3 in 1 Awesome Mobile Phone camera Lenses – You should Buy – 2018

Hey, what's up? Everybody my name is a Azeem. I'm back here with another new unboxing video so today we have super cool gadget This is three in one balloon camera lens and This these lenses can be used to take awesome pictures And you can see that there are three lenses in the box First is fisheye lens second is macro lens third is wide angle lens Here are the samples of all lenses fisheye lens macro and wide angle lens and on the first side of box here are some pictures of lenses you can see and here is The device compatible with that advice that can compatible with this lens these lenses are Mentioned here for iPhone Samsung HTC iPad tablet, PC laptops three in one photo lenses and Here you can see that What is in the pouch what's inside the box? Yeah, fisheye lens clip clip to hold lenses wide-angle and macro lens lens caps and microfiber lens cleaning cloth bag ok So let's get started with the unboxing The Unboxing is very simple just open the box and then take this plastic bag out of the box and Here are our three mobile phone three months selfie camera lenses ok So here is the clip and one lens is already mounted on the clip you can see So that we remove it You can see the lens have been removed from the clip This is the Fish eye lens you can see that here it have we mentioned that this is fisheye lens 180 degree So Keep it side and check other lenses Here, this is the cap of Lense This Lense here you can see This and these are two lens is mounted together Here you can see on the upside it is us 0.67 67th wide and the second is macro Let me separate them Here you can see this is macro lens this one is macro, and this is wide-angle lens And Then next to these lenses there is a cleaning cloth or peg That can be used to take lenses in your pocket anywhere you want whenever you want, so Now it's time to test these lenses there how much quality they improve of our smartphone So first I have mounted these two lenses together So two separate ones we will separate the one from It and then mounted again Okay, it is only the macro lens now mounted on the smartphone and check the quality I am Mounting this on this smartphone from which I am recording this video As you can see here, you can see that.

I have mounted the macro lens Which helps you to focus on the main object? near to the lens You can see that This lens is not working properly In low-light, it works. Probably in daylight So you can use this to take very closely objects' pictures? Here you can see that this is my finger and It works Yes, it works, but it doesn't work In does not works.

Good very good in low-light conditions So the overall quality was not very good, but good you Can buy these? lenses For your own use not for professional use So the next lens we have is The world and the lens you can see This is the wide-angle lens Here we have mounted it and Now check these lenses It is also not working properly the wide-angle lens is totally bad quality is totally of bad quality This lens is not working properly So now there is a lost lens we were checking This is the fish eye lens let me and mount the Mechelen from the clip So here is the Fisheye lens. I hope that this lens will work properly And will improve the quality of our pictures Here you can see that this lens works properly it curves the image from every side You can see this is my laptop screen, and it is being curved from the sides It has been from the sides you can see Here is the box of lens This is also being curved from the sides So the quality of this lens I mean finished lens was Very good, so You can buy these lenses from the market or online I will link I will give the link in the description you can directly buy these lenses from that Link so I hope that you liked my video if you liked my video please comment in the video and don't forget to subscribe my channel mister azim and Like and share my video ok, thanks

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