Xperia 1 III Official Product Video – Speed and beyond

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Unboxing Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III with Dom O’Brien

Hello everyone, I’m Sony’s Dom I’m glad to introduce you to Sony’s latest flagship models Xperia 1 III full of photography black technology, and Xperia 5 III with a more convenient size Both phones are loaded with the best of Sony technology From photography, entertainment to game technology, everything is top-notch Both US flagship phones use Xperia’s most praised 21:9 large screen design As you may have guessed, both phones have top IP65/68 waterproof and dustproof capabilities Xperia 5 III uses Corning's sixth-generation Gorilla Glass mirror before and after, which is strong and durable The Xperia 1 III screen uses the latest Corning Victus™ Gorilla Glass mirror In order to highlight the distinctive depth and texture of this phone The back cover glass is processed to show a matte texture, and the metal frame is a matte texture Thinking of Sony It’s hard not to think of the innovation that it has been leading in the photography industry for decades.

Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III also continue to carry forward speed and beyond The cameras of both phones use Sony’s Alpha camera expertise Jointly developed with the latest Alpha 9 series professional single-lens camera engineers Renowned for its industry-leading auto tracking and focusing technology In addition, Sony also cooperates with professional photographers Assist in adjusting and redefining these techniques to create a stunning photography experience Take the new "real-time object tracking and focusing" technology as an example Based on last year’s acclaimed "Instant Eye AF" Sony launches the "Real-time object tracking and focusing" function in Xperia 1 III Xperia 5 III is also equipped with "Object tracking and focusing" function Using the most accurate and advanced autofocus technology from the Sony Alpha camera series Comprehensive sensing of face, eyes, colors, patterns, Xperia 1 III is also equipped with a 3D iToF range sensor to accurately measure distance Whether manual or automatic, can track the subject in the screen Allows you to take photos beyond your imagination and beyond your expectations of the phone camera Both phones are equipped with the industry's new "periscope telephoto zoom lens" Can easily switch between 70mm focal length and 105mm focal length In addition, this is also the first time you see a smartphone Mobile phone with periscope telephoto zoom lens combined with Dual PD sensor Able to focus instantly and accurately The pixel pitch is wider and the aperture is larger, which enhances the low-light shooting effect In addition to these new features, Shooting portraits is also more perfect and handy Thanks to the "real-time eye tracking focus" for precise focusing on human or pet eyes Of course, there is also 20 fps ultra-high-speed continuous shooting, with auto focus and auto exposure Xperia 1 III and 5 III are two new flagships, making manual settings easier Integrate Photo Pro mode together in the default camera program For faster access to panorama mode and background defocus mode It’s also a mode that the telephoto lens can support now You can click in the normal mode But if you want to be creative and shoot in RAW files Just click here to unlock the unlimited potential of Xperia 1 III and 5 III cameras Through the new external monitor function Whether Xperia 1 III or 5 III will be your perfect partner for professional cameras Allows you to check the focus through a larger and higher-resolution monitoring screen Make up the screen or even use the phone's network for live broadcast! Entertainment Both phones have made a significant leap forward Take Xperia 1 III as an example You can enjoy 21:9 CinemaWide 4K HDR OLED screen Provides an amazing 120Hz screen update rate in a mobile phone for the first time Whether the screen is scrolling up and down or sliding left and right, it is beautiful and smooth, and it takes advantage of mobile games…

Let's talk about that part later! Of course, Xperia 1 III and 5 III have excellent "standard mode" screen displays. Thanks to X1™ for mobile image processing technology, you can experience BRAVIA HDR precision enhancement technology in daily browsing More perfect audio and video content, richer colors, more refined details, and clearer contrasts of streaming movies Any streaming platform can expand the dynamic range of audio and video content and bring HDR viewing experience In addition, the "Director Mode" calibrated by Sony's professional screen Master Monitor shows unprecedented precision color Enjoy the original intention of the film director through the 21:9 movie ratio screen The entertainment experience is more than just beautiful pictures The sound effects should be equally moving and outstanding Xperia 1 III and 5 III not only retain the 3.5mm headphone jack and the front stereo speakers are evolved and upgraded When listening through wired headphones, the Xperia 1 III's volume effect is 40% higher than the previous generation.

64 00:05:07,359 –> 00:05:11,069 The same is true with the new "theatre-grade front stereo dual speakers" Two flagship new opportunities bring the latest "360 spatial simulation sound effects" This feature allows you to upgrade any music to surround sound effects to create a new immersive music experience Allows you to immerse yourself in music whether you are listening through headphones or theater-grade front stereo dual speakers The latest DSEE Ultimate digital sound quality restoration technology can improve the sound quality of all music, including streaming music services Through Sony's advanced audio AI technology, it can be automatically optimized to close to Hi-Res high-resolution sound quality Ok, now let’s take a look at the mobile game experience! Xperia 1 III and 5 III flagship new machines both provide 120Hz screen update rate But if you look closely at Game Enhancer (Game Enhancer) You can activate the Sony "Reduce Motion Blur" function and run a smoother playing experience with a 240Hz screen update rate! Don't jump out of the game enhancer yet, Continue to explore new settings and new features Helps to enhance the play experience and give full advantage to sparring 21:9 The screen does not need to be said, it will bring a wider field of vision You can see more surrounding details in the game Now you can also brighten the dark areas, and the surrounding field of vision is clearer! Brand new 10-band EQ sound effect equalizer, let you pull your own voice This setting is jointly developed with the professional game team SCARZ Help you hear the enemy's footsteps and gunfire more clearly Speaking of clear sound Through the built-in optimized microphone of the mobile phone, or 3.5mm wired headset Chat with teammates in the game will be clearer Because of Sony’s optimized microphone function A filter will be applied to the microphone to filter out background noise so that your voice can still be clear in the game Leading the team to triumph is easier and easier! In addition, if something good happens unexpectedly between games But you didn’t expect to press the screen to record before you win and get a high score Then Xperia 1 III and 5 III will keep you from being caught off guard Both phones have "30-second playback pre-recording function" Help you record, the first 30 seconds of pressing the record button And you can set 120fps high frame rate game recording so that you can share ultra-smooth video gameplay with friends, fans or followers These new features are related to the function settings of past game enhancers For example, the "HS power control" function can be used to directly supply power to the mobile phone system instead of battery charging and temperature control, and you can play longer It can also avoid Xperia's temperature rise during gaming Make your mobile phone perform better and have a longer battery life You can also adjust the screen update rate Tap the response rate and then tap tracking to meet your needs and game style In the focus setting, you can also customize the game setting as you like If you want to hide notifications or disable certain functions of your phone, make sure that the game is not disturbed Absolutely no problem Just activate "Do Not Disturb Mode" You can optimize the settings and put your full effort into the most competitive game Of course, you can also compete in the elite mode Because Xperia 1 II and 5 III are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G mobile platform And Wi-Fi 6 and Sony’s smart connection function Make sure to connect to the strongest signal Analyze Wi-Fi signals before connecting through Sony's deep learning engine and predict possible network problems in the short term If certain Wi-Fi signals cause connection problems Your Xperia phone will continue to use mobile data Ensure the best connection quality As for battery life Xperia 1 III and 5 III have built-in 4,500mAh large battery capacity Equipped with power saving mode such as STAMINA Xperia smart charging technology and Battery Care can also extend battery life to up to three years for longevity and durability Using the included 30W fast charger, the power can reach 50% in just 30 minutes In addition, Xperia 1 III provides wireless charging and power sharing functions All in all, Xperia 1 III and 5 III show the best of Sony’s various mobile entertainment technologies Whether it’s the black technology of photography from Alpha cameras, you can take perfect and unforgettable photos "Standard Mode" is derived from the screen technology of BRAVIA TV, presenting unparalleled perfect audio and video content "Director Mode" (powered by CineAlta) allows you to see the original color of the creator Or the audiovisual and gaming technology accumulated by decades of professional excellence Bring a unique experience to each user These two flagship machines are equipped with everything amazing about Sony Will soon be launched all over the world For more information, please visit Sony Mobile official website

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Bad Dates 1: Mobile phone addict – Dating language

Hi, hi are you Daniel? I am Daniel, are you.. Hi, I'm Claudia. Nice to meet you. Lovely to meet you. I love your hair. Oh thanks! That's gorgeous. She was quirky, you know. A really brilliant sense of style. She seemed very elegant, she was bubbly. You know, really my kind of person, I think. Have you come far? Erm, no no, erm well I was on the Tube for a bit but it was quite good cos I've erm, Yeah I've just been kind of doing stuff online and… my battery's actually quite low you don't have a charger with you, do you? I actually don't, no.

Okay, I might see if they've got one behind the bar here. I wouldn't say that. She was on her phone a lot. And I'm not really that technologically minded, you know? So I felt a little bit like she didn't care about me. She cared little bit more about her friends. You've been working today, right? That's right. I work in advertising. Cool. Yeah, lots of stuff on the web that kind of thing. Yeah, nice, nice. Anything, any campaigns I'd know about? Ooh, I don't know about that. Er, we've got various clients, but it's boring. Let's not talk about work. What are you, what are you up to? You're just on… You got a text? Sorry, I've just, I'm just checking something, Yeah. Yeah. Erm… Well actually, I tell you what, I'm just gonna put my phone on silent.

I don't like phones, they just bother. You know what I mean? I don't, I couldn't do that. I would just get too out of the loop. I would, I'd have to spend I don't know how long just catching up if I did that. I'd really appreciate it. So, yeah… So yeah, what is it that you do? Oh I told you remember? Oh what, when we were texting? Or… Oh no, just a few seconds ago. I mean you, you were texting. Maybe you weren't listening. Did you say advertising? Yeah. Yeah, that rings a bell. Yeah, yeah. Sorry, you'll get to know this about me. Yeah They got worse.

There were phone calls, texts, she was sharing everything. I couldn't eat my meal because she took a photo of it before… before I could even take a bite. Ooh, like no don't, don't, err thank you, but like yeah. Just don't, erm. Don't eat that just yet. Just I want to… Oh please I'm really hungry. Ha ha No don't take a photo No, no Oh no, I've moved it out of place. No, no listen. Move your like cutlery and that out of the way. Just let me take this photo cos it'll look really cute, and then I can post it and like tag this place. I'll tell you what, I'm, I'll pop to the toilet. You don't need to do that! You can take your photos.

When I come back, we'll put phones away. I'm done. I'm done. Look it's cool. Go to the loo though, that's fine. I've got some stuff I can catch up with. Would you mind just putting your phone away? Claudia? Claudia? There will not be a second date. #idontthinkso Get off your phone Claudia..

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Cell Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Samuel L. Jackson, John Cusack Movie HD

Passengers on flight 5598 Hello Dad Hello my friend Are you coming home? Wear. Yes, yes soon Oh jeez. They are terrorists right? There are terrorists in our country Do not use your cell phone If you want to survive … People will die Are you okay ?! This attack works for the group, as a whole. This could be the next stage in human development. What is happening now is more than chaos It's the beginning of the war …! I want to exterminate them. It's a suicide mission, you are going to die! I want to see my son … Stella Are you fine ? Do not prevent your mercy from us, O my God … Misfortunes without numbers surround us May your love and your truth to protect us. Here lies death and dust from Earth.. good . Evil always triumphs! I think so Did you return to their home country? Are you coming home? I just want to see you at home … It's Johnny's voice. no not like that You know it's not your son!.

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