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music snoring its 6am, wake up, wake up, its 6pm wake up Let me sleep (snoozes alarm) let me sleep 5 minutes later snoring hey!!! its 6am wake up!!! wake up!!! wake up wake up wake up wake uppppppppp wake up supid wake up (music) show me the fastest way to dombivali (in mumbai) turn right wow turn left left! where? is domblivali in the river? three hours later take left and continue on rajasthan national highway how did we reached rajasthan?!!! Take a U turn and continue on pakisthan national highway Hey!!!! i don't want to go pakisthan, i want to go to Dombivali(in mumbai) go down down where? inside the ground? go up I am driving a car, not an aeroplane Approximately 10 hours later… your destination is on the right side i wanted to go dombivali, you got me to Africa! (music) so kids, 150 years ago, world war between Hitler and Osama bin Ladin had occured where a lot of people died (phone rings) shushh! keep quite! quite quite quite!! what is happening in the class?!!! sorry sir are you outta your mind? i said sorry sir! your parents thought this? sir!!!!!! (phone rings) wait a minute, don't interrupt! yes! my phone gives me more knowledge then you i just have to download skillshare app in my phone (phone rings) i told you to wait a minute yes, how much ever you teach here throughout the day we get more knowledge on skill share, sitting at home Stop your rubbish talks No one can give you more knowledge than the school! Aye Stupid, Stupider, Stupidest, 2×1, 2×2=4, 2×3= Stupid, Stupid! Instead of watching your stupid face, i will watch good videos on skilshare app Phone rings! Dance you stupid, dance! (Music) I can't even believe we are talking for continuous 5 hours on phone Don't you feel sleepy? NO! you keep the phone NO! you keep the phone Nahi first you! First you! First you! First you! First you, you, you! (Slaps!) when she is telling you to hang up, hang it up! ***** Do you want to kill me? (Music) Prash! share me the photos that you clicked in diya's party Yes! yes! Doing it now Hey siri! send party folder to my babe Which Babe? Pooja, Archana, Geeta, Aarti or Shanti? How many Babes are there in your life? No one! You are the only one pooja! Pooja? No! No! aarti! no! Archana! Geeta! Shanti! Bhajan! Bell! What are you! Wait I will do your Rituals! Take this sweets! Stop it! Stop It! (Music) Boss message? Prash did you complete yesterdays assignment? Yes i am doing it Boss! 2 minute Boss Yes i am doing it ****! 2 minute ***** Send! I told you boss, not **** Now i already sent it! Boss message! what did you say? Sorry boss! did it was done by mistake Boss! Sorry ****! did it was done by mistake ****! Send! I told you boss, Boss! My phone will get me killed! Boss message,what did you tell me, come to the office tomorrow and take the resignation letter! I am sorry Boss! I am sorry ****! send! (music) what do you want! Autocorrect sir! Autocorrect! who did the invention of Autocorrect? when will you spare me newton? Friend! even I am irritated because of Autocorrect! Day before yesterday i said Nikala Ghosla(nest) instead of Nikola Tesla! He is behind me with an electric wire! See here he comes! Run! I won't spare you! Don't worry! you will get an another job! Shut up! wait i will get you exchanged now from the shop! Sir I want to Exchange this phone! show me a low budget phone yes! yes! sir see it! it is your shop only! hehe, Motu! you didn't die yet? hehe, LG even you didn't die yet! (Both Laughing) Our life is ruined! hi Iphone! Hey! oppya, even today you are wearing similar clothes like me! just the clothes are same! underwear is still a cheap one! Don't tell anyone Shut up! copy cat! sir! did you like anyone? NO No! these one's are talking too much! the corner one silent, show me that! Oh Samson Note! i will bring it now No! No! don't go there, Don't go there! Yeah come! come! (Blast!) Hey! guys if you like the videos like it and i you are new to the channel subscribe it The link of the skillshare application is given in the description if you download from that link first 500 subscribers will get 2 months free trial so go fast and download it! i will meet you in a new video with a new topic, till then bye! (Outro Music)

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Street Fighter II (mobile phone) playthrough

By popular request… … it's Street Fighter II, for mobile phones! Okay, only person requested this one… … and it was my good buddy Rage Quitter 87, and who am I to deny a pal's request? Have you seen his website? If you haven't, jeez, you're missing out. Either way, this little beauty NEEDS to be shown off. It's such a strange, unique little title. Well, that's one way of summarising Street Fighter II. But yeah, porting Street Fighter to a mobile phone. CAN IT WORK? I don't think I need to say there's a novelty to punching virtual dudes in the face. It's pretty timeless, innit? But how do you implement a six-button dude-punching engine… onto a mobile phone? I intend to find out! Also, I'm playing on Easy because I'm really shitty at fighting games. Don't make me dig out the photographic evidence. (ask RQ87, he's got plenty) But now things get interesting! The game has three different control schemes… 2-HAND TYPE: A direction pad of some sort handles movement, and the numpad does fisticuffs. 1-HAND TYPE: Direction pad does movement, and all non-special attacks are relegated to a single assumedly-context-sensitive key.

And last but not least… NUMBER TYPE: Every single friggin' command is spread across the number keys. The scary part is that, on some phones, that's probably your only possible option. Chew on that one for a while. I'm going with 2-Hand Type, because, believe it or not, it's actually quite pleasant to use! (on a desktop keyboard, anyway) I had wanted to use Chun-Li for this playthrough… … but this was before she got her Kikouken. Where's the fun in that? … so I'll be picking everyone's favourite scrublorb, Ryu. I do appreciate the simplified command list. I meant to check Zangief's, actually. How would you pull a 720 on dinky mobile arrow keys? But I've delayed enough. I should probably play the game now, shouldn't I? It's everyone's favourite world warriors! Everyone is here, albeit in choppily-animated and horribly shrunk form. Which is more than Street Fighter II on Game Boy offered, believe it or not. WHOOOOAAAAA Do excuse, it's rare you get opportunities to compare how identical those guys look! Your opponent is selected via this little roulette action thing.

You can hit the 5 key to stop, though it often just chooses another guy anyway. I don't think any other version of Street Fighter II has that feature! (I need to catch up on RQ87's playthroughs, so please correct me!) Well, this looks like Street Fighter, doesn't it? PAFUEKUTO! Sadly, the game never acknowledges your leet-ass skills. "You Win" is all it ever tells you. I worked hard for that Perfect, man! Actually, I totally didn't. The game is fully aware how iffy command inputs are going to be…

… so all special moves can also be activated by pressing the 9, 0 and * keys! For Ryu, 9 will fire a Hadouken… 0 will unleash a Shoryuken… And * will bust out a Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku. Easy as! Now, I'm sure a fighting game purist would argue that this defeats the whole point of special moves. It's all about mastering the character and their commands, knowing to pull off these tricks in the thick of battle…

… right? I'm really not up to scratch on the fighting game community. From what I've observed, all attempts to simplify commands have been a bit dodgy. Either they upset the hardcore players, or they're nerfed so badly you're missing half the moveset (like Marvel Vs. Capcom)… … or it's so damn convenient it breaks the game wide open. Like that infamous video of Guile in Street Fighter IV: 3DS Edition. But I'm not a fighting game player. I haven't got the dexterity, patience or expenses for it. But I dig seein' all them special moves! And to be frank, it's a whole heap of fun having all those moves at the push of a button. And it allows me to actually appreciate and play the game… … rather than constantly fretting, "how do I do a Dread Kick?" So, uh, you might have noticed the game's got a bit quiet. I'm not sure if it's an emulation glitch, or a quirk in the game… … but after your character's theme plays once, that's it. Nothin' but silence for the rest of the game.

Oh, and you only ever see your chosen character's stage. So we'll be fighting on Ryu's bridge for the next thirty minutes. Aren't you just shaking with excitement? Man, Ryu is the worst dude to play as, from a winquote perspective. Lines like that don't strike fear into your enemies, dude. Try "I WILL MEDITATE AND THEN FUCK YOU!!" Or "YOU DID QUITE WELL, BUT YOU NEED A BIGGER DICK TO DEFEAT ME!!"
I need to find out what ROM hack those came from again. It had the words of a sage. Drat. I was aiming for Blanka. All the opponents are pretty lacklustre in their fighting AI… But Blanka is an absolute beast to face off against. And not because he's green and hairy, hardy har har.

I'll get to him later. I should really stop walking into people's fists. Okay, let's time this. I struck the winning blow against E.Honda at 7:18. Let's see how long it takes until I can take control again. Because these long delays were perfect for nipping away for a glass of OJ… … or watching crap on the Wii. "THE ROAD TO BECOMING THE PERFECT FIGHTER INVOLVES FITTING THROUGH THE BATHROOM DOOR." I think I had a video playthrough of Dynamite Deka running on the Wii while I was playing this. It was very strange looking between that and this. One had a framerate, and the other felt I was going back in time. CONTROL REGAINED! Write this down, folks, it took 42 seconds to end one match and start the next one. That might not be too bad compared to other games, actually.

In fact, Street Fighter IV might have the same level of delay… … but at least it's got winquotes, announcer chatter and flashy displays to tide you over. This game just makes damn sure you don't touch the power button. Stop tempting me, man. The crappiest of victories! I would apologise for all the Hadouken spamming… … but screw you, man! I GOT SINGLE-BUTTON FIREBALLS!!! Let's face it, that was the primary anyone chose Mega Man in MvC1. Pity he made that childish squeal with every shot, though. "EYYYIE! EYYYIE!" Imagine if he made the same sound in the real Mega Man games! Actually, no, don't. That's terrifying. Y'know, I'm actually impressed this port can handle multi-hit combos. I just sort of expected the game to croak, or not do them at all, or something. Man, what kind of damage is that? Does Guile gain super armour during a Flash Kick or something? I want my money back on that Shoryuken. I expected serious clobbering. I guess I should mention there's no bonus stages in this game. I know, life just isn't worth living, is it? Thankfully, bonus stages were implemented two updates later in Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers for mobile phones.

But you can't play them without wading through several bouts in the arcade mode first! NOOOOOO That game does look better and runs smoother, as it's rebuilt from the ground up… … but it has some seriously stupid flaws, including a hilariously bad and un-configurable control scheme. But that's a rant for another time. I just realised I missed an opportunity early on for a "SO HOW ARE YOU KEN?" joke. I'm kicking myself! I really feel like I've accomplished something with these 3-hit combos. In a game as slow-paced and clunky as this, it feels rewarding to punch a dude twice before being shoved away. It's no flashy air combo, but it keeps me happy.
We're nearly there! Only six foes left! Yeah, Bison and his cronies managed to make it in.

Thank god for small mercies. LET'S PLAY SUPER MARIO BROTHERS I'M RYU HE'S ZANGIEF JUMP THAT FIREBALL HEY FAT BOY JUMP THAT FIREBALL JUMP IT– oh. Never mind, then. Man, the Hurricane Kick stinks half the time. Zangief knows how to counter my moves. Clever boy. FATAL KO AW SHIT NOT ON MY PERFECT RUN NOOOOOO Is this the end for our world warrior? Nah. You can continue as many times as you like. Your score is the only thing that's penalised. I think the users of Street Fighter II for mobile phones can rest assured that their highscores aren't under threat by me.

Oh, screw you. I DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS It's so satisfying to actually be able to pull off these moves when I want to. It must be what a competent fighting game player feels like! Ah, the most glamourous of finishes. Backing into a corner and kicking furiously in mid-air. Truly you are the world's greatest warrior. So we've only Blanka left before we fight the four baddies, right? Hold onto your butts, folks. So, like I was saying, Blanka's a freakin' beast. He's ALWAYS approaching, only ever retreating to use his rolling attack. If you shoot a fireball, he'll hop over it, air-kick you, then punch, and knock you over with a crouch kick.

After firing a fireball, you've no chance of blocking any of that. And if you don't block it, it's a guaranteed dizzy… … so Blanka can just repeat it over and over until you die. But his regular punches and kicks have mad priority and range, so you can't even approach him safely! And for a spectacularly crummy player like myself, this is bad news. During my test run before recording, I'm sure I fought three or four matches against him, and all ended in failure. He's a tricky chap! But if you can break his defences, it's just a matter of exploiting them. The problem lies in how quickly you can fuck up and squander the rest of the round. Yeah, bare-basic Street Fighter knowledge, I know, but bear with me! These are my baby steps. BAM! Right in the olde smackeroo. A lousy finish, but at least he's toast. The game is a lot easier from here on out! … which you'd hardly believe, given we' only halfway through the video. If you've been watching the video non-stop until now, please, use this opportunity to cast your eyes at something else.

Find a nice glen and watch some birds or something. Anything to remind you what a realistic speed looks like! AW SHIT IT'S EVIL RYU LOOK AT THAT SNEAKY DUDE, HE'S UP TO NO GOOD HE'S GONNA TEACH SHOTOKAN TO FARMYARD ANIMALS OR SOMETHIN' MEAN Son of a bitch, that's MY trick! Well, that was anticlimatic. Ryu vs. Balrog! Surely this fight will require a new backdrop, right? Nope. Well, I think I've exhausted everything I can say about this game. … so why don't I talk about Street Fighter II: Champion Edition for mobile phones? Because, surprise surprise, it is the exact same game, except you can play as the boss characters.

I'll be uploading my playthrough of it, don't worry, but I probably won't do textual commentary for it. I mean, I'm already attempting to talk through ONE creaky mobile phone fighting game… How will I cope trying to do that for THREE MORE OF 'EM?? I can talk a load of shit, but for an hour and a half's worth of content, no chance. So, Champion Edition! I played it as Sagat, and I don't know if they did any adjustment to the bosses' damage ratios. Sagat just tears up the competition. I haven't played as the other bosses (or, heck, any of the other characters at all), so I can't compare.

It is literally the same game, with a different title screen. I wouldn't be surprised if this vanilla version already has all the assets, just locked away. Wouldn't the first time Capcom pulled a trick like that! Oh, there is one thing Champion Edition has that this doesn't… Endings. Yeah, there's no ending in this! (spoiler alert!) You beat Bison, you get your score tally, your fella does a little pose… … and you get booted to the title screen. Mind you, it could be because I lost to Zangief, or was playing on Easy… But, really, I'm in no mood to double-check. Champion Edition does have an ending for Sagat, at least… … though it's the same barebones one he had in the arcade, with the same picture used for all four bosses, just with different text. But it's better than nothing. At least you get something to show for that efforts: that Sagat's still miffed at Ryu. Oh, and when you fight the boss characters, the backdrop changes to Balrog's stage.

Playing as Sagat puts you on Guile's stage, for some reason. Well, I think I've said everything I possibly can for this game. I'll keep playing, obviously, but I'll begin wrapping up this commentary. What do I think of the game? … well, I like it, actually. Yes, the frame rate is insufferable, and the graphics are bad, and it doesn't play as well as it should… … but as a handheld Street Fighter experience, it's pleasantly accessible. It's cheap, sure, but the instant-special moves buttons are a real blessing. You can dive straight in and enjoy a close-enough Street Fighter experience, without having to spend an hour in the training mode working out how those blasted charge moves work. Mostly because this has no training mode.

Okay, most of my positivity comes from the novelty of single-button Hurricane Kicks….. but, darn it, that's something I've always wanted! For a casual scrub, it transforms the fighting game from baffling joystick-pusher to Mega Man-esque "use this move to counter this attack" exercise….. which is how you're meant to view the game, isn't it? In a nutshell? Not entirely, though, surely. Don't shoot me. Well, that's it for street Fighter II on mobile phone. I've still got Sagat and M.Bison to fight, but you can enjoy that without my inane banter, I hope. Later!.

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๐Ÿ”‹๐Ÿ”‹๐Ÿ”‹ Your MOBILE phone is HEAVIER when is [FULL] battery. 0% vs 100% Really?!?

very good my friends today I have a question for you what do you think that is heavier an empty mobile phone or our full chart mobile phone I leave a car here so you can answer now what do you think I didn't result anything so I don't know the answer but what I'm going to do is to get a polar one that is 20,000 milliamps I'm going to wait it when it's empty and I'm going to charge it and then with it again so we will see if there is any change in the wife I'm going to use a kitchen scale so the Russell's are not going to be very precise but I don't know what do you think after the experiment I'm going to search on internet and I'm going to try to explain what happened ok the scale is in zero grams we place the battery there and it says three hundred eighty three grams let's charge it and let's see the result but he is full now we start the scale okay one gram two grains what are the result of the experiment the change in weight is not existing or is very tiny the conclusion is that the weight of the battery doesn't increase in a large scale that for sure because we don't have a big increase in weight and there are increasing weight maybe of one gram or two grains and this maybe is because the scale is not accurate enough let this one result and let's see what we can conclude they're doing some investigations [Music] so how secure is the weight of the battery when is chart the short answer is no but the long answer is yes but if we use the mass-energy equivalence formula that says dust energy is mass times square of a speed of light we see that there is a very teeny increase in mass in the battery but this increase is that a small that is not possible to measure with any scale in the wall even a particle of dust that goes to the battery is heavier than this increase of mass came in from the energy that has in the battery now actually what we are doing when we are charging the battery is moving electrons from one side of the electrodes lights to the other side so there is no adding of mass to see how little is there increase of mass in the battery we have to imagine that is more or less the same that adding a cube of sugar to the Empire State Building so I hope you have learned something don't forget to subscribe to the channel thank you for watching and see you in next video [Music]

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World’s Smallest Android Phone!

What's up guys, Lou here back with another video. And it doesn't get any less exciting here at Unbox Therapy. Today I am bringing you The World's Smallest? Possibly? Android Smartphone? That's what I'm told. This is the Micro X S240. Company called Posh Mobile.com This was sent to me from a guy named..Tom. What's up Tom? I will link them down in the description. He sent me 3 of these units, so I guess I'm gonna do a give-away as well follow me on Twitter for details there. Maybe you want the smallest smartphone on the planet. Why wouldn't you? Specs: 4 GB ROM, 512 MB of RAM, Dual Core Processor, Multi touch. Well I hope so, hope it's got a touch screen. *LAUGHS* 2 MP camera and a VGA front camera – Listen, It ain't always about specs.

Maybe you have a different agenda. It's for a very specific type of individual. So… Ooh Get out of town! Look at this little guy! This would be cool for a kid to have. Hello? So there's your little display on there. Camera on the back, speaker here. Micro USB on the bottom for charging. Microphone Now it does look like the rear is removable here. Let me see.. I don't have the fingernails necessary I don't think. Theres a bunch of stuff, what do we have? Basic little headset with microphone Micro USB cable, Power brick Let's try this again. Come on Lou, use your muscles. So here we go, battery goes in. Come on battery… Little bit of juice Give us something Ooh POSH Mobile So…POSH Dare I… *Woosh* This little guy I mean.. Here is the set up Yes, this is small Oh my…*Laugh* Look at how small the keyboard is Do you see that?…What do I…

Oh man… What do you need for this? A little pen or something Look at that! It's a real phone Very dimly lit capacitive buttons The brightness of the screen is surprising, I didn't expect it to be that bright. The main thing here is just how small it is. Benjamin Button He's a li.. I think he get's smaller as time goes on He still needs a phone Phone, messages and contacts by default You scroll over here… little skin on this android it looks like Browser, clock… camera! *oOoOo's* Did that work? I think… Yea! *Chuckles* Just a little delay! Hello to the world From 1999 Ooo…I think i'm getting better Maybe not… You're not going to want to write a novel on this guy here *Laugh* Man..Look at that tiny little Youtube player Is the orientation locked here? There we go! Speakers not terrible! There you can see it…How do they get it all in there? I dunno how they get it all in there.. Galaxy Note 5 Wow…It's the smart car of phones! If you're a… little different kind of person This might be just what you're looking for Cause I like to suprise people…

In weird ways… Wow… What is this? This is the quietest I've been…This is mysterious.

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I Bought The Cheapest Smartphone on Amazon…

I've used a lot of famous and expensive smartphones like the iPhone X, the Samsung phone , and the Pixel 2XL in my pocket. These phones are pretty expensive, but in reality, not everyone can afford it. A lot of times when I unbox a money saving phone the radios in these internationally sold phones don't work that well I want to find the cheapest smartphone on Amazon but there are a few rules 1.

Can't be used can't be 2. Must be able to buy it on Amazon Prime 3. Must be able to support LTE 4. Must be a smartphone 5. Use Android if possible This is the phone cost me $49.99 Alcatel onetouch IDEAL From the box, the phone is still running the old version of Android , but the old version of Android is turned over to see the 4.5-inch 854×480 resolution screen on the back. As I said before, 4G LTE is 200W in the front and 800W in the rear. Camera 1.1GHz Octa-core processor Android version 5.1 Back to the era of 5.1, this is more important, the supported 4G signal frequency band supports both WCDMA and GSMA 850, 1700, 1800, 1900 American residents can use it with confidence by inserting a SIM card and as long as 49 Oh! Open the box and see what the $49 is.

Stop thinking about those good-looking phones that are 10 times more expensive than this one. First, get the device body, the removable battery! There is also a piece of paper in the front, so you know what it will look like when you turn it on The micro USB port at the bottom does not need to consider any symmetry issues at all. It needs to be placed where it needs to be placed. I guess there is no fast charging battery. This 1780mAh battery cannot be bought on Amazon. This is the back cover and the AT&T logo is posted.

What is the rating of this phone on Amazon? Seems like 3.5 stars? That's right, it's 3.5 stars. Based on this price, you shouldn't have high expectations. Simple and rude hhhh Good! Power on! Okay that's stupid bezels oversized bezels We don't care once we don't care this reminds me of the small Pixel 2 oversized capacitive buttons that I'd get sprayed on are common on older phones no glass backs, no wireless charging I went to see how much electricity it got from the factory, the screen is too dark hhhhhh The keyboard speed is a little slow, look at the difference hhhhhhh Also, I just want to connect to wifi, he told me it takes two minutes hhhhhhhhh What the hell is the same viewing angle, these two The screen is literally going down and down a $50 phone every day, the screen is completely invisible Wish the brightness could be turned up a bit, oh so much better! It 's not an OLED for a comparison dude I'll remind you, this phone is only $49 and I'm bragging that this phone has some pre-installed software and it's not that fast.

Time to look at the camera. It's a little nervous. The shutter lag is a bit high. ……The latitude is too low. Either it's too bright, or it's dark. The front camera is probably bad. It's not like human skin and zombies. However, the details are still wide and you can zoom in and out. But not being able to touch to focus the camera is really bad to test the speakers may be good may be bad latest Unbox Therapy video is this a Facebook ad? Come use Facebook. Have you heard of Facebook? have you heard of it? guys? The maximum brightness is 480p. Turn up the volume . The speaker of this phone may be accidentally covered on the back. Of course, the speaker is very bad. Of course, look at youtube . Positioning is for those who have never used a smartphone.

For those people, it's okay. After all, he has achieved the experience and price that a smartphone should do. How to balance it? I definitely don't want to buy a $49 phone if I can but $7,890 or even $500 is a bit pricey for us on the low end and you can indeed see some phones that improve that quality on Amazon in the US , I will definitely not buy it for $49. It should sell for one or two hundred dollars. There are some mobile phones at this price. It is a huge improvement compared to it. Don't buy this mobile phone. I bought it as a tape recorder or a backup machine. I don't hate the experience of this mobile phone. Just $49 Jack is more than $49 for a lunch.

This video is co-sponsored by Shanis Bennis and ProFlowers. It's perfect for Valentine's Day. There are flowers, chocolate strawberries, and truffles. Pick two, you make the decision. See who wouldn't be happy to see this. The flowers are beautiful and great, but you know, your Uncle Lewis prefers the chocolate-dipped strawberries in front of him. He's drooling, open the box and look at me! The strawberries also had nuts on them! This looks too delicious . The fragrance of strawberries is very good. Anyone who smells it will be in a good mood. First, try one with chocolate on both ends. ~ uh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ u uh…… uh…… ……… So delicious! It feels like it's Valentine's Day and you really have to try delivering the package to your loved one. Your relationship will definitely heat up. It's that simple, just buy one for her and you're done.

Just buy two together. Maybe she prefers truffles. , look at this beautiful truffle, go buy it now, don't wait until the next Valentine's Day There is no better Valentine's Day gift than this, with flowers and chocolate strawberries, so let's get started.

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AutoShare 2 0

AutoShare Intents With AutoShare Intents you can get instant Tasker integration with an ever growing number of apps There are already over 25 intents available including for Google Now, Evernote, and Shazam For example, you could be listening to some music while working and want to know what song is currently playing Or you can even combine multiple apps!
Take photo edit and share it on Google Plus Or you can instantly start playing a podcast in Pocketcasts when you insert your headphones. Intents may seem daunting at first but they're really not. Intents are just ways to let your Android device know what you want it to do. For example, if you want to search for birds you send an intent that says "Hey Android, search for birds" Android will ask all apps on the system "hey app, can you search?" and present you with all the apps that can. Choose the app and it will search for stuff in it.

Importing Intents To use an intent you simply go to the official AutoShare intent list that is available from inside the app you click on the intent you want, and it will be instantly available to use. Then, add the AutoShare action in Tasker and use the intent when ever you want. "How tall is Michael Jordan?" Intents usually create a menu on the screen where you select which app you want to handle the intent with. With Direct Intents you can choose the app you want to use BEFORE sending the intent, which leads to more seamless actions you can choose a specific app to open
image for example so you don't always have to chose it manually.

Intents with results You can also receive data back from intents. For example you can open a file browser to pick a file and receive the chosen file path in Tasker as a variable. Or you can pick a color and use it in a Tasker scene. Intents for developers AutoShare intents are very developer friendly. If you want some of your favorite apps to have quick and easy Tasker integration email their developers and tell them about AutoShare Intents.

They can get Tasker integration working in just a few minutes! You can also share TO Tasker from other apps. You can use AutoShare commands to decide what you want to do with the received data For example, you can have an "Edit on PC" command that takes a file on your phone and opens it in an image editor on your PC. You can also not use a command and rely solely on other info to decide what to do. For example, you can set Tasker to always add a movie to your watch list if you're sharing from IMDB AutoShare is an easy to use yet powerful Tasker plugin with the goal to let you bring all of your favorite apps into Tasker.

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What is worth salvaging from an old smartphone?

Nowadays it is almost essential to own a smartphone In order to check on the latest memes, but also to connect to the world easily Only problem is that over time my smartphone always get slower And the battery capacity dropped rapidly And since Samsung is releasing new smartphone models yearly Which is quite tempting to say the least I got myself a Galaxy S7 about a year ago While leaving my Galaxy S6 behind But simply throwing my old smartphone in the trash is not an option for me So in this video let's dissect it In order to find out which smartphone components we can use for electronics projects Let's get started This video is sponsored by JLCPCB Who produce prototype pcbs quick and low priced So feel free to upload your gerber files to order your PCBs And while you're at it also try out their new shipping methods Which is a bit cheaper than usual To start of this teardown I removed the backside of the phone With a flathead screwdriver And then continued by removing all the Phillips heads screws near the edge of the phone Afterwards through the help of the plastic spatula And a lot of pushing around I separate the metal housing of the phone from the main electronics For now though I focused on the metal closing parts which onestly did not offer lots of components But I decided to remove this black piece of plastic with wires attached to it As well as the volume up, volume down and power push buttons Now the push buttons themselves are truly tiny but through the attached bracket copper pads We can easily confirm that they are still usable But i highly doubt that I will ever find a suitable project for them The black piece of plastic however is according to its outer look, and the fact that it features small resistance between its copper pads Most certainly a coil Which is used to wirelessly charge the phone If you're not familiar with this technology then feel free to watch my videos about the subject To not only understand how it works But also to create your own wireless energy transfer system With it we can tune the frequency of the square wave voltage apply to transmitter coil To the frequency which is commonly used with such commercial wireless chargers Which is around 147KHz And thus use our salvage coil as a receiver to for example light up this LED So in a nutshell I think this salvage coil can easily be utilized in wireless power projects Next I disconnected the battery and once again used the plastic spatula to completely remove it As you can see it comes with nominal voltage of 3.85V and capacitance of 2700mAh Which equals to 10.4Wh of energy That means as an example we could power a 5V 100mA project for around 20h which is not half bad The only thing holding us back is this tiny connector So I simply removed the rapping of the battery in order to get rid of it And thus I will be able to use this battery easily in future projects Moving on.

I removed the front camera of the phone as well as all the connectors from the pcbs And then lifted them out one after the other At the end i used the plastic spatula to separate the phone screen from the remaining plastic enclosure Which partly destroyed the flexible pcb, but more about that later For now though I finished my teardown by removing the home button and weird component which looks like coin cell And finally the speaker The speaker unit as well as the home button come with other components on their flex pcbs And thus feature those tiny complicated connectors Which means they are not easy to use, and thus not worth salvaging for my next projects.

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Every day throw away millions of electronic devices, because they get old and are worn out. But usually it is only one of the components that causes the problem. The rest of the device works fine, but is needesly thrown away. Simply because electronic devices are not designed to last. This makes electronic waste one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. And our phone is one of the bigest causes. So this is a new kind of phone. It's made of blocks.

Detachable blocks. They are all connected to the base. And the base connects everything together. Electrical signals are transferred through the pins. And two small screws lock everything in place. So if for instance your phone is getting a litte slow, you can just upgrade the block that affects the speed. Or if something breaks you can easily replace it with a new one. Or update it with the latest version. An other great thing about this is, you can customise your phone Let say this is your phone and you do everything in the cloud. Why not replace your storage blok for a bigger battery blok? If you're like this guy and love to take pictures, why not upgrade your camera. Or if you don't care about about anything of this stuff, you can keep it simple. Get a bigger speaker. You can choose the Bloks that you want. Support the brands you like. Or even development your own Bloks! Phonebloks is build on an open platform.

Where companies work together to create the best phone in the world. To setup this platform we need to get the right people and companies involved. It will only get started if there is enough interest in a phone that is worth keeping. So this is the plan. To show them that there is interest in this phone, we need your voice. You can donate your social reach on our website. We will gather as much people as possible. On the 29th of October we will send out a blast. All at the same time. Spreading all your voices to show the world there is a need for a phone worth keeping. The more people involved, the bigger the impact. Please visit www.phonebloks.com to raise your voice and spread the word. Phonebloks – a phone worth keeping.

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Alcatel MyFlip2 | KaiOS and Less Bloatware

how's it going everyone welcome back to another video today we're going to be talking about the alcatel my flip 2 this is a kaios device from tracfone that has a lot of good features so let's get started if you're new to the channel my name is jose and here we review dumb phones we talk about digital minimalism and everything in between so that's something that interests you make sure to subscribe again we're taking a look at the alcatel my flip 2. i actually enjoyed using this device on tracfone's network but again you cannot use this device outside of tracfone's network because of their unlock policy as with most of the devices that are sold at target or walmart or anything else you have to wait about 12 months after activation in order to unlock it now the advantage is that tracfone uses all of the networks so you can use it with t-mobile atm t verizon networks you just have to pay tracfone in order to use this device now the alcatel my flip 2 is just a different version of the alcatel my flip or go flip 3 or d but my flip which i have all of them right now here and i'm making reviews individually for each of them but again they have very similar cores and that's actually a good thing the devices don't bring a ton of bloatware like the nokia devices that bring a lot of bloatware so you are able to uninstall most games or apps that are added and you're not forced to keep them on the device the one that has the least amount of bloatware is the alcatel go flip 3 and we'll get to that review in a couple days or weeks just depending on my schedule but the my flip 2 is a very reliable device and it actually has something that the other alcatel devices do not have and that is it has a quick call button this can be configured in order to be an sos button called 9-1-1 or call a family member or somebody in case of an emergency i actually think that this is something necessary for a lot of flip phones and i personally enjoy that this device has it it has a camera on the back it has your regular t9 keypad and it sticks to predictive text so on devices like the nokia 6300 the issue is that even though you enable predictive text whenever you go to compose a text message you have to go back to t9 you have to select that that is the kind of keyboard that you want to use on the alcatel devices i am happy and pleased to announce that you have predictive text as the first option so you don't have to keep switching back and forth you can just go into predictive text once and time and time again which is a very big advantage when you're trying to save time and compose a message it has all of the other features of kaios google assistant it has whatsapp facebook if you want to use those things or it has the other tool apps like a podcast app or calendar calculator things of that nature so when it comes to the software again make sure to check the walkthrough video if you want to see how kiosk operates now the good thing about the myflip 2 is that it's operating on version 2.5.1 which is the same version that is operating under the nokia 6300 4g which allows for calls on whatsapp and also allows you to have a deep memory cleaner which is a great addition when you're trying to use the device for a long term and you feel like it's getting bogged down then you go to the deep memory cleaner and then you're good to go again the only disadvantage of the buy flip 2 is that it only works on tracfone's network which is a bummer i wish it was available on more carriers however that's just how it works as of right now the device works reliably well with phone calls and text messages and again if you want to compose group text messages you have to add a subject or an image or something in between in order to convert it to mms this is a limitation of kiosk we have seen it on other devices so don't expect just to type the numbers and then type a quick text message right there you have to go to the options and then add a subject in order for you to send it that way it is a little bit annoying but it has the ability to send group text messages as long as you do that this applies to all of other kios devices so if you have a kaios device and you say i wish i had the ability to send group text messages you just need to add that subject and then you're able to send it as a group text message it's an extra step that you always have to remember and it is a little bit of a bummer but again it does work besides that battery life is very consistent with kaios it lasts for two to three days with light use and of course if you want to kill it in one day you can do that but i had difficulty draining it to its fullest in one day so i think this device has better battery life than the nokia devices maybe that is just because i started testing it and because tracfone's network is very reliable in my area so i was not having any signal issues which lead to battery drainage when it comes to other features on the alcatel my flip 2 you have your sd card 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and you have your micro usb charger pretty standard when it comes to kaios devices i really like the alcatel myflip too but it stands in tough competition if you're going to use it on tracfone especially if you're going to compare it with the lg classic i have a review on the lg classic and i said that that device is actually the device that i wish it was available on all major carriers because it's very reliable it has group text messages it has calls reliable browser everything is snappy so again if you're looking for a flip phone device that is better than the alcatel my flip 2 then i would say the lg classic is a better option and they stand about the same price 29 this one may go on sale for 19 from time to time or depending on your local store but the price is very accessible and you're going to be able to get this device and run it if that's what you want again it has great accessibility you can install apps like whatsapp and it has some advantages over the lg classic just because the lg classic you cannot install a lot of apps but this device is very reliable very good and if you are okay with adding a subject every time that you send a text message for groups then i think this may be the device for you thanks for watching this video if you have any questions or anything else about other devices or any extra things make sure to put it in the comments below i'll be interacting with you guys thanks for watching this video

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RED Hydrogen One review: a $1,300 mess of a phone

(techno music) – Here it is. RED has spent the last year hyping this. The HYDROGEN One smart phone
with the holographic display. It looks like no other
phone on the market. Comes from one of the most esteemed names in digital cameras. And has a screen unlike any
other phone selling today. It it unique, it is expensive. And it is a complete mess. So I've been pretty
excited for this phone.

RED announced it more than a year ago and it's been talking about this holographic display since then. But the phone kept getting
delayed and pushed back and pretty much no one's
been able to see it. They've shown it to a handful of people. But no one's been able to film the screen and so we've kinda just had to work off of what people were describing it as. And so, I've been here imagining
that a holographic screen is kinda gonna float above the display and have this very cool,
you know, hologram. But, that's not what this is at all. – Oh my God. (laughing) – What? – This is very nauseating. – My question is why? – Maybe the further you hold it, uhhhhh. – Ahhh. – This is kind of hurting my eyes.

I can't imagine using this every day. – My eye are tearing watching this. – There's really no
elegant way to say this. The screen is just bad. Like really bad. But unfortunately it doesn't
show up on video very well. So I'm gonna do my best
to describe it to you. We also made this graphic to try and help. You know those lunch boxes or post cards with a lenticular screen that kinda changes as you rotate it side to side? That's basically what this is. If you've ever seen a Nintendo 3DS, it's pretty much the same thing. I actually think the
3DS is better than this. Most of the time you're using the phone nothing is quote unquote holographic. Everything is flat, 2D, just normal when you're on the main interface, browsing the web, using your
regular apps or whatever. RED has a separate app store that includes a very small number of game and movies that work in this holographic format.

For whatever reason, RED calls it 4V or 4-View, instead of 3D. Nothing ever pops out at you when you're seeing a 4-View image or game. But when you're in those apps you can see a little bit
of depth into the screen. But the depth you see
isn't that convincing. I wasn't even sure I was
seeing it half the time.

And it works really unevenly. Most things are really bad and look kinda like
flat, gimmicky cutouts. Others, especially video where the depth is much more natural, actually have some potential. But the key thing to know
is that it just looks bad when the holographic mode comes on. The screen looks really blurry, like the whole thing is smudged up and nothing is sharp and clear. I think that's because there's
an actual hardware layer in here that's changing how
many of the pixels you can see. I played a few games this way and I didn't feel like it
added much to the experience. I think the 4V made the games worse too. Just look at how poorly
the Subway Surfers ripoff staring Paddington works. It gets choppy all the time. The other big deal here is the cameras.

There are dual 12 megapixel
sensors on the back and dual 8 megapixel sensors on the front. And both sides can be used for capturing 4V photos and videos. Before I get into that I want to say that as regular 2D cameras they're actually pretty
good in a lot of cases. Now you're not exactly getting
RED color science here. RED says there's just not the horsepower. And you're not using a RED sensor either. I think it's probably the same Samsung or Sony stuff that everyone else is using. The colors look rich and natural, though. There's style without them being stylized. But it can't match the Pixel
when it comes to dynamic range. I often found that the HYDROGEN One would blow out highlights that the Pixel could clearly capture. It also struggles in low light and the photos often
weren't very sharp either.

The real highlight here
is supposed to be 4V mode where you can capture
3D photos and videos. The photos are pretty skippable. They don't capture a lot of depth. And eventually I started
making everyone pose in these cheesy ways once I realized that made it look the best. I was surprised, though, the video is, there's something to it. I can actually see the depth a bit.

It a much subtler effect
and it's kind of cool. It's still a pain to watch. It's smudgy and the effect tends to flicker in and out
with a lot of artifacts. Some people said it made them dizzy. But when it works, you
can kind of understand what RED was thinking. Unfortunately you can't
really share it with anybody. Even if you do get
really into shooting 4V, they won't be able to see it unless they have another RED phone.

It just looks like 2D to
the rest of the world. RED does include an app called Holopix which is sort of their own social network. It's supposed to be like Instagram for RED phone owners who shoot 4V. But I haven't actually
been able to test it. Every time I try to log into the app it just crashes when I
press the sign in button. The funny thing is, RED isn't even the first
company to try this. If you remember back in 2011, HTC actually did this with the EVO 3D. It did the same thing. There was a dual camera on the
back for capturing 3D photos and it had the same kinda screen, where you could tilt it and view it in 3D. Now in fairness to RED it does look better on the HYDROGEN One. It's a little bit clearer and the photos and videos
do turn out better. But the tech clearly
has not developed a lot in the time since and it kinda says a lot that RED hasn't meaningfully improved the experience since 2011.

So now I want to talk about
the rest of the phone. 'Cause there is a lot of phone here. I actually dropped it and
injured somebody with it. But props to it for at least trying something different here. I don't really like the design, but there's a lot going on and it looks unlike anything else. There are a bunch of textures on the back. There are the grips for
your fingers on the side that don't strictly make it easier to hold but are interesting. I also like that there's a
shutter button on the top. Unfortunately its less
interesting on the inside. That's because it was
supposed to come out last year so it's running on a Snapdragon 835 whereas the rest of this
years flagship phones all have the Snapdragon 845.

There's one other big
feature on this phone that's supposed to make it unique. And that's these accessory
pins on the back. They're supposed to let you connect all kinds of interesting things. The biggest being a full
on RED camera sensor which you'll be able to
attach real lenses to. But, that doesn't exist yet. There's nothing you can
add onto the phone today. And given that the phone
was already a year delayed, who knows when these
accessories will actually ship. RED hasn't even offered any details on the sensor's capabilities
let alone its price. And so ultimately all the big things that RED set out to do here, all the ways it wanted to stand out, they just don't hold up.

And since it's not particularly
great at the basics, and costs an incredible $1300, it's just impossible to recommend. I really wish it didn't go this way. I think it great that someone
is trying something different when it comes to mobile phones. And the concept of a RED
camera in your pocket? That's really exciting. But it's not what we got. Right now this tech just isn't ready and you probably should
pay $1300 to beta test it. (electronic swooshing) Hey, what's up, we're filming
on an EVO 3D right now because we can't actually
export 3D from the RED phone. If you like this video, be
sure to like and subscribe.

Please let me know in the comments what you actually wanted
to see from this phone..

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