TECNO Spark 5 Unboxing and Review

hey guys it's Eric here and this is the techno spark 5 unboxing and review first off let's see what we have in the box when you open it up you're greeted with a smartphone in a plastic wrap I'm just going to peel this off this is the ICG light color it also comes in spark orange vacation blue and misty gray we have a screen protector already applied it has a cutout for the camera you should probably take this off and replace with the tempered glass let's pour it on while you see what else is in the Box on the bottom compartment we have a warranty leaflet Eclair TPU case let's see how well it fits a sim ejection to a standard 10 watts charger a micro USB cable and a pair of earphones on the front you have a 6.6 inch HD plus IPS LCD display with 20 by 9 aspect ratio on the top-left corner we have a punch hole that houses an 8 megapixel sailfish shooter we also have a dual front-facing flash on the back you have a 13 megapixel quad camera setup with quad flash you also have a fingerprint sensor and some techno branding on the left you have a three in one tray that houses two 4G LTE nano Sims and an SD card on the right you have a volume rocker and power button with an orange accent and nice little paint job on the top you have nothing on the bottom you have a speaker a microUSB port a microphone and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack the techno spark 5 spot is their typical 2020 design with its wider camera lay out the camera bump is tiny though the back and frame are made from plastic the gradient color looks nice and it has visible patterns to it it's no lightweight but it's not too heavy in comparison to its size on the front we have that dot in display with slightly thicker bezels than we've seen in recent times but at least it houses a dwarf flash which doubles up as a charging indicator it's also very bright outdoors with great viewing angles it's a 720p display and YouTube videos will be capped at 720p which is to be expected at this price point no complaints there looking at it side by side this park for we can see some design changes some people still don't here for the white camera bomb but most people are moving with the trends on the front we get similar tall from fact or some people now consider the spark falls drop not as old school but I think the space it takes up is almost the same the punch hole on the spark 5 however looks more premium what we have here is a 32 gig storage variant with 2 gigs of ram we get 24 gigs of available storage we're running on android 10 with Hitchhiker's version 6.1 point 0 slapped on top of it with its cam night mode I have pretty much gone through all there is to know about this hitch iOS version in my common 15 premiere review a blinking dot up above and solar in the description but what's not on there is this lockscreen animation that takes you right to the front-facing camera you also get the regular one for the back camera to the techno spark 5 uses the mediatek helio a 22 quad-core CPU clocked at 2.0 gigahertz and it's the same one on the spark for in terms of performance it will run the average users daily calls texts social media apps but it will take its sweet sweet time launching those apps as can be expected from every low-end device what you need to know is that just cause it can do things doesn't mean it's made for them take split screen for instance not only are you slowing things down using both at the same time but this isn't something you can do while expecting your other apps to stay running in the background how dare you the fingerprint sensor is neither fast nor accurate all the time and I think the best way to get it to be more consistent is to store or set up one finger twice which is what I did to achieve this level of consistency as for face unlock the speed is fair but it's only unlocks and good lighting and as you know this isn't the most secure method of unlocking your phone here's how the speaker compares side-by-side the spark force [Music] [Music] when it comes to gaming as usual I play pop G on balance graphics and medium frame rates the highest pop G setting for this phone it runs fairly well but then again this isn't some graphics intensive setting or anything like that and the SPARC 5 is not a gaming phone also you cannot leave your game and go do something else and then expect to continue where you left off the techno SPARC 5 is powered by a huge five thousand milliamp hour battery and I put it through my usual battery test seven warping hours of POC G four hours of watching Facebook videos and two hours plus of Instagram all on Wi-Fi this gave me approximately fifteen hours of screen on time which is crazy good easily a two day battery life for most people I'll definitely file this under the battery beast plus category and it's a good thing it lasts a long time because it took me four long hours to charge from zero to 100% it does not support fast charging the techno spark 5s camera interface is pretty simple not a lot of features here no night mode pro mode or slow mode using it outdoors we get excellent dynamic range and it looks just as good with two times zoom the primary camera is definitely better than your average entry-level phone and even if the quality isn't anything exciting the skin tone is nice and colors don't look washed out with outdoor lighting using portrait mode the depth sensing is actually better than I expected no crops years and my head is completely in focus the selfie camera handles exposure levels quite well and even though we don't get the mid-range crispiness here it would look just as good on social media as for the portrait mode it's not all the way 100 but we get a pretty good sense of depth considering macro mode definitely does what it says it's something I haven't found myself using outside making a video for you guys but let me know if you use it in the comments indoors is where you see that low end camera quality for what it actually is but hey cannot have it all on this budget the sofa camera seems to be a little bit better here the SPARC 5 requires a good amount of light to produce photos that can pass for mid-range quality on social media the dual front-facing flash makes all the difference in pitch darkness is it just me or does it look just as bright as what I took with the lights on it records videos in 1080p for the front and back camera so I'm currently filming with the front-facing camera of the techno SPARC 5 and here's what the audio sounds like the techno SPARC 5 may have gotten a full 20/20 makeover but it is only an incremental upgrade from this part 4 because they share the same process of storage and run the SPARC 5 spots a new beastly battery that appeals to the young working class folks who stay out all day without a charger although if you love gaming or multitasking – this isn't the phone for you entry-level phones in general should be your foray into the Android platform as in your first Android device or your secondary phone I definitely will recommend it for other people who mostly do whatsapp or other Mark Zuckerburg apps the Technos part 5 is priced at 49 thousand IRA which converts to 110 u.s.

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