OnePlus Nord 2 vs OnePlus 9 – Which should you buy?

– The OnePlus Nord 2 is finally official. And in this video, we're
going to be putting it up against its bigger brother, the OnePlus 9. Looking at all the key
differences side-by-side including camera samples, SuperSaf style, really to see if it's worth spending the extra 230
pounds on the OnePlus 9 or saving that money and
going for the OnePlus Nord 2. Right now, let's initially
start off with the display. So both devices do have, I'd say, relatively similar looking displays. We've got small bezels with a punch out. However, the OnePlus 9 does
have smaller overall bezels. We've got a bit of a chin on the Nord 2. Not something that I think
is going to be a big deal for most people, but
something to bear in mind.

We've also got a slightly larger display on the OnePlus 9 compared to the Nord 2. And although both devices
do have AMOLED technology, we do have some key
advantages on the OnePlus 9. So we've got firstly,
a higher refresh rate, 120 hertz versus 90 hertz. Now, 90 hertz is still really good, but you're just getting a bit
more of a smooth experience on the OnePlus 9. And also the OnePlus 9 is much brighter. You've got a peak brightness
of around 1100 nits versus just 600 nits
on the OnePlus Nord 2. So if you are somebody who
uses your device outdoors in bright sunlight or wear
sunglasses all the time like I do, then the OnePlus 9
definitely has an edge here. Now, this is not to say that the display in the OnePlus Nord 2 is bad. It's actually really, really good, especially for the price point. But the OnePlus 9 just
has a better display. Both devices also have an in
display fingerprint scanner, which works really well.

Moving onto the build and design, so you'll notice right away that we do have a very similar design, especially with the camera module. And we've also got a very
similar building materials. So we do have Gorilla
Glass 5 here on the back. And then we've got what OnePlus call a fiberglass polymer frame, and that's a fancy word for plastic. So we do have plastic
frames on both devices. Now, they are coated to look
metallic but they are plastic. Generally, in terms of durability, I think you should be fine and we do get a case out of
the box with both devices. I'm not somebody who does durability tests and I'm not going to try
to bend these either, but in my experience, they have been fine. Something that you might
want to bear in mind though. Now, neither of these have an official IP water
and dust resistant rating, but OnePlus do say that
these are water tight.

Getting an IP rating
does cost a bit of money and OnePlus does try
to save a bit of money when it comes to this area. And looking at the size,
realistically speaking, they are very, very similar in size and they also weigh about the same. Now, if you are in China or in India, then the OnePlus 9 is going
to be slightly lighter and it's also going to be slightly thinner compared to the Nord 2. And that is because in India and China, the OnePlus 9 does not come
with Qi wireless charging. However, it does come
with Qi wireless charging in the UK and US. We will be talking about
battery and charging a little bit later, but I do want to go
straight to the cameras. Now, before I do, if you're
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and hit that bell icon. So you don't miss a
future content like this. Right, so the cameras, we do have the Hasselblad partnership on the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. We do not have this on the OnePlus Nord 2.

So even though the camera
module is kind of similar, there isn't this Hasselblad partnership. And this is also noticeable
in the camera in the face. So although generally things
are in similar places, the OnePlus Nord 2 seems to be much more on the ColorOS side of
things compared to OxygenOS. Now remember, that OnePlus has
now been taken over by OPPO, its parent company. So we were bound to see
a few of these changes coming to the new devices, and this is something
that's very obvious here in the camera app anyway.

And because we have the
Hasselblad partnership on the OnePlus 9, we do get this big,
large red shutter button. What about the cameras themselves? So we've got a very similar
camera setup on both devices. We've got an ultra-wide camera,
we've got a primary camera, as well as a 2MP Monochrome camera. Now, in my opinion, the
2MP Monochrome camera is really there just to
have an additional camera. So you can see that you've
got a triple camera setup. It's not something that I
personally find it useful. So we're not really going
to be looking at that. We will be looking at the
other cameras, however. Now what's interesting is
that the primary camera on the OnePlus Nord 2
is using the same sensor as the ultra-wide camera on the OnePlus 9, the Sony IMX766.

This is the same ultra-wide camera sensor that we've got on the
OnePlus 9 Pro as well. Now, let's take a look at some samples. So both actually do
really good in good light. So the primary cameras do go head to head. And I actually found
that the OnePlus Nord 2 had better overall dynamic range. You can definitely notice
this in this example, if you look towards the shadow areas. We've got a lot more detail
on the OnePlus Nord 2 versus the OnePlus 9, which was quite a bit
surprising for me actually. And we do get a bit of a process
look on the OnePlus Nord 2, colors are quite saturated. This is the result when you
have AI scene detection on.

If you do switch this off, then the colors are not as vibrant as you
can see in this example. But again, you do seem to
get a bit of a processed look on the OnePlus Nord 2 versus
the more neutral, natural look on the OnePlus 9. Now, one area where I was very
surprised was in low light. So using the night modes on both devices, the OnePlus Nord 2 actually
seem to perform a lot better as you can see in this example. You've got a much
brighter and better shot.

On testing out indoors, you've
got a much brighter shot, but you can definitely
see a lot of processing on the Nord 2. But overall you are getting
brighter, low light images on the Nord 2. So, this was a bit of a surprise to me. Now when it comes to
the ultra-wide camera, things are getting interesting. Initially, at first
glance, the OnePlus Nord 2 once again seems to have
better dynamic range. But when you do examine the images closer, the ultra-wide camera
on the OnePlus Nord 2 is very, very soft. Like if you do go in 100%, you
can notice this difference. Here's another example. If you look towards the
car, the tire of the car, the wheel, it's so soft
in the OnePlus Nord 2 compare to the very crisp
looking image on the OnePlus 9.

Now, to be honest, this is
something that I was expecting. As mentioned, the ultra-wide
camera on the OnePlus 9 does have the same sensor
as the primary camera of the OnePlus Nord 2. Now, another advantage that you
get on the ultra-wide camera of the OnePlus 9 is the
ability to shoot macro images. So it's going to refocus and give you some very
good looking, macro shots. This is something that you can't do with the ultra-wide camera
of the OnePlus Nord 2. So the ultra-wide camera, in my opinion, easy, easy win for the OnePlus 9. Although the primary
cameras, it's arguable and I did seem to prefer the
OnePlus Nord 2 a bit more.

For video, I think both
take good quality video, but the OnePlus 9 does get the advantage because it does have up
to 8K video recording, as well as 4K, up to 60 frames a second. Whereas the OnePlus Nord
2 only has up to 4K, 30 frames a second from
the primary camera. The ultra wide camera, the video, I mean, it's an easy, easy
win for the OnePlus 9. You've got up to 8K, whereas
on the OnePlus Nord 2, you've only got 10 ATP.

And honestly speaking, the
video from the ultra-wide camera of the Nord 2 is quite a bit of a mess. There's really no stabilization
as you can see here. So it's, in my opinion, not very usable. I think the ultra-wide
camera is just there to have that additional camera. It's not something that really competes. Now for selfies, you do
have a high resolution on the OnePlus Nord 2. And here are some examples. I think both do a pretty decent job, some differences in color, and you also get good,
dynamic range in images. Portrait mode also seems
to work pretty well.

But when it comes to
video, it's not so great. You may have heard any
complaints about the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro front facing cameras, this is the same case
with the OnePlus Nord 2. The dynamic range is
pretty much nonexistent. As you can see from this example, the background is completely blown out. Now the OnePlus Nord 2 does have a wider angle of view, however, compared to the OnePlus
9, which you may prefer. Now let's move on to performance. So OnePlus has actually
opted to go with MediaTek, not Qualcomm for the Nord 2 this time. We've got the MediaTek
Dimensity 1200 chip set, which is a very capable chip set. However, it doesn't quite live up to the flagship Qualcomm
Snapdragon 8888 chip set that we've got on the OnePlus 9. So you are going to get
overall better performance on the OnePlus 9. You also got faster LPDDR5
RAM on the OnePlus 9, compared to the LPDDR4X
RAM on the OnePlus Nord 2. Now this is not to say
that the OnePlus Nord 2 is going to be bad by any means. It's a very capable in my testing.

It's really good, also for gaming. You're just going to get
that additional performance with the OnePlus 9. Now for software, we do have Android 11
with OxygenOS on top. I really like OxygenOS. We do have some slight
variations I've notice, just some slight
positioning here and there that's different. And obviously the camera app, which we talked about earlier on, which is different on the OnePlus Nord 2. So it does look like OnePlus is going for more of a merge
with ColorOS going forward.

Now, I did say we're going to
come back to the batteries. So we have the same size 4,500
milliamp hour power batteries on both devices. And they both actually
did last me all day. However, I did find
that the OnePlus Nord 2 did give me slightly better
battery life, around 10 to 15%. Now this may be because it's
got a lower refresh rates, and also because it's
using a different chip set. But this is a newer device, whereas I've had the OnePlus 9 for quite some time as well, so that might have a factor towards it. But generally speaking,
I'd say both of these have very good battery life. For charging as well, both
come with 65 watt charging included out of the box. Now remember having a charger included is considered a bit of a bonus these days.

And not only are you getting a charger, you are getting the 65 watt charger. That's going to get you from
zero to around 50% in 30 minutes on both devices, which is great. As I mentioned earlier on as well, the OnePlus 9 does have Qi
wireless charging supported. 15 Watts in the UK and US,
not in India and China. We don't have any form
of wireless charging on the OnePlus Nord 2. For the speakers, we
do have stereo speakers on both devices, one on the ear piece
and one bottom firing.

And both of them do get pretty loud. I would say that the
OnePlus 9 does get the edge. I just thought it was more crisp, and it also has support for Dolby Atmos. Finally, we're going
to look at the pricing. So the OnePlus Nord 2 does
start at a very good competitive 400 pounds here for the base model. If we look at the equivalent
OnePlus 9, same storage, that is at 630 pounds. So that's 230 pounds more. So it's almost like
one and a half Nord 2s. Now granted, the OnePlus 9 has been out for a couple of months
and you may be able to get a better deal on it, but
you're going to be paying significantly more for the OnePlus 9 compared to the OnePlus Nord 2. Is it worth spending that
extra money on the OnePlus 9? Well, what are you getting
for that extra money? You're getting a better display with the higher refresh
rates, the brighter display. You're getting the better
overall performance. You're also getting the
better ultra-wide camera, as well as the more video options.

Qi wireless charging in the UK and US. But on the OnePlus Nord 2, you are getting better battery life. You're getting arguably
a better primary camera from with some of the tests that I did. And most importantly, is coming
in significantly cheaper. If you were to ask me, I would say that the more compelling
option is the OnePlus Nord 2 coming in at that price point. It goes back to what OnePlus
was really about, initially, the flagship killer. Sure you are making some compromises, but you're getting a very capable device for around half the
price of other flagships. That's what I think, anyway. What do you guys think? Do drop me a comment below. Let me know your thoughts.

If you want to pick one of these up, I'll leave some links down
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OnePlus Nord 2 5G Detailed FAQ ⚡ 5G Bands, 50MP Camera, 6GB Sale, OxygenOS 11.3 & More

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So we’ll bring it up after around 10 days from now! (2) OnePlus Nord 2 Dual 5G Sim Support? Dimensity 1200 supports dual 5G sim card just like the realme X7 Max that has DSDS support meaning it can support Dual 5G Sims. But there’s no mention for the Nord 2. Dimensity 1200 SoC supports it but OnePlus didn’t specifically mention it. I can’t really say now, but we’ll test it now so wait for our full review! (3) OnePlus Nord 2 Dialer? It has the default Google Dialer, as nowadays all phones have it, which shouldn’t happen. Google shouldn’t force anyone to use it, but we can’t help it. (4) OnePlus Nord 2 Front Camera? Yes, Amazon made an error mentioning a 16MP camera but it’s a 32MP sensor.

We have tested it & it’s a 32MP sensor on the Nord 2! (5) OnePlus Nord 2 Hasselblad Integration? No, it doesn’t have any relation with Hasselblad integration, The sensors are tuned by OnePlus & not by Hasselblad. (6) OnePlus Nord 2 Heating Issue? We have played games continuously for 2-3 days & it does get warm. It doesn’t get hot. If the temperature goes above 42-43 degrees only then we’d call it heating. It gets warm after long sessions of gameplay on extreme settings but, for normal usage with cameras, or 30-45 minutes of gaming on medium settings, it’ll get slightly warm, which is ok. But on extreme settings for a long time, it will get a little hot.

(7) OnePlus Nord 2 Camera Features? They have given both features, instead of AI Highlight it’s AI Enhanced Video Mode. And there’s Bokeh Flare Video Mode too like in ColorOS. Both features are available and we’ve tested them. (8) OnePlus Nord 2 screen visibility? It’s good, it’s bright, and you won’t have any problems with outdoor use. If it’s harsh afternoon sunlight, then it might be a problem. But it’s great, 99% of the time it’ll work well enough. (9) OnePlus Nord 2 6GB Variant? It’s coming soon in August so you won't be able to buy it now. I really don’t know how much of stock will be available then, but I hope it’ll be enough with a request to OnePlus, That many people are eagerly waiting for the 6GB variant so do keep it in stock.

(10) OnePlus Nord 2 Green Wood Variant? I haven’t had my hands on it, but it looks good! If you don’t want the glass back & want a leather finish, then you can wait for another month when it launches. (11) OnePlus Nord 2 Wireless Charging? There’s no wireless charging on it. (12) OnePlus Nord 2 Fnatic Mode? There’s no Fnatic Mode, but there’s a Pro Gaming Mode for no disturbance during gaming like disabling notifications. It has all Fnatic Mode features. (13) OnePlus Nord 2 IP Rating? It’s not waterproof & there’s no IP rating/certification. (14) OnePlus Nord 2 DC Dimming? No, there’s no DC dimming. It’s only available in their flagship series. (15) OnePlus Nord 2 Has Plastic or Metal Frame? It’s a plastic frame with a glass-plastic sandwiched design. (16) OnePlus Nord 2 5G Bands? This is interesting! We get a reviewers’ guide for the unboxings & impressions, where, 7 standalone & 4 non standalone bands(7SA & 4NSA) support was mentioned. And that’s why I said it’s a total 11 band support in the video, but now on the website there are 2 less mentioned.

It supports 6 standalone & 3 non standalone bands(6SA & 3NSA). So we’ll explain it all in the full review. We’ll talk to OnePlus officials & find out the exact situation, but for now this is the case. So these were the main questions, as we had missed them. Now that they’re on sale, I thought you all should know it & that’s why we’ve made this FAQ video, So hit LIKE & SUBSCRIBE if you’ve enjoyed & got your answers.

That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!.

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