Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches⚡June 2022

May was exciting but June seems more exciting. In May we’ve seen more smartphone launches in 2nd Half And In June too, we’ll see more smartphone launches in the 2nd Half & one of them is the most talked about & most awaited smartphone. We might see the 1st smartphone with 200MP camera in June & it’ll be known as Motorola Frontier/ Moto Edge 30 Ultra It seems a flagship phone with SD 8+ Gen1 SoC & it may launch around 4th week of June. Also budget Moto e32s was about to launch & might be priced around 10K There’s a smartphone that’s going to launch on 31st May & it's iQOO Neo6 and will be aggressively priced as we’ve seen with iQOO phones It will have a different look like a flagship but will have a price tag which is lower than a flagship It has SD870 SoC, 64MP OIS Triple Cam 4700mAh battery+80W charging & will be priced below 30K The next phone is for niche audience – Google Pixel 6a & it might launch around end of June Will have 6.1’’ OLED screen, Tensor SoC, Dual 12MP camera setup & Pixel phones are known for their camera.

Let's talk about OPPO K Series – We’re not sure about its final name. It may either be OPPO K10 5G or K10 Pro It might be based on either Dimensity 8000 or SD 888 so it seems like a budget flagship phone It’ll launch around Mid June. It will have a Big AMOLED screen, 120Hz & other features that you expect. They’ve already launched OPPO K10 4G (priced under 15K) & their successor is coming soon I'm more excited about Reno8 Series – It’ll launch around the end of June or 1st week of July. Reno8 series will have 3 phones : Reno8 , Reno8 Pro, Reno8 Pro+. It will come equipped with New SD 7 Gen1, Dimensity 1300 & Dimensity 8100 Max So Reno8 series is coming around June end / July 1st week Let's talk about realme – realme GT Neo3T – Dimensity 8100/SD 870 SoC, 120Hz AMOLED, 150W charging & will launch around Mid June Also it may come with a special edition as well.

OnePlus Nord 2T. We’ve already done its unboxing & it’ll launch 4th week of June Check out our unboxing. It comes with Dimensity 1300 SoC Let's talk about rebranding – Xiaomi/Redmi/POCO rebranding Redmi Note11T Pro Series is launched in China but might launch as POCO X4 GT in India. Also POCO F4 GT is coming – Redmi K50 Pro Gaming might launch as POCO F4 GT in India Will have SD 8Gen1 SoC, 6.67’’ 120 AMOLED screen, 4700mAh+120W charging POCO F4 GT Will launch around Mid June in India.

Stay tuned for the last phone in this list. It’s Nothing Xiaomi 12T or Xiaomi 12X will launch around June end Xiaomi 12 X Series might launch as rebranded Remi K50 Series or Xiaomi 12T might be a new series. Will have 120Hz AMOLED, 108MP triple cam, 4500mAh+120W charging. Finally lets talk about Nothing – Nothing Phone (1) will launch around June And it's not going to be a flagship phone but might come with SD 7 Gen1 (boost in performance compared to SD778) So yes. Nothing Phone (1) is coming.

That's it from this video. Until then Keep Trakin & Stay Safe .

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Nothing Phone 1 will Kill Oneplus !! Hype or Real ?

So yes guys let's start So in this video we are
going to talk about "NOTHING" "NOTHING" is a brand which is
generating a lot of hype nowadays If you see anywhere on twitter, instagram
or facebook you will get its update So what is this nothing I mean "NOTHING"🤣 So everyone wants to know that when NOTHING's new
device is going to be launched So first of all we have to go in flashback NOTHING have recently
launched their earphones They were transparent its looks was really great And its price was also not much Although their hype was also generated
because of the big giveaways they got done That was not the reason 😉 The product
was actually having the potential In the starting it was having
some bugs related to sound But they fixed them very fast with updates And they are great earphones
now on the price they comes They comes with a great quality Now here NOTHING's new
phone is going to be launched NOTHING phone 1📱 And their earphones were
also named as NOTHING ear 1 So here they also keep very simple names 😀 Although here NOTHING
do not need any leaksters Because they themselves are
leaking their phone on twitter😅 GOOD JOB SON So if you want to know
about NOTHING's phone Then you don't have to see any leaks Just go to their twitter handle
you will get all the leaks there Now recently on 13th may they
have tweeted a emoji of the phone📱 Now they have already told in a launch
event that they are going to launch a phone So what was the need of tweeting that emoji And under that tweet they
have mentioned a lot of things which we are going to
get in NOTHING phone 1 The first thing was that we are
going to get recycled aluminum frame♻️ So that’s a great thing that
we will get aluminum frame Then a transparent back Now personally I am not a
big fan of the transparent back Here many people like the transparent back So it will depend on your personal choice Next is that they are going to use a
Qualcomm Snapdragon processor⚡ And they have also mentioned a bonus
point that the phone will not have any chin So I would like to
explain both these points Firstly the Qualcomm processor
which they have highlighted So here the Qualcomm's
processors which are running currently they are not that much
optimised as they used to be earlier Currently Mediatek's processors
are beating qualcomm's processor in terms of optimization Even in power and heat control part
also mediatek's processor looks better as compared to qualcomm So we don’t need to compare
Qualcomm and Mediatek Here we have to see that how much optimised is the 7 Gen
processor which they are going to bring And additionally that processor
is also a new processor So optimization is the biggest issue Second thing they have
mentioned as bonus is – No Chin Means we are not going
to get any chin in the phone So they are using the same Apple's strategy Like apple also says that their
phones do not have any chin Since iPhone X we have seen That their side bezels
are equals to the chin So due to this it is not called as chin So this is all double
standards ….Nothing else😹 And NOTHING is also using the
same strategy to create the hype That the phone will not feature any chin Its front look will be like Samsung S22 Which have very less bezels and chin Now here Samsung can also say that
their phone also do not have any chin Anything ??? So they display you will get here
will have very less bezels and chin But its not like that it
will not have any chin Although in this phone
you will get wireless charging they have already
mentioned this thing clearly And could have mention it as a bonus point Because its price according
to leaks can be 30-35K Rs.💸 And according to it the specs
you that you are getting here becomes its main USP Its just the Hype Rest lets see that how much value for money
does the actual product is going to be Now many people wants to
know about its launch date So we don’t know about the launch date But it can launch around
the end of next month Just before my birthday🎂 Now how NOTHING is a danger for OnePlus? So the co-founder and CEO of NOTHING – carl has already been a co-founder of OnePlus And now carl have built his own company And carl also knows that
how OnePlus has grown whats their marketing strategy and
how did they built a strong community And you already know that how
strong the OnePlus community was And people also use to call
carl as the backbone of OnePlus The time since carl has left
OnePlus their downfall has started📉 Like earlier OnePlus was
very famous for updates And currently you know about the updates that we havent got
android 12 in nord series yet And OnePlus users are facing a lot of bugs Also the design has became boring And the things are not that much innovative And earlier OnePlus phones
used to generate a lot of hype But now slowly slowly the hype has ended Like no one got to know
about the launch of OnePlus 10 And now 10T is also on its way So here hype is ending completely And carl can take its advantage Because he know how to create hype Like they kept a launch
event to reveal their phone which was of 27 minutes But actually it was 10-15 minutes event In the starting it was just the intro What a scammer So many people were not
knowing about NOTHING brand So for that they got it livestreamed
on big influencer's channels Like Unbox therapy So from there many people
got to know that it is carl's brand Now if carl wanted then they could
have revealed the phone in that event But No..this event was just for the hype This event just shows that how
smooth and fast the device is So in the same way they
created the hype for the OS And they also gave some clues that
how the phone can look from the back So here I don’t like the back look much But here the most interesting thing was They said that NOTHING ecosystem
will be the alternate of Apple ecosystem And it is a thing which no
android company was able to do Like Samsung also have a
ecosystem but its not that much good Like as Apple ecosystem connects seamlessly In the same way the NOTHING
ecosystem will connect seamlessly And its not like that you need
only NOTHING products for it You can use any company's products
to create a ecosystem with NOTHING Even you can also use
Apple's Airpods with it So I am very excited for this thing And here a lot of hype is
generated for NOTHING phone 1 And you can tell me
how much excited you are And if you have used NOTHING
earphones the tell me your experience I am going to read your comments👇 Also you can tell me if OnepPlus's
reverse countdown has started or not Because I think that OnePlus
is going to be killed So that's it guys for today's video So let's meet in another
cool and excited video Till then stay tuned with HFV Unbox guys !! Byee !!👊

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