Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches⚡June 2022

May was exciting but June seems more exciting. In May we’ve seen more smartphone launches in 2nd Half And In June too, we’ll see more smartphone launches in the 2nd Half & one of them is the most talked about & most awaited smartphone. We might see the 1st smartphone with 200MP camera in June & it’ll be known as Motorola Frontier/ Moto Edge 30 Ultra It seems a flagship phone with SD 8+ Gen1 SoC & it may launch around 4th week of June. Also budget Moto e32s was about to launch & might be priced around 10K There’s a smartphone that’s going to launch on 31st May & it's iQOO Neo6 and will be aggressively priced as we’ve seen with iQOO phones It will have a different look like a flagship but will have a price tag which is lower than a flagship It has SD870 SoC, 64MP OIS Triple Cam 4700mAh battery+80W charging & will be priced below 30K The next phone is for niche audience – Google Pixel 6a & it might launch around end of June Will have 6.1’’ OLED screen, Tensor SoC, Dual 12MP camera setup & Pixel phones are known for their camera.

Let's talk about OPPO K Series – We’re not sure about its final name. It may either be OPPO K10 5G or K10 Pro It might be based on either Dimensity 8000 or SD 888 so it seems like a budget flagship phone It’ll launch around Mid June. It will have a Big AMOLED screen, 120Hz & other features that you expect. They’ve already launched OPPO K10 4G (priced under 15K) & their successor is coming soon I'm more excited about Reno8 Series – It’ll launch around the end of June or 1st week of July. Reno8 series will have 3 phones : Reno8 , Reno8 Pro, Reno8 Pro+. It will come equipped with New SD 7 Gen1, Dimensity 1300 & Dimensity 8100 Max So Reno8 series is coming around June end / July 1st week Let's talk about realme – realme GT Neo3T – Dimensity 8100/SD 870 SoC, 120Hz AMOLED, 150W charging & will launch around Mid June Also it may come with a special edition as well.

OnePlus Nord 2T. We’ve already done its unboxing & it’ll launch 4th week of June Check out our unboxing. It comes with Dimensity 1300 SoC Let's talk about rebranding – Xiaomi/Redmi/POCO rebranding Redmi Note11T Pro Series is launched in China but might launch as POCO X4 GT in India. Also POCO F4 GT is coming – Redmi K50 Pro Gaming might launch as POCO F4 GT in India Will have SD 8Gen1 SoC, 6.67’’ 120 AMOLED screen, 4700mAh+120W charging POCO F4 GT Will launch around Mid June in India.

Stay tuned for the last phone in this list. It’s Nothing Xiaomi 12T or Xiaomi 12X will launch around June end Xiaomi 12 X Series might launch as rebranded Remi K50 Series or Xiaomi 12T might be a new series. Will have 120Hz AMOLED, 108MP triple cam, 4500mAh+120W charging. Finally lets talk about Nothing – Nothing Phone (1) will launch around June And it's not going to be a flagship phone but might come with SD 7 Gen1 (boost in performance compared to SD778) So yes. Nothing Phone (1) is coming.

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Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches ⚡ December 2021

Which smartphones are launching in December? It’s the 1st time where I tell you about the upcoming smartphones next month.
Generally, 90% of the time it’s true but last month I mentioned many phones & 50-60% of them didn’t launch! And I’m really very sorry for it! But the situation is so due to chip shortage! And with that many smartphones that were going to launch but they didn’t. But it’s possible that the launches might get postponed but there are 7-8 phones that I’m 90% sure of their launch in December.

1) Asus 8Z – I called the Asus representatives before & they said that we’re ready to launch but there aren’t many phone stocks. And due to many of the supply chain issues they cannot launch the phone. I know I’ve been talking about it but they don’t know the dates. It’s going to launch, but we don’t know when. And like many people are asking about it, it’ll launch but don’t know when. But let’s talk about the phones that are going to launch for sure!
Redmi Note 11T – It’s launching on 30th November! And it might go on sale in December. It’s based on MediaTek Dimensity 810 SoC & you already know that it’s Redmi Note 11(China). So that is confirmed! If you want to watch its unboxing, then we’ve made a video on Redmi Note 11(China).
And the other 2(Note 11 Pro & Pro+), they’re launching in India by other names.
Xiaomi 11i & Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge. Hypercharge due to its 120W fast charging in China. But when it’ll come in India, we’re not sure if it’ll be 100W because there’s no phone launched with that fast charging.
And you need to certify it with a process, so I’m not sure whether it’ll come to India with that charge.

But there’s 1 thing for sure, that they’ll launch in December end or January 1st week, the Xiaomi 11i & Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge. 3) Moto G200 5G – I’m very excited about this phone. It’ll be the cheapest SD888+ SoC phone! It’s going to be under Rs 40K & has already launched outside & will launch on 30th November in India or might get delayed. But most probably on the last day of November or the first week of December, it might launch. And it’s the cheapest SD888+ phone so let’s wait for it & it’ll obviously be 5G with flagship specifications.

Friends, this phone was going to launch under the name of the OnePlus 9RT but now the IMEI database says it's the OnePlus RT. And it might launch by mid to end December in India & it looks good with SD888 SoC & a 50MP camera.
Let’s see at what price it’ll launch but yes it’s launching before the end of December!
4) Redmi K50 Series – There’s a big launch in China in December & I don’t know by what name it’ll launch in India.
There are already hints & teasers of the K50 on the Weibo website. So definitely by mid to end December, it’ll launch.
And it’s said to come with great specifications! And this time the K50 Series will have a gaming edition on Dimensity 9000 SoC.
Dimensity 9000 SoC’s Geekbench scores are out & they’re crazy! Let it launch & we’ll see.
There’s 1 phone that I mentioned in the October/November’s video, that the iQOO 8 Legend is coming. And it might launch in December but I’m not sure it might even get cancelled.

Let’s hope it launches by December. It has a 2K screen with 120Hz fast refresh rate & flagship specifications but I don’t know about its launch. This is probably the 1st time I’m so unsure as the last video had many phones covered but the chip shortage has broken my confidence! And iQOO 8 Legend might be a victim of the chip problem. Let’s wait & watch!
realme – It’s surprising to see realme being so cold in launches as they used to launch 1 smartphone every month! But in December, it’ll change! Realme Narzo 50A Prime & realme Narzo C35’s rumors/teasers are out
& they’re already listed on the websites. So it’s pretty sure & I’m 99% sure that 1 or both phones might launch in December. So finally realme will make a comeback after 2-3 months! And these are budget series phones(Rs 10-15K). So not just flagship, but we’ll see some budget phones in December as well.

I’ll talk about China launches, OPPO & vivo Foldable phones are going to launch! Yes, finally! We guessed in our Smartphone 2021 Trends video about this & there weren’t many launches,
but finally OPPO & vivo are going to launch their foldable phones. Not in India, but in China for sure. Looking forward to that! December has another big event where we might see 1- or 2 good phones. I’m talking about the Qualcomm Tech Summit, where they’re launching their Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC & in that event Xiaomi 12 Ultra might launch based on that SoC. And along with that, the Xiaomi 12X might launch with Dimensity 9000. So during the Tech Summit we’ll know when & where these phones are launching.
We tried finding phone launches from Samsung, Infinix, Tecno etc but nothing as of yet! And it seems like they might not be launching any phones. So these were the phones that might launch in December & I’m not sure as the time after the festive season is a bit slow.

And the chip shortage is making it even slow! Especially this November as we haven’t unboxed any phones! Just 1 or 2. I’m missing it already! If you enjoyed the video, then do hit LIKE!
That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!.

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Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches ⚡ November 2021

Friends, September & October months were so busy! OMG, they had so many phone launches! You must’ve seen them, as we’ve done their unboxings & first impressions. And this is the video about upcoming smartphones for next month. I’m going to talk about the phones launching in November, but remember it’s an interesting time as it’s the festive season. And what are your plans for Diwali? I hope you’re having a great time! Yes in 2020 & 2021, the festivities were subdued & minimal due to the pandemic. I hope this Diwali the Covid cases have dropped down completely & I’m hoping everyone’s having a great time! It was as if November wouldn't be so great because many launches have already happened but no! Many exciting launches are coming up! I’m seriously telling you, watch the video till the end so that you know them all! I’m actually very surprised how so many phones are launching even after Diwali ends.

Because Diwali is on the 4th of October & then there’s November, but there are many phone launches coming up. Yes the quantity is less but the phones are exciting. So watch the video completely to know! If you enjoy the video & it helps you, then do hit LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! Firstly, let me clear this out! ASUS 8Z – I’m talking about them since June-July & I didn’t mention them but I regularly talk to the people of ASUS, & they want to launch & they’re going to the ASUS 8Z. Meaning those who want a compact Android phone with flagship level specifications, they can look at the 8Z.

And 90% it’ll launch by November end. Yes, I talked to ASUS that we’ve mentioned it twice in our upcoming video series And they also confirmed that it’s launching soon, but due to chip shortage & supply chain problems they couldn’t launch it. Otherwise imagine why they wouldn’t launch it. It’s Diwali & many people shop during this time & they’re waiting for it. So yes the compact flagship level ASUS 8Z is launching in November. And friends, it’s interesting as there are many flagship phones launching & I’m going to talk about OnePlus & iQOO. Both these brands are going to launch amazing flagship phones in India in November! Redmi Note 11 Series – They’re important as the Redmi Note series is the most popular series! And it’s launching in China this month(28th October) according to me.

There are 3 phones – Redmi Note 11, Redmi Note 11 Pro & Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus. And generally after launching the Redmi Note series in China, it launches in India after a month. According to that, I’m saying there could be 1-2 phones that are coming to India from the Redmi Note series by November end. Or maximum in December’s 1st/2nd week. So yeah, let’s wait for it this time as it’s said to have a 120W charging, will have 5G & would be on Dimensity SoCs, & it’s quite exciting as the Redmi Note 11 series is coming! Xiaomi 11T Series – It’s renamed now! And it’s said to be launched in India by mid November! There would be the Xiaomi 11T, the Xiaomi 11T Pro & they’re listed on the BIS certification website so launch is imminent. They’ll definitely launch by mid-end November. And remember they’re flagship level phones. So the Pro will be based on the Qualcomm SD888 SoC, it’ll have 108MP multiple camera setup, 120W fast charging etc.

So ya, the works! As I said, there are many flagships coming to India in November! Even after the festive season is over. And now to tell you, Xiaomi’s sub-brand POCO, no it’s an independent brand now! POCO M4 & M4 Pro – Either 1 or both phones might launch but remember, it’s a POCO phone so it’s a rebadged phone! And the one on the certification website is basically the Redmi Note 11 with the same code name, & has come under the POCO brand name. So it’ll be a rebranded phone that’ll launch in India by the end of November, I’m not sure about this but it might get launched.

The rumours & leaks are coming out slowly & it feels like it. So yes, POCO M4 & M4 Pro are expected! And talking about Xiaomi. Redmi K50 Series – It’s launching in China & not India. And with the amount of rumours on the specifications! OMG! They’re all some crazy specifications in the K series phones. So that’s launching too but in China. The phone for the masses which was going to launch before Diwali, but it’ll launch around Diwali. JioPhone Next – Remember, it’s a phone in the price range of Rs 3.5-4K. It’ll be based on the Qualcomm SD215 SoC.

It’ll have Android Go & it might launch before the 15th of November. Remember, this phone is made under Google’s partnership with Reliance Jio. So yeah, some interesting things are going to be on this phone! And it’s going to be for the masses! OnePlus 9RT 5G – We’ve been talking about this phone for many days now. It’s finally going to come by mid November. It’ll have the Qualcomm SD888 SoC, 50MP triple camera setup.

So OnePlus this time, launches their T-series which won’t be coming but the OnePlus 9RT is coming! It’s slightly lower than the flagship level & we’ll see at what price it comes. It’s said it’ll be around Rs 40K. So yes, OnePlus 9RT is definitely coming by mid November. There’s another amazing phone launching, which I’m looking forward to! It came in China with the name of iQOO 8 Pro but in India it’ll come by the name iQOO 8 Legend. iQOO 8 Legend – It’ll be based on the Qualcomm SD888+ SoC, it’ll have a 2K+ QHD+ display with some great specifications. iQOO has launched many phones this year & iQOO 8 Legend will be sitting right at the top of the heap! So it’s coming with some great specifications & it’s confirmed to come by mid November. Now friends, I don’t think OPPO/vivo are launching any phones, at least according to our sources & findings. So OPPO/vivo are not launching any phones, but Micromax & LAVA might launch their phones. There were some new about Micromax phones some 15-20 days ago so there might be phone coming from them, but I’m not sure so I’m not talking about it.

And generally Samsung which is usually in our list is also not launching any phone. So yeah, no OPPO, no vivo & no Samsung. Infinix might launch a phone as they launch 1 every month. So at this point I’m not sure but yes it might come but I’m not so sure. Yes, so this was our Upcoming Smartphone for next month(November) video, how did you find it? We take a lot of effort, research & talk with people of the industry & only then we make the video! So that we are accurate but we can't always be 100% accurate, but our hit rate is almost 90% So do hit LIKE on that note! That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!.

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