(1:1 3G) CECT i9+++ Cell Phone T-Mobile & ATT Dual Sim (Internet,chat,sms) sciphone

hi this is a video to take a look at the new CEC t1 is the one copy of the 3G iPhone here's the clone phone and here is the iPhone 3G as you can see they're very similar they have the same back faceplate almost as you can see this is this is a clone phone and this is the iPhone 3G I'll now show you some of the accessories that come with the clone phone it comes with two batteries which you can charge it comes with a battery charger it's a wall turn as you can see has an AC outlet you just put your battery right here and it'll charge it also comes with a car charger with the USB back then it also comes with a headset and of course a USB to plug into your computer to learn songs or to charge it to the in the car it also comes with a extendable an extendable stylus which goes inside here and put the battery inside as you can see has slots for two SIM cards and this is the slot for the micro SD card you just pop it up and you just put in there okay so you put the battery inside and you turn it on this home button is also the power button as you can see the touch is very similar to that of the iPhone 3G has applications like calculator out photo album text messaging and you can also buy a bunch of games that are downloadable and it can also store a document as 1.3 megapixel camera you can make calls it has a phone book and as a music player it also has a camcorder and standard features like Bluetooth calendar radio and stuff like that as you can see it has places for two SIM cards and so now I will show you how to put the SIM cards in and make them work so you just pop the back take out the battery and put the SIM cards inside first one goes facedown and the second one goes face-up as you can see it found the t-mobile SIM card network and the team in this AT&T network and now you can make calls first dial the number and call it with the first SIM card okay I will call it with the first SIM card as you can see it is working on the call and now I'll make the second call I'll lose the second term as you can see it is coming with a different number which is a second SIM card okay and that's that is the new CCT iPhone 3G one is doing copy and it's available for purchase and laptops and parks number for lost comm it's also in the description Thanks bye

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