Legion Phone Duel 2 – A Gaming BEAST!

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here on Supersaf TV, and this is the Legion Phone Duel 2. One of the first videos
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boy would be appreciated. Big thanks to Lenovo for
getting this to me early, as well as sponsoring this video. So the Legion Phone Duel 2 is a smartphone built from the ground up for gaming, and it offers a few things which you're not going to
find on any other device. Let's go ahead and get it unboxed. So inside the box, as well as the device, you do get two USB type C cables and a 65-watt charger
with two USB-C ports.

We'll talk about this a little bit later. You also get a USB type C
to 3.5-millimeter converter, some paperwork, and a clear case. And here it is. You'll notice right away that this has been
built for landscape mode to make the most out of your gaming. We've got the RGB logo here at the back. This has 16.8 million colors, and with the Legion Assistant app, the colors can be set
to react in real time. Now let's take a look at the display. So we do have an in-display
fingerprint scanner, and we have a 6.92-inch AMOLED display with 144 Hertz refresh rate. It supports HDR10+, has 1300
nits of peak brightness. However, what's unique about
the Legion Phone Duel 2 is a world-leading 720
Hertz touch sampling rate. Now this not only makes
things very smooth, but it also makes things very responsive, and if you are playing a game that can support the touch sampling rate, you'll really notice the difference.

Now of course, we've got
the latest and greatest in terms of the specs. So this is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon
888 5G chip set. We've got 12, 16, or up to
18 gigabytes of LPDDR5 RAM. We've got 256 or 512
gigabytes of UFS 3.1 storage. So obviously it's going
to be right up there in terms of performance, but the Duel 2 has a few features that will help it maintain
that peak performance when you're gaming for
long periods of time. We've got the Advanced Technology
Architecture 2.0 design, and this optimizes its heat management through an improved internal layout, massive vapor chamber, and
integrated cooling fans to deliver peak performance at all times.

We've also got the world's first active twin turbo-fan cooling system. The dual fans work together
as a push/pull system to force the cool air flow through the independent
copper wind tunnel. This tunnel is connected
to the large vapor chamber via two copper pillars, increasing thermal transfer performance. Now you may have seen other gaming devices which have a separate
attachment for a fan, but the Duel 2 has this all built in in a compact form factor. Now for the controls, we've got an Octa-Trigger console
controller-like experience. So we've got four
ultrasonic shoulder keys, there's two rear touch points, as well as two in-display
force touchpoints. So you can customize all of these controls to give you that gaming edge. Now for software, we've got Android 11
with a very light skin, so everything is very
close to stock Android. However, we've got some customizations which really help you get
the most out of the Duel 2. There's the Legion Assistant app, which gives you real-time
performance metrics, one-click ultimate performance
mode called Rampage, which will give you
the maximum performance based on the hardware, as well as fan speed control.

We've then got the Legion Realm network, which will help you share
experiences, videos, screenshots with other Legion gaming fans, and also give you access
to Lenovo's support system. Now of course, with the visuals, you're going to want great audio, so we do have dual stereo
front-firing speakers with large chambers, and these are equivalent
to dual 1.6cc speakers. And there's also low-latency
Bluetooth low-energy audio if you are going to be using
some wireless headphones. Now let's move over onto the battery, or should I say, batteries.

We have a total of 5,500 milliamp hours, and this is actually
split into dual batteries, firstly for better weight
distribution when you're gaming, but also for faster charging. So you saw earlier on that we do have two USB-C ports on the 65-watt charger, and we've also got two USB type C cables. Now, the Duel 2 has two USB type C ports. One is here at the bottom,
and one is on the side. Now we've got a few advantages
because of this layout. The side USB type C port allows you to have the device plugged
in when you're gaming, so it's not going to interrupt
your gaming or come in the way. But also, with the
65-watt included charger you can plug in both USB-C
cables into the device, giving you dual turbo charging. This will charge the device from zero to 50% in just 12 minutes. There is also a 90-watt charger available, and with that you can get from
zero to 100% in 30 minutes. And if we compare this to a 4500 milliamp hour single battery on a device with 120-watt charging, this will still be faster because it's filling
up both of those cells at the same time.

So you'll be able to get
around 4500 milliamps in just 17 minutes. Now for safety, we do have
a battery protection system giving you three layers of protection. There's bypass charging,
which allows the phone to switch to the power provided
by the cable exclusively instead of the battery, avoiding the heat generated
through charging or draining that could impact the
smartphone's performance during gaming sessions. Slow charging recognizes when
fast charging is not required, lowering the charging performance to prolong battery quality and
lower internal temperatures.

Overcharging protection
monitors the battery and charging performance to ensure that, once the battery is full and
the phone remains plugged in, the charging stops and the system switches
to bypass charging. Now let's talk about the cameras. So we've got a dual
rear-facing camera setup, I like that Lenovo haven't
just put some cameras in here for the hell of it, all
of these are useful. There's a 64-megapixel primary camera, and this can shoot HDR10
as well as raw images and 8K at up to 24 frames a second. We've then got a 16-megapixel
ultra-wide camera with a 123-degree angle of view. And then we've got a 44-megapixel livestreaming pop-up selfie camera. Now, this is very interesting because it's actually placed up here.

So you'll see, it's just popped up, and again, it is placed in landscape mode so it's not going to be off
to the side or something, and it's going to give
you the best viewing angle when you are gaming and
livestreaming at the same time. Also, an additional bonus
of a popup camera is that, when you're not using it,
it is completely hidden, so you don't have to have
any concerns over privacy. Now with the AI capabilities
of the Snapdragon 888, the Duel 2 can perform real-time back on replacement as well. So that is the Legion Phone Duel 2, one of the most powerful
gaming smartphones out there. If you want to see the latest
pricing and availability and want to find out more, there will be a link down
below in the description.

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