OPPO A96 Review – GREAT Value for Money, but…

About a month ago, Oppo launched the Oppo
a96, and the tagline for this device is “a perfect choice”, signifying that it is a
perfect device… but is it? In this video, we are going through everything
there is to know about this device, and all my observations from the few weeks that I
have been using it for. If you are new to the channel, welcome, and
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so more people can see this review and be informed about this device. Alright, that is enough talk. Without further ado, let us get into the video. UNBOXING Starting with the unboxing, the items that
comes in the box are just about everything you would expect.

Once you take out all the packaging and open
the box, the first thing you see is the case that contains the sim ejector tool, the safety
guide booklets and, of course, the silicone phone case. The next thing in the box is the device itself
in its pretty interesting design which we’ll get to in a bit. At the very bottom of the box is where you
get the 33-watt fast charging brick and type-c USB cord.

DESIGN/BUILD QUALITY I have to say that when it comes to its physical
appearance, the importance of a good-looking device was not lost on oppo at all. The oppo a96 comes in a very interesting design. This sunset blue color that I got the device
in has a pretty nice twist to how it handles light with the nice blend of gold and blue
colors on its back, and I was impressed by this design. Away from looks, I was also impressed by how
this device felt in my hands. For a midrange device with a plastic frame
and back, it feels pretty solid. Oppo claims that the material used to design
the a96 is scratch resistant and can handle whatever situation is thrown at it. – If you would like to see me test that out,
leave your comments below and I’ll be doing that on instagram. So, if I get enough comments below to test
out the scratch resistance, we’ll be doing that over on instagram, so follow me @fisayofosudo.

This is what the page should look like. Please don’t follow any other parody accounts. – As for the durability of the device, while
it might not be the most premium material on a smartphone, it does not feel like you
are holding a cheap piece of plastic. I really like the level of attention to detail
that is paid to the build and design of this device to ensure that consumers get a relatively
premium feel on their smartphone without necessarily overspending. Also, I think it is solid enough to withstand
certain levels of impact and drop heights. On the body of the Oppo a96, you get all the
standard features that you would expect. A 3.5mm headphone jack, a microphone, USB
type C charging port, and speaker grills located at the bottom of the device. You also get a front facing speaker on top
of the screen that offers you a dual speaker listening experience and the small punch hole
selfie camera. On the left side, you get the sim tray and
the volume rockers. On the right side, is where the power button
sits and doubles as the fingerprint reader.

At the top of the device, you get another
mic. On the back, you get the dual camera setup
which we’ll get to in a bit, and of course, an LED flashlight, it’s also interesting
to see how the camera bump looks like, it’s of course not too big but it’s not too small
either. As the bow to tie all of these features together,
the Oppo a96 has an IP5X dustproof rating, and an IPX4 water resistant rating.

Couple this with its scratch resistant screen
and durable build, and you have quite the rugged device on your hands. Everything looks pretty well done on this
device, however, I had a couple of instances when my hand covered the bottom facing speakers
as I played games and watched videos on the device. Still, though, design-wise, I think the device
was well-thought out and its a great addition to the already highly competitive market.

DISPLAY The display of the Oppo A96 is an IPS LCD
screen with a maximum refresh rate of 90 hertz and resolution of 1080 by 2412. At 6.59 inches, the screen comes with slim
bezels, a screen to body ratio of 84% and 401 psi density. Considering the level of innovation and tech
that has gone into smartphones in this midrange category, I think that having an LCD screen
here is a bit of a let down. While the viewing and usage experience experience
of the device is not bad, I did feel the difference between using the LCD display of the oppo
a96 compared to other devices with AMOLED displays. Furthermore, I also noticed that the device
does not allow you to stream YouTube content in 4K.

So, no matter the resolution of the video
you are watching, you have it all capped at 1080p. On its own, however, the display is well-optimized
for its LCD screen with how it handles contrast, colors, and everything in between. While we don’t get an AMOLED screen, oppo
does offer pretty decent brightness on this device. Naturally, the oppo A96 is designed to have
a native max brightness of 480 nits, which is pretty bright, but you still get to set
the brightness to be as high as possible, that reportedly extends the brightness to
an even higher 600 nits.

At this level of brightness, you do not have
to worry much about not being able to use your phone in direct sunlight. After watching a couple of videos on this
device, I’d say that it does a decent satisfactory job. But then again, we are in 2022, I think we
definitely should be getting an AMOLED display. PERFORMANCE Let us now look at the performance features
of the oppo a96. On paper, the oppo a96 offers a Qualcomm Snapdragon
680 4G chipset coupled with an Adreno 610 GPU that runs on Android 11 and Oppo’s ColorOS
11.1. it also comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM and
internal storage of either 128 or 256 gigabytes. The unit that was sent to me came with internal
storage of 256 gigabytes.

These are pretty decent numbers for a midrange
device, and also when you compare it to other devices in its price region. While they are not the wildest performance
specs you’ll see today, 8 gigs of RAM is quite a lot of RAM, and it is bound to give
you just about everything you could need in terms of multitasking and high performance. The oppo a96 also comes with an expandable
RAM that draws some power from the internal storage when needed. This is an interesting extra feature to have
if you really intend to push the device to certain extremes. I put the oppo a96 to the test playing games
and running different apps, and the phone held up really well. I was not sure what to expect with gaming
on this device, but I definitely enjoyed playing games, and I never experienced any lag.

All the games ran smoothly through out the
time I played the game. The one area I think suffered a tiny bit was
graphics. For the graphics of the game, they were not
as crystal clear as I would have wanted them to be. When I played call of duty with the device,
it went straight to medium graphics by default. I did try to play at high graphics, and medium
frame rate, and it still performed nicely. When I tried moving to the high frame rate
on COD, the graphics automatically changed to low. That is to say that you can only use the high
frame rate on low graphics with this device. The Oppo A96 doesn’t have to be the fastest
device, but if you are in the market for a device that will give you a satisfactory gaming
experience without having to spend your life savings, the oppo a96 should definitely be
on your list.

As a sidenote, though, I can’t say how constant
heavy usage would affect the performance of this device after a long time. I did notice that the device began to get
a little warm after about an hour of constant heavy usage and gaming. I have to admit, though that I put the device
through a lot of stress, going from one graphic intensive game to the next. Speaking of gaming, the oppo a96 also comes
with a game assistant feature that helps you optimize your gaming experience to the fullest. The feature is useful for both optimizing
the processing power of the device for your games, and ensuring that you have an uninterrupted
gaming session by muting calls if you have the feature turned on, and limiting background
network usage. You can mute notifications and customize different
options for what the game assistant does whenever you are gaming. The assistant is triggered automatically once
you open again. BATTERY & CHARGING The battery capacity of the is device is the
one feature that certainly gave me a huge shock.

The battery on the oppo a96 is a 5000 milli-amp-hour
battery. Generally, 5000 milli-amp-hours is already
a lot of battery, but it is even more shocking how oppo managed to fit that into a device
that is just 6.47 inches tall an 191 grams in weight. In reality, I have to say that this batter
is definitely as big as oppo says it is. The battery of the oppo a96 lasted me more
than a day on a full charge. In fact, it was almost a challenge to kill
its battery. I ran benchmark apps, played games, watched
videos, and even eventually had to leave it playing one YouTube video after the other
at full brightness, while the flashlight was on just to kill the battery.

I don’t know how much of a heavy user you
are, but I do think it is safe to say that you will be comfortable going about without
your charger or worse, a power bank, with the battery performance of the oppo a96. Unless you are always on your phone and using
things like mobile data and hotspot, and running heavy applications, this phone should you
an entire day and even more on a full charge. Maybe you can take your power bank if you’re
going on 2 Days of only the A96’s battery usage. As for charging, oppo says that its 33-watt
superpvooc fast charger that comes in the box should take the device from 0 to 50 percent
in 26 minutes. Well, we did not fail to test it ourselves
and the result was quite interesting. First off after the device died and I plugged
it in, it started up by itself after a few minutes of charging. In the first 10 minutes of charging, the device
went from 0 to 20 percent. I had pretty high hopes for how it would perform,
but it began to slow down after that getting to just 48% after about 30 minutes of charging.

The device finally got to a full charge after
just over an hour of charging with its 33-watt fast charger. Now, while you would expect it to charge faster,
there are are a couple of things to consider. First off, this is a very big battery here,
and for a 33-watt charger, it is a pretty decent charging speed. Furthermore, with the 48 percent that 30 minutes
of charging gives you, you can be confident that it will last you long enough without
dying with average usage. Also, normally charging speed depends on the
current, voltage or power capability and where you are might be different and it may not
always give you the same results like mine every single time so take this as an average. CAMERA Now, for those that are only or mostly concerned
about the cameras on their smartphone I think the oppo a96 does a good job in terms of photography.

The two cameras on the back of this device
are designed to serve two different purposes. The main camera is a 50-megapixel camera,
while the second is a 2-megapixel camera dedicated to the portrait mode of this device. The small hole punch on the top left edge
of the phone screen houses a 16-megapixel camera. In order to access this 50MP setting, you
actually need to go to the More section in the Camera Menu and click on Extra HD. These days, the camera performance of a smartphone
I more than just how many megapixels the brand has squeezed into the small sensors.

Without proper attention to computational
photography and processing, you’ll have a device with a 60-megapixel camera that cannot
produce good photos. Thankfully, this is not the case with the
oppo a96. Despite it being a midrange device, there
is obvious effort in ensuring that the post processing done in-camera produces good-looking
photos. While it may not win an award as the best
in the world, it does a very good job, especially when you compare it to other midrange devices
that I have had the opportunity to test out. First things first, the selfie. I found selfie quality to be very sharp in
good lighting. Good lighting being the operating word. Once it’s bright enough, you should get
consistent results and in dimmer light, you may not retain some of that sharpness but
it’s still sharp.

Now, in comparison to portrait mode on the
selfie side of things, I had no complaints. It would simply blur the background and try
to separate you from it as smoothly as possible, thanks to that extra 2MP camera. The A96 doesn’t necessarily have a macro
mode but If you zoom in a lot, you should get decent magnified shots that can be creative
looking. Taking portrait shots with the rear camera
is nearly perfect, except for a few blur leaks around the subject which you may or may not
be able to tell from afar, however, it’s still a smooth blur effect that it adds to
the videos to separate you from the background You can go from 1X on the back camera up to
2X, 5X and a maximum of 10X.

I did also like how it preserves text, for
instance, here’s me going from 1X all the way to 10X and it can legibly read the font
albeit a digital zoom. You’ll have to appreciate the processing
power on here. I also tested to see if I could explore macro
with the zoom, just like I mentioned earlier. You can go really up close to capture as much
detail and it would come out clearly with an almost natural saturation of color. The device does capture a lot of detail with
its 50MP sensor as well in the clouds, in text and in texture and it’s also quite
true to life which is something you’ll benefit from. For the night shots, I simply compared the
normal shot to the night mode. These two images were shot at the same time. The one on the right side is night mode and
it quite brightens the photo a lot. To a very considerable extent. To some it might just be what they’re looking
for in a night shot but some also want a more natural look.

When it comes to the front video camera, I
found that the same thing applies for pictures and videos. The brighter it is in your environment, the
clearer the shots are and this sample also looked fair. The back camera does deliver the same amount
of quality you’ll get with that sensor. First off, it can only shoot in 1080p and
720p and this 1080p footage on here looked quite good. We tested it on the road, we tested it in
areas with plants and it looked fair, we tested it with metal and just a random structure.

One thing to also note is that you can zoom
from 1X to 10X with video as well, the same way you can with pictures and I really like
that the background blue is consistent and sharp. I guess that’s what you benefit from with
a lens that helps with it. SECURITY As for securing your device, the oppo a96
comes with the standard three options of password or pattern, face unlock, and fingerprint unlock. All of these worked fine and I did not have
any complaints at all. The fingerprint sensor is locked on the side
of the device, directly on the power button. I found the fingerprint unlock quite responsive
than most that I have tried out. Usually, having your fingerprint reader on
the power button is quite the gamble considering how thin the button is, and also with the
many accidental touches that are bound to happen. Those aside, it performed very well. As for the face unlock, it is hard to decide
which was more impressive, its reaction speed or just how quick it is to set up.

It literally took me less than 30 seconds
to set up the face unlock feature. I didn’t want to get my hopes up as a result
of such a quick set up, but the face unlock feature did not fail at any time. CONCLUSION
In conclusion, I believe that the oppo a96 is a good phone. It is not an overpriced device, and still,
some of the features that have gone in here would easily compete with some flagship devices. While the device might have a couple of drawbacks,
it manages to impress in other departments, and I think there is a good balance on both

One key thing that does it for me here is
the battery life of the device. In fact, based on all you’ve seen, if that’s
a deal maker for you, I’d recommend it based on the battery capability. Let me know your thoughts on the oppo a96,
is there anything I’ve missed or you’ll like to know more about? Leave your comments below and I’ll be right
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