I Bought The Cheapest Smartphone on Amazon…

I've used a lot of famous and expensive smartphones like the iPhone X, the Samsung phone , and the Pixel 2XL in my pocket. These phones are pretty expensive, but in reality, not everyone can afford it. A lot of times when I unbox a money saving phone the radios in these internationally sold phones don't work that well I want to find the cheapest smartphone on Amazon but there are a few rules 1.

Can't be used can't be 2. Must be able to buy it on Amazon Prime 3. Must be able to support LTE 4. Must be a smartphone 5. Use Android if possible This is the phone cost me $49.99 Alcatel onetouch IDEAL From the box, the phone is still running the old version of Android , but the old version of Android is turned over to see the 4.5-inch 854×480 resolution screen on the back. As I said before, 4G LTE is 200W in the front and 800W in the rear. Camera 1.1GHz Octa-core processor Android version 5.1 Back to the era of 5.1, this is more important, the supported 4G signal frequency band supports both WCDMA and GSMA 850, 1700, 1800, 1900 American residents can use it with confidence by inserting a SIM card and as long as 49 Oh! Open the box and see what the $49 is.

Stop thinking about those good-looking phones that are 10 times more expensive than this one. First, get the device body, the removable battery! There is also a piece of paper in the front, so you know what it will look like when you turn it on The micro USB port at the bottom does not need to consider any symmetry issues at all. It needs to be placed where it needs to be placed. I guess there is no fast charging battery. This 1780mAh battery cannot be bought on Amazon. This is the back cover and the AT&T logo is posted.

What is the rating of this phone on Amazon? Seems like 3.5 stars? That's right, it's 3.5 stars. Based on this price, you shouldn't have high expectations. Simple and rude hhhh Good! Power on! Okay that's stupid bezels oversized bezels We don't care once we don't care this reminds me of the small Pixel 2 oversized capacitive buttons that I'd get sprayed on are common on older phones no glass backs, no wireless charging I went to see how much electricity it got from the factory, the screen is too dark hhhhhh The keyboard speed is a little slow, look at the difference hhhhhhh Also, I just want to connect to wifi, he told me it takes two minutes hhhhhhhhh What the hell is the same viewing angle, these two The screen is literally going down and down a $50 phone every day, the screen is completely invisible Wish the brightness could be turned up a bit, oh so much better! It 's not an OLED for a comparison dude I'll remind you, this phone is only $49 and I'm bragging that this phone has some pre-installed software and it's not that fast.

Time to look at the camera. It's a little nervous. The shutter lag is a bit high. ……The latitude is too low. Either it's too bright, or it's dark. The front camera is probably bad. It's not like human skin and zombies. However, the details are still wide and you can zoom in and out. But not being able to touch to focus the camera is really bad to test the speakers may be good may be bad latest Unbox Therapy video is this a Facebook ad? Come use Facebook. Have you heard of Facebook? have you heard of it? guys? The maximum brightness is 480p. Turn up the volume . The speaker of this phone may be accidentally covered on the back. Of course, the speaker is very bad. Of course, look at youtube . Positioning is for those who have never used a smartphone.

For those people, it's okay. After all, he has achieved the experience and price that a smartphone should do. How to balance it? I definitely don't want to buy a $49 phone if I can but $7,890 or even $500 is a bit pricey for us on the low end and you can indeed see some phones that improve that quality on Amazon in the US , I will definitely not buy it for $49. It should sell for one or two hundred dollars. There are some mobile phones at this price. It is a huge improvement compared to it. Don't buy this mobile phone. I bought it as a tape recorder or a backup machine. I don't hate the experience of this mobile phone. Just $49 Jack is more than $49 for a lunch.

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What is a Google Phone?! Reviewing Every Pixel/Nexus Ever!

so we've come a long way with smartphones and you could definitely see that when i reviewed every single iphone in a row that's ever been made 1 through 13. but this this should be very different because the question of what exactly defines a google phone has changed quite a bit over the years they've been all over the place but they've also come a long way in a different way [Music] so what is a google phone first of all well today the correct answer would be a pixel of course right but if you ask the same question anywhere from around 2010 to 2015 the correct answer would have been a nexus a nexus is a google phone or maybe any number of google play editions but if we're going all the way back to the beginning which we are it started with this the g1 so the g1 was manufactured by htc and this is going to be a key thing to pay attention to throughout this whole timeline because until the year 2016 google has never been the manufacturer the hardware company that builds the google phone google makes great software and great services but absolutely has never been a hardware company they've just been out here making android so before the g1 android was originally built to be an alternate operating system for digital cameras still a great idea by the way uh but eventually google bought android in 2005.

I think andy rubin at some point called it literally the best deal ever but there was briefly a prototype called the sooner that was never sold but was manufactured also by htc based on their excalibur and used to demonstrate and test this new version of an open source mobile operating system and then by 2008 we had the t-mobile g1 i remember really wanting this phone but i was on verizon and i was 15 so i couldn't just switch for a phone that looked cool but it did it looked so cool it was really a different design from so many of the other phones out at that time it had a trackball in addition to the touchscreen which wasn't that weird because blackberries had those too but there was also the end call sleep wake button there was a dedicated camera button with a state-of-the-art 3 megapixel camera on the back but also there were these buttons down here on a chin that's bent in at the bottom which is very different and that sliding mechanism for the keyboard which is still super springy and very satisfying was always pretty unique even at a time where lots of phones had springs and hinges and of course on top of all of that it was running android version one on 192 megabytes of ram and a 320 by 480 display now being different isn't always necessarily good right this phone definitely got mixed reviews when it dropped you know the low contrast screen wasn't amazing there was no headphone jack so you needed an adapter for this proprietary mini usb port to plug in headphones but this google phone was all about android it was all about the software and that's what made it different from the blackberries or palm trios or even the original iphone that was out at this time that's what the g1 was all about so this phone had to come out for the rest of what we're talking about today to even exist but what most people think of when they think of the first ever google phone is this the nexus one so right off the bat this phone was a flagship i remember it was a huge deal that it launched with a one gigahertz processor that was a barrier we were approaching at the time it had a relatively large 3.7 inch display and a higher 800 by 480 resolution and beyond all the new power in the big screen there is now multi-touch capability so the most memorable feature you might remember about this phone was the live wallpaper behind all your icons and new widgets i feel like every video on this phone had the live wallpaper with the moving colors and you could just touch a bunch of different spots and they'd pop up oh and it had a trackball again so clearly google liked that as much as i did there were some other things too like the back popped off battery removable this phone also launched back this early with google goggles which let you id things through the camera that's a long time to be doing that and also it launched with the android market which was an early first version of what we now know as google play store so a lot of things happening on the nexus one but i think really this is the phone that set the tone for me from what i expect a google phone to be which is a flagship a very capable flagship phone but asterisk this phone is again built by htc you can see the little badge at the bottom here and so at this point htc is building plenty of other great phones but they've also collaborated with google on this one so we get an htc build it's pretty dense it's made of metal it also has a spot for a micro sd card slot to expand memory alongside that removable battery there is some resemblance to some other htc phones that came out around the time and chief among them was the htc desire but with some google specific adjustments like the capacitive button layout below the screen was just for nexus one and the trackball which also lit up as a notification light was just for nexus one so this one was sick weird fact though it was discontinued completely after six months you know didn't really get any promo from carriers was kind of trying to be sold online only and it was just over after half a year so then we moved on so what did we get after nexus one we got nexus s and this one was made by samsung so this launched right around the same time as their first ever samsung galaxy s hence the name so those phones were built similarly but again this one was customized a bit for the google experience and so now that we have a sequel this is the first time we're really thinking about the question what is a nexus what is a google phone supposed to be there were also some curious things about this phone like it had a slightly curved four inch display that wrapped a little bit i guess around your face or felt more natural in the hand sort of sure it was also one of the first ever phones with nfc which would of course be the foundation later to android pay and it's the first google phone with a selfie camera it was a vga resolution selfie camera but it was still a selfie camera this phone launched with android gingerbread which was one of the first versions it was the first version to have a darker aesthetic not quite hollow but definitely shades of the night mode we have today and a screen off animation also one of the coolest most memorable things about this phone look like a crt tv turning off it's the little things but really at this point nexus is the phone with the most google software it's the pure android phone so it doesn't have any bloatware it doesn't have any modifications doesn't have any skin like you might find on the samsung version or an htc or motorola phone it's the google software phone so the next year in 2011 we got the galaxy nexus so there's an even more obvious collab between google and samsung we all know about galaxy s this was a nexus again made by samsung so it's the galaxy nexus and as a verizon customer this was the first nexus i was able to get and it was also the first and only phone i've ever lined up outside of a store and waited for then i proceeded to make eight videos on it but again this was a really interesting phone as a google phone so it had a much larger 4.65 inch still curved 720p hd oled display and it had a better 5 megapixel rear camera on the back with instant shutter it still had a headphone jack and it still had an easily removable battery remember those days when you could just pop out the battery and drop in another one two seconds later and be at 100 but now as a nexus this phone launches with stock android 4.0 ice cream sandwich the holo os the physical buttons are gone long before the iphone dropped their home button and android is now entirely doing on-screen navigation and like i mentioned this phone is in stores so i got it out of verizon store now it still wasn't a huge seller nexuses were still for android enthusiasts but yeah i was in the thick of it i remember i had custom roms custom kernels on this phone i overclocked this phone i was having a good time the galaxy nexus but things were about to change so i'm going to skip the beloved nexus 7 tablet and the not so beloved nexus q media player that technically came up next they were nexuses but they weren't google phones there was also a motorola zoom tablet that i loved back in the day that was succeeded by a nexus 10 but the next nexus phone was the nexus 4.

So now we've moved on to a google phone made by lg so this phone was interesting it sort of took a step back from being a flagship on the shelf of a carrier store and went back to being a great deal that you could get online so we have this unique flat glass design with no camera bump and a super unique dot pattern underneath that you could see when the light hit it a certain way it had a slot speaker around the back which is an interesting choice but at least you could cup your hand around it and hear it better at the front but of course now with this glass design it becomes the first nexus that supports wireless charging but the back is no longer removable this phone dropped for 299 which in 2012 yep was a good deal although that was the base 8 gig model so you could spring for the upgraded 16 roomy 16 gigs of memory for 349 bucks um it was lacking lte at the time which was a bit much but overall the phone was pretty well liked so now what's a google phone uh a well-specced competitive stock android phone for enthusiasts i guess well nexus 5 was built by lg again this time loosely based off of the lg g2 but this was a design i really liked it was understated had some contrasting black and white hardware i called it the panda phone because who else did a white earpiece like this nobody but honestly the rest of the phone was pretty forgettable they got up to a flagship spec again snapdragon 800 with two gigs of ram 1080p display but i was pretty unimpressed by the camera it did make hangouts the default text messaging app but if you know anything about google messaging apps yeah that wouldn't last long i think probably the most significant thing that came from the nexus 5 was a little extra focus on the stock google now launcher so these phones have always shipped with aosp which is android open source project it's basically just a version of android that you get when you download it straight from google stock blank nothing extra added but now google's actually starting to add a little bit of its own special sauce on top of android when it ships it with a nexus phone so this shipped with android 4.4 kitkat one of the two candy themed collabs but the launcher had google now built in where you could swipe over from the home screen and it would give you these cards and the google assistant would show you this information on the cards that it predicted would be useful to you before you would even ask for it so stuff like the weather at a destination you're about to fly to or the traffic on your way to work before you leave in the morning really smart stuff so nexus 5 was an uninspiring piece of hardware pretty simple and basic definitely was the beginning of seeing some of google leaning into being a smarter phone than your typical smartphone also shout out to the red version of this guy that came out a few months after launch that was so bright that it literally over saturated pretty much everyone's camera i remember it was impossible to make this phone look the actual red that it shipped on video but it completed the trifecta of the mkbhd edition smartphone colors so that was very nice okay here comes 2014 and here comes shamu the most unnecessarily massive nexus of all time now made by motorola so okay at this point is there any theme to who makes the nexus phone each year i mean it feels like they just offer up a two-year contract every time and see who wants to sign allegedly they were really close to working with huawei on this year's phone but had to scrap it at the last second so okay we got nexus 6 just based loosely around the 2nd gen moto x but just way bigger and it is huge it's got a massive nearly 6 inch 1440p display flanked by stereo front-facing speakers and the bezels and you know we have big screens nowadays but this was also in the days of the 16×9 aspect ratio so it's super wide too just huge in the hand not to jump ahead too much but nexus 6 is actually bigger and wider than the pixel 6.

So huge display huge 3200 milliamp hour battery with motorola's turbo charging huge new 13 megapixel camera with a huge new ring flash around it and huge new flagship specs snapdragon 805 three gigs of ram and up to 64 gigs of storage and android 5.0 lollipop but along with all these insane specs was an insane price for the time so nexus 6 cost 649 for the base 32 gig version and a whopping 700 bucks for the 64.

So it was not only big but it had the biggest price tag of any google phone yet especially coming off the back of the more competitive nexus 4 and 5. fun fact the internal code name of this phone when they were developing it shamu the orca the whale see everyone knew it was big but maybe the most sneaky important feature of the nexus 6 came in the camera so this was the first ever google phone to launch with hdr plus didn't seem like a huge deal at the time it was just maybe one more feature in the camera but it was combining multiple frames all together in a quick shot to bring in more dynamic range and notoriously took a lot of processing power so hdr plus was just an option that you had to turn on to get that extra latitude but that right there that was an inflection point for smartphone cameras in general i mean nowadays if you don't have hdr you're not really doing it right but just the fact that we take for granted now one single shutter press information from several different frames all get processed and smartly blended together big moment there so then nexus 9 you were great nexus player definitely not great but then in 2015 we got two new nexus phones at once we got the 5x made by lg and the nexus 6p made by huawei okay so the nexus 5x as the name suggests was a bit of an upgrade from the nexus 5.

It added a fingerprint reader on the back updated specs bigger battery switched to usb type c all the classics it did also have boot loop issues that thankfully never affected mine but that phone was 379 then at the same time we get this all metal jacket nexus 6p p for premium probably but this was an all metal build with a camera visor at the top it had the flat sides which we still know today as premium the ridged power button the front-facing speakers and the highest end chip and hdr got even better this one had a stellar camera 6p was pretty universally praised as literally one of the best if not the best android phones on the planet this one sold for 4.99 so google you just made two different nexuses at the same time nexuses nexi you made two of them at once right one of them cheaper one of them more expensive one of them budget one of them contender for phone of the year very premium and so this is usually what you see from companies that are trying to offer two different options for two different customers it's what you get while you're trying to appeal to a broader variety of the masses which is an interesting move and then that's the last we ever saw of nexus so enter google pixel i just want to say as a video enthusiast i love the word pixel as a name for a phone but that is a new name so we've had nexus and nexus up until this point we could think of as the google software phone right we had all the samsungs and htc's and motorolas and huawei's of the world making all their own phones but the google version with the nexus name would be stock android quick updates straight from google there was also a brief stint of google play edition phones in 2013 to 2014 that combined the hardware of the best phones in the world with google's stock software does anyone else remember these i love these phones there was a google play edition samsung galaxy s4 it was amazing there was a sony xperia z ultra there was a google play edition htc one m8 honestly some of the best phones ever but this is a brand new thing this is pixel it's not nexus so why the rebrand why the new name well there's a bunch of different correct answers i think to this but basically this is the first phone that's designed and built by google so there's your google logo down there it's the first iteration of this new two-tone design i mean internally they still had some help but this would be considered the first real google phone but also a big part of what makes pixel next level is how they really started leaning into it being a particularly smart smartphone so it already had that google launcher and the clean look but we're drifting further away from aosp this is not the exact version of android you'd get straight from google this is now like the google skin on top of android so it's the first android phone with the google assistant built in and it's got the camera again taking pretty big leaps forward thanks to hdr plus continuing to get better and i just remember seeing this announcement and getting really optimistic about the future of competition because surely if we have the iphones of the world where apple controls the hardware the software the chip the whole everything was made by apple to work perfectly together then surely this is the beginning of google doing their best version of the same thing you know so google pixel 2 i think was peak pixel and that's at least in two ways right with that camera and with that two-tone design i love a good panda phone already or stormtrooper whatever you want to call it we saw hints of this with the nexus 6p but google is now just full-on embracing the two different finishes on the back by contrasting them with black and white and then the colored power button wow what a great idea for just a little splash of color a little accent on the side but there were a few other notable things here they got rid of the headphone jack they did have some blue shift display controversy on the xl version which used the new lg p led and i even made a video a few months after launch about why i don't use the pixel anymore because of slowing down issues with the software over time but what the pixel 2 was really famous for was this single camera so it had a new 12.2 megapixel sensor in there and featured the latest and greatest from google's camera app their hdr plus and their multi-fame processing and this phone just kicked out incredible photos it leapfrogged over everything else out it had excellent detail sharpness dynamic range shutter speed focus everything and the videos it took weren't even that good but the photos were just so good that this was basically universally praised when it came out as the best smartphone camera of all time but also at this point i think it's worth talking about sales so this one comes out google's selling three to five million pixels per year which is nice right but at the same time you know apple selling 200 million phones a year samsung selling 300 million phones a year so even with this incredible world-class camera great reviews enthusiasts loving it great software it's not a lot of people buying it so pixel 3 comes out in 2018 and every bit of it feels just like a refinement on the pixel 2 which is great for people who love the pixel 2 but the minor improvement alone probably isn't going to spike sales as you can imagine and there's also regular and an xl version of every pixel since the first one but this one's xl came with a super duper alpha omega bathtub notch up at the top at this point i think we can say it's the deepest notch we've ever seen in a phone it did have both a regular and ultra wide selfie camera up at the front on either side of the earpiece front-facing speaker so honestly i loved that extra ultra wide selfie camera on the xl but nobody really loved the notch there was an old google tweet basically trying to justify it by saying oh don't worry the notch to display ratio is actually less than many of our top competitors it's like yeah that's probably true but also so would this notch but that doesn't make it good either way aside from that minor tweaks overall refinement of the build materials ip68 water resistance finally up from ip67 wireless charging gets added here night sight is added to the camera app but basically the same revolutionary camera as last year and overall pretty solid update doesn't really move the needle you know it did move the needle though the pixel 3 a this phone shifted things for google so halfway through 2019 at google i o they announced a budget version of the pixel it's a 3a and a 3a xl starting at 399 which is half the price that the pixel 3 started at so it has all the same software smarts all the stuff that made pixel enthusiasts love the phones but made a budget version with a lower powered internals polycarbonate instead of metal and glass still has great battery life in the same world-class camera that put the pixel on the map for so many people and it was a hit basically from the moment this phone was released it was most of the pixel sales and so there's some upside and some downside to this level of visibility the upside obviously is there's now more people seeing and using these phones and google assistant and all this great stuff and the camera but now the most successful version of this product is the cheap one which means that when people think of what is a google phone what is a pixel they think of it as the cheap phone that takes good pictures they're not thinking of the fast one or the high-end one it's the cheap phone with the good pictures pixel 4 came out after that and honestly felt like a slight misstep it launched again starting at 800 bucks they're trying the flagship thing again but there were a bunch of quirky weird features that either didn't really make sense or didn't pan out the way google was probably hoping now again it had the same a plus camera as the pixel 2 but it's been two years now so the rest of the world is starting to catch up and it's not so unanimous anymore and it was a bit short on battery life and with the addition of a second rear camera for the first time they chose a telephoto instead of a much more popular and useful ultra wide even though they talked a lot about the software super res zoom and not needing a telephoto anyway it was the solely radar array up front that was an interesting idea with a ton of cool demos and other products but really turned out to draw a lot of power and ultimately not have the functionality in a phone that people were looking for and it would get mixed in a year so pixel 4 stepped back from being one of the best phones out period to being genuinely pretty hard to recommend i mean not a lot of people bought this phone the sales figures say there was about 2 million sales of pixel 4 in the first six months interestingly my review of the pixel 4 got 4.8 million views in the first six months so a lot of attention just not a lot of people buying the phone and that's until pixel 4a came out so naturally google followed up the successful pixel 3a budget king with a pixel 4a and they followed the same formula with a lot of the same stuff that people liked about the 3a same camera again polycarbonate two-tone design but this year the materials were even better a little more textured polycarbonate the screen was fantastic especially for the price they crushed it plus they even lowered the price to start at 349 so to no one's surprise following the same formula got them a lot of people to really love pixel 4a so okay at this point it feels like google sort of settled into something with the pixel right got pixel 3 pixel 3a pixel 4 pixel 4a disappointing flagship smash hit budget phone disappointing flagship smash hit budget phone and so if you keep going down this path you continue to cement pixel as a budget phone maybe the rest of it kind of fades into obscurity and it even kind of felt like the design was slowly getting more generic and plain the two-tone is kind of gone even the colored power button is a bit more muted it's succumbed to the pressures of the industry the back fingerprint reader is gone the headphone jack is gone so this google phone this this pixel has basically just become uh not that impressive hardware wise but really incredible like silo for google to demonstrate all of their machine learning and their software and ai and that's not something that's going to sell a whole ton i mean enthusiasts will love it but it doesn't even let them reach their max potential with that either they're a little limited by whatever the latest off-the-shelf qualcomm chip is capable of or designed for so this spoiler alert is right around when they started making some serious progress on something new in the background so this is why pixel 5 and 5a felt kind of like placeholder phones pixel 5 here is a 700 flagship so relatively normal price but there's no xl version just one size there's no higher capacity storage versions just a single 128 gig non-expandable spec snapdragon 765 g just an off-the-shelf upper mid-range chip that's it it's just it's here it's a phone it's like the it's like the blank canvas 2020 of phones like oh you've got a corner cut out for the selfie camera so does everybody else it's got wireless charging it's got no headphone jack it's like we've seen this shell before well maybe not with the soft touch on top of metal but inside is where all that software magic is still happening that all the enthusiasts who love the pixel still care deeply about all that's still in there so that's how most reviews including my own looked at the pixel 5.

Decent if underwhelming hardware but android 11 is better than ever google assistant is improving on these incredibly useful pixel exclusive features on top of aosp like assistant screening spam calls and it's once again basically the same camera stack as the pixel 2 but computational photography still brings out the best of this hardware and it is still one of the best photo takers in the industry then pixel 5a drops almost a year later again with one spec and one size and it is very very very very very similar to the pixel 4a 5g from the year before but predictably people like a big screen and a big battery and a big camera performer for a low price so this was again the winner but this whole time kind of in the background some of it because there's always rumors of things in the tech industry but some of it because it was truly new was rumors of google working on a phone that is even more of a google phone than before and google's pretty bad at containing leaks so a lot of that stuff got out and they just straight up confirmed it and so after many teasers and pre-released information and leaks it finally arrived 2021's pixel 6.

This is now the apex of being the most google phone ever finally i actually remember being in some meetings and briefings with some google employees before this phone came out they're showing it to me and they all kind of have this smirk on their face like yeah we finally did it we really made a google phone this time because now this one has a google design google software and a google designed chip called tensor and so kind of like how the name changed from nexus to pixel when they finally started doing the design themselves they've definitely changed up the design here with this camera bar at this beginning of them designing their own silicon and the benefits of the new silicon with the dedicated machine learning accelerators has been very real both with the photo and video processing now and speech to text things like that the rest of the phone is also now pretty high end across the board mostly not quite bleeding edge but you add the larger higher resolution high refresh rate displays faster charging more ram and a suite of all new much larger camera sensors featuring a massive main sensor so then it does start to feel like a pretty big upgrade the most impressive thing about this phone though might just be how much effort google now is putting in to making sure the world knows that this is a flagship i mean all the advertising spend all the effort getting this in front of people's eyes this is a flagship and it's a google flagship and it's a good one that's what they want us all to think now from some conversations i've had with people at google they were working on tensor for a long time and they actually wanted to have this out earlier they're actually planning on pixel 5 being the first phone with tensor but then with covid and supply chain issues and a bunch of things getting in the way at the last second they kind of had to bail on that but they still wanted to drop a new phone so they just put a snapdragon 765 g in it shipped it called it a day and kept putting their heads down for pixel 6.

So it is out now and while they're definitely trying to be flagship flagship flagship they're also definitely not going to shy away from the proven formula of making a pixel 6a i would totally expect to see that sometime soon probably going to look a lot like this but cheaper materials it'll come out it'll probably also do really well but i think now if you revisit the question one last time of what is a google phone we see google trying to push an answer on us which is it's a flagship phone it's genuine option and it's got a lot of good stuff and that's where we stand today 13 years of google trying to make a smartphone and going from the g1 to the nexus one to the pixel one and the merging from uh from defining a google phone as the phone made by another manufacturer with the google software on it alongside another version that has some skin to being a google play editions to being the nexus designed by google all the way up now to the pixel where all the way top to bottom you pretty much have google stuff so the tensor phone is the beginning of the new definition looking forward for what is a google phone and we'll continue to see that evolve over time from here either way that's pretty much it definitely let me know what other lines of phones should i look at there's a lot of other options there's the galaxy s line there's the oneplus line a bunch of others leave it in the comments section below under that like button thanks for watching thanks for subscribing catch you in the next one peace

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Are Gaming Phones A Ripoff?

Hello everyone, I’m Dave 2D In this video, talk about gaming phones, and whether you should buy them Because different companies have different gaming phones In front of me, there are three gaming phones Razer Phone 2, Asus’ ROG Phone, and Xiaomi’s Black Shark Phone 2 Are all released this fall, the new game phone If you are considering buying one, maybe one of these three is suitable for you There are also gaming phones made by less well-known companies But if you want to buy, I suggest choosing from these three Next, we will talk about what I like, what I don’t like, and whether or not I should buy a gaming phone. First of all, the configuration is different All use Snapdragon 845, strong performance and enlarged screen But they are heavy and not cheap The cheapest is Xiaomi’s Black Shark 2, but it still costs 550$-600$ What distinguishes them from the flagship machine is the screen High refresh rate screen This is the real and original difference between gaming phones and other phones When gaming phones first appeared last year, they were equipped with high refresh rate screens. The benefits of a high refresh rate screen are hard to say in the video, especially when the video is recorded at a standard of 24 frames.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes, it’s really smooth I just picked up the Razer phone and played with the 120Hz screen and immediately felt the difference I'm afraid someone will ask, mention that the 120Hz of Razer phones is indeed a bit smoother than the 90Hz of ROG phones. But not every game supports high frame rate, some popular games are locked at 60 or even 30 frames ROG phones have the highest screen brightness AMOLED screen, the picture is clean and bright, the brightness is obviously better than the Razer phone 2 The screen of Razer Phone 2 has been improved compared to the previous model. The screen of 1 is very dark. It is better this year, but it still does not meet my expectations. Another point, Razer Phone 2 once again supports Netflix HDR However, the actual look and feel is not so good Netflix's HDR video is very dark on the Razer phone 2, especially in a well-lit environment The picture details in HDR mode are definitely better For example, the details of the bright area are significantly better on the Razer phone 2.

But the overall brightness is really too low. Really need a very bright screen to give full play to the power of HDR. HDR is like that And Razer phone 2 is not bright enough ROG phone's screen is brighter Even though it doesn’t have HDR certification, I think most people would prefer the screen of ROG phones to the Razer phone 2. Even if the details of the picture in the bright place are lost, it is because the screen of the ROG phone is really bright The screen of the Black Shark phone 2 is relatively ordinary, the ordinary 60Hz screen but the look and feel is still great The exterior design is quite different.

Personally, I like the design of ROG phones the most. I think it’s the most unique design. I really like the etched lines on the back glass, the copper color elements and it’s great Razer phones look more square, still the design style of Nextbit Compared with the first generation, the second generation glass back cover makes it more high-end But still very square Black Shark 2 is less distinctive It's not ugly, but the appearance is very ordinary, not as iconic as the first two Although these three are all gaming phones, only ROG is equipped with a headphone jack Let me say that any gaming device, especially mobile phones, should have a headphone jack Any gaming device in 2018 should have But for some reason, both Razer 2 and Black Shark 2 need adapters. Maybe this is the trend in 2018. Speaking of ergonomic design, none of the three models are very comfortable to hold. In terms of long-term gaming, Razer phones have the worst experience If you hold it for a long time, the edges and corners of the phone will be very scratchy.

Compared to GBA or NS, the other two are also general GBA and NS are designed to adapt to the palm But these are mobile phones. They are so thin that they can’t hold them very well. I’d like to say that Black Shark 2 is better than the other two, but it’s average Ok light All three mobile phones have a backlit logo, you can use software to control the color or something I have seen the backlight logo on other gaming peripherals or notebooks Now finally on the phone But mobile phones and peripherals are a little different I have said in many videos The lights on peripherals and laptops can be used for fun, but the freshness will soon disappear I don’t know why, I like the lights on my phone very much You can customize the color of the logo In 2018, this is very fresh This makes your phone instantly different For example, there is a blue logo, which I like very much Make your phone look different And the mobile phone is my personal item, so this kind of customization ability is great I think the lights of Razer and ROG are great ROG has the largest light area, so I think it’s the best There are also lights on the side of the Black Shark 2, but it’s a bit redundant on the phone OK, the speakers of the three mobile phones are all front So the probability of covering the microphone is reduced when playing games, good thing The volume is full, but in terms of sound quality, Asus is the best Razer 2 is close behind, while Black Shark 2 is slightly behind, ranking third Good performance, the performance of all three mobile phones is very strong, Snapdragon 845 ROG mobile phones are packed with chips in the box, which means that ASUS deliberately selects the strongest performance in the same batch to use The highest frequency can be up to 2.96GHz instead of the ordinary 2.8 There is indeed a gap in the running time, but it is not obvious Playing games makes you even less aware of the gap Mobile games are very strong The battery capacity of the three is the same, all are 4000mAh Black Shark 2 consumes the fastest power, I don’t know if it’s a software problem, because this phone is not a mass production version Camera, let’s talk quickly Very average Razer Phone 2 may be the best of the three The resolution is the highest, and the dark details are better than ROG phones But compared to Pixel and iPhone, it’s really incomparable Finally, I want to talk about a unique function of ROG, the air trigger To those who don’t know is to put a sensor in the frame of the phone, you can perceive it by pressing it Like the console game controller, there are L2, R2, L1, R1 The air trigger simulates these buttons instead of real physical buttons The essence is the sensor in the middle frame Look directly, this idea is great The first time I heard and tried it was in Taiwan, I felt great But after trying ROG phones for a while, I found some limitations 1.

A little delay It will take a while after pressing If you bind it to an important function, such as shooting Then you definitely don’t want to delay, you have to fire immediately after aiming See the enemy, aim, press the trigger, fire But the processing time of those few milliseconds is annoying It is very convenient if it is bound to less important functions But a very important function, I will not tie it to the trigger Another point I noticed is that the maximum sensitivity did not meet my requirements. I want it to react when touched But you have to press hard, deliberately This again makes it less convenient It's not a bad thing Very inconspicuous, you can’t even see that there is a trigger here I think it can be solved in software, but now it’s cool, but not practical enough Another point, the vibration motor on ROG mobile phone is very powerful I have felt it, the strongest vibration motor on the phone If you like that tactile feedback, then it can satisfy you Vibration motors can also be used in games, if any games are used, it’s also great ROG mobile phone also has an accessory, which is a fan for heat dissipation.

I have used it for a while and it feels like a fancy thing It's not completely useless, it can dissipate heat, but it has no effect on performance In the running score and stress test with and without fans, I get the same results Maybe it’s useful if you play games for hours But in my personal test, it didn’t work. Razer phones have an optional wireless charger, which I like very much There are lights, it is annoying at night, you can turn it off But it has two forms, the form is placed flat, the phone is placed flat on top There is also a stand shape, which can be charged while watching a show, which is very cool Black Shark 2 comes with a handle that can be stuck on the phone case to make the gaming experience more ergonomically comfortable Connect via Bluetooth, no wire required I like this little accessory You can buy such an accessory on any mobile phone, but Xiaomi comes with it, which is great Okay, summary Are these phones worth buying? They are not cheap Gaming phones, definitely considered high-end products I found that Razer Phone 2 is the most balanced The 120Hz screen is great, the system UI, some games can make full use of the screen The sound quality of the speakers is full, the lighting is cool, and the camera is improved compared to the previous generation My opinion, even if you never play games on your phone This is also a great phone The user experience itself is great, if you still play games, it’s even more important As for ASUS ROG phones, it doesn’t feel so comprehensive.

Definitely a mobile phone for players If you don’t play games at all, I don’t recommend buying it Many of its features, including accessories, are to enhance the gaming experience But if you are a player and you can use these features, then it is great, especially its screen is very good Black Shark 2, the cheapest, but if you are in North America, it may be more difficult to buy it But considering its game feel and accessories, it is also a good choice But unless you don’t care about the camera performance at all, don’t buy these phones Because it costs 600$ to 900$ to buy them, you can easily buy other phones with much better cameras at this price.

If you care about cameras, don’t buy gaming phones If you really like the RGB backlight logo (To be honest, it’s really cool) Then you can buy one I hope you like this video. If you like it, please like and subscribe to the one-stop one-stop service. See you in the next issue~.

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Introducing the Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Introducing the Google Pixel and Pixel XL

The Pixel and Pixel XL are two new phones soon to be available. They have entirely been designed by Google, and feature a bunch of cool and useful Google-based features, built right in to the phone itself.


Image result for google pixel

New Features

One of the core features of the Pixel phones is what is being called the Google Assistant, an updated take on the Ok Google feature included with some of the newer Android phones. You can access the Assistant by saying ‘Ok Google’ out loud, or by holding down on the home button. According to Google, the more you use it, the more useful it gets.

Google has also stated that anyone buying a Pixel will also receive unlimited storage for all of their photos and videos, all stored at full resolution online in Google Photos. This will greatly help reduce the amount of storage space normally taken up by your photos, allowing you to save more of what really matters to you to your device, like apps and music.

The phone also features Rapid Charge technology via the the reversible USB Type-C charger, giving you up to 7 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes. And when you aren’t using your phone, Doze automatically puts it into a sleep state to extend your battery life.



Here’s a quick rundown of some of the more important specifications of the Pixel phones, including screen size, battery capacity and weight:


  • Operating System: Android 7.1 Nougat
  • Screen: 5.0” FHD AMOLED display (1920×1080)
  • Camera: Rear: 12.3MP camera
  • Front: 8MP
  • Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 821 2.15 Ghz + 1.6 Ghz, 64 Bit Quad-Core processor
  • Battery: 2770 mAh
  • Internal Memory: 32GB
  • Weight / Dimensions: 143g / 143.84mm x 69.54mm x 7.31mm

Pixel XL

  • Operating System: Android 7.1 Nougat
  • Screen: 5.5” QHD AMOLED display (2560×1440)
  • Camera: Rear: 12.3MP camera
  • Front: 8MP
  • Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 821 2.15 Ghz + 1.6 Ghz, 64 Bit Quad-Core processor
  • Battery: 3450 mAh
  • Internal Memory: 32GB
  • Weight / Dimensions: 168g/ 154.72 x 75.74 x 7.31mm


More Info

If you’d like a more detailed review of the new Pixel phones, check out MobileSyrup’s detailed article, detailing specs and hands on impressions.

For info on the available pricing of the phones through Telus, here’s a link for that as well. The phones are set to be released by Google on October 20th, with availability in-store soon to follow.