How to pair your Jabra Engage 75 with a mobile device

Hello. In this video, we show how to pair the Jabra
Engage 75 with a mobile device, after having performed the first-time setup using the setup
wizard. If you want to pair your mobile device as
part of the first-time setup, follow the steps in the setup wizard. Tap the 'Menu' icon to open the 'Settings'
menu and tap again to navigate down to 'Mobile device'. Tap the 'Accept' icon to select 'New' – for
new pairing. Then tap the 'Accept' icon again. Follow the onscreen instructions and go to the Bluetooth menu on the mobile device, and select the Jabra Engage 75 from the list of devices. The headset and mobile device are now paired and ready for use. If you want to add a second mobile device,
perform the same steps as just described. As an alternative to using the settings menu
for pairing to a mobile device, you can use the NFC zone on the front of the base to pair
with a compatible NFC mobile device. Ensure NFC is enabled on your mobile device.

Then hold the mobile device against the NFC
logo on the base. Follow the instructions on the mobile device
to complete pairing. The headset and mobile device are now paired
and ready for use. To learn more about your Jabra product, use
Jabra Direct, the computer application that is available free of charge. Use Jabra Direct to adjust features and functions
according to personal preferences or company requirements. Also ensure your Jabra product is updated
to get the best performance. Jabra Direct also enables remote call control
between your Jabra product and selected computer softphones. Visit for more information. Thank you for watching. For more information, please visit

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Why I Don’t Use A Smart Phone | Ann Makosinski | TEDxTeen

Translator: zainab Alfaqeeh Validator: Mennatullah Mustafa The last time you used the folded phone It was 3 hours and 24 minutes ago. This is my phone. It opens like this. Many people call this design an "old phone". He was also shot by someone from the airport security. I wanted to say, "No, I just bought it!" I got my first phone in September, Just a month ago, I got a phone. Because I was going to college, and I needed to make long calls. Let's be honest.

I am 18 years old, and have never owned a phone. And I was very fortunate to live On beautiful Vancouver Island Basically everyone out there owns a phone. This means that I lived in middle and high school Without a phone. Carrying a folded phone is not considered traditional nowadays As being a "fashionable kid" but I'm here today to tell you That he picked up the folded phone at the age of eighteen Sure, you are expressed as a – "modern kid" My name is Anne Makusinki, I am 18 years old, I am from Canada.

And you can call me the inventor. Actually, this is funny because when I was a child, I was called "different", And it was because of me, That I wanted to be different, However, it is not clear that I am "different" at present- I dress and talk like others do- In fact, I was somehow preparing myself to be different. So how did I prepare myself to "be different" as a child, It was that my dad didn't bring me a lot of toys at all. I didn't own Timaguchi, Nintebo, Wii, Xbox, none of that. But what they brought me was hot gun glue. And I had to make my own toys. That was my first place to pick, Or almost I was forced to be innovative To solve the first problems that you may encounter as a child It's how to make yourself amused. Anne McCosinki: This is my second invention.

It is called "creativity". What I showed you a while ago is called "invention." Because it is the first thing I made. Now this: Can you see this flat? Poses to be able to balance it. Or I can sit on it, creativity. But I do not prolong my sitting because it is fragile. That was my first experience inventing things. Other than not having too many games, Some of the games I've owned were a little strange compared to my friends' games Here is a picture of me playing with my first set of games It was a small radio, and electronic components.

And it started from here When you introduce the world to me that I make things with my own hands, And I feel that it is a skill that is almost lost in our time It has also actually become high as a job demand If you really do have the ability to make things, instead of writing all the time. I was always doing things and being committed. As a child, I was not allowed to go out often to see plays and things like that, Until I finish all my homework and piano practice- I am sure most of you will understand. My parents come from different backgrounds.

One of them is from Poland and the other from the Philippines. This is really funny, so many parents come to me And they're really worried About whether or not they should give their children toys. What I want to recommend – Not being an expert – But if you didn't give your child that many toys, I think you will be fine, but what I found in my view is that creativity, And making things create with need, Because I didn't have many things to play with. I think it is important to encourage your child Because I know that as a parent you want to give your children the whole world, Give them everything you have. Go back in time, when I was 13 or 14 years old my father was a skater, I used to think I wanted to learn to skate and be cool.

And I got a skateboard. And it's still in the corner of my room, And I never touched it. What happened that I thought was, "Awesome! I own a snowboard. I can skate now" and I left him immediately. If only wheels were given to me, Then I had to get a simple job, and work on it, Doing housework, getting an allowance, saving, Design the table and put it all together, I have rated the whole experience as much more than that Because I'm almost actually a skateboarder now Or something like that.

So I think it's very important, when you are young People should encourage you to your passion But they don't give you everything to begin with. Because I wasn't given that many games, I enjoyed almost everything. I think I smell it here, I was a very beautiful child. I have to be honest with you, I say That I am "culturally" I am not very educated in some aspects. For example, I grew up watching movies from 1920, 1930 And I've never seen action fiction films.

Don't kill me, this is not a must watch For some reason, the fact that I don't own a phone as a teen, It limited my chat time with people. But I've never felt like, "Oh my God I'm feeling lost not having a phone." And some teenagers here might know, that this is called "FOMO," Meaning: Fear of failure. I never felt it, because I was keeping what was given. What should I strive for. So what should I do in my spare time? Well, when I was in middle school, I definitely wasn't a "wonderful child", you think. I wasn't the child who would say, "I too wanted to hang out with them." That is because, that in middle and high school You are criticized a lot, My confidence was first undermined by my appearance. I had short hair, glasses, braces, and wore masculine clothes, I didn't have cool things. They introduce people to me and say, "Oh, how handsome you are!" I reply "Thanks!" And I go my way. So, I was definitely a little lonely, But I looked at some people with my life.

While many teenagers are fans of modern pop stars, actresses or actors, I respect that very much. I have some too – The ones I revered were a little different, and I couldn't always communicate with them. For example, my family has a gift, She is the assistant at the "Ravi Chanca" archive. Ravi Shankar was a musician Who brought all Indian culture and music from East to West In the 1960s and 1970s it helped generate the hippie movement. He worked with George Harrison. We got an advantage when we were kids by traveling to California, And every summer, I would learn from him, and learn from his love and passion With what he was doing, he brings it and introduces it to people Who have never seen anything like this before. This was something he loved so dearly.

That inspired me and one day, we went to visit his family in India. I was very shocked at the poverty there. That was my first time ever to try something as well. I was almost eight years old, and that was a huge shock to me. Another time, we went to visit some families in the Philippines, And I saw houses like this, You don't see it permanently in Canada, where you come from. I was stunned. I did not adjust; I knew there were problems in the world, And I wanted to find a way to fix it easily.

But I never expected that I could get any of this done Because I was just a normal teen no one looked like her Except for the untouchable duo who were with me. The two things I loved doing were noticed by my parents They were plumbing and modern work So I was registered with something, the popular high school kids were doing – Just a joke – it is a science fair. This is me in sixth grade. I look like Harry Potter. In any case, I was very proud of this project.

I compared laundry detergents. So, I started doing the project, And I began to proceed with the effort harvesting phase. I was inspired to do my project, when one of my Filipino friends told me That she failed in her academic stage Because she could not afford the electricity costs. She didn't have lights to study at night. It took me back to my childhood days when I ran into trouble From the start, for myself: finding a way to entertain myself I made my own inventions and games. But here was my girlfriend's problem. "Well, why don't I invent a way to save her?" So for that, I made something You might know me, he is "Girl Scout", It is a flashlight that works at the temperature of the human hand. From that I embarked on a whole new journey Where I finally learned to become confident in what I am, And the number one reason for that, to be honest, I never thought that someone was enthusiastic about my project.

It goes to places like Google Science Fair It feels great to see people inspired by what I did. This year I presented my newest invention, called eDrink. This is a coffee mug that is used for extra heat for your hot drinks While you wait for it to cool down a little, this heat turns into electricity So you can eventually charge a phone or iPad from that temperature. Just because you're in college, considered a "college student." This does not mean that it is the only thing to be.

Not that you think, "You know, I'm in college." Stay like this, do nothing else. You can follow what you like to do, and start high school. When I was in middle school, I started making things with electronics. You can do whatever you want. All your dreams are possible. But you have to start and work on it, even if 20 minutes of your day. This is what I wanted to stress today When you don't have much, you have opportunities and time to innovate. When you have a little to start with, Your mind has been designed to handle and solve various problems Also solve people's problems and affairs. I think it's important to emphasize, especially in today's society Where excessive, like buying this and getting that, This is the latest edition of the fashion I gotta wear, And throw all that I have, " something like that. I really think that's going to cause controversy But I totally believe that lack of communication helps creativity.

But you hold your phone, without even thinking about it, Often, look at it for a few seconds or a minute. Thinking that you are looking at your phone in a hurry. However, if you count every minute, every second You'll find you've spent the day on your phone, that's terrifying. Really, it reduces your enjoyment, So you can use your time effectively, If only I would have had one thing to do today, For everyone who owns a phone or any electronic device, In the coming times when you carry your phone, Think of all the possibilities that fall under "turning off" your phone not "turning it on". Thank. (clap).

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How to pair your Jabra BT2047 to your mobile phone

Hello! In this video, we will demonstrate how to pair Jabra BT2047 with a mobile phone. First, turn on the Bluetooth on the phone and make sure the headset is turned off. Next, press and hold the answer/end button on the headset until the indicator light turns solid blue, Then release the button. Finally, go to the Bluetooth menu on your phone and select Jabra BT2047 from the device list. If you are asked to enter a PIN code, please enter four zeros. The headset and mobile phone are now paired and ready to use.

thanks for watching. For more information, please visit

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