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New Updated Promotional options for new Telus Optik TV and Internet Customers!

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New Updated Promotional options for new Telus Optik TV and Internet Customers! Current TELUS High Speed Internet Promotions Cambridge Electronics Inc For more information visit the Telus Store Fort Saskatchewan   Customers can receive promo pricing for a duration of 6 or 3 months, depending on the following criteria: Receive 6 months of promo pricing on each new FFH product when the customer signs up for TV on a 2 year service agreement. Receive 3 months of promo pricing on each new FFH product when the customer signs up on a MTM plan (do not take TV on a 2 year service agreement). Telus TV Fort Saskatchewan For Telus Fort Saskatchewan hours visit here:  

Buying a Phone at Telus Stores: How Your Needs Determine Your Choice

telus store fort saskatchewan

Picking a phone nowadays is a daunting undertaking due to the endless options that you have at your disposal. When you search for a phone online, there are millions of results, and unless you know what you want, you may leave without one. One piece of advice that you should always keep in mind is to find out why you need a phone. Knowing your needs will make everything else simple. It is essential that you analyse certain requirements when looking for a mobile phone shop in Sherwood Park, Canada.

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Telus Stores: Services to Look at When Getting Internet for Businesses

telus store fort saskatchewan

Doing business without the internet in this day and age is nearly impossible. Practically everything that is necessary when running a company involves the use of the internet. The World Wide Web is needed for communications, customer relationship management, and inventory management. If you have a company or are starting one, you have to consider various internet solutions. You have to get the right people to provide the web needs that your firm has in place. You have more than a few choices in Edmonton, Canada that you can look at for such solutions. It is essential to pick a service provider that will meet the distinct needs of your entity.

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CBC News Release | CIBC adds Telus to mobile-payment

CBC News Release | CIBC adds Telus to mobile-payment   Recent news released by CBC should be of interest to current Telus Mobile users written by CBC CIBC has partnered with Telus to give more customers the ability to make payments with their smartphones. The two companies announced on Tuesday the launch of a mobile payment app for certain models of smartphones that run on the Telus network for credit card purchases such as gas or groceries, to a limit of $50. CIBC already has a similar partnership with with Rogers to offer the bank’s credit card holders mobile payments with smartphones at “tap and pay” terminals across the country. “In the next two years, by and large, you will have every bank and every major telco providing the service to clients,” said Todd Roberts, senior vice-president of payments strategy and innovation at CIBC. “When this becomes ubiquitous, just like ATMs, like telephone banking, we will treat this as an everyday part of our lives.” For mobile payments to become widespread, smartphones need to be enabled with the technology that enables credit card purchases and also brings all wireless carriers on board. In the case of CIBC, Roberts said, that would also mean a partnership with Bell. “It is our desire to make sure that all of our clients have our [credit] cards available for use on the network that they choose, so it is highly logical that we would enable Bell.” ‘We’re trying to shape the pace at which this marketplace develops,’– Todd Roberts, CIBC He’s predicting the limit for mobile payments using Visa and MasterCard will increase to $100 as consumers and merchants get more comfortable with idea. Roberts said debit transactions will also be coming to CIBC’s mobile payments. CIBC won’t say how many of its customers now use mobile payments for credit card purchases. Other banks and carriers are also getting in on mobile banking, but CIBC said it’s the only bank to partner with more than one wireless carrier. “We’re trying to shape the pace at which this marketplace develops,” Roberts said. Merchants such as Petro Canada, Tim Hortons and Loblaws are among businesses accepting mobile payments. Mobile payment market fragmented Tech analyst Krista Napier said Canada’s mobile payments market is fragmented because not all smartphones are equipped for the transactions. As well, banks and wireless carriers have different offerings and not all merchants accept these payments. “For 2014, I think it’s pretty safe to say you still have to carry around your physical wallet or some other form of payment, just in case,” said Napier, manager of mobile and consumer research at IDC Canada. Napier said emerging countries are further ahead in mobile payments than Canada because they don’t have a traditional infrastructure for banking. But she said mobile payments will become more common in Canada, driven by younger consumers. Royal Bank of Canada recently announced a digital wallet that enables mobile clients to buy goods and services with their RBC Interac Debit or Visa credit …

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Tips For Making Your IPhone More Productive

Do you love to read? One of the great things about the iPhone is the ability to read books on it! You can download your favorites with the use of iBooks, an app that Apple made for downloading eBooks. Read on and this article will tell you more about iBooks and how to use the application. When you are typing characters on your iPhone, one of the things that you should be aware of is that you can change to alternate characters by holding down that character button. This is very useful if you are trying to add an accent on a character or sending a text in a different language. Set your iPhone to retrieve emails and other data less frequently. Some individuals have their phones set to retrieve these things every minute, and this drains battery life faster than almost anything else. If you instead set your phone to retrieve data every five or ten minutes, you will conserve your battery and therefore, make your phone more useful. To help you get cool new ringtones for your iphone, there are plenty of apps available for free where you can customize a ringtone. Having a customized ringtone is neat, and it is something you will easily recognize when your phone rings. So, to make your phone unique to you, make yourself a customized ringtone. If you work or go to school, make sure that your iPhone is set to vibrate to reduce the chances that you will cause a disruption. You can do this by going into the settings in the sound’s section and turn to vibrate from on to off on your iPhone for a practical way to receive messages or calls. To help you get a lot of enjoyment out of the iphone, you should understand how to use an app. Apps are a great tool and there are so many available, but oftentimes people are unaware, of how they can help you. Search for information online about all the latest apps and see if they can make your experience with the iphone much better. You can create an app out of any website that you visit quite often if you want to be able to access it much easier. All you have to do is open the page in the Safari browser, press the Go To button and select the option “Add to Home Screen.” If you accidentally drop your iPhone into some water, do not turn it on right away or you can permanently damage it. Dry the phone with a towel and sit it in a bowl of rice overnight. This will help draw out all of the water that may have gotten into hidden areas. A great tip if you’re new to using the iphone is to switch the display to however you want it. Some people don’t like having the black lettering on the white background. You can actually flip it around and have white lettering on a black background. This makes …

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LG Optimus G2 rumoured to be announced at CES, Telus Fort Saskatchewan

By Ian Hardy on January 3, 2013 at 7:40am in CES 2013, Mobile News At CES 2012 LG was incredibly quiet. They only showcased devices that were already announced and let the world wait until Mobile World Congress for their big flagship unveilings. LG is already rumoured to be coming out with a follow-up to the Optimus G called the Optimus G2. This power house Android reportedly has a screen size between 5 to 5.5-inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (440 ppi), LTE-enabled and has a 2 GHz quad-core processor. Previous overseas report indicated that LG will announce this within 6 months, but thanks to DigiTimes they state that “South Korea-based LG Electronics plans to showcase the Optimus G2 Android smartphone, with a 5.5-inch screen, and Qualcomm quad-core S4 Prime MSM8974.” Seems really quick to have a follow-up device. The Optimus G was launched in August for Korean markets and released in Canada this past November. If the above story is true then it would be a five-month life for a current handset. Seems a bit too early to put something to rest. Source: DigiTimes Via: AndroidAuthority