John Legere Introduces T-Mobile Phone BoothE: T-Mobile’s NEWEST Innovation

Mike! Yeah, yeah, I can't really hear ya. Yeah, I can't hear anything. Everywhere you go there’s
noise and distraction, When all you want to do is
enjoy your device in peace. Well, now you can. Introducing T-Mobile Phone BoothE. Phone BoothE is a vertical, rectangular cube with advanced features
that will blow your mind. Come check it out! You know, the quadrilateral
technology is…

…and it’s soundproof! BoothE protects you from this noise, and this noise, and all these noises. You know it's real, because we tacked an "E"
on the end of the name. Wow! Simply unlock with your phone, and step into BoothE to take a call… or take some epic selfies inspiring all kinds of FOMO. Plug-in to explore “Magenta Pages,” which is exactly like using your phone, now on a bigger screen.

It even works for business. Yeah. Hey John! Amazing! It's visionary! Totally unprecedented! It's so comfy in here. Let's do all our calls from here. Why hasn't anybody thought of this before? This evolutionary,
bleeding edge technology is free for T-Mobile customers and available now with plans
for installs across the U.S. Only the Uncarrier is solving real customer pain points. [Guy on phone] I found a rash today… So go ahead, tell everything that's loud and annoying to shut the **** up already.

[Guy on phone] Pop Pop is in my rash! Step out of the chaos.
Step into the future. T-Mobile phone BoothE, available now..

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