Telus Peace of Mind Business: Rate plans Fort Sask


Telus Peace of Mind Business: Rate plans Fort Sask

Effective January 18, 2020, TELUS will be replacing the Peace of Mind for Business $75/10GB plan with a Peace of Mind for Business $75/20GB plan.

This offer expires Tuesday, January 21, 2020, end of day. This offer is subject to change without notice.

Peace of Mind plans

Customer benefits include:

  • Clear and simple: Simple mobility plans that save owner’s time, money and headaches.
  • Endless Data. No overage: Rest easy knowing your team will have Endless Data at a predictable monthly cost.
  • Roam without compromise: With TELUS Easy Roam, take your business to over 190 international destinations with confidence.
  • Buy more. Save more: The more business lines you buy, the greater your monthly discount. Multi Unit Discounts start on Line 2+.
  • WiFi hotspotting: Connect other devices up to the plan’s full speed data threshold. Canada’s largest network: Enjoy Endless Data and get the most out of your device on Canada’s largest network.


  • Available on Business accounts only.
  • Peace of Mind for Business plans are available to new activations and renewals as well as existing BYOD customers looking to rate plan change to a Peace of Mind for Business plan.
  • Existing TELUS customers are also eligible to rate plan change to a Peace of Mind for Business plan if they pay off 100% of their current device balance.
  • Peace of Mind for Business plans do not share data.

Easy Roam and Travel Passes

Easy Roam lets customers access their Canadian rate plan while travelling in the US and 190+ international destinations.

  • Once the customer has added Easy Roam, the fee is only charged when they use their device (while traveling) to make or receive a call, send a text, or use data.
  • Once added, for the next 24 hours, their usage will access the minutes, text messages, and data included in their Canadian rate plan, avoiding roaming charges.
  • Only calls to numbers in Canada or current destination are included.
  • Outgoing texts to any phone number in the world are included. All incoming texts are free while in an Easy Roam destination.
  • Customer is only charged for days that they access their Canadian plan in destination.
  • Make sure to add Easy Roam to each phone number(s) on an account.
  • Easy Roam does not cover calling North American toll-free numbers (1-800, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888) from outside of North America.
  • Customers can toggle Easy Roam on and off by turning off their data roaming to avoid triggering the fee via data (also requires no calls made or received and no texts sent).