A Very Strange Smartphone…

What's up guys, Lew here back with another video. And today I've got something…that… I've actually had my eye on for a little while. What we're looking at…is a Panasonic product… the DMC-CM1 from the Lumix line. So… everything so far is pointing at "camera" …but the weird part is, it's also a phone. I, for a long time, have been interested in… kind of the "ultimate social instagram/twitter camera" Lemme just…

Lemme just open it up. This guy features a one-inch sensor. That's the same size as the Sony RX-100 That is a substantial sensor. And look at it… But it's not… But it's still… You know it's kind of like the size… At least from the front, of a phone. Now, granted, it's, it's fatter. But it's not crazy fat. You've got a nice, big aperture on the lens f2.8 You have a dedicated shutter button Camera switch over here, the power switch There's even a tiny little forward-facing camera [to Jack] Can you catch that there Jack? Kind of an unusual layout, the headphone jack is in this location here, And I assume this is where you'll put your memory card …no, that's your USB Port. There we go. SIM Card slot and MicroSDXC. So what else do we have here? Pretty straightforward, a char… a BIG charger. Holy smokes! Oh, it is a Qualcom QuickCharger 2.0, okay. So it's gonna charge faster. Alright then. This is a quicker publishing method for photography that looks more like dedicated camera photography.

Look at my hands right now. There we go. Update… succesful. And we have, actually a fairly… a fairly stock look in Android here. 5.0, 4k Photo, 4k Pre-Burst So you see it actually, [to Jack] Check that out Jack. It extends a little bit. It's not huge. I'm kicking it old-school. When I was a little kid, and I got a new gadget, I would take the… user manual, to bed as my reading before I went to sleep. This was my [New E?] magazine right here. Panasonic is positioning this as a connected camera, not a smartphone. The lens also happens to be fixed, so… Might have been nice to have a little bit of zoom here but they've opted for a fixed lens like a lot of other smartphones in order to protect the form factor.

Now, the camera app is gonna be what you're most interested in, you can launch it a couple of different ways, either just by tapping the icon or this little slide at the top which is gonna get you access a lot quicker. You can see the autofocus working here …as I move in. [Beep] Boom! [Beep] Boom! [Beep] Boom! [Beep] Boom! You guys hear that? [Shutter sound] Like that's… [Beep] [Shutter sound] That's quick! Certainly a photo-first experience. [Beep] [Shutter sound] It's just different. [Beep] And, of course, having complete manual control you can map this ring on the front for focus, zoom; whatever you want. Now I wouldn't recommend using the zoom, it is a fixed focal length, so you're working with digital zoom there. Never advisable, you're only gonna be using a portion of the sensor. Granted, you're looking at a one-inch sensor here which is about seven times bigger than your average smartphone sensor. So if there were a sensor to use digital zoom on, this would be it.

The 4k video is only operating at 15fps, so You might hope, at this pricepoint, to be getting 4k at 30fps since a lot of phones do that. But again, I feel like this is mostly aimed at still photos. Let's see how wide this guy is. [Beep] [Shutter sound] One thing you can do here that you couldn't necessarily do as easily with a lot of other cameras on the market is do like an automatic backup. You could connect your Google Drive, or use Google Photos, whatever you wanna do because you've got Android right here. A couple of 4k features here, It's got something called "PreBurst" which is going to actually be recording bursts of 4k resolution frames prior to you hitting the record button. If you're anticipating action, then you can set up PreBurst and when that action happens actually go back in time so you didn't miss it. What would you say, like, what is it, business on the front, party on the back? Or would it be the other way around? Business the back, party on the front.

I like seeing when tech companies do something …strange; ambitious, if you will. They're not gonna sell a ton of these but they decided to make it anyways? Let's say I got this thing in my pocket, let's do a quick… (with accent) Boom! Slide over to the camera! [Shutter sound] SHOT! Boom! And that's… That's like a macro focus situation! [Shutter sound] Look how quickly… [Beep] [Shutter sound] Look how quickly it gets focus on me. Maybe I'm too excited about this? I certainly don't look excited in this frame right here.

But anywhere you wanna share still images this is probably the best you're gonna be able to do immediately. This is the CM1; DMC-CM1 from Panasonic I think we're gonna have some fun together. We've obviously gone to the extreme here. What exactly went down? I'm gonna pull this out..

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World’s Smallest Android Phone!

What's up guys, Lou here back with another video. And it doesn't get any less exciting here at Unbox Therapy. Today I am bringing you The World's Smallest? Possibly? Android Smartphone? That's what I'm told. This is the Micro X S240. Company called Posh Mobile.com This was sent to me from a guy named..Tom. What's up Tom? I will link them down in the description. He sent me 3 of these units, so I guess I'm gonna do a give-away as well follow me on Twitter for details there. Maybe you want the smallest smartphone on the planet. Why wouldn't you? Specs: 4 GB ROM, 512 MB of RAM, Dual Core Processor, Multi touch. Well I hope so, hope it's got a touch screen. *LAUGHS* 2 MP camera and a VGA front camera – Listen, It ain't always about specs.

Maybe you have a different agenda. It's for a very specific type of individual. So… Ooh Get out of town! Look at this little guy! This would be cool for a kid to have. Hello? So there's your little display on there. Camera on the back, speaker here. Micro USB on the bottom for charging. Microphone Now it does look like the rear is removable here. Let me see.. I don't have the fingernails necessary I don't think. Theres a bunch of stuff, what do we have? Basic little headset with microphone Micro USB cable, Power brick Let's try this again. Come on Lou, use your muscles. So here we go, battery goes in. Come on battery… Little bit of juice Give us something Ooh POSH Mobile So…POSH Dare I… *Woosh* This little guy I mean.. Here is the set up Yes, this is small Oh my…*Laugh* Look at how small the keyboard is Do you see that?…What do I…

Oh man… What do you need for this? A little pen or something Look at that! It's a real phone Very dimly lit capacitive buttons The brightness of the screen is surprising, I didn't expect it to be that bright. The main thing here is just how small it is. Benjamin Button He's a li.. I think he get's smaller as time goes on He still needs a phone Phone, messages and contacts by default You scroll over here… little skin on this android it looks like Browser, clock… camera! *oOoOo's* Did that work? I think… Yea! *Chuckles* Just a little delay! Hello to the world From 1999 Ooo…I think i'm getting better Maybe not… You're not going to want to write a novel on this guy here *Laugh* Man..Look at that tiny little Youtube player Is the orientation locked here? There we go! Speakers not terrible! There you can see it…How do they get it all in there? I dunno how they get it all in there.. Galaxy Note 5 Wow…It's the smart car of phones! If you're a… little different kind of person This might be just what you're looking for Cause I like to suprise people…

In weird ways… Wow… What is this? This is the quietest I've been…This is mysterious.

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The #1 Mistake People Make When Taking Photos With Their Mobile Phone Is This

Here’s a quick tip. One of the number one mistakes that people
make is this, what is this? This is pinching to zoom on your phone, no
matter what phone you have, whether it has optical zoom or it doesn’t, one of the worst
things that you can do is do digital zoom, you’re losing megapixels there, which means
you’re going to lose quality. How do you solve this? Simple. You move your feet, you move forward, you
move back, you get your composition right and that’s how you start doing this which
is digital zoom.

Move your feet. Subscribe now. Watch this, watch this video..

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Galaxy S8 Teardown – Complete Repair Video

The Galaxy S8, the newest infinity displayed
flagship from Samsung. But what happens when that display breaks? This thing already passed my durability test
with flying colors. Now it’s time to see what this thing is
made of, and what it looks like on the inside. Let’s get started. [Intro] There are no visible screws along the outside,
which is pretty normal for Samsung these days. It does make the phone slightly harder to
repair, but not impossible. The process I am demonstrating is going to
be pretty much the exact same for both the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus. But the replacement parts are going to be

I’ll have those linked separately in the
description. I’ve warmed up the back of the phone with
my heat gun or hair dryer until it’s just barely too hot to touch. Then I can stick a thin metal pry tool between
the metal frame and the glass of the phone. Lift it up just high enough to slip a playing
card or business card inside, and that will help you get around that curve without breaking

If you need replacement backs, or if you break
yours during your repair, they are pretty inexpensive so don’t stress out too much. After slicing through both sides, I’ll slip
my green pry tool in to hold the glass up and keep it from resealing itself onto the
phone body. The rest of the adhesive will be easy to cut
away after that. Remember it’s important not to go too deep
inside of the phone because there is important stuff under there that can be punctured, like
the wireless charging or the battery. So stick around the edges. Once the back glass is free, we can see the
fingerprint scanner up along the top. It’s still attached to the real panel. The first interesting thing that we find is
all the warnings on the battery. You got normal stuff like don’t burn, don’t
puncture, avoid extreme temperatures. And then you get this no dogs allowed sign. Like, I’m not a dog person myself, but I
don’t advocate pet discrimination either.

Are cats and goldfish okay? I don’t really understand the rules anymore
and Samsung just kind of made it weird. There are 14 screws holding down the first
layer of guts. The circle-y thing is the wireless charging. We cut open one of these on the What’s Inside
YouTube channel. The copper wires coil up to receive power
through inductance, and then pass that power through the battery into these pins on the
motherboard. Pretty sweet technology. Apple will probably invent this technology
in the future for one of their next iPhones. So that’s something for iPhone users to
look forward to. The battery disconnects from the motherboard
easy enough, but there are no magical pull tabs underneath like we’ve seen on some
other phones, so it’s time to use brute force.

I’ll use the rounded end of my metal pry
tool, taking extreme care not to slice or puncture the battery. I also took special care not to use a dog
at any point during this procedure since that’s one of Samsung’s battery requirements. The battery does look pretty cool. It’s got a 3000 milliamp capacity, and it
even has a see-through area up at the top for the protection circuit that I talked about
during my Note 7 video. The clear plastic on the battery makes me
want a clear phone even more. It’s also cool that the inside of the phone
is the same color as the outside – just like what we saw with the red iPhone that
I took apart a few weeks ago. The loud speaker is the next piece to come
out. It’s got a little water damage indicator
down at the bottom. Remember, these phones are water resistant
and not water proof.

It still has those golden contact points where
it receives it’s power and signal from the phone. Before we can remove the charging port, we
have to take out the main board. I’ll start disconnecting the wire cables
at the bottom; there are three of those. Then the screen ribbon unsnaps like a little
Lego from the side of the motherboard. After that I’ll move up to the front sensor
array ribbon cable, and the front facing camera ribbon connector. And then, you know, there’s the SIM card
tray that I should have removed before we started. At the base of the motherboard there’s a
Lego connector for the charging port, but it’s on the underside of the board making
things a little more complicated than it should be. I’ll give you a better view of that in just
a second. Now that the motherboard is out, we have the
plastic Samsung heat pipe.

This helps keep the processor cool since copper
is a better conductor of heat than aluminum is. The thermal transfer away from the processor
is more efficient than with copper. Now the rear 12 megapixel camera has it’s
own Lego-like connection on the motherboard. I’ll snap that off and push the camera through
the board. This is definitely replaceable. Just for kicks and giggles I’ll pull out
the front facing camera as well. This little guy is attached to the iris scanner. If you look at the rear camera, you can see
it move around inside of the frame. This is called the OIS, or optical image stabilization. I’ll show you more of how this works in
just a second. On the front camera unit, the iris scanner
is solid and normally the front facing camera is solid as well, but this one has movement. Samsung didn’t advertise having stabilization
on this front camera, but it looks like they might have been playing around with the idea
of adding it.

OIS takes image quality to the next level
so it would be pretty awesome if they did. I’ll tuck that front facing camera back
into the frame and clip the rear camera back into place as well. Let’s take a look at that earpiece speaker. Remember, during my durability test I complained
that the grill size was way smaller on the new S8 than it was on the older S7.

It turns out that the internal speakers are
pretty much the same size. If anything, the S8 might even be a little
bit larger of a speaker, so no worries there. Since the speaker does sit a little lower
than the actual earpiece slot, this channel directs the sound out of the hole in the front. This sensor array at the front is all connected
with this ribbon cable. And the volume and Bixby buttons are all connected
with these golden contact pads.

The round vibrator has it’s own two contact
pads. And the power button is built the same way
– two little contact pads resting up against the motherboard. Now for the bottom of the phone. The headphone jack is very easily replaceable,
just one little screw to hold it in place. And it has the same little Lego style ribbon
connector connecting it to the charging port board. You can see the little rubber seal around
the headphone jack to help keep the water out. There are 5 more screws holding the charging
port board to the frame. And here is the charging port itself. Incredible nice that we don’t have the front
capacitive button reach around that we saw in the Galaxy S6- that was a nightmare. The charging port is pretty standard. It’s got the USBC port and the little microphone
off to the side.

This phone is actually pretty easy to work
on once you get inside that glued shut back glass. From the exterior you can see that there is
metal all around the edge of the phone, but now that we have the guts taken out and the
internals of the S8 exposed, we can see that it’s the same hunk of metal throughout the
entire device which fully explains the rigidity of the phone. Metal is pretty solid. There’s a little slot in the frame for the
screen ribbon to poke through. Speaking of the screen, replacing a cracked
display is not cheap or easy with a Samsung. For one, it’s glued into place. And two, the curved AMOLED panels are pretty
expensive. I’ll have the current pricing linked in
the video description for you. Since the screen is glued in, the old display
is essentially sacrificed in the removal process. Once it is heated up and removed, similar
to how we did the back panel, just feed the new screen ribbon through the metal frame
of the phone and plop it down into place.

I did this with the Galaxy S7 teardown if
you’re interested in seeing the exact process. Since this screen is not broken though, I’ll
leave it intact. And I’ll talk about a few ways to protect
your phone towards the end of the video. Assembling the phone is a piece of cake. Charging port gets tucked back into place
along with the headphone jack. This is a pretty great use of space, Samsung. There are 6 screws holding down all the components.

Then get those round wires tucked into the
grooves along the metal frame. Now the charging port is connected at the
base of the motherboard which is normal for Samsung, but strange to the rest of us. I’ll plug that in before setting the rest
of the motherboard into place making sure there are no ribbons or connections stuck
underneath the board as it goes down. I’ll clip in the front sensor array, and
then the iris scanner and front facing camera. There are those 3 signal wires down at the
bottom of the motherboard. The circular heads are pretty fragile so make
sure you are gentle as you press them into place. And finally the screen ribbon snaps into place
like a little Lego. The loud speaker is next. It’s easiest to snap the plastic into the
metal frame from the bottom edge first. And the last thing we plug in is the battery. This is for the phone’s own protection. Normally you’ll want to put adhesive under
the battery as well.

And you should definitely not turn your phone
on at this point, but I kind of want to show you something cool, so I’m going to do it
anyway. Remember the camera stabilization I talked
about earlier? Here it is in action. The camera is turned on right now and the
phone hardware is physically stabilizing the camera image to compensate for the shakiness
or the movement of my hands.

Huge thumbs up for that. It’s seriously one of the best features
you can have in a smart phone, and not every phone comes with this kind of hardware stabilizing. I think it’s pretty sweet. I check the front camera, but it doesn’t
look like there is any kind of movement or stabilizing in the lens. So while Samsung might have considered adding
OIS on that front camera, it’s definitely not enabled at the moment.

Now the phone is turned off again. I will set the wireless charging into place
and get all 14 screws screwed in. And finally I can clip in the fingerprint
scanner ribbon. This is a tedious process that reminds me
a lot of the iPhone 5s. I maybe could have popped the fingerprint
scanner out of the back glass and set it into place on the inside, but I wanted to keep
that seal with the back glass as tight as possible, and my green tool worked just fine. The best kind of repair is the one you don’t
have to do. The best way to keep your phone from breaking
in the future is to protect it with a case or a skin.

A naked phone is just asking for trouble. A skin, like the one you see here from dbrand,
goes a long way for adding grip, keeping that phone scratch free, and adding a raised surface
around the camera lens for a little extra protection. I’ll toss a link in the description for
you. And thanks to dbrand for supporting this video. Hopefully it will save people money when they
break their phones in the future. If you want to check out a few other projects
I’m working on, Instagram and Twitter have all my behind the scenes. And let me know if you were successful in
repairing your own phone. Thanks a ton for watching! I’ll see you around..

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Apple announces the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, AirPods, and a new Apple Watch

Today Apple unveiled the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, as well as their new Apple Watch and wireless earbuds. If you missed the livestream of the presentation, here’s a quick wrap-up video posted by Apple showcasing all the new products in 107 seconds.



The phones themselves are confirmed to have upgraded storage options in relation to the previous iPhones; starting at 32GB of internal storage, and then jumping up to the 128GB and 256GB options. The phones also come in two ‘new’ darker colours; a sort of anodized Black and a new glossy option that Apple is calling Jet Black. The devices are also all IP67 rated, which is a welcome addition, making them the first ever iPhones to be water resistant.

If you would like to watch the full keynote in it’s entirety, here’s a link to their past broadcast: http://www.apple.com/apple-events/september-2016/

The phones are slated to be available September 16th. If you have any questions, you can always contact us by calling (780) 998-9551, or come into our store. We will update when more news becomes available.