iPhone 11 Pro Max Teardown – Tiny Motherboard & BIG Battery!

the iphones have always been some of the most complicated phones to take apart you'll see why over the course of this video but there's no way we could let this iphone 11 pro max flagship slip by without seeing the insides this is the most water resistant mainstream smartphone money can buy right now so it's time to see what helps keep water out and how repairable it really is let's get started [Music] [Applause] [Music] since basically day one of the first iphone's existence apple has been in the business of trying to keep people out of their phones and this new iphone appears to be no different it has the same proprietary pentalobe screws holding the bottom of the screen to the stainless steel frame of the phone it uses a screwdriver that's pretty easy to find online but most people don't immediately have it on hand i'll leave a link for a good tool kit in the description looking closely at the screw it has black thread locker filling the gaps between the threads and the phone body this helps keep the screw in place as well as helps keep water out the biggest opening for water to get inside the phone though is the screen there is adhesive surrounding the whole rectangle in order to pull the screen off i'll need to use heat to soften that adhesive and a strong suction cup to pull on the screen while adding some leverage with my pry tool between the plastic lip and the stainless steel frame as i work my way around either side of the phone lifting off the display you can see the substantial amount of stringy gooey black adhesive that holds the parts together i'm taking special care to avoid the ribbon cables hiding along the edge of the right side these cables are about as fragile as paper and can be torn very easily you'll get a better look at them as the screen lifts off they're down there through those gooey strands at first glance things look pretty standard for the iphone a ton of screws and the massive l-shaped battery thumbs up to apple for adding battery life and thickness to their phones this year instead of trying to go thinner i'm also glad that the ribbons are all off to the side last year had a random ribbon cable coming from the center that made the screen removal quite a bit harder the front camera and face scanner are tucked up in the top of the phone i'll remove these six y triple zero screws holding the middle plate over the top of the screen ribbon connectors one of those screws is easier to access from the other side of the screen if you close and scooch it over a bit and take a look at that motherboard it's lego connector central up in here happy birthday to myself i'll remove another four y triple zero screws that hold the top protective metal plate and side ribbon guide down over the camera units and there are two more screws holding down the tiny plate over the battery connector before i unplug that battery though i want to make sure this whole thing still works and that nothing was damaged during the screen removal tapping the power button shows the apple logo and the phone turns on which app should i test to make sure the phone still works maybe i should use today's sponsor audible that was convenient audible is actually one of my favorite apps the book i'm currently listening to is called the man who knew the way to the moon and is one of the audible originals it sounds more like a verbal documentary than a narration i usually adjust the speed to be a tad faster than normal so i can get through more information quicker it's a true story about the guy who convinced nasa to use space rendezvous points instead of one gigantically massive rocket it's super interesting you can get a free audio book plus two audible originals when you try audible for 30 days with the link in the description audible.com jerryrig or text the word jerryrig to 500 500.

The audible original titles come from diverse categories like theater journalism literature and the documentary styles like the one i'm listening to now even if you decide to cancel audible at some point in the future you still get to keep your books they're yours to own forever audible.com jerryrig or text jerry rigged to 500 500 and thanks to audible for sponsoring this video i'll unclip the battery connector like a little lego from this smorgasbord of lego connectors the battery actually has two connectors one is found down below by the charging port so when clipping both of those is a good idea at this point i just didn't know the second one existed until later i'll unclip one of the charging port ribbons and then i'll make my way down to the three main ribbons holding the screen to the body of the phone the screen is significantly more simple this year than it has been for the previous years which is definitely appreciated it only has three screws holding the earpiece to the back of the display apple throws phillips head screws randomly in here and there throughout the phone so for those of you following along at home this is the third type of screwdriver we've used so far the earpiece folds down which lets us pry away the front sensors from the glass replacement parts will become more common and get cheaper as the phones get older i'll try to link some in the video description as they become available screen replacements aren't super difficult on iphones and with the disappearance of 3d touch the display is actually thinner and leaves more room for the larger battery speaking of which i've had a few requests for a straight up clean video shot of the internals so feel free to screenshot this crop it and use it as your phone wallpaper if you want just make sure to tag me on twitter if you do let's remove the front camera and the face id death scanner thingy it's got two ribbon cables to unplug wait nope there's three last one kind of just snuck in there this little unit has the front 12 megapixel selfie camera the one that can film in 4k and do those slow fees and also has the infrared dot projector and secondary camera for the face id it's a pretty cool setup and i'm glad it's not attached to the screen it makes repairs easier the three rear cameras each have their own ribbon cable attached to the motherboard i can unclip each of those and then the whole contraption comes right out of the phone apple really has made their design much more modular this year and i'm a fan up at the top we get the normal 12 megapixel camera with optical image stabilizing down at the bottom we get another 12 megapixel two times optical zoom camera which also has optical image stabilizing and over here on the side we have a 12 megapixel wide angle camera with no physical stabilizing i feel like this is the perfect setup and the arrangement i would personally like to have someday when i upgrade from my galaxy s8 i feel like apple has finally brought way more features to the table with smartphones this year and are finally competing at the same level of other flagships let's get this motherboard out i'll unplug the charging port ribbon but before i can pull that out once again i need to switch back to the y triple zero screwdriver there are three screws running down the right side keeping this cable with the metal bracket tucked to the side of the phone the next three screws are a bit trickier these are called standoff screws and they hold the motherboard in place if you don't have a standoff remover i can usually take a flat screwdriver bit and just twist the screw around in the circle from one side and as the screw comes out you can see that a standoff screw is actually a screw that has a screw hole inside a screw within a screw they are annoying to work with but apple uses them to save space and stack things on top of each other speaking of saving space once those screws are out and the sim card tray is removed the whole motherboard is ready to come out of the phone and this my friends is it this is the whole thing the brains and brawn of the whole iphone operation is sandwiched between these two stacked boards one thing i'm pretty impressed with on the iphones this time around is that all the solder connecting the circuits inside of this motherboard is made from 100 recycled tin you might be thinking nice work apple on recycling that tiny drop of tin but because apple is using recycled tin and not only their iphones but the macbook air the ipad air and the ipad mini it adds up to over 29 000 metric tons of tin ore that they don't need to mine from the earth it's a pretty substantial achievement and i'm glad apple's doing it let's keep going deeper the taptic vibrator engine is down here below the battery near the charging port it's got three little screws holding it in place and i'm going to set those off to the side to help keep things organized a lot of phones you can take apart and just toss the screws held or skelter but since basically every screw in here is a different shape and size it's very important to keep them organized with the metal plate gone and the vibrator unclipped from the charging port we get our first close-up of the taptic engine it's nice of apple to include their logo in case we forgot what phone we're taking apart this little guy is also using 100 recycled rare earth elements since we don't have an unlimited earthly supply of these magnets i'm glad apple is now going through the effort to reuse and recycle parts of their phones i'll remove one more screw and pull off the metal plate over the microphone hole and check out all that white adhesive over the hole to help keep water out of the microphone it's time to remove the battery apple once again has added the magic pull tabs which i'm thankful for prying out permanently glued batteries is extremely dangerous and even if a pride and bent battery doesn't spark and start on fire right away it'll still be damaged internally and will start to puff up and expand over time these pull tabs make battery removal much safer yeah they are still pretty fragile and break every now and then but it's still much better than what samsung is currently doing with the permanent adhesive and their phone [Music] apple has three pull strips at the end of each side of the battery [Music] and i was successful enough with most of them that the rest of the battery can be lifted up unharmed this is a 3969 milliamp hour capacity which is quite an improvement over last year's 3174 milliamp hours for real apple has come out to play this time the loudspeaker comes out next with its two screws holding it in place you might have noticed so far that while the iphone seems complex most components are still modular and come out relatively easily you can see the substantial amount of black adhesive holding the loudspeaker to the frame of the phone like i said in my durability test video this iphone 11 pro max is the most water resistant smartphone on the market right now while most manufacturers have water tested their phones to a depth of 1.5 or 2 meters deep for 30 minutes just to get that ip68 rating apple has gone above and beyond and tested the new iphone 11 pros to 4 meters deep for 30 minutes double the depth of what everyone else is doing hold on for a second though check this out the loudspeaker is full of a ton of those little white sound balls i assume these white balls help fill the space inside of the tiny little cell phone speaker to keep it from sounding like a tiny little cell phone speaker i'll take out the last nine screws for the charging port and get back to that ip rating even though apple went twice as deep as everyone else they still only got the same ip68 rating you're probably like why didn't they just go up a level to ip69 and that's because ip69 is a totally different test instead of submersion it's a high pressure and temperature water jet test and pretty irrelevant for cell phones cell phones get accidentally submerged all the time but getting accidentally blasted by a fire truck is far less common the charging port is finally out of the phone that was definitely a nightmare i don't want to repeat the iphone has so many intricate components it's not so much a difficult phone to repair it's just a very complex phone to repair and one wrong move or screw in the wrong place could wreck the phone if you do end up breaking your back glass and don't have insurance you can either pay apple 599 to fix it or just buy a replacement housing and swap over each component individually yeah it's going to be pretty extremely painful either way apple's still kind of being a big jerk where that's concerned i think you should just get a case before it breaks i'm pretty impressed with apple for stepping up and going above and beyond the bare minimum that they usually do this time apple has given customers the specs and features they're paying for and that always hasn't been true in the past of course in my opinion androids can still accomplish more i'm not ready to switch size just yet but i am glad that apple has stepped up with enough performance to match the price tag and is doing it with recycled and recyclable materials we can all appreciate and support that i'll get the camera units put back into their slot they are all housed in the same metal block so it's impossible to get them out of alignment and the same thing goes for the front cameras finally the front screen with its three ribbon cables can plug into the tiny motherboard and i can start throwing down all those metal plates over the lego style ribbon connectors the last thing that gets plugged in is the battery and this little metal bracket that covers the top then we can turn the phone back on and once again i'm just as surprised as you are that this thing still works i for one am glad that apple has started participating again in the smartphone race and even more so for using recycled components innovations in both areas are good for everyone i'll be looking into the recycling efforts of other manufacturers in the future so hit that subscribe button if you haven't already it's free and remember that the computer the astronauts used to land on the moon 50 years ago is less powerful than the cell phone in your pocket right now don't forget to check out the audible link in the description for your free audiobook and come hang out with me on instagram and twitter thanks a ton for watching and i'll see you around

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Making the iPhone Perfect in 2 Minutes – Unc0ver IOS 13.5 Jailbreak

– I've said this before,
even as an Android user, there's no denying that iOS
has got a lot going for it. The issue for me is that
no matter how many times I try to switch to it though, I always find a couple of tiny things that Apple refuses to allow
for whatever convoluted reason, and it kind of ruins
the experience for me. Like in the control center, a menu meant to give you quick
access to common settings. You see the WiFi and Bluetooth toggles. They don't even turn off their
respective radios anymore. The toggle just closes
any active connections until Apple deems that they
should be turned back on. And then how about the
unremovable notification shade on the lockscreen that
requires you to swipe up every time you unlock
the phone with face ID instead of just dropping
you on the homescreen which is probably where you wanna be.

It's little things like this
that drives me up the wall. So when I saw the epic
new jailbreak released for iOS 13.5 with support
for every iPhone model that supports that version of iOS. I figured it was finally
time after all these years to take jailbreaking out for a spin. Speaking of spin, spin open
your wallet for a lot less with our sponsor Ting. Why pay for things you
don't need or even use? Ting wants to help you with that by getting you to pay for
only the mobile data you use. Check it out at the link
below to find out more. (upbeat music) Going from now all the way back to the early
days of iOS jailbreaking.

The main reason people did it was to add or modify functionality that either wasn't present in iOS, or that Apple didn't allow or want. For example, features
like the control center, touch gestures and dark
mode already existed as jailbreak tweaks long before Apple ever
implemented them officially. Then there's the people
who jailbroke their devices to remove carrier restrictions. Remember when you had to pay
for mobile data tethering or to unlock a device so it can be used with
a different carrier. Another huge reason people
jailbreak are aesthetics. And these kinds of mods
are all over the place ranging from themes like Viola which reskins your menus and icons to a beautified control
center with tweaks like Prism, or even Apple Watch style
status icons on the lockscreen with a tweak called Complications. If you're like me and you
prefer less rather than more, there's SimpleLS which
can remove all the clutter from your lockscreen.

And then there's the taboo
side of jailbreaking, piracy. Many people jailbreak their devices to get paid apps or services for free, or to cheat in mobile games. Now, all this is super cool, but jailbreaking has been on
the decline for many years due to slow jailbreak
releases for new OSes instability and Apple simply implementing many of the features
that people originally jailbroke their devices to get. However, maybe because Apple has been
kinda sitting on their thumbs when it comes to iOS features
in the last couple of years, things have been picking
up again with speedy, stable and easy jailbreaks from the team behind the
latest exploit, uncover.

So how do you do it? First, you'll need a compatible device, you can see the full
list of tested devices over on uncover site, but
essentially every modern iPhone is supported all the
way from iOS 11 to 13.5. Please note by the way guys, as of the day we filmed this video, Apple released iOS 13.5.1 which patches this jailbreak. If you're not already on
13.5 and you want to be you can still update by
downloading the update file from the link in the description and then shift clicking the
Update button in iTunes. note though, that Apple may
stop signing this version at any time making it impossible
to update to it later. If you're already on iOS 13.5 do not update to 13.5.1 or you will lose your
ability to jailbreak. Alright, with that out of the way. We're gonna assume that
you're jailbreaking from a Windows computer
but if you're on Mac, the process is the essentially the same. So with the guidance
from the uncover website and the links below, you should be able to
jailbreak without issue.

Start by downloading iTunes and
iCloud from Apple's website. If you have the Microsoft
Store versions of them, you're gonna have to uninstall those grab the wind 32 versions, and then give yourself one of these, for ever touching the Microsoft
Store in the first place. Next, head over to the uncover site and download an install AltServer. We're gonna use this software
to self sign and then sideload both the AltStore and the
uncover jailbreak apps.

Once it's installed, plug in your iPhone. Trust the PC that you're plugged into and select your device
under install AltStore in the AltServer menu in your taskbar. Enter your Apple ID to
authorize the install and within a few seconds you should see it on your iOS homescreen. Now because this is what
Apple deems a self signed app, you'll need to navigate
into the device settings and authorize the app
before you can run it. Once it's running, head over to the uncover
jailbreak site on your phone and click the open in old store button. If you're prompted re-enter your Apple ID then AltStore will install
the uncover jailbreak app. Now you might notice there's
an expiry date on the apps. This is because you self signed the apps with your own Apple ID. And without an apple
developer subscription, the longest you can sign
an app is for seven days.

Don't worry, though, because the AltStore guys thought of this. So if you keep all server
running on your PC or Mac, the Store app will actually
phone home to your system when you're on the same network to renew those certifications. If you do end up away from
home for a while though, it's possible you might not
get the automatic renewal meaning that if your phone
dies or is hard rebooted after that seven day period, you might have to re-flash the apps or go without a jailbreak for a few days. Alright, disclaimer over. Now it's time to open up the
uncover app and hit jailbreak.

It'll do some stuff and then
prompt you for a reboot. Click OK and then once the
device is booted again, open uncover, hit jailbreak
again and it will reboot in a jailbroken state with a
brand new app called Cydia. That's it, your jailbroken! Cydia is what's known
as a package manager. Kinda like the underwear and lttstore.com. It handles installing and
updating any tweaks and themes that you want to install. And it's kind of like the App Store, but for jailbreak stuff.

Let's start with modding
our device and fixing some of those issues that
I've been having with iOS. It's worth noting that while Cydia ships with lots of default repositories, many of the popular tweaks and themes are hosted on third party
repos, like Packix or SparkDev. So we're gonna add those first
as those hold the downloads for the tweaks that I wanted to add. First, I installed Snowboard,
which is a theming engine, which allows you to actually
apply the viola theme that I mentioned earlier, I then proceeded to install
a bunch of other tweaks, namely SwipeSelection, which really adds that keyboard swiping to navigate text thing that
was removed from 3d Touch died. AutoUnlockX, which allows us to skip the
notification shade on unlock. DigitalBattery13 to show the battery
percentage in the status bar, and Prism to beautify
and add haptic feedback to the iOS control center. Oh, and since Apple
Maps sucks the big one, we changed the default to Google Maps with a tweet called maps opener.

And the crazy part is that that is just
the tip of the iceberg. If you have a grievance with iOS, there is probably one of the
hundreds of other super useful quality of life improving
tweaks that are out there that is going to help you. So we've included a link to a Reddit post that lists a ton of them
for your tinkering pleasure. If you guys are looking
for more Apple content, hey, maybe check out our review
of the latest MacBook Pro. Actually, we're fast tracking this. I don't know if that'll be out yet. But whatever, it's
coming soon so subscribe. If you're looking for our sponsor, well then you can check out this segway. Ting does mobile phone
service differently. There's no contracts, no overage fees and no
other carrier tricks. You just pay a fair price for the talk, text and data you use each month. It's especially great
if you're stuck at home and you're using your
Wi Fi more than usual, Ting gives you complete control over your cell phone account. You can set alerts and caps for each device on your account
to keep your usage in check.

And they've got nationwide LTE coverage using T Mobile sprint and Verizon. Almost any phone will work with Ting from an ancient Motorola
razor in your basement to the latest iPhone 11
series like this one. So check your phones
compatibility at linus.ting.com and get $25 credit when you sign up. And actually if you
enjoy this kind of like hacking phone stuff, maybe check out our
video where we compared routing an old android phone
versus buying a used iPhone.

People got mad about some
aspects of that video, but I still thought it was good. Not fair comparison, we never said it was and we never like
glorified Android routing. It's like kinda messy..

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Easiest iPhone Glass Fix – WITH LASERS (Not clickbait)

so apple's gonna hate me for making this [Music] video [Music] [Applause] [Music] so we all know that the back glass on the newer apple iphones are nearly impossible to repair even apple themselves charge 550 to repair the back glass on an iphone 10 and 600 to repair the back glass on an iphone 11 and 11 pro it's because the adhesive on their back glass is permanent now they're the only manufacturer that does this most manufacturers have an adhesive that melts away when it gets hot and you can remove the back glass and repair the whole phone for like 20 removing the back glass is so hard and so impractical that's why apple charges 600 to replace it on the iphone 11. in order for a third party to remove the glass it has to be subject to extreme temperatures i've even attempted to take the iphones to the opposite end of the temperature spectrum and use liquid nitrogen today though i think we found something that's more practical more repairable and takes the pain out of removing the back glass and it's all done with lasers [Laughter] so this guy right here is an all-in-one multifunctional laser machine that separates the back glass panel from the frame laser is an acronym for light amplification by simulated emission of radiation the red laser you see on top of the glass right now is mostly just to figure out where the phone is located so we don't start lasering the metal frame of the foam the laser is strong enough that will actually etch the metal so we're trying to stay on just the glass surface once we switch over to the white laser that's where it'll immediately start burning underneath the glass and separating the glass from the metal frame which is exactly what we're after saving ourselves about 500 or 600 apple if you're watching you can totally buy one of these yourselves and drop your prices just a little bit now as the laser is pulverizing all the adhesive underneath the glass there is quite a lot of fumes that come out so this is a vacuum that sucks up the fumes from the burning adhesive puts it through a filter and gets rid of the burning adhesive smell so this setup is from a company called riwa and the software they have included with it works with most every major manufacturer but today we're mostly worried about the iphones because those are the hardest to repair each design is already pre-programmed into the machine all the way from the iphone 10 the 10r the eight the laser can separate the bezel from the screen as well as the back cover and the back cover on the 10 is what we're doing today once i have the laser cut out selected make sure the phone's set in the right spot and then as soon as i hit mark the real laser starts going all the lasering you see happening right now is happening in real time none of this footage is sped up and the whole process only takes about five or ten minutes one pass with the laser underneath the glass gets rid of the bulk of the adhesive and we can do a second pass just to remove any of the remaining after that we can start removing the glass shards from the frame a laser is a concentrated light beam and that concentrated light energy can be absorbed by some objects but not others the laser would pass through the glass just fine but as soon as it hits the adhesive or the paint on the back of the glass the energy is converted to heat and starts pulverizing that paint and the adhesive and turns it to dust the higher power of the laser beam the more damage it can do and that is it the laser has removed the paint from underneath the glass so now the glass can fall away from the phone for the most part so you can see here the laser design is cutting out the black portions and that same design left the space for the wireless charging pad as well as some sensitive bits down here along the bottom but those sensitive bits don't have adhesive behind it holding it to the glass panel so we're just fine so now the laser has run its course we can take a look at the phone and see exactly what the laser has done taking a thin metal pry tool in between the glass and the frame of the phone i can slowly wedge the pieces of glass out away from the back now in a perfect world if the glass was completely crackless the laser would have gone through and disintegrated the layer of adhesive between the glass and the metal frame you can see the pulverized paint and adhesive getting on my fingers the laser has literally burned everything underneath the glass to ash but where cracks appear in the glass the laser refracts and doesn't quite burn away the adhesive so there's still some prying to do but it's still much easier than any method we've tried so far like extreme heat or liquid nitrogen now apple has designed their phone in a way where the glass panel sits underneath the camera lens which poses a slight problem for removal because that camera lens is welded to the frame and we want to leave that intact to make it an easier repair i'll slowly chisel out the glass from underneath that welded camera lens depending on what glass you buy there are third-party glasses that fit underneath this camera lens i would recommend though that you buy a glass back that fits over the camera lens i'll show you what i mean in a second it just makes the repair much easier because you don't have to deal with that lens so obviously i'm not a professional i'm just showing that the machine actually works someone who does this on a regular basis would do a much cleaner job but the technology is pretty fascinating so now we have all the glass shards away from the phone the phone itself is still working still functional even though the back glass is removed and now it's time to add the new glass it'll be good as new so when it comes time to select a piece of glass for your phone there's a couple different options one is you can get the glass with logo or without the logo apple's been pretty anti-repair from the beginning so the vendors that sell the glass with the logo tend to disappear if you're a business doing this on a regular basis you might want to buy the glass without the logo that way there's no copyright issues it's a d branded you could say the second thing to look out for is the cutout of the glass this white panel here you can see has the exact same cutout as the original piece of glass meaning we'd have to unweld the camera lens put the glass down and then glued the camera lens back into place which is a much more difficult repair so i recommend buying the piece of glass that has a cutout large enough to slip over top of the camera lens and then sits down snugly inside of the frame it's a much easier repair and no one's really going to notice the difference the adhesive i'm going to use to adhere the back glass to the phone is called e8000 it's a multi-purpose jewelry adhesive that adheres glass and metal i'll apply it to the metal of the phone in basically the same pattern that apple used initially and then do a super thin bead around the edge of the foam before i clamp the glass down into place there should be some seepage out around the sides of the phone this will help with water resistance even though i would not trust the phone to be water resistant and before the adhesive cures which is about 4-10 minutes we'll use some isopropyl alcohol to clean up the seepage from underneath the glass we want to make sure most of the overflow goo is gone before it has time to dry it's easier to clean up when it's wet you might be asking yourself what about water resistance even though we've applied the glue in the same pattern that apple applied the original adhesive water resistance isn't something that you want to trust in the first place much less after it's been broken and repaired you should keep your phone away from water either way one thing to keep in mind though with this laser machine is that the more cracks or the more shattered your phone is the harder it is for the laser to get through the glass if your glass is pretty much obliterated the laser is going to go down and get refracted all over the place and not burn through the adhesive underneath the glass so the less cracked your back is the easier it is for this machine to work either way though this machine brings the repair to a much more practical and sustainable level it's doable so each of these back glass panels costs about 20 bucks now granted we did have to buy a 2 000 machine but for a repair shop doing a lot of these on a regular basis it's a substantial improvement and i'm a huge fan of where the technology is headed lasers are pretty cool so obviously this repair is a bit more complex than your average tear down and requires some pretty expensive equipment but it's good to know that the repair is possible and that there are people out there doing it for much cheaper than apple repair is an option as much fun as playing with liquid nitrogen with the king of random was using this laser separator is much easier i have a feeling these machines are going to get real popular real quick i'll leave a link for these down in the video description so you can check out the current pricing as with all technology i'm sure the price is going to go down as time progresses if you have any questions leave them down in the comments come hang out with me on instagram and twitter and thanks a ton for watching i'll see you around these right here are all apple watch displays every single one of them my buddy's done so many apple watch repairs that he turns them into artwork

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নতুন আসছে Asus Gaming Smartphone & i phone price In BD Bashundhara | Shapon Khan vlogs


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