Camping Mode on Your Smartphone? Scouting and your Mobile or Cell Phone

I don't know about you… but, I just
can't stand it when I'm in… interrupted by [ ♫ ] Hey ScouterStan, I want to talk a little bit about cell phones. Cell phones I like
to put them on the “Camp Mode” which is airplane mode. I think in some phones, but
we have to think about these things. there are “marvels”. I'll admit that I
have a cell phone. I've had one for years and it is critical that we think about
a way in Scouting to make them less intrusive to Scouting. I'll tell you
these things are amazing. They have their pocket computers. That's really what they

They have the entire Internet right there in the phone. It's amazing they're
a communicator. You can not only voice but you could do text, you could do email.
You do all those kinds of things. That's pretty amazing… It's an
entertainment consult for a lot of People. Gaming, video streaming, all that
Stuff. In fact, 80% of you are watching me right now through your phone! That's…
that's a YouTube statistic on this Channel… On our community. That's 80% of
you are watching us watching me on your Phone. That's another big thing there
digital cameras. They've got a studio built into the phone. Where you can do
video and camera effects and all that kind of stuff.

This it is the number one
device used for any social media. Whether it be, you know, the Facebook or the you
name it. I mean it's all appliable to the cell phone. No wonder these things
are addictive. They can be very intrusive to modern living. Now on
Scouting but they can be rather Intrusive. Ever been “google” checked?
That's when you were giving a presentation and somebody looks up one of the facts
that you've stated. On google, and google yeah, you know there's a thousand hits on
everything you put every word… You put in There, you can get a thousand different
things and a lot of it can be Contradictory.

When you get google
checked basically they're checking up on your credibility. You can do it on their
phone. It can be very disruptive. Have you ever heard of “Nomophobia”? That's when you
have no mobile phone and you kind of just freak out… You know there are some
people that are addicted to these marvel of electronics and they can go through
some withdrawals and that can be rather Dramatic. FOMO is another effect. I never
knew what that was, but it's the “Fear Of Missing Out” I had no idea. Okay, you know
how often do people have to check their phone? On a constant basis, because of FOMO.
Obviously, we need to work something out for Scouting. Scouting needs to be a safe
Place, in a way that we can help America's youth kind of break that bad
habit of the cell phone.

We need to offer a solution to that… I would
recommend that all meetings, ceremonies and even camping should be cell phone or
“phone free” events. Phone free zones… Adults should be made,… or asked, not made. But
asked nicely if they would either turn their phone completely off or completely
silencing the phone. Take all of its notifications… Some buzzing sounds can be
actually quite annoying… I know that adults use it as an alarm
clock. That's a pretty common thing, but we need to keep that down to a minimum.
There's nothing worse than doing a flag ceremony while two people in the
audience have their cell phones playing some jingle… Okay that could be quite
annoying and disruptive to the entire Meeting. So ask adults to silence their phones or put it in “Camp Mode” as I call it… Which
is the off button! That's what it is… It's the off button or even you know
“Travel Mode” which turns off all the Notification.

Now these policies that you
can put together for your Troop… Kind of go along with the Scout Law and the
Outdoor Code. In the Scout Law… Scouts are or a Scout IS Courteous. A Scout IS Kind.
Okay… This was silencing your phone is a great
way to keep from interrupting and being kind to your fellow Scouts and leaders.
Obedient, you have a policy that you have with your unit follow it, obey it. You
Know… Obediently be obedient. Scout is Obedient
towards those policy, and it's a great policy in the Outdoor Code. There's a
line in the Outdoor Code, that actually Reads… “Be courteous in the outdoors”.
So when you're outdoors, we don't want to hear beep, beep, beep or some jingle. We
want to enjoy the birds chirping. We want to hear the deer in the brush.

Okay… We
want to see these things and experience them without beeping and jingles. Again…
Adults need to silence their phones. That's just simple, put it in camp mode,
which is off… And “Be the example and not the exception.” When the youth see
the adults not obeying the rules. There is no reason for them not to miss
use the cell phone. So that's very important. Some Scout units will actually
go through that process. It's ok to have it on in the car the bus on the way to a
Camp, but when they get there they actually take all of the cell phones and
the game thingies and all that stuff and they lock them up. Make sure they're
there off… But they'll lock them up.

So that they don't get lost and they're not
used for distracted purposes. You're at camp, you paid to be there.
Take advantage of that! Go and have Fun!… I don't know? TALK to your
Scouts? You know. See nature, be… Don't be… Be, you know. They got
their nose stuck right in that phone most of the time wish it's not there
then they have to think outside that box.

The box in their hand. So that's
important of course once the Scouting event is over and they get back on the
into the cars or the bus… They're all given their phones. There are some
Exceptions… Some Troops, when they go to a summer camp. The Scout will have
signed up for cinematography or moviemaking merit badge. They may need
their cell phone because the cell phone has that built into it. I would recommend
that the Scout, that signs up for those merit badges should bring a camera. A
dedicated camera or movie camera for that purpose. Not rely completely on the
cell phone. Cell phones have a lower resolution than most of the standard
cameras that are out there.

That being the case they may need to check them in
and out from an adult in the troop. They can do their merit badge. That's
something to think about. Here's a big point. Most summer camps are
very remote. They're out in the mountains or they're on the coast or they're out
in places that have very poor cell Services. Okay, that's not normally a huge.
So you're not going to be able to surf the Internet. You're not going to be
able to make phone calls. Even so, in some places it is still important that adult
leaders have a cell phone available. Especially if they're going out on an
excursion or something. So they can contact other adult leaders, but that's

I mean there's no need for the cell
Phone. later on. I do not recommend using cell phones or even the Scouts cell phone,
to help with homesickness. Sometimes the Scout will beg to talk to his parents or
his or her parents. I find that really becomes more… It just increases
and overemphasizes the homesickness… It makes it worse, so that I don't recommend
using cell phones for that, but it's important to have policies for your
Meetings. Your ceremonies and all of your camping dealing with cell phones. It can
be their blessing they could do a lot. But they can disrupt, and they can be
Distracting. So as adult leaders we need to come up with some policies and
procedures within your unit, that you all can agree on that it makes it less of
a burden.

Technology is a wonderful thing. I love it. I'm talking to you probably
through your cell phone. [Laughter] That's the wonderful thing about
Technology. We need to use technology. Now let technology take over us… Okay we need
to use that technology appropriately and I know you will. As an adult leader
you're doing the good job. Keep it up and I will see you on the trail..

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