Camping Mode on Your Smartphone? Scouting and your Mobile or Cell Phone

I don't know about you… but, I just
can't stand it when I'm in… interrupted by [ ♫ ] Hey ScouterStan, I want to talk a little bit about cell phones. Cell phones I like
to put them on the “Camp Mode” which is airplane mode. I think in some phones, but
we have to think about these things. there are “marvels”. I'll admit that I
have a cell phone. I've had one for years and it is critical that we think about
a way in Scouting to make them less intrusive to Scouting. I'll tell you
these things are amazing. They have their pocket computers. That's really what they

They have the entire Internet right there in the phone. It's amazing they're
a communicator. You can not only voice but you could do text, you could do email.
You do all those kinds of things. That's pretty amazing… It's an
entertainment consult for a lot of People. Gaming, video streaming, all that
Stuff. In fact, 80% of you are watching me right now through your phone! That's…
that's a YouTube statistic on this Channel… On our community. That's 80% of
you are watching us watching me on your Phone. That's another big thing there
digital cameras. They've got a studio built into the phone. Where you can do
video and camera effects and all that kind of stuff.

This it is the number one
device used for any social media. Whether it be, you know, the Facebook or the you
name it. I mean it's all appliable to the cell phone. No wonder these things
are addictive. They can be very intrusive to modern living. Now on
Scouting but they can be rather Intrusive. Ever been “google” checked?
That's when you were giving a presentation and somebody looks up one of the facts
that you've stated. On google, and google yeah, you know there's a thousand hits on
everything you put every word… You put in There, you can get a thousand different
things and a lot of it can be Contradictory.

When you get google
checked basically they're checking up on your credibility. You can do it on their
phone. It can be very disruptive. Have you ever heard of “Nomophobia”? That's when you
have no mobile phone and you kind of just freak out… You know there are some
people that are addicted to these marvel of electronics and they can go through
some withdrawals and that can be rather Dramatic. FOMO is another effect. I never
knew what that was, but it's the “Fear Of Missing Out” I had no idea. Okay, you know
how often do people have to check their phone? On a constant basis, because of FOMO.
Obviously, we need to work something out for Scouting. Scouting needs to be a safe
Place, in a way that we can help America's youth kind of break that bad
habit of the cell phone.

We need to offer a solution to that… I would
recommend that all meetings, ceremonies and even camping should be cell phone or
“phone free” events. Phone free zones… Adults should be made,… or asked, not made. But
asked nicely if they would either turn their phone completely off or completely
silencing the phone. Take all of its notifications… Some buzzing sounds can be
actually quite annoying… I know that adults use it as an alarm
clock. That's a pretty common thing, but we need to keep that down to a minimum.
There's nothing worse than doing a flag ceremony while two people in the
audience have their cell phones playing some jingle… Okay that could be quite
annoying and disruptive to the entire Meeting. So ask adults to silence their phones or put it in “Camp Mode” as I call it… Which
is the off button! That's what it is… It's the off button or even you know
“Travel Mode” which turns off all the Notification.

Now these policies that you
can put together for your Troop… Kind of go along with the Scout Law and the
Outdoor Code. In the Scout Law… Scouts are or a Scout IS Courteous. A Scout IS Kind.
Okay… This was silencing your phone is a great
way to keep from interrupting and being kind to your fellow Scouts and leaders.
Obedient, you have a policy that you have with your unit follow it, obey it. You
Know… Obediently be obedient. Scout is Obedient
towards those policy, and it's a great policy in the Outdoor Code. There's a
line in the Outdoor Code, that actually Reads… “Be courteous in the outdoors”.
So when you're outdoors, we don't want to hear beep, beep, beep or some jingle. We
want to enjoy the birds chirping. We want to hear the deer in the brush.

Okay… We
want to see these things and experience them without beeping and jingles. Again…
Adults need to silence their phones. That's just simple, put it in camp mode,
which is off… And “Be the example and not the exception.” When the youth see
the adults not obeying the rules. There is no reason for them not to miss
use the cell phone. So that's very important. Some Scout units will actually
go through that process. It's ok to have it on in the car the bus on the way to a
Camp, but when they get there they actually take all of the cell phones and
the game thingies and all that stuff and they lock them up. Make sure they're
there off… But they'll lock them up.

So that they don't get lost and they're not
used for distracted purposes. You're at camp, you paid to be there.
Take advantage of that! Go and have Fun!… I don't know? TALK to your
Scouts? You know. See nature, be… Don't be… Be, you know. They got
their nose stuck right in that phone most of the time wish it's not there
then they have to think outside that box.

The box in their hand. So that's
important of course once the Scouting event is over and they get back on the
into the cars or the bus… They're all given their phones. There are some
Exceptions… Some Troops, when they go to a summer camp. The Scout will have
signed up for cinematography or moviemaking merit badge. They may need
their cell phone because the cell phone has that built into it. I would recommend
that the Scout, that signs up for those merit badges should bring a camera. A
dedicated camera or movie camera for that purpose. Not rely completely on the
cell phone. Cell phones have a lower resolution than most of the standard
cameras that are out there.

That being the case they may need to check them in
and out from an adult in the troop. They can do their merit badge. That's
something to think about. Here's a big point. Most summer camps are
very remote. They're out in the mountains or they're on the coast or they're out
in places that have very poor cell Services. Okay, that's not normally a huge.
So you're not going to be able to surf the Internet. You're not going to be
able to make phone calls. Even so, in some places it is still important that adult
leaders have a cell phone available. Especially if they're going out on an
excursion or something. So they can contact other adult leaders, but that's

I mean there's no need for the cell
Phone. later on. I do not recommend using cell phones or even the Scouts cell phone,
to help with homesickness. Sometimes the Scout will beg to talk to his parents or
his or her parents. I find that really becomes more… It just increases
and overemphasizes the homesickness… It makes it worse, so that I don't recommend
using cell phones for that, but it's important to have policies for your
Meetings. Your ceremonies and all of your camping dealing with cell phones. It can
be their blessing they could do a lot. But they can disrupt, and they can be
Distracting. So as adult leaders we need to come up with some policies and
procedures within your unit, that you all can agree on that it makes it less of
a burden.

Technology is a wonderful thing. I love it. I'm talking to you probably
through your cell phone. [Laughter] That's the wonderful thing about
Technology. We need to use technology. Now let technology take over us… Okay we need
to use that technology appropriately and I know you will. As an adult leader
you're doing the good job. Keep it up and I will see you on the trail..

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Mudita Pure: Your Minimalist Phone – campaign video

Hey Mark its 7:15. Time to check how many
likes your post got. Not bad. Hmm Rachel got a haircut. Oh look at that funny dance
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Do you remember this child star? Look at them now! Oh nice you have a date. This could
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I'll show you something. Hi, we are the founders of Mudita. We want to introduce you to Mudita Pure. Meet Mudita Pure.
Designed to Enjoy Life. Offline. E Ink display makes reading more natural,
and without blue light emission.

We added a frontlight in a pleasant, warmer color. Designed to be simple in its form and functionality. Comfortable to hold, it brings to mind
the shape of a stone. We wanted to be sure you're using
the safest phone in the market. With a patented antenna Mudita Pure
has an ultralow SAR. MuditaOS is light, reliable and minimalistic. It gets digitally signed updates to make sure
that your privacy is taken care of. No internet. And it feels great.
But if you need to go online Mudita Pure can serve as
a data modem for your laptop.

Just connect it via cable. Most feature phones only work in specific regions.
We were surprised too. Pure has a global GSM module for
travelling anywhere in the world. Harman speaker gives high-quality
and natural sound. What else? And last but not least: Meditation timer. Worth giving a try. A simple yet very useful feature that helps you focus on the present moment. We started working on Mudita Pure 3 years ago. During our research
programme we built our first prototype with a unique antenna with low SAR. Pretty huh? Our designer didn't agree. The last three years helped us take the
design, components and quality to the next level.

Mudita Pure is designed and
developed in Europe. We've created a light and secure operating system. And handpicked every single component. I'll give you an example. Most phone producers
use pre-made PCB. But they weren't enough for our goals, such as less energy consumption, compatibility with an E Ink display and ultra-low SAR. So we decided to build our own PCB instead. You see, we tested all of the phones,
but they didn't meet our expectations. So we have created the best classic phone built with wellbeing and health in mind. The phone that inspires us to spend more quality
time and do the things that make us feel alive. Our mission is to promote a conscious
use of technology. Be a part of it and help us bring Mudita Pure to reality..

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How To Make A DIY Mobile Phone Projector | Father’s Day Special

quick check, is your dad in the room? we have the coolest craftmanks ever and its a present for fathers day well you know your dad he is the guy who has everything this is a guaranteed best present ever i'm going to show you how to make a mobile phone projector whats the one thing you and your dad have in common let me guess you'll both love watching movies am i right? i am pretty sure i'm right me and my dad have watched so many movies together infact he made me watch some of the coolest movies ever i am sure its the same with you so its time now to make his movie watching experience even cooler how? by making him his personal movie projector how cool is that i'll tell you its super simple all you need is a smart genius like you and this.. okay so lets make a movie projector so we'll use a shoebox for our main structure now we need to add a lens on the top for that we use a mmagnifying glass which you can pick up from any store looks cool eh..

Most of the projectors have a lens like this which helps magnify and project the image on a wall or a surface so i'll just take the lens out we keep it on the box make sure its right in the centre in the middle we'll keep this and we'll mark it now with a cutter we'll cleanly cut it with that we have a clean cavity and you can see the lens fits perfectly in the cavity now all you need to do is ..stick it in place but before we do that we are going to use black acrylic color and paint it you also have to paint the inside of the cavity black , sothat once we fix the lens here it looks all clean the box is all painted lets keep it aside to dry now that the painting is done i'll show you how to make a stand for your mobile phone so we have the phone and now we'll take a small rectangular piece of cardboard and then take a small triangular piece like this and put it behind for a stand leta stick this in place just to make it stronger we'll stick on the other side as well there you go and now it becomes a standing frame as simple as that you can take thumb pins and stick them at the bottom like this so that your phone rests on it okay so our stand is ready we'll keep it aside and take the box again you can see that the box is nice and dry now we'll take our lens and fix it right in place

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The #1 Mistake People Make When Taking Photos With Their Mobile Phone Is This

Here’s a quick tip. One of the number one mistakes that people
make is this, what is this? This is pinching to zoom on your phone, no
matter what phone you have, whether it has optical zoom or it doesn’t, one of the worst
things that you can do is do digital zoom, you’re losing megapixels there, which means
you’re going to lose quality. How do you solve this? Simple. You move your feet, you move forward, you
move back, you get your composition right and that’s how you start doing this which
is digital zoom.

Move your feet. Subscribe now. Watch this, watch this video..

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hi there, Alby Tastic here. In this
video I'm going to show you how to get a really cheap mobile phone and use it for
under one pound a year! Sound impossible? it's not – I've done it and I'll prove it.
Now here's a brand new phone I bought a little while ago on eBay for £6.99
including free delivery. It came in a sealed box with a brand new battery, a
SIM card, a charger and instructions. And there's plenty more like this on eBay
and Amazon, both locked and unlocked. The one I got was locked to the Vodafone
Network but that doesn't matter. And Sim cards are just as cheap. I got these for between 6p and 9p on Amazon and that also included free delivery. Now the only ones that didn't work were the network 3 cards.

I don't know why but the phones
just said "insert SIM" whether they had SIMs in them or not but I didn't worry
about that since the other SIMs worked well. Now obviously you need the phone
numbers of the SIMs and O2 and Vodafone have the numbers printed on the
cards they come in but for Lycamobile you have to insert the SIM card into a
phone switch on and you'll get a text message telling you the number. Now once all that's done just check the number is working by phoning it from another phone. As long as the phone rings everything is
OK, if not just wait until it links to the network and it should be good to go.
All the phones I tried work perfectly. Now we DON'T I repeat DON'T top these
phones up – that would rather defeat the purpose of using them for virtually
nothing. instead we use them to receive only. I use mine for second verification
on various websites, for banking and e-mails etc but you can also receive incoming calls and chat to whoever phoned – you just can't phone out.

Which makes it very handy in this time of crisis when you may have elderly
relatives on their own and a phone such as this would allow you to check up on
them with no cost to them and if you put the number on a friends and family account if you have one no cost to you either and if you have older phones such as
these sitting around it's a great way to repurpose them if they should need a new
battery you can buy them on eBay for about £3-4. Now I've used this technique for about four years. I bought this phone on Amazon for about £18 and the battery is just beginning to show signs that it might be getting a
bit old. It needs recharging about every three days instead of every seven to ten
days but I've certainly had my money's worth from it and a new battery will make
it fighting fit again.

Well I hope you enjoyed this video and hopefully profit from it and if you give it a like and subscribe that will be excellent and I'd love to know what you think of this video and my
others so give me a comment as well and I'll see you again soon.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Durability Test! – Is it… Ultra Strong?

the galaxy s 20 ultra 5g might just be the most top-of-the-line highest end Android flagship we've ever seen with the best specs and longest name is it worth the $1400 though we've probably already know the answer but let's chat as to why inside the box we get the USB C 2 USB C charger some USB C corded headphones and a clear protective case and got a lot of free protection let's get started [Applause] [Music] now remember this ultra is Samsung's premium flagship for the moment price to have $1400 there are still the regular as 20s of course at the more reasonably unreasonable $1000 price point this review is going to be all about mr. premium here samsung seems to be really liking the soft screens these days luckily when I peel off this screen protector the display underneath doesn't die like we saw on the Galaxy d flip let's see if Samsung remembers how real glass is supposed to act we'll take a look at the large camera bump in just a second I've personally been using a samsung phone for the past four years or so as my daily device so I am a pretty big fan of the phones that Samsung makes usually as long as the advertising is pretty close to what gets delivered and we aren't robbed at the checkout I'm pretty easy to please with the s20 ultra we start seeing scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7 it's nice to see glass again this phone will be able to handle everyday objects and fingernails without getting scratched or dinged up my razor blade does no damage to the top 40 megapixel selfie camera the earpiece is up here as well and it's super thin slit there's no speaker grille to scratch or get damaged I'm a fan of this flatter screen design as well if the phone ever gets dropped the frame is going to be what gets hit instead of the glass which is good cuz glass is glass and glass breaks metal however might scratch but won't shatter the power button and volume button are made for metal and can still be removed I don't recommend stealing other people's phone buttons but if being a terrible human is your thing the option is available there are no buttons on the left side of the device nor on the top but there is a sim an SD card tray thumbs up to Samsung for keeping the expandable memory alive this guy can hold an additional 1 terabyte of storage with a normal micro SD card the slot helps future-proof the phone which is pretty important considering that $1400 starting a price point and how long you're gonna have to keep using it to pay it off the bottom of the phone has a little clear plastic protector to keep it from rubbing inside the box the bottom stereo speaker and USB C port are down here as well there is no headphone jack let's take a look for a second at the main selling point of this s20 ultra and that's the camera this boy is thick for people outside the United States the rise is about two point four millimeters tall for people inside the United States it's a bit thicker than a quarter yet also still pokes out above a toothpick the hump is a decent sized fraction of a fruit snack and it's just about the same size as a slice of butter I mean if you think about it the s20 ultra has four cameras one of which is a hundred and eight megapixels and the other is the 48 megapixel telephoto camera so the hump size is relatively reasonable and if you look closely you can see how much space that camera hardware actually takes up inside the phone check out how much room the hundred times space zoom periscope camera actually needs so that size of the exterior glass lens does match the dimensions of the hardware below it happy to announce my teardown skins with D brand or officially back we managed a hoard enough printer ink to hopefully keep them around long term this time we're covering a lot more phones with this patch and there are now two different styles of teardown instead of one you can see what they both look like on this grip case the original version on the right looks like it still has the shiny glass layer on the back or we have the new ultra matte version which looks like you're just holding the bare circuit boards personally I kind of like the glossy version true story I've had to tear down skin on my phone since our last batch and a stranger came up to me in public legitimately concerned that my phone was falling apart which means our skin is definitely doing his job I'll leave a link for the tear down skin down in the description of course I am getting ahead of myself this is a durability test video and not the teardown but there is one more thing we also tore down MacBooks Starbucks won't know what hit them you can see the dual fans with the batteries and my favorite part even the trackpad has its own see-through tear down protection you can see the copper windings for the taptic motor underneath there's a good chance we have a skin for your phone in your hand right now and we'll be adding more devices as the time goes on link is down in the description you're not gonna want to miss this one now don't get me wrong the ultra is a cool phone top of the line and all that jazz but it's not really doing anything that we haven't already seen before we saw the 108 megapixel camera already in the $500 Meno 10 and that periscope zoom camera we saw inside the p30 pro which also currently costs around $600 both of those phones with similar features are less than half the price of this ultra phone samsung has also taken their S 20 series and made 5g mandatory this time around and they charge a premium for it five G coverage still isn't even a thing yet for half of the United States and the millimeter wave the super high-speed portion of 5g is currently covering basically nobody the 5g phones are still very premature and paying a few hundred dollars out of your own pocket to sponsor a futuristic 5g tech you can't utilize is very much not worth it here in 2020 unless of course you do live in a large city and know for sure that the millimeter wave 5g system is right outside your window basically the $1400 galaxy s 20 ultra is made up of components that we can find another phones that cost half the price and includes a 5g system that most people can never use sometimes verbal burns hurt the most the 1440p AMOLED display lasted about 30 seconds under the heat from my lighter and did eventually recover the screen is also capable of a hundred and twenty Hertz refresh rate at 1080p we first saw this tech on the ROG phone – that's currently selling for five to six hundred dollars on eBay just another reason why this phone shouldn't be costing fourteen hundred the s20 ultra is using the under screen ultrasonic fingerprint scanner we saw debuted last year on the s10 I'll set my fingerprint first before adding some level seven deeper grooves to the screen and even with this additional artwork my phone was able to sense and read my fingerprint every single time the ultrasonic fingerprint scanners are safe from scratches I tried bumping up my exposure so we could get a look at the transparent pixels that surround the rectangular fingerprint scanner inside of the phone but it looks like we'll just have to wait until the next video to see how big it is the rectangle is still currently invisible Samsung hit it well finally it's time for the bin test honestly with how rock hard and rigid Samsung phones usually are I was surprised that this thick phone had a little bit of give to it it's the subtlest of sways of course probably due to the length of the phone and it's six point nine inch screen the s20 ultra does survive my durability test however no cracks kinks or permanent damage anywhere all I'm saying is if I had $1,400 in my pocket first of all I wouldn't spend it on a cell phone but if for whatever reason I had to it would not be this one the s20 ultra is a Frankenstein conglomerate of parts found in many other much cheaper phones and it doesn't bring anything new to the table if I wanted a top-of-the-line phone that screamed 2020 I would get the Galaxy Z flip even with its fragile screen its futuristic design and form factor warrant the $1400 price point way better than this s20 ultra does either way and every one is different but the one place you can't go wrong is with a teardown skin link is in the description let me know what you think tell me your thoughts on the s20 ultra down in the comments and coming out me on Instagram and Twitter thanks dumb for watching I'll see you around

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Dual Screen Smartphone? – Front AND Rear Displays Tested!

So here's a new one for you, a smartphone
with two screens. This is the Nubia X – an Android smartphone
that comes with two built in screens, one on the front, and one on the back. You know we couldn't let this one slip by
without a full on durability test. Let's get started. [Intro] So supposedly if you want to work this contraption,
there are two fingerprint readers on the sides that when gripped allow whatever's displayed
on the front screen to slip over onto the back panel while retaining full functionality. You can run the whole phone from back here. When the rear screen is turned off, it looks
just like a normal phone.

Let's see what happens when we scratch test
both screens. This Nubia X comes with a builtin screen protector
which is nice. I'll pull that off. The interesting thing with this phone is that
there's no notch, there's no front facing cameras or sensors that need to be hidden,
which allows the whole front of the phone to light up edge to edge, as a display with
pretty much no bezels. As we see from the scratch test, the front
is made with tempered glass, scratching at a level 6, with deeper grooves at a level
7. We've got to be fair to both screens though. I'll grip the sides and flip it around. The rear screen has a much lower refresh rate
than the front screen, and has kind of a yellow tinge to it. It's also covered with a screen protector. I've found that the yellowness is just a blue
light filter that can be removed. I'll show you that in a second. The blue backing on the phone is kind of like
reflective film that acts as a 2-way mirror, that hides the second screen when it's turned

And once again we get scratches at a level
6, with deeper grooves at a level 7. The rear screen is covered with the same glass. Part of what makes the front screen so bezel-less
is how small this earpiece is. I almost missed it. It's barely the thickness of my razor blade. The sides of the phone sound and look like
anodized aluminum. You can see the silver color shining through
under the blue coating, even here on the blue power button. One possible weak point in the frame is this
flattened portion where the fingerprint scanner resides.

It looks suspiciously like the design flaw
we saw on the iPad Pro, and we know how that one turned out. This phone has 2 of them, one on either side. I'm kind of nervous. The top of the phone has more metal and what
looks like an IR blaster up top for changing the channels on your TV. On the other side we have the SIM card tray,
volume rocker, and another flattened fingerprint reader…because why have just one fingerprint
reader when you can have two? Two is kind of the theme of this phone.

There are 2 SIM card slots as well, which
pair nicely with the two screens. Just one USB-C port down here at the bottom
alongside the loudspeaker holes. You might be thinking to yourself, 'Jerry,
why in the world would anyone want two screens on their phone?' Well let me tell you. There are no front facing cameras on the Nubia
X, just these two dual rear cameras: a 16 megapixel and 24 megapixel. One regular and the other one for that portrait
mode stuff. So when you want to take a selfie, you get
to use the powerful rear facing cameras while seeing your face at the same time. It's an interesting solution to the notch
problem, but also a solution that actually works. I'm impressed with the ingenuity – I genuinely
did not see this one coming. Like dual everything else on the phone, there
are two fingerprint scanners. You can use one or set up both for added security. And even with the damage inflicted on the
right side, the phone can still sense and unlock my fingerprint. Not too shabby, but at least there's a backup
if one ever fails. Now here's where things get interesting.

This front screen is a 6.2 inch 1080p IPS
LCD, meaning that after about 10 seconds we see the pixels getting hot, turning off and
going black, until the heat is removed, and then they slowly recover. They do recover completely though. Checking the back screen though, is where
we see one of the brilliant parts of the Nubia X design. An LCD screen when turned on has light shining
through every single pixel, even the black ones. So the whole display lights up. An LED screen or an AMOLED screen does not
have light shining through the black pixels, so you really can't tell when the screen is
on or off because the blacks are so black and emit no light. The Nubia X is using a 5.1 720p AMOLED screen
on the back, an LCD on the front, and AMOLED for the rear. You can see the pixels going white and not
recovering. Both technologies on one single device – burn
test justification. Checkmate on the haters.

The rear screen can act like an always-on
display without showing the actual edges of the screen. This provides the aesthetic illusion that
there's no screen at all on the back panel. Whether the screen is lit up or not, you can't
really see the rectangular edges due to the super black AMOLED pixels. It's interesting how all these innovative
smartphones keep popping up out of nowhere. No complaints from me. Here's a quick look at the rear display with
the blue light filter turned off. It looks completely normal and has as good
of quality as the front screen. I'm not sure why the Nubia X had that setting
turned on right out of the box. I think it looks pretty good. All of these awesome gimmicks though mean
nothing if the phone can't survive in your pocket for a few years. Here on my channel we put phones through years
of abuse in just a few minutes. It's time for the bend test. The dual fingerprint design on both side rails
might just be fatal.

With a solid flex from the front, we get minimal
bend, but no catastrophic damage, creeks or snaps. The rear screen looks fine. Even when bent from the front, the phone remains
intact and fully functional. No complaints here. The Nubia X is a structurally solid device,
even with all that fragile tech packed in, and while having screens on both sides, this
phone survives. As a side note, if one screen does actually
break, you can always just use the other as a back up since it does come with two. Do you think this phone is the future? Is a dual screen phone a better solution than
a motorized front facing camera? Which one do you prefer? Back to back screens are definitely fascinating. Hit that subscribe button if you haven't already. And come hang out with me on Instagram and

Thanks a ton for watching. I'll see you around..

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Camera Showdown: Asus ROG Phone II vs Samsung Galaxy S10e Review/ Specifications | Phone&Photo

Are you looking for the best camera phone with good value? For any camera aficionados that wish to pair a high-quality camera with the capabilities of a smartphone, then the ASUS R O G Phone 2 and Samsung Galaxy S10e are quality candidates for value seekers who also expect a high-quality camera. The R O G Phone 2, Asus’s latest smartphone, has a large battery pack, it is specifically designed for gamers with an eye to graphics in mind.

Asus R O G Phone II consists of a dual-camera which is sporting a Sony IMX586 sensor. The 48 Mega-pixel, f/1.79 main camera is equivalent to a 26mm focal length. It also features a thirteen Mega-pixel camera for ultra-wide-angle shots, covering a 125 degrees field of view. The Samsung Galaxy S10e is specifically designed for professional photographers that are looking for high-quality capabilities combined with smartphone technology. In this guide, we'll compare each to see which is more worth the investment as a camera. The Samsung Galaxy S10e includes a primary 12 Mega-pixel camera lens with variable aperture f 1.5 to 2.4 in addition to a sixteen Mega-pixel ultra-wide-angle module. Which of these two comes out on top in the camera department? Read on as we compare phone to phone and find who takes the photography crown. Unlike the S10e, the R O G Phone II presents some issues with slight color fringing along the edge of the image. On the other hand, the S10e has more accurate color shading leading to an outdoor image that is more pleasing to look at.

You will be presently surprised to find out that the R O G Phone II does quite well when it comes to testing bokeh mode. While getting an accurate comparison of the two, the R O G Phone II renders better than the S10e and yields better target isolation. Both have quality blur effects with a strong blur gradient but, while the R O G Phone 2's bokeh quality is strong, the trigger leads to some white balance instabilities. However, both phones perform their bokeh nicely so we are talking about small differences here between the two cameras. As you can see in both images, the Samsung S10e displays richer and bolder capability than the R O G Phone 2. It seems as if the S10e has some kind of built-in ring light but the lighting produced by the S10e allows for the capturing of greater image detail.

If you are looking to create selfies for winning more likes on Instagram, then the S10e is a more suitable choice as it provides a more vibrant interior shot that adds to a more expressive quality in the eyes, lips, and nose. These are the typical pinpoint locations where a viewer's eye will wander towards. Taking a look at the croppings below, you can see that the R O G Phone 2 renders closer to reality whereas the Samsung Galaxy S10e provides the photographer with more details.

The R O G Phone II does, however, display accurate white balancing and has good color rendering. The S10e, on the other hand, is better at canceling luminance noise and generating greater pixel performance for greater detail preservation. This leads to a more defined image that is more clear than the R O G Phone II. The setting is taken in a wide-angle camera mode. You will note that the S10e takes wider images that the R O G Phone II. Additionally, it is easy to tell S10e captures wide-angle images with better distortion correction algorithm.

Samsung S10e portrays richer target details whereas it has a more limited dynamic range against bright lighting. On the other hand, R O G Phone II manages a good balance with the exposure and preserving the details of the bunny’s tail grass in the bright background. Pros of the R O G Phone 2. First. Good target image isolation when shooting with its bokeh mode. Second. Better backlighting, good balance between exposure and detail prevention. Third. Accurate color rendering at the night mode. Cons of the R O G Phone 2. First. It had a weaker distortion correction algorithm when using the wide-angle mode. Second. It lacks details in the low light photography Pros of Samsung Galaxy S10e. First. Accurate white balance and good color rendering in daytime photography. Second. Good distortion correction algorithm for its wide-angle mode And third. Ideal for beauty vloggers that want brighter and richer color texturing at those pinpoint locations. Cons of Samsung Galaxy S10e. First. You might get a loss of sharp detail in longer-range shots. Second. Its dynamic range is limited when shooting against bright light. See more camera samples at Phone & Photo Flickr.
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Despite a smartphone marketplace that has become extremely competitive in the camera-quality space, the Samsung Galaxy S10e is still a smart choice for users looking for a good value smartphone camera. The Asus R O G Phone II, while being a top-notch gaming smartphone, just doesn't have the bandwidth to generate as detailed images. If you are looking for a smartphone camera that can create wildly high-quality images, hen the recommendation is to go with the Samsung Galaxy S10e..

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Asus ROG Phone 2 Teardown! – Is the rear vent Fake?

today we're taking apart the ROG phone to probably one of the most feature-rich smart phones of 2019 we're gonna look underneath that crazy metal protrusion on the back panel and see if it actually does anything besides just look cool and we'll see how the glowy LED lights on the back panel work should be pretty interesting this video is sponsored by Toro let's get started so last year when I took apart the ROG won this metal contraption felt more like decoration than anything else this year my razor blade can slide underneath the growth so we know that it's not a built-in part of the frame but it's also still connected underneath the back glass so I'll have to break out my trusted heat gun to remove the glass before getting to the metal chunk the adhesive holding down the rear glass panel with its colorful accent lines and can be warmed up and cut away with my suction cup and razor blade working my way around the hard angles of the metal vent is fairly complicated glued shut phones are never the easiest to take apart finally though with enough heat and persuasion we can rotate the back cover off revealing an absolutely massive internal battery and a self lit LED reflective back panel the lights inside the ROG 2 aren't deflected from separate LEDs the LEDs are actually built into the reflector itself much better design than last year's ROG one that had the LEDs off to the side shooting into a white piece of plastic this new method is much more efficient and more secure and since it has its own cold contact pads these can basically be added anywhere inside the back panel on future foams and can just shine through wherever the glass is clear so let's cross our fingers for even more lights in the future it's nice to see that the RGB lighting on gaming smartphones is improving a soos is really shaking things up speaking of brands that are shaking things up huge thanks to Toro for sponsoring this video Toro is a car sharing service that has vehicles in more than 5,000 cities across the u.s.

Canada Germany and the UK it's just like renting a car but way easier and the price on average is usually 30% less than a normal car rental service there are some pretty nice cars on here as well Toro has 24/7 customer support and roadside assistance and you also have access to insurance through the Turo insurance agency personally I'm eyeing these Tesla's that I can rent all day for super cheap Turo can be accessed via the web or by downloading the app for iPhone or Android use the link in the description along with the discount code our IG 15 for $15 off your first trip if you need a truck to move something or just want to try out a Tesla for the first time or maybe just need a cheap car to get around while you're traveling Turo is pretty simple and you can even rent out your own vehicle to make some extra cash I'll leave the link in the description if you want to learn more and get that $15 off and thanks the turo for sponsoring this video to get deeper inside the ROG phone – we got to remove the ink screws holding on the bottom plastics and the five screws holding down the top plastics you would think at this point when those screws are off that the back panel could come away from the phone but MIT turns out there are two more screws hidden underneath the metal vent and since the glass is now off I can slice underneath that metal vent and remove it from the frame this guy is its own little unit stuck to the phone with adhesive and it is hollow inside the underside of the hump is made from plastic with only a very thin outer metal shell about as thick as a pop cam the metal hump itself definitely does not provide any active thermal cooling the tiny copper grille however does have a direct opening to inside the phone which from a water resistance perspective is a nightmare but once again there is no direct contact with anything on the motherboard the tiny vent just allows passive heat dissipation for any heat that happens to radiate through the air off the motherboard itself let's just say this thing looks more impressive from the outside than the inside at least this time around we'll see if there's any more copper cooling on the underside of the motherboard in just a second let's go deeper the massive battery is plugged into the center of the motherboard all unsnap that like a little Lego and then I'll make my way down to the three small ribbon cables at the bottom of the motherboard this phone does not have any wireless charging or water resistance which might be deal-breakers to some but it does have a headphone jack which are getting pretty rare these days this tiny little daughter board also comes soldered together with the lower vibration motor there are two vibrators in this phone we'll find the other one in just a second I'll remove the dual SIM card tray and then lucky for us a juice is added a magical pull tab underneath the battery it's a narrow little guy and eerily silent compared to Apple's pull tab but it gets the job done in a safe manner and doesn't bring there is a bit of gentle adhesive on the far side of the battery but nothing that's super dangerous this is a six thousand milliamp power left the in polymer battery pack which is the largest we've seen inside of a cell phone all year and check out what's underneath the battery a solid wall of copper now we're talking this is where the real cooling happens this is an under screened vapor chamber we've run into a few of these in the past we'll have to pull it out to see how big it really is in just a second first I'll remove the rubber plug out of the side dual USBC accessory and display ports and unclip the dual rear facing camera and pull it away from the phone it's got a 48 megapixel main sensor on the left and a 13 megapixel wide-angle camera on the right neither of which are advertising optical image stabilization the front 24 megapixel camera also does not have oh is but does come with a gray rubber ring around the lens kind of random I can finally pull the motherboard now from inside the phone frame it's got a long thin design that basically wraps around the whole phone the design of the ROG 2 seems like things were added kind of at random it's not quite as organized as other flagships we've been inside it does have thermal paste between the processor and the massive internal heatsink little copper square that touches the processor is located up near the top small circle vibrator I imagine there are two vibrators inside to give better haptic feedback on either side of the phone wall gaming just like we would see inside of a normal video game controller the top and bottom stereo speakers are also a bit different the top speaker is much smaller and the bottom speaker doesn't appear to have any balls inside like we saw inside the galaxy full the under screen fingerprint scanner is also down here at the bottom of the phone near the loudspeaker it's a little camera that shines up through the thin AMOLED screen to read your fingerprint now normally we do try to keep these phones in working condition I like putting them back together but this particular design puts the copper vapor chamber between the frame of the phone and the screen because that AMOLED panel is so thin the ROG 2 uses that to its advantage to allow heat to escape out the front of the phone which is pretty smart except that the only way for us to see it is by removing the screen and removing the screen breaks the screen screen removals are usually only performed when the screen is already broken the ROG phone 2 has a large 6.6 inch 1080p display but the thing that makes it special is the 120 Hertz refresh rate it shows images twice as fast as normal phones do and yeah cracking a 120 Hertz displayed hurts me a little bit on the inside but at least now we get to see what we came here for look at the size of this copper layer we might have a new vapor chamber world champ right here this looks larger than even the razor phone to vapor chamber normally vapor chambers have you know vapor inside the vapor wings along the little copper capillaries to keep things cool and usually this paper is visible when we slice it open at least for a second but in my particular ROG phone – no vapor is visible inside it's bone-dry in here but even without liquid it's still a substantially large heat sink and copper does a good job of dissipating heat all on its own I think it was definitely worth taking off the screen even if the phone didn't quite survive on paper the ROG phone – is one of the best phones of 2019 with its impressive screen and large battery but with that open rear ventilation system that's more for looks than anything else it's also very much the least water-resistant phone we've seen in a very long time would that major lack of water resistance and a phone this powerful make you nervous let me know down in the comments don't forget to check out Turo next time you need to borrow a car you can use that rig 15 code to get $15 off come hang out with me on Instagram and Twitter and thanks ton for watching I'll see you around

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Can using your cell phone give you brain cancer?

Are cell phones risky? Cell phones are everywhere. There are over
six billion cell phone subscriptions worldwide – nearly one for every man,
woman, and child on the planet. And many people claim they can no longer
live without them. But are they safe? Is it possible that something so near
and dear to us could be risky? And if so, what kind of risk would it
be? For starters, Most cell phones these days use lithium-
ion batteries, which, as a previous Risk Bites explored, can present a fire risk if
you abuse them. But so long as you don't treat your
phone like a racketball, you're probably okay. Then there's the non-ionizing radiation. Like other wireless electronic
appliances, cell phones use high-frequency radio
waves to do their thing. These radio waves allow the phone to
communicate with satellites, computers, and other phones, which in turn allow us
to communicate with each other.

What makes cell phones different from
other wireless appliances is that we have a habit of holding them next to
our heads. So it's perhaps not surprising that researchers have asked if there is any
risk associated with extended exposure to cell phone radiation. To put it bluntly, they want to know:
can cell phones give you brain cancer? Researchers in the United States, Sweden,
Denmark, Switzerland, the UK, and other countries have been looking into the
question since cell phones first hit the market in the nineteen eighties. For years, they have tracked cases of phone
usage and brain cancer across time and geography. After decades of research and massive
studies using hundreds of thousands of people from multiple countries, the
answer is a resounding: probably not. In two thousand and eleven, the World Health Organization pulled
together a group of experts from around the world to review the available data on
cell phone radio waves and cancer. Their conclusion? The vast majority of evidence shows no
increase risk associated with cell phone use.

However, a slender few reports did find a
slight association between cell phone use and cancer. So, the WHO, being a cautious body,
declared cell phone radio wave emissions to be possible human carcinogen. What does this mean? Simply that the isn't enough evidence to
be sure either way – we can't say that cell phones are unsafe. But we can't say that cell phones are one
hundred-percent entirely safe yet either. That may sound scary, but before you cancel
your phone subscription, consider that this category of possible carcinogens
also includes coffee and pickled vegetables. Surprisingly, the best studied risk associated with
cell phones comes not from the phone itself, but from the distraction it
causes to drivers We'll dive into that another time.

But until then, don't forget to subscribe and stay safe. And whatever you do, don't watch Risk
Bites while driving!.

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