. In Hand Feel – If you have big hands, then it’ll be ok as it’s a tall phone & it’ll feel big for small/average hands. Weight – It’s going to cross 200g, so it must be around 205-210g. Let’s test.
It’s 208.4g like I guessed & it’s slightly on the heavier side. Ports & Buttons – Below, there’s a speaker grill, a USB type C, a mic & a 3.5mm jack. On the left, there’s a sim card tray & there’s no noise cancelling mic. Remember, it’s priced at Rs 12,999 & the noise cancelling mics are generally present on such phones.

On the right, you get a volume rocker & a fingerprint sensor below that also acts as a power on/off button. It’s time to start the phone & if you’re enjoying the unboxing then do hit LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!
As usual I forgot to show the sim card tray. *whooooppss* I thought it’s a hybrid sim slot but you can use 2 sim cards on 1 side & an SD card on the other, so it’s a dedicated sim tray. Ok, it doesn’t have a water drop notch, there's a punch hole with a big display! It’s a 6.95” FHD+ display with 120Hz fast refresh rate & it gets quite bright & the IPS screen shows good colours. It has a 91% screen-to-body ratio & it comes with NEG Dinorex glass which is equivalent to Gorilla Glass 3. To tell you, the base variant is 6GB+64GB with another variant & there’s a Free Fire variant which has a different design. Performance – This phone would appeal to gamers & the Helio G96 SoC is a 4G SoC that scores more than 3.20L on AnTuTu.

We tried playing BGMI on this big screen & you can easily play it on Mid-High settings with a smooth frame rate. PUBG New State can be played on Ultra-High settings & it’s fun to play on the big screen.
An AMOLED screen would’ve been great but the 120Hz IPS LCD is smooth. There’s another reason for good performance, you don’t get UFS 2.2 at this price range so read & write speeds are great! So the performance in this Rs 13K phone has exceeded my expectations. The haptic feedback during gaming was also noticed to be good which isn’t available at this price range. OS UI – I already talked about it in the Infinix Note 11 video, it’s based on XOS 10 which is much cleaner compared to XOS 7.6. But it has some bloatware & you won’t be able to uninstall some apps. And like I mentioned the updates should be regular.

The security update on this phone is from October that’s based on Android 11. Battery – It has a 5000mAh battery with 33W fast charging & it’ll last you through the day with ease. Multimedia – You’ll obviously have fun on an AMOLED panel but this also has a good & big 6.95” screen. There were 7” tablets before & now you get smartphones which are manageable & that’s ok. You also get stereo speakers, so the big screen & stereo speakers are a big plus! But you don’t get the L1 certification to watch Netflix/Hotstar just like the Infinix Note 11. Despite being FHD+ it has L3 but overall for YouTube/other videos, you’ll ave fun! Sensors – You get all sensors on this phone, with a side mounted fingerprint sensor as well as face unlock that work well. Connectivity – You get dual 4G VoLTE, WiFi calling support, dual band WiFi & Bluetooth 5.1 Features – It supports Widevine L3, has FM Radio, no notification light & the SAR value is within limits.
Camera – It’s exactly similar to Note 11, there’s a 16MP punch hole selfie sensor that clicks good photos.

I’m showing some samples on the screen so you can see. On the rear, it looks like a quad camera setup but one’s fake & there’s a 50MP primary sensor that clicks good photos under normal conditions.
The colours look good & the clarity, sharpness & quality is good too but it’s Rs 1K more than the Note 11, and if it had an 8MP/5MP ultrawide sensor that would be great, but that’s what it is. Variants – The base variant is 6GB+64GB so that’s good for gaming & there’s an 8GB+128GB variant for Rs 15K. So under Rs 15K, you’re getting an 8GB RAM smartphone so the Infinix Note 11 & 11s’ pricing is great! So if you’re looking for a multimedia/gaming phone with an under Rs 15K budget, then look at theInfinix Note 11s! That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!

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Top 5 Best Mobile Phones Under ₹15000 Budget ⚡ July 2021

Alright! This is our most popular video in this series – smartphones under 15K Rs. Which are the best phones under 15K Rs? The last time we made this video in March/April, it was very difficult for us to rank the phones, so I did not rank them. This time too it's the same, but we did our best
To rank which phones would come in the top 5, in the under 15K Rs category.
And remember this, we uploaded the previous video about 2-2.5 months ago & from that video, 4 phones out of 5 have been now changed to 4 new ones.
So imagine that many new phones are being launched & we had planned to make this video in July but we had to prepone the plan, to keep you updated.
And so do like the video & share it with your friends in order to benefit them as well! Like I said the ranking is marginal & the phones ranking from the top 5th, 4th & the 3rd are very similar to each other.

And I'll give you all the details & advantages of them, for you to decide why you should buy these phones & for what reason. Always remember & keep in mind what exactly your requirements are while buying a new phone. Like, focusing on the battery of the phone or the performance of the device. If that's what your requirement is keeping these things in mind, I’m going to tell you.
At 5h Place its POCO M3 Pro 5G – It has 5G, comes with Dimensity 700 processor & it’s advantage is that it is cheaper by 1000 Rs. Rest all other phones are ranging between 14.5K-15K Rs. And if your budget is around 13.5K-14K with 5G as a preference, then you can look at it. It has a 6.5” FHD+ IPS LCD display with 90Hz fast refresh rate, a 5000mAh battery with 18W fast charging & it's priced at Rs 13,999. So like I said, if features like the price, 5G & Dimensity 700 are important for you, then you can look at it.

All the phones that I’m going to talk about, their product links have been provided in the description below. So do check them out. Minimum Criteria for the “Under” series video – 6.4’’ FHD+ screen, 4000+mAh battery, minimum 48MP camera, triple/quad camera setup & performance. At 4th place its realme 8 5G & realme Narzo 30 5G – Both these phones vary only in terms of variants, there’s a 6/128GB for realme Narzo 30 5G which is priced at 16K Rs And with realme 8 5G, you get 4/128GB for that same price.

So by putting in 1000 Rs you get 2GB of more RAM, or if your budget is under 15K Rs then you can look at realme 8 5G with 4GB RAM. Other features include 5G in both devices because of Dimensity 700 which is a capable processor. Even though it is a budget Dimensity processor, it is good for day to day usage & will not give you any problems.
Both have 5000mAh of battery with 18W fast charging. And again, I do not consider the 18W as fast charging. And both get a 48MP camera setup at the back. So they both are at the number 4 position in our list. And by the way all the phones I’m mentioning in this video have been unboxed in detail with their links given in the “i” card. In fact, we have also reviewed the realme 8 5G, so do go & check it out.

At 3rd place is Redmi Note 10S – It was launched a little late & thankfully it’s price has not increased as per Redmi’s Rs 500 price hike trend.
It has a 6.4” FHD+ sAMOLED screen with 60Hz refresh rate, yes you do not get fast refresh rate but the colours on the AMOLED screen look good. If you are not much into gaming, then this will be a good bet, because it has a Helio G95 SoC, a 5000mAh battery with 33W fast charging, so charging will be fast.
It has 6GB RAM & 64GB storage for the Rs 14,999 which is the base variant, & a 64MP quad camera setup. And I’m especially going to talk about the 5MP camera macro sensor, if you like photography, if 5G is not that important for you, nor much of gaming,
but if you want an AMOLED screen, then definitely you can take a look at this device.

Alright now I cannot decide which phone comes in the 1st or 2nd position, I’m just going to tell you all about both devices. Moto G40 Fusion – If you’re looking for a phone with a big screen & big battery, then this is for you as it has a 6000mAh battery, and comes with a SD732G SoC. And it is the cheapest SD732G smartphone, the Moto G40 Fusion.

Along with that you have a 6.7” FHD+ IPS LCD display with 120Hz fast refresh rate. So it has a huge battery, big display & a decent processor. The only thing I think which people would not like is the size, it looks huge in the hand, that’s all. realme 8 – This isn’t 5G, it is a normal realme 8 4G, it has a Helio G95 processor & the in-hand feel of this phone is really good. So if you ask me, I’d choose the realme 8 mostly because of the comfort factor but others might like Moto G40 Fusion because it has other benefits too.
The display on the realme 8 is a 6.4” sAMOLED with 60Hz refresh rate & it has an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Among all the phones mentioned in this list, this is the only one with an in-display fingerprint sensor. It has a 5000mAh battery with 30W fast charging, Has a 64MP quad camera setup. And looking at its entire overall package it surely comes in the top 2 positions. Now you have to decide which comes 1st & which lies on the 2nd position. In fact, you guys let me know in the comments section below. And like I’ve said before, if you are interested in buying any of the mentioned phones, their product link is provided in the description below, do check it out! Oh & I forgot to mention, if you liked the video & if you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet, then make sure to do so. That’s all for this video, until the next one, KeepTrakin & Stay Safe!

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OPPO Reno 6 5G Unboxing & First Impressions ⚡ MediaTek Dimensity 900, Flare Portrait Video & More

[ Intro ] Today’s unboxing video is very interesting & you’ll know, after watching the video. This is OPPO Reno6 5G. We have already unboxed the OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G. But this one, compared to the Pro version, seems more value for money. I’ll tell you more about it. If you’re enjoying our unboxing, then do hit LIKE! Box Contents – You get documentation & a case with a sim card tool. There’s something interesting about the case so let's see if you can guess it the comments.

You get a 65W fast charger, USB Type C wired earphones & a USB Type C cable. Let’s keep this all aside & we’ll look at the phone now. There’s Reno Glow design just like the Pro, but interestingly the sides are metallic & flat. The Pro was completely curved but this is completely flat & hence it’s called Retro Design. It reminds me of another phone when I hold it. (Guess the name in the comments) It looks premium & in-hand feel is also good. It’s not big & it’s perfect for average hands. It’s very light & must be around 180g as it’s metal. I was completely wrong about the Pro. And this weighs 185g. Let’s put on its case.

And I asked about the case as I wanted you to see its flat sides. The case fits well & is of good quality so it shouldn’t be a problem. [Drop Test] Oh! It fell sideways. Many people ask me what happens if it breaks? If it does, then there’s no point in unboxing. Ports & Buttons – Below, there’s a speaker grill, a Type C port, a microphone & a sim card tray. On the left, there are volume buttons(up & down) with antenna lines as it’s a metal frame.

Above, there’s a noise cancelling microphone. On the right, there’s a power(on/off) button, with a green tinge just like the Pro. I’m impressed with it’s looks, now let’s look at its software & other specifications. Have you “like”d the video yet? Display – It’s lovely & a flat 6.43” AMOLED display with 90Hz fast refresh rate & Gorilla Glass 5 protection. There’s Gorilla Glass on front & AG Glass on the back, so it’s a metal-glass sandwiched design. It also has HDR 10+ support with a 91.7% screen-to-body ratio. It has small & thin bezels on the top & sides, and the chin is smaller than average.

With 90Hz fast refresh rate, it has a 180Hz touch sampling rate too & a peak brightness of 800 nits. Specifications – It’s the first phone in India with a MediaTek Dimensity 900 5G processor. It’s based on the 6Nm architecture which is quite battery efficient. It has only 1 variant with 8GB RAM(LPDDR4X) & 128GB storage(UFS 2.1). It has a 4300mAh battery which is slightly less compared to Pro. It has a 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 charger. OPPO claims that it can charge up from 0-100% in just 28 minutes. So 4300mAh is slightly low & 4500mAh would’ve been better, but the fast charging makes it up.

Performance – On paper, the AnTuTu scores are above 4.2L, which is quite good. If you look at 1-2 year old Qualcomm 8-series chipsets, they had similar scores of around 4.5L. And being a new phone, it can be optimized further with software updates. You can play games with medium-high settings & probably with HDR soon. With the 90Hz refresh rate & 180Hz touch sampling rate, we found the gameplay very smooth. Even for daily usage it’s good with fast refresh rate & super optimized ColorOS 11.3, which I like. So the combination of hardware & software is very good, you’ll enjoy it for daily use.

With ColorOS 11.3, you get features like customizable AOD, free form screenshot with granular control etc. Camera – The Bokeh Flair Video is available, like the Pro, there’s AI Highlight Video mode, and other features are also present. It has a triple camera setup(64MP+8MP+2MP) unlike the Pro(quad camera setup). On the front, you get a 32MP punch-hole selfie camera sensor. [Sample Snapshots] We haven’t tested them much, but do let us know about its photo quality in the comments. Sensors – You get all sensors. It has an in-display fingerprint scanner with face unlock that works well.

Connectivity – It’s a 5G chipset. In the Pro, you have 11 band support & we are trying to find out about this one. In the Chinese variant there are 7 bands supported, so it must be similar(7/11 bands). It has WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, Dual 4G VoLTE, WiFi Calling & NFC connectivity. Other Features – It has Camera2API support & Widevine L1 support for HD streaming. There’s no notification light/FM Radio & the SAR values are within limits. And no 3.5mm jack as well. Multimedia – It has a big, beautiful & immersive AMOLED screen with good viewing angles. It has good quality mono speakers & the overall multimedia experience will be good. There’s an extra feature, it has virtual RAM which can be expanded up to 5GB. But it isn’t actual RAM. I said it’s interesting at the start, because the Pro is priced at Rs 39,999 & this is priced at Rs 29,999. And there are certain things that aren't available on the Pro, but on this one.

Like, the flat metal frame. And in terms of OS/UI & all other features it’s equivalent to the Pro. Overall, at this price OPPO Reno6 5G is better value for money than OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G. Do let us know what you think along with questions about this phone in the comments. Do SUBSCRIBE now, if you haven’t yet! That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!.

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How Camera Tuning & 5G Testing Happens in Real Life?⚡OPPO R&D Center Tour

Friends, we make many unboxings, reviews & comparisons where we say that this particular smartphone is good at “post processing”. But what’s this “post processing” in software? Today, we’ve come to OPPO's Research & Development Centre to find out what happens!? There’s hardware & the software, whose tuning is done here. So let’s first go to the camera lab! Where there are many post processing steps & let’s find out what they are! Camera Lab – This setup looks interesting! And these look like props. Sir, can you tell me what’s going on here? Here, we simulate different light environments like the real life environment.

So if the normal user is capturing a photo at a restaurant/sunlight/beach location, we try to vary & capture those light conditions. And we tune it accordingly. -How many different lighting conditions do you test here? So the 1 D65 is fir artificial sunlight & apart from that, we have 7 more lighting conditions for us to check.
And what do you do after clicking the pictures in different lighting conditions? After that we analyse the picture for more colour, etc.

So you check the colour accuracy? -Yes, if we have to intensify or lower a colour etc has to be checked. Ok. So friends, colour accuracy is tested here. What’s here!? OMG! So many faces? What are you doing here, sir? So here we have large data of human faces, we have about a million images. A million!? And these are just faces? Yeah, every face is being tried to include in this. We’ve picked different photos on the basis of geographical location, gender, light environment etc. So if you see, we analyse 255 facial parameters. So there are 255 coordinates which we’re analysing that includes eyes, nose, mouth etc.
We watch every 255 faces & we tune it accordingly to get the effect for each face. So to make it effective, we analyse what beauty effect will make the face look better & hence we then tune it.
And our solution is not just for the females but even male users who take selfies, & as beards are very much in fashion, so even if the beard is spread out, the selfies will show a very smooth beard.

No problem! Meaning, even if you have less facial hair, there’s nothing to worry about. So is this feature coming in the next OPPO phone? Yes! -Alright, that’s great! So they watch millions of photos & on that basis/parameters, the final tuning takes place eg) beard like he said. Ok, I see faces here as well. -Hello! What’s going on here?
Actually here we do subjective analysis. -What’s subjective analysis? Some things are carried out in the lab using tools. -So is it like a dataset with tools? These are based on the users’ experience. We’ve finalised different locations in & around Hyderabad. Whenever there’s a new project, we go to these different locations like shopping malls/clubs etc. Why do you do that? -Because, users go to such places where they prefer clicking good photos.
Ok, so you click photos in real locations where people might click photos & these are such images, right? Like these photos are from our office(indoors), here we just have to compare them.

So are these photos clicked using the same phone? No, 1 phone is our test phone & the other 3 are our internal phones which have already been released in the market by OPPO. So this phone is yet to be released? -Yes. So now we have to make sure the current phone’s quality is better than the ones that are already present. -Ok. We’ll compare them & we’ll see the backgrounds, the fronts, colour scheming etc. So who’ll tell this? -We will tell. -So you’ll say it? But won’t that be biased? If you like 1 image while someone likes another, how do you manage that?
We have a dedicated team for that just like the product team. Like I will put my analysis & they’ll work on it & then the camera team will fix the problems. And with their inputs, we’ll sit together & finalise the photo settings.
So it’s a team & not just you who’ll decide the result, ok ok..

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realme GT 5G Unboxing & First Impressions ⚡ Snapdragon 888, 120Hz, GT Mode & More

Introduction The performance flagship is here! The realme GT, it’s the uppermost flagship variant in the series. realme has already said, there’ll be 2 different flagship phones, a camera & a performance flagship. This one here is the performance flagship – realme GT! Let’s open it without wasting any more time. If you’re enjoying our unboxing then do hit LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! Unboxing – “A great story since the first leap”. Let’s see how big & good it is. There’s a sim card tool & it’s not opening, let’s open it from here. There’s a phone case & some documentation. The case quality is ok, there’s a USB Type C cable & this is the phone! Oh! Ok. And what else? There’s a 65W SuperDart charger, look at the big brick. Alright, let’s keep everything aside & look at the phone. In Hand Feel – It’s the one thing that stands out in realme phones! And this one is no different.

It’s a beautiful in hand feel. It’s nice as it’s a vegan leather edition! Ohohoho! It’s very different & unique, look at that lovely vegan leather. It looks good in the hand, generally flagship phones come with bigger screens. This is not the biggest, but has a compact screen. And if you want a different looking phone, then checkout the leather edition phone! There are 2 more colours available – Silver & Blue.

Even if it’s a flagship phone, we’ll put on the case & do a drop test! It looks very nice! It’s a grey tinted case & not a clear one, but looks good! [Drop test] No, absolutely nothing. The case fits snugly well! [Drop test] Nothing, no problems at all. If I talk about it’s weight, it might be around 180-185g, not more than that. I’ll be surprised if it’s more. It’s 188g, a little more than I expected, but weight & the in hand feel is really good! Before moving on, it’s younger sibling, the realme GT Master Edition’s unboxing is coming in the evening. So wait for it & SUBSCRIBE & hit the BELL icon to get a notification! Ports & Buttons – Below, there’s a 3.5mm jack! Wow! We don’t see a 3.5mm jack in a flagship phone but it’s there on this one. You have a microphone, a USB Type C & a speaker grill. On the right, you get a power on/off button.

Above, there’s a noise cancelling microphone. On the left, there’s a sim card tray on top & volume up/down below it. Let’s check the sim card tray. It’s a dual nano sim card slot. Friends, it’s time to start the phone! But, if you’re enjoying the unboxing, then do hit LIKE! Display – This is an ideal 6.43” display, because 6.7-6.8” is too huge & this size is small & ideal. It’s a sAMOLED display with 120Hz fast refresh rate & has a 1000 Nits peak brightness. It’s got a 91.7% screen-to-body ratio. So the upper & side bezels are thin.

The chin is thin & smaller than average. I forgot to tell you, it has a 360Hz touch sampling rate! You can feel the responsiveness when you swipe, touch, scroll etc because of the touch sampling rate. Friends, it’s a performance flagship because it comes on the Qualcomm SD888 SoC. It’s the best out there right now! And there are 2 variants in the phone – 8+128GB & 12+256GB. We have the 12+256GB variant. And it’s a performance flagship because it has UFS 3.1 storage type & LPDDR5 RAM type. So it gives a top notch performance on paper, the AnTuTu score is around 7.40L Performance – You can play games on the highest settings, like Ultra & Ultra-HD.

And with smooth, you get a 90FPS mode, especially while playing BGMI. So they’ve specially added the 90Hz refresh rate option & that makes the gaming performance really good! And if you’re playing for longer sessions, then you get a Stainless Steel Vapour Cooling Chamber, that keeps the phone nice & cool. Battery – For long sessions, you need a bigger battery. So you get a 4500mAh battery with 65W fast charging. So with a day of moderate usage, you'll get through the day easily & even if not, the 65W charging goes 0-100% in 35 minutes.

OS UI – It comes with realme UI 2.0 that’s based on Android 11. It has July’s security patch. And there is a lot of bloatware on this phone. I don’t know why, but yes. You also get a virtual RAM boost mode & you can upgrade your RAM up to 7GB. So the 12GB of RAM can go up to 19GB of RAM! But the virtual RAM isn’t like the actual RAM. It has a GT mode, where you get top notch performance as all cores are performing at 100%.

So if you want complete performance, then use it in GT mode, it’ll be fun. In other features, you get DC dimming & Smooth scrolling feature as well. You can keep the phone at 60Hz or 120Hz, there’s no 90Hz mode. Camera – It’s not exactly the highlight, being a flagship phone, it’s performance based. The camera flagship is going to be a different phone so realme didn’t pay attention to its camera. You get a 64MP+8MP+2MP triple camera setup on the rear & a 16MP punch hole selfie sensor. The photos are good but the camera setup could have been better. I’m showing some sample photos, do check it out & let me know about them! Camera Features – You get a dual capture mode, to run both cameras at the same time.

You can shoot videos on [email protected] but, with the selfie sensor you can shoot only 1080p videos. It also has an AI highlight video mode. So it’s a decent camera app. Sensors – You get all the sensors in this phone & there's an in-display sensor as well as face unlock & they’re blazing fast! Connectivity – You get 7 5G bands, DS+DS(Dual Sim 5G), dual 4G VoLTE, WiFi calling support, WiFi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2 & NFC. So all connectivity options are on top of the line. Multimedia – It’s a big highlight, the screen is slightly small, the videos look good on a 6.7”/6.8” screen, but I love the experience on this one, it’s a very nice video viewing experience & viewing angles. You get stereo speakers that are quite loud & have good quality. Overall, if you’re looking for a multimedia phone then check it out, the experience is immersive. And you can enhance the colour & resolution in the UI for a better multimedia experience. Other Features – You get Widevine L1 support, Camera2api support & the SAR values are within limits. The missing things are – notification light, FM Radio & there’s no IP rating.

So this is what the Performance Flagship from realme, the realme GT is all about! Like they’ve said, it’s absolutely top of the line in terms of performance. Camera is not a big highlight of the phone, the MPs, the camera quality & features are ok. But, that display, that performance, the stereo speakers! Overall there’s a lot to like about this phone. Now the important factor is at what price it’ll be launched. According to me, if it comes under Rs 40K, it’ll be an easy recommendation for performance, not cameras! That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!.

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Top 5 Best Mobile Phones Under ₹25000 Budget ⚡ October 2021

Alright, the big video! Best smartphones under Rs 25K! It’s the season of sales & many people are going to buy it. And I hope this video helps you! But when we make this video, the top 5 phones are very researched & brought to you after reasoning. And we have a minimum criteria in terms of ranking like performance, battery, display & everything else. And if I talk about Best Smartphone Under Rs 25K video, then I’ll tell y’all the minimum criteria.

Criteria – The AnTuTu score should be around 5L or above! Meaning there should be a minimum Qualcomm SD778G & a lower SoC is not allowed! Should have a minimum 6GB RAM with 128GB storage! Camera setup should include a 48/64MP multi camera setup. Meaning it should have a minimum of 48MP multi camera setup. And yes if you’re spending Rs 25K, then the phone should be 5G ready for sure! Let’s now talk about rankings & I’m going to give all product links in the description! I’ll talk about the #5 phone first, but this phone is ranked a little high if you want a good looking & a lightweight phone.

#5 Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G – It’s the 5G variant of the Mi 11 Lite, it’s a New Edition & comes with Qualcomm SD778 SoC. It has 6GB RAM+128GB storage, a 4250mAh battery & 33W fast charging. The fingerprint sensor’s side mounted. And yes, it has a 6.55” FHD+ AMOLED screen too with 90Hz fast refresh rate! If you look at all these specifications, then this phone definitely comes at #5.

Remember! These phones’ prices are around Rs 26-27K, but when you buy them online, you’ll get Rs 2-3K less during sales. But all phones that’ll be mentioned, will be under Rs 25K! Their MRPs are high but they’re generally under Rs 25K. #4 Samsung Galaxy M52 5G – It’s also based on the Qualcomm SD778 & has 6GB RAM & 128GB storage. It has a 5000mAh battery with 25W fast charging. It has a 64MP+12MP+5MP, a triple camera setup. And has a 32MP selfie sensor. So the camera setup is good. It’s price is Rs 25,999. But you can get it under Rs 25K & it’s definitely at #4. And if you only want a Samsung phone under Rs 25K, then you should definitely look at this one. #3 realme GT Master Edition – There’s a big reason why you should check this one out. The M52 & others are seriously big & if you want a manageable phone that’s good in the hand & lightweight, & want all other specifications to be the same under Rs 25K, then you can look at realme GT Master Edition.

It comes on Qualcomm SD778 SoC, but the good part is you get 8GB RAM & 128GB storage(2GB more RAM). You get realme UI 2.0 & it also has an in-display fingerprint scanner. So if you look at all this at its price, Rs 25,999. And you can get it under Rs 25K as its camera setup is good with 64MP+8MP+2MP on the rear & 32MP on the front. And generally the realme phones’ camera colours & dynamic range are good! So overall, looking at all features & price, the realme GT Master Edition in my list comes at #3.

#2 iQOO Z5 – It’s price is good at Rs 23,900 for the 8GB+128GB variant. You get it for Rs 24K & it’s effective price comes down around Rs 21-22K. And according to that, it’s definitely at #2. Because it has a Qualcomm SD778 SoC, a 6.67” FHD+ screen with 120Hz fast refresh rate, that’s good! I’ve seen & tested it as I’ve already unboxed it. I liked the display on this phone. It has a 5000mAh battery with 44W fast charging. It’s got a 64MP+8MP+2MP triple camera setup. On the front, there’s a 16MP camera & it has a side mounted fingerprint sensor, which is a downside.

An in-display sensor would’ve been great! But it’s price is less so according to that, I’d say it’s at #2! Friends, all these phones have been launched but there’s a phone that was launched way before all of these! And that according to me was launched 4-5 months ago, but still according to me is great under Rs 25K! realme X7 Max 5G – It’s above all! Because it gives the performance & that’s because of the Dimensity 1200! It’s AnTuTu score is above 6L! All other phones score around 4.9-5.5L but this is at 6L because of Dimensity 1200. It has a 6.43” FHD+ display with 120Hz fast refresh rate, a 4500mAh battery with 50W fast charging.

It has an in-display fingerprint sensor! So if you look at all other things, the display, the performance, the in-display fingerprint sensor, the fast charging, everything is top of the line! And its price is Rs 26,999. You can definitely get it only for about Rs 25-26K! And we included because at this price, this is definitely the most value-for-money phone! Yes, the realme X7 Max 5G in my list is at #1! Now you guys tell me, did you feel the ranking was correct? If you think it should’ve been different then do let us know with reasons! So that I’ll come to know too! That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!

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JioPhone Next Detailed FAQ⚡Drop Test, Real Price, OS Updates & More

[Intro] Sir, this is the phone for a FAQ! -There are many questions on it! Where are the questions? Alright! All set, already huh? So friends, there were a lot of questions on the JioPhone Next! And we’ve been using it since the last 2-3 days. And there are crackers bursting outside. And there are around 25-30 questions! But in this video, you’ll know everything about the JioPhone Next! And this video contains all things that you don’t know about this phone! Let’s quickly start with the questions! Are you hearing this? Happy Diwali by the way! JioPhone Next Sensors? There’s no Gyroscope while all other sensors like Accelerometer, Proximity etc are present.

JioPhone Next Pricing? -At the end of this video, I'll drop this phone, so do wait for it till the end! JioPhone Next Pricing in Detail? The price is Rs 1,999 & if you’re buying it on EMI(24 month plan), then you’ll have to pay Rs 1,999 & plus Rs 501 as processing fee. So Rs 2.5K now & then according to your plan – Rs 300/350/450/500, where Rs 300 is the base plan & you can get 5GB per month of data. So according to my rough calculation, even if you take out the price of data, you’re still paying around Rs 5K over the next 24 months.

So Rs 5K + Rs 2.5K! If you buy this phone up front, according to the plan it’s price goes up to Rs 7K over a period of 24 months. JioPhone Next Call Recording? -No, you get a Google Dialer. There’s no call recording option! JioPhone Next Memory Slot? -Yes there’s a dedicated memory slot! JioPhone Next Pre-Booking Date & Purchasing Date? -You can show an interest in the phone, there’s no exact date on its delivery or its sale. You can just register on their website saying that you are interested in the JioPhone. JioPhone Next OS? -It comes on PragatiOS, it’s like a Stock Android but it has many Jio apps & there are different features in the camera app. So PragatiOS has its own features like Translations/Read aloud & they work well! The phone’s sluggish for regular use, but these features work well & I was impressed with that! JioPhone Next Good For Children? -Good for children as in? For playing games/online classes? I’ll say it’s ok but it has a 5.45” screen so I’m not really sure so for that I’ll say it’s ok & not all that great.

JioPhone Next Hotspot & Data Sharing? -Yes it has a hotspot & you can also share data without a problem. JioPhone Next Social Media & Zoom? Water/Dust Proof? -Yes, you can use lighter versions without any problems. It’s not water-proof/dust-proof, if it dips in water, I don’t think it’ll survive. As it has an opening back, so water can rush in! It’s a sluggish phone & it hanged while we were using it, so the best part was that you could take out the battery & restart it! Maybe because of that! So that was interesting.

JioPhone Next vs Redmi Go? -It’s interesting! As I went to & I saw that the Redmi Go is available at Rs 3K! It has a Qualcomm SD425 SoC, but it has a 1GB RAM but for Rs 3K it seems more value for money. It’s open as you can use any sim card on it. Remember, you need 1 Jio sim for this phone. And you’ll have to use its data only! You cannot use any other sim card’s data but yes you can use another sim card. There’s a question on it so I’ll cover that too. JioPhone Next Music Quality? -The music quality is good according to me! For this price range, the speaker’s loudness is good! JioPhone Next Portrait Mode? -Yes, it does have a portrait mode. You don’t have to worry about it. JioPhone Next AnTuTu Score? -Its AnTuTu score is around 57K so I’d say it’s ok & it does seem a little sluggish. JioPhone Next 5Ghz WiFi Support? -No it doesn’t support it! It only supports a single band WiFi(2.4GHz).

JioPhone Next Sim Card Policy? -Yes you can but remember, the other sim card can only be used for calls! For data, you’ll compulsorily have to use the Jio’s sim only. Before buying the phone, do decide which sim you’re going to use. You can use Jio for data without problems & the other can be used for incoming/outgoing calls. It’s like a 2G sim card, even though it might support 4G but data will be only on Jio.

That is important to know! JioPhone Next Display Quality? -It’s good & not bad. According to its budget range, the brightness is ok. It shouldn’t be a problem but 1 thing’s good! According to their fine prints, you’ll get 3 years of software updates & 5 years of security updates. So if you buy it, it’ll be on Android 11 & you’ll also get 12, 13 & 14! So that’s a big thing.

See they’ve just said, I’m not sure whether they’ll actually deliver it. But yes you might get 3 years of updates. JioPhone Next Face Unlock? -No it doesn’t! I’m surprised, we tried to find it but there’s no face unlock nor a fingerprint sensor. In terms of security, it has a problem, it doesn’t have face unlock. JioPhone Next For Students’ Online Classes? -Yes it’ll work, I won’t say it doesn’t! But according to me, a bigger screen for online classes would’ve been great! And looking at it’s Rs 6.5K price, then you can get a phone with 6.5”/7” screen, so that’s 1 thing. JioPhone Next Camera MP? -In terms of camera, I like it because there’s a 13MP camera & an 8MP selfie camera. Generally phones worth Rs 5-6K, have an 8MP single rear camera & 5MP selfie camera. This has a 13MP rear & 8MP selfie camera, so that I think is good! The features are good for photos, you get many Snapchat filters, Portrait Mode, Low light Mode, etc So that’s all good! In terms of camera, this one is a decent performer.

JioPhone Next vs Competition? -We were expecting that it would be very aggressively priced but it isn’t! If I consider the Rs 6.5K base price, then I’d recommend the realme C series – C11/C20. You’ll get for around Rs 6,999 & you’ll get a Helio G35 SoC, with a bigger 6.5” screen. You can also use open sims, & not just a Jio sim card! So according to that, JioPhone’s not on top of its competition. JioPhone Next Battery Life & Gaming? -For light-medium usage, it’ll last for a day surely! But if you use it heavily then it might end in the evening. Yes, Free Fire works along with BGMI on low settings! JioPhone Next with Old Jio Sim Card? -Yes, you can! As long as there’s a Jio sim card, you can! [Happy Diwali from the TrakinTech Team] JioPhone Next Gaming Performance? -Yes, I’m showing it to you on the screen. You tell me how you find the Free Fire & BGMI gameplay! [Gameplay] JioPhone Next Noise-Cancelling Mic? -First, I thought it wasn't there but on the back, there’s a mic.

But I don’t know if it’s a noise cancelling mic or the video shooting mic. I- [Happy Diwali from Jio too!] I honestly don’t know that but there’s a mic. There are 2 mics, one at the back & one below. These were your questions, & I also said that I’m going to drop it here as we didn’t cover it during our unboxing! So let’s do it! Back first! [Drop Test] Ok, it’s plastic on the back & the build quality is good. There’s Gorilla Glass 3 protection on the front & we wouldn’t do it otherwise but I’m still going to try. [Drop Test] No! No, no problems. I was scared for a second there! It’s safe! And this is about 2 ft, & I’m not going to try from any more height. You wanted to see it & I did it. Well I found the phone to be a little underwhelming & the pricing could’ve been better.

If it were around Rs 4K effectively, then I could’ve recommended by giving Rs 2K up front & then EMI for the next 6 months/12 months. 24 months is a very long time & it’s a budget series phone. You’ll use it for 2 years on EMI & then it might get locked. That’s something that I didn’t like. Like I said, there are 2-3 things that are good! There’s Read aloud, translator feature, camera, etc are all good! But its value proposition is definitely low according to me and its price should’ve been lower! hat’s what the JioPhone Next is! You had questions & I answered them, so if you enjoyed then hit LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!

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