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Friends, if you also want to do live streaming from your mobile phone on YouTube but you were not yet completed at the same time then this video is for you You, as we all know, is the term and condition of YouTube until our One Thousand Subscriber completes. Without 1000 subscribers, we cannot do live streaming on YouTube from our mobile phones. But even if we don't have 1000 subscribers yet, we can still do live streaming from our computer 't have to worry at all Today's video is for you In today's video, I am telling you how you can live streaming on YouTube from your mobile phone without completing a Thousand Subscribers. But friends, before starting the video, if you have not subscribed to our channel yet, then subscribe it so that you can get our latest videos first. So let's start the video I have taken my mobile phone here and if 1000 subscribers are not competed and we want to do live streaming then what we have to do for it First of all you have to open Google Play Store And here you have to search Stream labs Click on streamlabs As soon as you click on streamlabs This type of application will open Here you can see its 1 Million Plus has been downloaded.

4.2 has a rating We have to install it on our mobile phone
Very soon it will be installed on your phone It will not take up much space of your phone because its file size is 4.22 MB Now you can see it is installed on our phone Now click on open As you click above the open here it will open in this way Now we have to log in to StreamLabs Here we get three options Login with Twitch , Login with YouTube and Login with Facebook We are going to do live on YouTube, so Here we have to click on Login with YouTube. And the Gmail ID from which you have created your YouTube channel, you have to log in here with Gmail ID From that email id you have to log in here, enter your email id and enter password I enter my password here As soon as you login , in this way it will open here.

Add a camera source Add a screen source to stream your games If you want to livestream normal Then we have to select the first option i.e. add a camera source to stream your camera Apart from this, if we want to live or record the screen of our mobile, then we can also do that. So here you have to click on Next As you click on Next The alert box is first seen here Alert Box, Event List, Chat Box, The Jar, Donation Ticker, Donation Goal Such options will be visible to you here you about the alert box When we are streaming live we are doing our game live So if there is someone sending them super chats or someone is subscribing to them, then messages like that are visible on the screen there, we call them an alerts.

And this is the chat box that will enable it too By enabling the chat box, whoever is chatting with you, is making a chat message, you will see it on your screen. And if you want to set a donation goal here, you can do that too. I am not setting the donation goal here I am going to keep only the alert box and chat box here Now we have to click on Done you can see our streamlabs have opened This type of configuration will appear As of now, we have not added any source, so no capture source is visible here. Here we can do normal live stream very easily To stream normal live, you have to press the yellow button which is seen in the middle here, your normal live streaming will start. But today I am going to tell you how you can do a professional gaming live streaming So if you want to do gaming live then you can do it very easily.

Look carefully at what you have to do First of all, the three lines you see above are to click here. Here you will see a lot of options editor, events, buddy mode and this camera option This option will get to see a lot of options here, first of all we will click on the editor. Now we will get to see this kind of layout So the alert box and chat box we selected are visible there. Here if we want to add some more, then we will click on the plus button and from here we can also add other options. We have already added the alert box and chat box here. Now we can set the alert box and chat box on our screen, wherever we want it. We can also make their size smaller or bigger. That way we can set it according to our own If you want to put your camera here You can do that here too So first you have to click here And after this Click on the editor Here you can see this is the "+" plus button Now we have to click on the plus button Here you will see a lot of options Like Ad widget Now you click on add widget Then click on Streamlabs widget Now here you can see that there are many options.

Donation Goal, Donation Ticker Event List Etc. There are many such options, whatever you want to set, you can do it from here. From here you can select any option Now we go back And now once again you will click on the plus button And here you can see there is a text option, you have to click on it anything written on your screen, then you can add it from here As soon as you click on the add text Then click on the text level Here you can write whatever you want to write and you can also change the color of your text. Let's say i write here Suppose I write the name of my channel here Suppose I write here techno And then click on add Here you can see the "techno" has been added, in this way all your text will be added here and it will appear on your screen. We can also edit it Here we can also change our text fonts You can apply this text to any part of the screen And after this Again we will click on the plus button and here you can see you can also add images here Here is an option of add image You can add any image from here If you want to put a logo of your own, or if you want to put an overlay, if you want to put a frame, you can add all the images of it from here.

And this is the option of ad camera But first I show you by putting LOGO here Click On "ADD IMAGE" Here the option is showing the "Device", we have to click on the "Device" As soon as we click on the device , we will reach the gallery of our phone and from here, suppose I take this one. I have selected One Logo from here You can see Logo image has been added here I will tell you later how to arrange all these on our screen, first I will tell you all the options After that there is an option "Add Camera" Click On "Add Camera" So now the camera has also been added We have added camera After that Then click on the plus button again And this is the option of "Add Screen" From here we can add our screen as you click on the add screen, whatever will be displayed on your phone screen will appear on your Live stream.

Then we click on the "Add Screen" And now click on "Start Now" As soon as you click on Start Now, whatever is being displayed on the screen of your phone will also appear on your live streaming. Here we have added everything we wanted to add We had to add our phone screen to display our game Suppose we are playing a PUBG game on our mobile phone, so our game will also appear on our live streaming as we have added our phone screen here . Ok now we Now we have to arrange all these on our screen This is our display area. Everything inside it will be visible on our live streaming.

If we want, we can also put a nice overlay here You can also download overlays from Google Such live streaming templates are there, you can find them on Google. Here we have added everything and this is our camera This is our camera So we put the camera in the bottom left side of our screen We can also make its size smaller or bigger. So here we set the camera And to lock its position, you lock it here so that it will not be moved here and there. So it got fixed after that This is our alert box, at the moment we turn it to the side And this is our logo can put here any image you can add here Here you can add PNG image which has background transparent. Here we also lock the position of the Logo So now our Logo is also fixed here So now it will not drag it here and there is locked here The alert box here Place the alert box in the top side We put this alert box here Whenever someone subscribes to us or gives us a super chat, it will appear in our alert box.

We set the alert box here After that this is our chat box, now we also arrange the chat box. Place the chat box in the top right side of the screen So here our chat box is done, you can arrange all these according to your wish. And this is our screen, we will keep the screen full screen Set the screen to the last because our gameplay will be on the full screen We set the chat box here And you can set this text on the screen wherever you want. We can put this text anywhere So I put this text here You can apply it anywhere You can also adjust its size it here Now we will make it bigger Do full size So now it's full screen Here you see our screen is above all options So with this our alert box, chat box, Logo, camera will hide everything behind this screen, then what we have to do for solve this problem? When we do the gameplay everything will be hidden behind it The 3 lines you see here click on it Here, we have to move the screen down to the bottom and place it at the bottom.

By keeping the screen down, the rest of our options will appear at the top of the screen. Then we'll set the screen down That's how it'll all come down now the screen is at the back And all the other options like Alert box, logo, camera are all over the screen Our camera will appear here Camera will also be turned on And this is our Logo The way you can set up very easily You can do all these arrangements according to your need So now we will play the game on our screen Here, click on the check mark From here you can turn on or off the mic So now your screen will look like this From here you can also switch your camera if you want to use front camera or you want to use back camera, then you can switch from here So now our full screen is visible here And after that, now we have to do one more thing And here you see three lines, click here So this is the screen of Streamlabs, it will be minimized and will not be closed We don't have to stop And now we play our PubG game Our game is opening When we are playing PUBG games, our full screen will also appear on live streaming.

Now we will minimize this game Now slide from here and click on the screen of Streamlabs. And now click on start now But our game still doesn't appear here Once again, we minimize the screen of the steam lab So the problem is that when we minimize it, our stream lab app stops after some time. Here we can do one thing to solve this problem Two dots are visible above here, we have to click on it Here we see three options: Lock, split screen and Manage..Your phone may have some other options the lock, this will keep your Streamlabs app running continuously even after minimizing there will not be stop.

Now we have to play the game on the whole screen By sliding here, we would open our PubG game Now PubG game is playing on your full screen Now I show you live streaming it We have to select Steam Lab again Click on start now Now click on the red color button that is coming in it Here you can see Go Live on YouTube Here too we would have got some options Here we see clicking on CREATE NEW BROADCAST So now our live streaming has started, now we have to show our game on screen Now we minimize it once again And start playing PubG game PubG game has started So now our live streaming has started and our PubG game will be visible in live streaming.

So let me show you on my other phones what our live streaming looks like. It is live at the moment So our live streaming looks like this So friends, hope you have understood everything and you will be able to do live streaming easily, if you have any questions, you can ask me by commenting in the comment box..

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How To Use A Lavalier Mic | How-To Guide

hey everyone in here we've had a lot of questions from people asking how to use a lavalier or lapel mic to get great sound for your videos live streams and conference calls so let's get into it a lavalier mic is a small microphone that you can clip onto clothing you will have seen many TV presenters vloggers and filmmakers using them they deliver great clear sound due to the fact that they can be positioned quite close to the mouth they're also unobtrusive and allow complete freedom with your hands there are two things to consider when using a lavalier mic the first is how to position it and the second is how to connect it to your camera phone or laptop there are a few different Road lavalier mics to choose from each one is designed to work with different devices but regardless of what mic you are using they are all clipped and positioned the same way as a general rule you want to position a lab earlier mic on the chest about a handspan distance from the mouth this will give you a clear natural sound first put the microphone into the clip we get a lot of questions about how to attach the mic to the clip and while it may seem complicated it's actually very simple just slip the windshield off your mic like so then pinch the spiral clasp and insert your mic into the loop to secure the mic in place if you're wearing a jacket tie or shirt it's then super easy to position the mic just clip it to the edge of a suitable piece of clothing like so remember to avoid a position where other clothing might rub against the mic when you move as this will create a distracting sound in your video to keep your video looking clean and professional you may want to consider concealing the cable you can simply tuck it out of sight under your jacket or run it inside your shirt Pro sound engineers will use draper's tape to secure the cable against the inside of clothing but another popular choice is gaff tape anything to keep it out of sight here's another pro tip the so called broadcast loop this will give you that professional look you'd have seen on TV to do this run the cable from the mic through the handle of the clip then complete the circle over the top and into the slot on the edge of the clip now when you clip this on to your jacket or your shirt you will get that neat clean profile if you're wearing something smooth like a t-shirt you can mount it on the neckline like so if you're wearing a singlet the shoulder straps are a great place to mount a mic this is often the best solution if you're wearing exercise clothing or if you want to get creative try mounting the mic underneath a headband or a hat regardless of where you position it provided the mic is a foot or less from your mouth and does not have clothing rubbing against it you should get a nice clear sound so that's how you position your mic but what about connecting it to your device well there are a few different things to consider here the first is what type of device you are going to plug it into the second is whether you are going to plug the microphone in directly or whether a wireless solution is more appropriate let's look at the device first if you are using a phone or laptop to make your video you would need the rode smartlav+ this has the right kind of connector to plug directly into your device without the need for an adapter if you're using a computer you will need to select external microphone as the audio input device in your audio settings if the smart lab class is not long enough to reach your phone or computer you can extend it with the road sc1 cable this will give you plenty of room to move back from your camera and still get great sound if you're using a camera like a DSLR you'll need a lavalier mic with a standard audio connector the lavalier go is a great choice as it's affordable and really easy to use if you need more freedom to move around using a wireless system is the best option we recommend the wireless go as it's compact affordable sounds amazing and is really easy to use setting this up is very simple select the receiver that's this one on to your camera and plug it into the audio input then clip the transmitter that's this one which has an inbuilt lavalier mic to your chest if you'd refer to use an external level you mic to plug into the wireless co transmitter use the level ego rather than a smart lab plus as this has the correct connector the two different connectors do look very similar but an easy hint with Road products is just to look at the color of the connector gray connectors are for mobile devices and black is for regular audio and camera equipment if you want to use the wireless go with a laptop or mobile device this is very easy but you'll need a different cable we've made another video about how to do this check it out in the link below I always want to do this a final tip when using a lavalier outdoors or close to your mouth it's important to use the supplied windshield to reduce wind noise or percepts all rode lavalier mics include a form of limb protection so we've got your cupboard thanks for watching guys if you need any more information click on the links below don't forget to Like and subscribe hit the notification bell and we'll see you next time happy recording [Laughter] [Music]

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