Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Durability Test! – Is it… Ultra Strong?

the galaxy s 20 ultra 5g might just be the most top-of-the-line highest end Android flagship we've ever seen with the best specs and longest name is it worth the $1400 though we've probably already know the answer but let's chat as to why inside the box we get the USB C 2 USB C charger some USB C corded headphones and a clear protective case and got a lot of free protection let's get started [Applause] [Music] now remember this ultra is Samsung's premium flagship for the moment price to have $1400 there are still the regular as 20s of course at the more reasonably unreasonable $1000 price point this review is going to be all about mr. premium here samsung seems to be really liking the soft screens these days luckily when I peel off this screen protector the display underneath doesn't die like we saw on the Galaxy d flip let's see if Samsung remembers how real glass is supposed to act we'll take a look at the large camera bump in just a second I've personally been using a samsung phone for the past four years or so as my daily device so I am a pretty big fan of the phones that Samsung makes usually as long as the advertising is pretty close to what gets delivered and we aren't robbed at the checkout I'm pretty easy to please with the s20 ultra we start seeing scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7 it's nice to see glass again this phone will be able to handle everyday objects and fingernails without getting scratched or dinged up my razor blade does no damage to the top 40 megapixel selfie camera the earpiece is up here as well and it's super thin slit there's no speaker grille to scratch or get damaged I'm a fan of this flatter screen design as well if the phone ever gets dropped the frame is going to be what gets hit instead of the glass which is good cuz glass is glass and glass breaks metal however might scratch but won't shatter the power button and volume button are made for metal and can still be removed I don't recommend stealing other people's phone buttons but if being a terrible human is your thing the option is available there are no buttons on the left side of the device nor on the top but there is a sim an SD card tray thumbs up to Samsung for keeping the expandable memory alive this guy can hold an additional 1 terabyte of storage with a normal micro SD card the slot helps future-proof the phone which is pretty important considering that $1400 starting a price point and how long you're gonna have to keep using it to pay it off the bottom of the phone has a little clear plastic protector to keep it from rubbing inside the box the bottom stereo speaker and USB C port are down here as well there is no headphone jack let's take a look for a second at the main selling point of this s20 ultra and that's the camera this boy is thick for people outside the United States the rise is about two point four millimeters tall for people inside the United States it's a bit thicker than a quarter yet also still pokes out above a toothpick the hump is a decent sized fraction of a fruit snack and it's just about the same size as a slice of butter I mean if you think about it the s20 ultra has four cameras one of which is a hundred and eight megapixels and the other is the 48 megapixel telephoto camera so the hump size is relatively reasonable and if you look closely you can see how much space that camera hardware actually takes up inside the phone check out how much room the hundred times space zoom periscope camera actually needs so that size of the exterior glass lens does match the dimensions of the hardware below it happy to announce my teardown skins with D brand or officially back we managed a hoard enough printer ink to hopefully keep them around long term this time we're covering a lot more phones with this patch and there are now two different styles of teardown instead of one you can see what they both look like on this grip case the original version on the right looks like it still has the shiny glass layer on the back or we have the new ultra matte version which looks like you're just holding the bare circuit boards personally I kind of like the glossy version true story I've had to tear down skin on my phone since our last batch and a stranger came up to me in public legitimately concerned that my phone was falling apart which means our skin is definitely doing his job I'll leave a link for the tear down skin down in the description of course I am getting ahead of myself this is a durability test video and not the teardown but there is one more thing we also tore down MacBooks Starbucks won't know what hit them you can see the dual fans with the batteries and my favorite part even the trackpad has its own see-through tear down protection you can see the copper windings for the taptic motor underneath there's a good chance we have a skin for your phone in your hand right now and we'll be adding more devices as the time goes on link is down in the description you're not gonna want to miss this one now don't get me wrong the ultra is a cool phone top of the line and all that jazz but it's not really doing anything that we haven't already seen before we saw the 108 megapixel camera already in the $500 Meno 10 and that periscope zoom camera we saw inside the p30 pro which also currently costs around $600 both of those phones with similar features are less than half the price of this ultra phone samsung has also taken their S 20 series and made 5g mandatory this time around and they charge a premium for it five G coverage still isn't even a thing yet for half of the United States and the millimeter wave the super high-speed portion of 5g is currently covering basically nobody the 5g phones are still very premature and paying a few hundred dollars out of your own pocket to sponsor a futuristic 5g tech you can't utilize is very much not worth it here in 2020 unless of course you do live in a large city and know for sure that the millimeter wave 5g system is right outside your window basically the $1400 galaxy s 20 ultra is made up of components that we can find another phones that cost half the price and includes a 5g system that most people can never use sometimes verbal burns hurt the most the 1440p AMOLED display lasted about 30 seconds under the heat from my lighter and did eventually recover the screen is also capable of a hundred and twenty Hertz refresh rate at 1080p we first saw this tech on the ROG phone – that's currently selling for five to six hundred dollars on eBay just another reason why this phone shouldn't be costing fourteen hundred the s20 ultra is using the under screen ultrasonic fingerprint scanner we saw debuted last year on the s10 I'll set my fingerprint first before adding some level seven deeper grooves to the screen and even with this additional artwork my phone was able to sense and read my fingerprint every single time the ultrasonic fingerprint scanners are safe from scratches I tried bumping up my exposure so we could get a look at the transparent pixels that surround the rectangular fingerprint scanner inside of the phone but it looks like we'll just have to wait until the next video to see how big it is the rectangle is still currently invisible Samsung hit it well finally it's time for the bin test honestly with how rock hard and rigid Samsung phones usually are I was surprised that this thick phone had a little bit of give to it it's the subtlest of sways of course probably due to the length of the phone and it's six point nine inch screen the s20 ultra does survive my durability test however no cracks kinks or permanent damage anywhere all I'm saying is if I had $1,400 in my pocket first of all I wouldn't spend it on a cell phone but if for whatever reason I had to it would not be this one the s20 ultra is a Frankenstein conglomerate of parts found in many other much cheaper phones and it doesn't bring anything new to the table if I wanted a top-of-the-line phone that screamed 2020 I would get the Galaxy Z flip even with its fragile screen its futuristic design and form factor warrant the $1400 price point way better than this s20 ultra does either way and every one is different but the one place you can't go wrong is with a teardown skin link is in the description let me know what you think tell me your thoughts on the s20 ultra down in the comments and coming out me on Instagram and Twitter thanks dumb for watching I'll see you around

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