I saw this video on Twitter, with more than 5 million views on Twitter and a million views on YouTube Just this guy modified his phone with fans to take pictures This is cool, but my only problem is that it is not only fake, but a hoax, and I will explain it But for being fake The first clue is that these are 3 volt fans that can be seen tied to a rope here And you can see that they can handle around 30g And the phone with the number of flight can reach 300 grams And since the drones are designed to remain in the air, they need at least 70% of thrust, and they need at least 15 Mattor who has this one, but that wouldn't look great In fact, we experienced the same thing he did It was used in the video and it turned the motor to the highest degree and this is what happened Here in slow motion, you can see that there is hardly any difference if you don't start the motors So I'm going to show you how this object made this video and broke the laws of physics 4 times in a 3 minute video So obedience to the laws of physics is not optional We will be calling our fellow YouTuber Captain Dilling to see if he can help us identify any indicators of special effects.

And then With my friend Peter Serbol he will show you what it will take Actually building a phone that takes a selfie flying and then I'm going to put all the details on a new set. I built it using the Wix website But before I do any of that Let me first explain why this is a scam and not just a harmless fake video of stale internet points. With this many scenes A staggering 80% like rate, which means most people probably didn't even realize it was a fake It is a statistical certainty that some young people aspire to become engineers They actually tried to build this on their own And worse, dropping their family's phones and breaking them This was probably his first experience making something. But, how would you ask Do they know what ingredients to use well? Here in the description an amazing maker who was kind enough to put amazon affiliate links You can find this out from the URLs. So he is making money from the shattered dreams of aspiring engineers without enough experience yet.

This is what he sees And aspiring engineers are my people, and don't mess with my people. Let's do it The second, unexplained violation of physics comes in this scene, the force of gravity always points down, but the heliotropic feathers create a force vertically For the blades themselves So if you want to hover, you have to be on the level so that the forces are canceled and they won't move if you tilt forward Then he broke the thrust into its x and y components Suddenly you have an unbalanced force that will move you in this direction This is how helicopters move forward by flipping forward It's physically impossible to fly in a direction like this The front-wheel drive component is unbalanced and will have to move the phone forward The third major issue is the Arduino circuit board that I choose It's the same board here and it's supposed to be the brains of a drone However, this particular model of the board doesn't come with any kind of gyroscope or accelerometer.

This is why this matters if you've ever tried it Balancing something on your hand like this you and your body are creating what is referred to as a closed-loop feedback control system. So, if it starts to pop in my eyes, take that back into my mind and my hand says "Hey." I am no longer feeding the weight up and down It pushes my hand this way so my brain is taking all that information and It responds by telling my hand to move this way at a specific speed in order to compensate. So, to keep this thing balanced there is this constant cycle of quickly gathering information and then making real-time adjustments and closed feedback.

Rings are used throughout the geometry of the simple case of which heat It constantly checks the air and operates at a certain temperature to Dart boards that refresh their position 200 times a second to get to the correct position every time To machines that have definitely been misused for anything that flies and needs to stay in the air the fact that his board is Missing gyroscope and accelerometer It means there is no way for that to know if it has started rotating or falling in any direction This is the equivalent of trying to balance a board on your hand while you are closed-eyed and wearing an oven glove You have no idea what adjustments need to be made to keep things in balance. This is perfect to talk about the fourth mistake Notice how these motors are attached and rigidly fixed to the dual-stick telephone bar This means if you start to hint forward You have no way to correct the phone Direction, and it will only turn down, if you only have two propellers in this configuration They both need to be able to rotate with respect to the phone in order to correct movements in all six degrees of freedom For example if the hint starts forward You can rotate it again like this To correct it.

Or if the wind is trying to rotate the phone in this way, this configuration can be assumed Counter that to return to our balance shovel analogy by fixing the actuators directly to the case Even lose your ability to make corrections So not only do you have no idea where to move, but your arm is blocked for making adjustments anyway Making it impossible to strike a balance.

My final physics problem with this video is one of the acoustics This person use it as a hands-free way to watch your favorite super music videos Easily dubbing the audio here For reference, this is what a desk ring would look like on a full-size phone And don't forget, you'll actually need 13 more engines from this, so you'll be at least six times higher. Yet we have meticulously established many of the physical laws that have been broken. Let's find out exactly how he faked it and to do so I arranged a video call with the undisputed heavyweight champion of fake videos using special effects Captain Illusion Make sure to get it as far as possible against your skin to reduce the folds that might make it difficult Key exit Good and tight Hello, You did not have to call now, it is the second I'm actually 5 minutes late So lose it How can I help you? Did you not see the video that you sent? Ah, yes, of course the drone mobile video I totally analyze this sign and my conclusion is that it is absolutely real Seriously, yes Everything except for the mobile drone portion, and this is a bogus If you look Very close You may be able to notice Chat mask on the side of the phone She should be visible in every shot of her Fly Creator in a hurry because it's so messy here He cuts the edge of the phone here with the tip of his finger, and here he reveals the thing It should be hiding a penis that is narrow, light colored, and may be attached to the same mounting tape Which used to be used with all tools That is why he is able to grab and adjust the phone in this shot from the river the mask does not just hide the stick But the person holding it seems closer to this location in real time Water and on this side a fixed frame from a blank version of the shot And if we track the location and rotation of the phone, we can easily Reverse engineer exactly how Dmitt rotates the stick mostly from the point where he is held That was impressive Thanks for taking the time my favorite part of all this is the sound Small fans should have made a little bit of remote noise.

Did not give a suitable drone pilot So the hoaxes recorded the motors closely and reused the same clip in every scene With their mysterious voices in the background Great, thank you very much However, despite the likes and number of posts, messages and tweets Presumably from people with eyeballs who ask me if this painfully apparent adjustment is real over and over again. Well, the captain will take care of that.

How can you do this to me How can you do this? It's fake and now you know The reasons, but it is still an interesting idea and I want to try it G build one without the special effects So naturally, I called my friend Peter Schier, who has the right specs And we built an electrical circuit and started working Obviously if you take two brushless motors into electronic engine speed controllers and a flight controller that actually has a gyroscope and accelerometer Incorporating a 3D printed frame and two devices to illustrate the radio rotation The transmitter to remote control and force the LiPo battery and then put them all together it actually works. We kind of had to do a bunch of test flights to calibrate that Feedback control loop we talked about before So if we notice that the drone is either under Compensation or compensation is more when you start to fall a certain way We pinch the response Sensitivity between trips until we get to the sweet spot, and I would like to remember how the motors from the video are barely fake Lift only six quarters.

Well if you put the right size on the task at hand, they will be able to lift 150 classes. And so we once felt we were in good shape. We took it on the first test flight He's in our defense it was windy here But as you can see, it can be wobbly at times the truth is a bike chopper like this works perfectly It is not just a great design option. The reason is largely why all camera drones are quad copters because they are more stable due to the larger footprint shared between the four engines By adapting to the throttle speeds, you can move in all 6 degrees of freedom without moving parts So you go with solid geometry. You don't need hidden bars or masking and launching Photoshop and can walk Isaac Newton again Rest in his grave. So, the morals of the story are just not cheating and lie in the scandal Actually I want to indulge your amazing maker But then, I check out some other videos of him like this knee brace In theory, it charges your phone and so this lamp works while you walk I'll skip the details But in reality, this system will not work as shown and for this reason if you intend to do so and settle in The pocket you can see click the hidden flash light switch.

If you want to build a flying photo grabber You can watch the video by Peter with all the exciting details. You can find this on their channel or on their new website I created on this site and named Mark Rover build You'll actually see building instructions for a large number of different projects from my channel, which have been made possible by the people on I wanted something simple and elegant and just felt a little guilty I could do something deranged and it only took an hour in part. Thanks for a series of questions You answer her when she starts This basically means You are close to what you want But you can still customize it as much as you want from there Including placing it in one of the hundreds of forms it owns and my website is just a simple way to communicate information But you can create one for your personal or your own brand Or maybe a new business website for your business to sell things, or even book appointments there.

You can log in for free The design and publishing startup is honestly a lot of fun. So, to bend your creative muscles for the whole world to see go to And use the video description link to get started Thanks for watching.

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