Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches⚡January 2022

Friends, this is the most popular video of Trakin Tech! November & December was a cold month for smartphones, a lot of events got cancelled or postponed. It's going to rain cats and dogs with smartphones! A lot of series are launching. And in this video I'm going to fill you in with information about every series. If you enjoy the video then please leave a LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! In January, there's a big event called CES 2022. It's going to be very interesting because it's happening offline from the 5th-8th. There are 2 launch events which are important/we are looking forward…. One of them is the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (Fan Edition). OnePlus has also organised a launch event, I'm not sure what they'll be launching but I think they'll first announce and then launch the phones. One thing's for sure, the OnePlus & Samsung Galaxy S21 FE both are launching in January. We’ll move onto the next phone OPPO is launching their series in January. They've already launched it in China, in India they'll launch it before January end.

The OPPO Neo 7, 7 Pro & 7 SE. Reno7 is going to be on Dimensity 900, the Dimensity 1200 is available on the Pro variant. These are premium mid range phones which are already launched in China & are launching in India in January. Alongside Reno, the OPPO F21 Pro series is also launching. OPPO is launching 5 phones! As you guys know the F-series is very popular in India because of the looks, vivo are also launching their V-series, the vivo V23 and vivo V23 Pro.

There's an interesting rumor, the back of the phone is going to change color! *like your ex* They focus on the design more. These are mid range phones & they cost around Rs 30K. The rumored date is January 4th. OnePlus also has a launch event in CES where they'll make an announcement. The phone which is definitely launching in India is OnePlus Nord 2 CE 5G

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Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches⚡June 2022

May was exciting but June seems more exciting. In May we’ve seen more smartphone launches in 2nd Half And In June too, we’ll see more smartphone launches in the 2nd Half & one of them is the most talked about & most awaited smartphone. We might see the 1st smartphone with 200MP camera in June & it’ll be known as Motorola Frontier/ Moto Edge 30 Ultra It seems a flagship phone with SD 8+ Gen1 SoC & it may launch around 4th week of June. Also budget Moto e32s was about to launch & might be priced around 10K There’s a smartphone that’s going to launch on 31st May & it's iQOO Neo6 and will be aggressively priced as we’ve seen with iQOO phones It will have a different look like a flagship but will have a price tag which is lower than a flagship It has SD870 SoC, 64MP OIS Triple Cam 4700mAh battery+80W charging & will be priced below 30K The next phone is for niche audience – Google Pixel 6a & it might launch around end of June Will have 6.1’’ OLED screen, Tensor SoC, Dual 12MP camera setup & Pixel phones are known for their camera.

Let's talk about OPPO K Series – We’re not sure about its final name. It may either be OPPO K10 5G or K10 Pro It might be based on either Dimensity 8000 or SD 888 so it seems like a budget flagship phone It’ll launch around Mid June. It will have a Big AMOLED screen, 120Hz & other features that you expect. They’ve already launched OPPO K10 4G (priced under 15K) & their successor is coming soon I'm more excited about Reno8 Series – It’ll launch around the end of June or 1st week of July. Reno8 series will have 3 phones : Reno8 , Reno8 Pro, Reno8 Pro+. It will come equipped with New SD 7 Gen1, Dimensity 1300 & Dimensity 8100 Max So Reno8 series is coming around June end / July 1st week Let's talk about realme – realme GT Neo3T – Dimensity 8100/SD 870 SoC, 120Hz AMOLED, 150W charging & will launch around Mid June Also it may come with a special edition as well.

OnePlus Nord 2T. We’ve already done its unboxing & it’ll launch 4th week of June Check out our unboxing. It comes with Dimensity 1300 SoC Let's talk about rebranding – Xiaomi/Redmi/POCO rebranding Redmi Note11T Pro Series is launched in China but might launch as POCO X4 GT in India. Also POCO F4 GT is coming – Redmi K50 Pro Gaming might launch as POCO F4 GT in India Will have SD 8Gen1 SoC, 6.67’’ 120 AMOLED screen, 4700mAh+120W charging POCO F4 GT Will launch around Mid June in India.

Stay tuned for the last phone in this list. It’s Nothing Xiaomi 12T or Xiaomi 12X will launch around June end Xiaomi 12 X Series might launch as rebranded Remi K50 Series or Xiaomi 12T might be a new series. Will have 120Hz AMOLED, 108MP triple cam, 4500mAh+120W charging. Finally lets talk about Nothing – Nothing Phone (1) will launch around June And it's not going to be a flagship phone but might come with SD 7 Gen1 (boost in performance compared to SD778) So yes. Nothing Phone (1) is coming.

That's it from this video. Until then Keep Trakin & Stay Safe .

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Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches ⚡ September 2021

In this video I’ll talk about the phones that are going to launch next month. Upcoming smartphones for next month – September! Let me tell you, the months(August, September & October) are very busy ones for us. As the festive season commences, there are many launches. The last 2 months were average in terms of launches. But now I’d say, the launches are going to be in 5th gear! And the month of September is packed with smartphone launches & some iconic phones are launching too. I’ll talk about all of them as you know our Upcoming video series is the most popular one. All thanks to you! And we take lots of effort & research for this video so that you know all the launches in advance! Let’s start with the small phone first.

(1) JioPhone Next – Reliance’s JioPhone Next smartphone is coming. It’s going to be an Android Go phone. It’ll have Android 11 & is going to be 5-5.5” small. Its specifications are out & we’ve already made a video on our English channel. It’s going to be priced around Rs 3.5K & is launching on September 10. Many people are waiting for it as the JioPhone has been very popular so let's see how the JioPhone Next does! (2) Asus 8Z – Many people have been waiting for it & asking me about it. It’s launching in September. And there are strong chances of it launching by the 2nd week(10th-15th September). Remember, the 8Z is small in size & is compact but it’s a flagship in performance! So yes, it’s launching by 15th September.

Let’s wait for it. You’ll get all along with its unboxing! (2) Micromax In Note 1 Pro – There are rumours about it. It’s the Pro variant to the In 1. It’s going to be on G95 SoC & is going to be launched by mid September. Let’s wait for it. I really want Micromax to bring up 5G phones, it seems unlikely but there’s 1 phone surely launching in September. At the start of September(3rd September), the date is confirmed! (3) Redmi 10 Prime/POCO M4 – Their teasers have started coming every day. The Redmi 10 Prime is going to be on G88 SoC. Will have 50MP quad camera setup & a 5000mAh battery.

And there might be a POCO phone in September as well. So it may be a rebranded Redmi 10 Prime. So yes there’s going to be 1 phone each from Redmi & POCO. The year’s biggest launch. (4) iPhone 13 Series – It’s said they’re launching in the 3rd week of September. Remember this is a global launch & will immediately launch in India. Earlier, it used to come 6 months after its launch.

Now it launches immediately after the global launch. So there are strong chances of the iPhone 13 series(iPhone 13/Pro/Mini) to launch in India by September end. There might be 1 more as they launch 4 in total, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, so again let’s wait for it. (5) Moto Edge 20 Pro – I’m not sure about this phone. Globally 3 phones have launched(Edge 20, Edge 20 Fusion & Edge 20 Pro). The Edge 20 & Edge 20 Fusion were launched in India while the Edge 20 Pro is yet to come. There are strong chances & it isn’t confirmed so the Moto Edge 20 Pro might come by 3rd/4th week of September. (6) iQOO 8 Series – It’s the phone I’ve been waiting for. It’s launched in China & should’ve come to India already. It has a 2K display with 120Hz fast refresh rate & 120W fast charging. The cameras are amazing with flagship specifications. It’s going to launch in India before September ends.

According to me, the iQOO 8 Series will come to India by 20-25th September. And there’s not one but 2-3 different phones. So, let’s wait for it! (7) Samsung Galaxy S21 FE – It’s going to launch globally & I’m confirmed that it’ll come to India at the same time. So the S21 FE is coming & I think 2 more phones(Samsung M52 & A52S) might be coming as well. Let’s wait for it. September as I said is going to be packed! You’ll get an unboxing every day! Let’s talk about OPPO, yes there’s going to be 1 from OPPO too! (8) OPPO F Series – There’s going to be the F19 Series & a phone in the F Series as well.

There are talks/rumours/leaks, but yes 1 phone from OPPO F Series & TWS are launching around mid September as well. Let’s talk about vivo now! Yes vivo is launching their amazing phone in September as well! (9) vivo X70 Series – It’s already launched in China & will come to India in the 2nd/3rd week of September. You’ll see all brands like OPPO, vivo, Samsung, Xiaomi, realme, Motorola, Micromax & even JioPhone are launching! And vivo is bringing the X70 series to India in September.

I’m not sure but somewhere between mid-end September. (10) realme 8i/8s – Let’s talk about realme now. 1 is confirmed as well. The realme 8s is coming on the new Dimensity 810. Madhav Ji had confirmed it on Ask Madhav as well. So the phone(realme 8s) is definitely coming, but there’s a possibility for the realme 9 Series as they’re listed on BIS since 1.5 months. So there’s a strong chance, the realme 9 Series to launch as there might be multiple launches from realme in September.

Friends let’s talk about some good phones launching globally. I’m not sure whether they’ll be launching in India. (11) Google Pixel 6 Series – It’s global launch event is in the 3rd-4th week of September. And I’m not sure. There are slim chances as they’ll launch globally but might not come in India, probably in October, not sure. (12) Mi 11T Series – There are many teasers/posters in China. There’s a lot of information like color options at retailers.

So basically Mi 11T will launch globally & might come to India. But the global/China launch is in September. Friends I told about 13-14 phones & apart from them there might be a phone from Infinix/Tecno/Lava. Meaning 20 out of the 31 days are going to be filled with some launches & we’ll provide their unboxings as well. So it’s going to be a busy month ahead & I’m not complaining! I’m happy! If you enjoyed the video then do hit LIKE & SUBSCRIBE as well That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!.

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Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches ⚡ December 2021

Which smartphones are launching in December? It’s the 1st time where I tell you about the upcoming smartphones next month.
Generally, 90% of the time it’s true but last month I mentioned many phones & 50-60% of them didn’t launch! And I’m really very sorry for it! But the situation is so due to chip shortage! And with that many smartphones that were going to launch but they didn’t. But it’s possible that the launches might get postponed but there are 7-8 phones that I’m 90% sure of their launch in December.

1) Asus 8Z – I called the Asus representatives before & they said that we’re ready to launch but there aren’t many phone stocks. And due to many of the supply chain issues they cannot launch the phone. I know I’ve been talking about it but they don’t know the dates. It’s going to launch, but we don’t know when. And like many people are asking about it, it’ll launch but don’t know when. But let’s talk about the phones that are going to launch for sure!
Redmi Note 11T – It’s launching on 30th November! And it might go on sale in December. It’s based on MediaTek Dimensity 810 SoC & you already know that it’s Redmi Note 11(China). So that is confirmed! If you want to watch its unboxing, then we’ve made a video on Redmi Note 11(China).
And the other 2(Note 11 Pro & Pro+), they’re launching in India by other names.
Xiaomi 11i & Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge. Hypercharge due to its 120W fast charging in China. But when it’ll come in India, we’re not sure if it’ll be 100W because there’s no phone launched with that fast charging.
And you need to certify it with a process, so I’m not sure whether it’ll come to India with that charge.

But there’s 1 thing for sure, that they’ll launch in December end or January 1st week, the Xiaomi 11i & Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge. 3) Moto G200 5G – I’m very excited about this phone. It’ll be the cheapest SD888+ SoC phone! It’s going to be under Rs 40K & has already launched outside & will launch on 30th November in India or might get delayed. But most probably on the last day of November or the first week of December, it might launch. And it’s the cheapest SD888+ phone so let’s wait for it & it’ll obviously be 5G with flagship specifications.

Friends, this phone was going to launch under the name of the OnePlus 9RT but now the IMEI database says it's the OnePlus RT. And it might launch by mid to end December in India & it looks good with SD888 SoC & a 50MP camera.
Let’s see at what price it’ll launch but yes it’s launching before the end of December!
4) Redmi K50 Series – There’s a big launch in China in December & I don’t know by what name it’ll launch in India.
There are already hints & teasers of the K50 on the Weibo website. So definitely by mid to end December, it’ll launch.
And it’s said to come with great specifications! And this time the K50 Series will have a gaming edition on Dimensity 9000 SoC.
Dimensity 9000 SoC’s Geekbench scores are out & they’re crazy! Let it launch & we’ll see.
There’s 1 phone that I mentioned in the October/November’s video, that the iQOO 8 Legend is coming. And it might launch in December but I’m not sure it might even get cancelled.

Let’s hope it launches by December. It has a 2K screen with 120Hz fast refresh rate & flagship specifications but I don’t know about its launch. This is probably the 1st time I’m so unsure as the last video had many phones covered but the chip shortage has broken my confidence! And iQOO 8 Legend might be a victim of the chip problem. Let’s wait & watch!
realme – It’s surprising to see realme being so cold in launches as they used to launch 1 smartphone every month! But in December, it’ll change! Realme Narzo 50A Prime & realme Narzo C35’s rumors/teasers are out
& they’re already listed on the websites. So it’s pretty sure & I’m 99% sure that 1 or both phones might launch in December. So finally realme will make a comeback after 2-3 months! And these are budget series phones(Rs 10-15K). So not just flagship, but we’ll see some budget phones in December as well.

I’ll talk about China launches, OPPO & vivo Foldable phones are going to launch! Yes, finally! We guessed in our Smartphone 2021 Trends video about this & there weren’t many launches,
but finally OPPO & vivo are going to launch their foldable phones. Not in India, but in China for sure. Looking forward to that! December has another big event where we might see 1- or 2 good phones. I’m talking about the Qualcomm Tech Summit, where they’re launching their Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC & in that event Xiaomi 12 Ultra might launch based on that SoC. And along with that, the Xiaomi 12X might launch with Dimensity 9000. So during the Tech Summit we’ll know when & where these phones are launching.
We tried finding phone launches from Samsung, Infinix, Tecno etc but nothing as of yet! And it seems like they might not be launching any phones. So these were the phones that might launch in December & I’m not sure as the time after the festive season is a bit slow.

And the chip shortage is making it even slow! Especially this November as we haven’t unboxed any phones! Just 1 or 2. I’m missing it already! If you enjoyed the video, then do hit LIKE!
That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!.

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Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches ⚡ November 2021

Friends, September & October months were so busy! OMG, they had so many phone launches! You must’ve seen them, as we’ve done their unboxings & first impressions. And this is the video about upcoming smartphones for next month. I’m going to talk about the phones launching in November, but remember it’s an interesting time as it’s the festive season. And what are your plans for Diwali? I hope you’re having a great time! Yes in 2020 & 2021, the festivities were subdued & minimal due to the pandemic. I hope this Diwali the Covid cases have dropped down completely & I’m hoping everyone’s having a great time! It was as if November wouldn't be so great because many launches have already happened but no! Many exciting launches are coming up! I’m seriously telling you, watch the video till the end so that you know them all! I’m actually very surprised how so many phones are launching even after Diwali ends.

Because Diwali is on the 4th of October & then there’s November, but there are many phone launches coming up. Yes the quantity is less but the phones are exciting. So watch the video completely to know! If you enjoy the video & it helps you, then do hit LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! Firstly, let me clear this out! ASUS 8Z – I’m talking about them since June-July & I didn’t mention them but I regularly talk to the people of ASUS, & they want to launch & they’re going to the ASUS 8Z. Meaning those who want a compact Android phone with flagship level specifications, they can look at the 8Z.

And 90% it’ll launch by November end. Yes, I talked to ASUS that we’ve mentioned it twice in our upcoming video series And they also confirmed that it’s launching soon, but due to chip shortage & supply chain problems they couldn’t launch it. Otherwise imagine why they wouldn’t launch it. It’s Diwali & many people shop during this time & they’re waiting for it. So yes the compact flagship level ASUS 8Z is launching in November. And friends, it’s interesting as there are many flagship phones launching & I’m going to talk about OnePlus & iQOO. Both these brands are going to launch amazing flagship phones in India in November! Redmi Note 11 Series – They’re important as the Redmi Note series is the most popular series! And it’s launching in China this month(28th October) according to me.

There are 3 phones – Redmi Note 11, Redmi Note 11 Pro & Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus. And generally after launching the Redmi Note series in China, it launches in India after a month. According to that, I’m saying there could be 1-2 phones that are coming to India from the Redmi Note series by November end. Or maximum in December’s 1st/2nd week. So yeah, let’s wait for it this time as it’s said to have a 120W charging, will have 5G & would be on Dimensity SoCs, & it’s quite exciting as the Redmi Note 11 series is coming! Xiaomi 11T Series – It’s renamed now! And it’s said to be launched in India by mid November! There would be the Xiaomi 11T, the Xiaomi 11T Pro & they’re listed on the BIS certification website so launch is imminent. They’ll definitely launch by mid-end November. And remember they’re flagship level phones. So the Pro will be based on the Qualcomm SD888 SoC, it’ll have 108MP multiple camera setup, 120W fast charging etc.

So ya, the works! As I said, there are many flagships coming to India in November! Even after the festive season is over. And now to tell you, Xiaomi’s sub-brand POCO, no it’s an independent brand now! POCO M4 & M4 Pro – Either 1 or both phones might launch but remember, it’s a POCO phone so it’s a rebadged phone! And the one on the certification website is basically the Redmi Note 11 with the same code name, & has come under the POCO brand name. So it’ll be a rebranded phone that’ll launch in India by the end of November, I’m not sure about this but it might get launched.

The rumours & leaks are coming out slowly & it feels like it. So yes, POCO M4 & M4 Pro are expected! And talking about Xiaomi. Redmi K50 Series – It’s launching in China & not India. And with the amount of rumours on the specifications! OMG! They’re all some crazy specifications in the K series phones. So that’s launching too but in China. The phone for the masses which was going to launch before Diwali, but it’ll launch around Diwali. JioPhone Next – Remember, it’s a phone in the price range of Rs 3.5-4K. It’ll be based on the Qualcomm SD215 SoC.

It’ll have Android Go & it might launch before the 15th of November. Remember, this phone is made under Google’s partnership with Reliance Jio. So yeah, some interesting things are going to be on this phone! And it’s going to be for the masses! OnePlus 9RT 5G – We’ve been talking about this phone for many days now. It’s finally going to come by mid November. It’ll have the Qualcomm SD888 SoC, 50MP triple camera setup.

So OnePlus this time, launches their T-series which won’t be coming but the OnePlus 9RT is coming! It’s slightly lower than the flagship level & we’ll see at what price it comes. It’s said it’ll be around Rs 40K. So yes, OnePlus 9RT is definitely coming by mid November. There’s another amazing phone launching, which I’m looking forward to! It came in China with the name of iQOO 8 Pro but in India it’ll come by the name iQOO 8 Legend. iQOO 8 Legend – It’ll be based on the Qualcomm SD888+ SoC, it’ll have a 2K+ QHD+ display with some great specifications. iQOO has launched many phones this year & iQOO 8 Legend will be sitting right at the top of the heap! So it’s coming with some great specifications & it’s confirmed to come by mid November. Now friends, I don’t think OPPO/vivo are launching any phones, at least according to our sources & findings. So OPPO/vivo are not launching any phones, but Micromax & LAVA might launch their phones. There were some new about Micromax phones some 15-20 days ago so there might be phone coming from them, but I’m not sure so I’m not talking about it.

And generally Samsung which is usually in our list is also not launching any phone. So yeah, no OPPO, no vivo & no Samsung. Infinix might launch a phone as they launch 1 every month. So at this point I’m not sure but yes it might come but I’m not so sure. Yes, so this was our Upcoming Smartphone for next month(November) video, how did you find it? We take a lot of effort, research & talk with people of the industry & only then we make the video! So that we are accurate but we can't always be 100% accurate, but our hit rate is almost 90% So do hit LIKE on that note! That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!.

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Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches ⚡ October 2021

Friends, it’s the biggest month for Tech YouTubers like us & also for Smartphone/Tech brands! The month of October is the biggest by far because there's Diwali during October end-November(start). So October sees many launches because you know well that we Indians buy a lot of things during this festive season! Especially smartphones! So October was going to be a bumper month but after watching this video, you’ll know that it’s more than a super-duper bumper month! Yes there are many launches! This video is going to be live on 25th/26th of October & there’s going to be some launches almost everyday in this month too. So I’m going to talk about all the launches in October end & November. Remember, we always bring such videos after doing a lot of research & after talking to a lot of sources.

So do hit LIKE for all these efforts! And now let’s start! Samsung Galaxy M52 – The first launch 28th September is the Samsung Galaxy M52. It’s a 5G phone with Qualcomm SD778. It’s going to have an AMOLED screen with 120Hz fast refresh rate & a 32MP selfie camera. So it’s a good 5G phone, the Galaxy M52 & it’s launching on the 28th! Mi 11 Lite 5G NE – It’s launching on the very next day(29th September).

It’s also coming with Qualcomm SD778 & an AMOLED screen but has a 90Hz fast refresh rate. It will have a 64MP triple camera & 29th September is its launch date. So yes, everyday there are going to be some big launches. There are 2 big launches on 30th September! vivo X70 Series – There are going to be 3 phones in this series – vivo X70, X70 Pro & X70 Pro+. I’m excited about the cameras of these phones. I’d say the X60 Pro+’s cameras were one of the best if you look at it.

Let’s see what happens with the vivo X70! But overall, the vivo X70 series is going to be good! And remember, they’re going to be 5G phones with AMOLED screens having 120Hz fast refresh rate & 50MP triple camera setups etc. So there’s fast refresh rate, 4500mAh batteries & its looks are also good! That’s what I’m expecting! So 30th September’s 1st launch is the vivo X70 series. And on the same day, there are 2 POCO phones to be launched.

POCO C4 & POCO M4 – They’re going to be on Helio G88 SoC, will have 50MP quad camera setup & a 5000mAh battery. And that’s also a 30th September launch! So 2 big launches on the same day! So there are launches even at the end of this month! Now let’s talk about October launches. Moto Edge 20 Pro – The 2 phones from Motorola Edge series have launched, but the Pro variant hasn't launched yet. It’s said that the Pro variant will come around the 2nd week of October/mid October. Remember, it has 108MP triple cameras, a 4000mAh battery etc, The Edge 20 series is good & this is it’s Pro variant. So let’s wait for it as it’s been launched globally & it’ll launch in India in October. And in the same launch event it’s said that there’s going to be a Motorola Tab. I’m not sure if it’s going to be in the same launch event or not but I thought I should let you know about the Motorola Tab.

OnePlus 9RT – We’ve been talking about it since the past few days. It’s going to be on the Qualcomm SD870 SoC. And it’s said to be launching on the 15th of October. Now, take it with a pinch of salt! It’s a rumoured launch date but you’ll see the OnePlus 9RT on the 15th/mid October. It has a 50MP triple camera setup with 4500mAh battery & the Qualcomm SD870 SoC. So I’d say, it’s kind of a budget/mid budget flagship level phone. So let’s wait for it! There’s an iQOO Z5 launch on the 27th September but in October there’s going to be the number iQOO 8 series. It’s said that there’ll be an iQOO 8 & iQOO 8 Pro! So lots of phones are coming. iQOO 8 – It might have a 2K display with 120Hz fast refresh rate! The 2K display might be in the iQOO 8 Pro & the iQOO 8 might have an FHD+ screen.

But yes there’s 1 device with a 2K display & it’s a super flagship phone based on SD888+ SoC! The iQOO number series are flagship level phones & the iQOO 8 series isn’t going to be any different! To talk about flagship phones, the Xiaomi T series is a flagship level series. Xiaomi 11T Series – It’s launching in October & is said to be launched around mid October. It’ll be based on Qualcomm SD888 SoC & it also has a 108MP triple camera setup.

The 108MP is becoming very common now & it’ll have a 5000mAh battery with 120W fast charging as well! So like I said, it’ll launch by the 2nd/3rd week of October. So do SUBSCRIBE as we keep updating about the dates! Now let’s talk about realme! There are 3 phones that are already launched in the realme GT series. And we’ve already unboxed them with first impressions! This realme GT series has replaced the realme X series. Meaning the realme X series is not going to launch. From now on the realme GT series is going to launch.

Realme GT Neo 2 – It’s the 4th phone in this series launching in October. And it’ll have an AMOLED screen with 120Hz, a 50MP camera setup, a 4500mAh battery with fast charging! It’s date isn’t confirmed yet but it’s launching in October, the realme GT Neo 2! Friends, I already told you about the Samsung Galaxy M52 that’s launching in September. But I’m not sure about this launch in October, but it’s my job to let you guys know! Samsung Galaxy S21 FE – It’s already been delayed a lot & I think it should come in October. It might launch before Diwali & there are strong chances that it might launch in October! Now let’s talk about global launches but there are chances of them coming in India as well. Google Pixel 6 Series – It’s going to launch globally around mid October. And I’m not sure if Google will launch the Pixel 6 series in India. They’re slightly on the expensive side so they avoid launching in India. The Pixel 5 series was not launched in India so it’s a global launch.

Now I don't know if it’ll come to India but I hope that the Pixel 6 series is launched in India in October. It’s fine if it launches by the end of October/in November but Google should consider launching it here. What do you think about it? Let us know in the COMMENTS! Friends, talking about Google, the Google & Jio association/partnership phone is the JioPhone Next. It’s a budget series phone priced under Rs 5K. It was going to launch in September but due to the semiconductor chip shortage, it’ll be launched in October. So JioPhone Next is not coming in September but in October. And it’s said that due to the shortage, it's going to be priced more than its previous rumoured price! So let it come, we’ll wait & tell you all about it! Now let’s talk about some Indian brands! Micromax In Note 1 Pro – This might launch as its date isn’t confirmed yet, but there are talks/rumours.

This might launch in October, possibly in the 1st or 2nd week of October. Infinix | Tecno – They’re going to launch their phones as well. Infinix just launched their HOT 11 & HOT 11S. And they might come up with another phone in October. That’s what I’m expecting. Even Tecno is said to launch a phone, but we aren’t sure about it! So friends, as you can see there's a line of phone launches! The 2nd & 3rd week of October will see a new phone everyday. I’m not sure of how we’re going to carry out all the unboxings & first impressions! I seriously don’t know. But it’s good as it’s the biggest month for our Tech Youtube community! And this October is going to be absolutely no different! If you enjoyed this video, then do hit LIKE & SUBSCRIBE as we keep bringing such amazing videos for you! That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!

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Infinix Note 8 vs Infinix Zero 8, Which Should You Buy? – Speed Test and Camera Comparison

hey guys it's eric here and this is my full comparison between the infinix note 8 and the zero eight we'll start off with the speed test followed by the camera comparison and then on to other features hopefully this video helps you decide which to buy between them they both have the same storage capacity but the zero eight uses eight gigs of ram while the note 8 uses six gigs of ram there's also a significant price difference between them and it's worth noting that this isn't a scientific test let's begin with the boot up test zero it booted up first in 33 seconds while the note 8 took quite a long while to boot up 26 seconds later i tested the fingerprint sensors on both a couple of times and they're both really fast i can barely see a difference i'll call this one a tie wouldn't you i closed all the running apps before this test let's begin with twitter instagram facebook play store youtube geekbench we get higher single and multi-course cores on the zero eight and two two benchmarks we get higher and two scores on the zero eight skipping the game's row for now snapseed camera messages settings lightroom speed test test are both on the same network and we get higher download speeds on the zero eight and higher upload speed on the note 8.

Now let's open up some games let's begin with smash hit pop g subway surf temple run 2 if you made it this far a sub to the channel would be appreciated moving on to the camera we can see that they have quite a number of features in common now let's quickly look at some shots from both of these phones while dynamic range is better on the zero eight the note 8 gives you warmer colors that a lot of people prefer the note 8 also seems to capture subjects in motion a lot better as you can see that the trees behind are less blurry on the note 8. here we get the same story but let's just crop in a bit to see how the note 8 is clearly more appealing but when you crop all the way in the text is more legible on the zero eight these were taken behind a not so clean car window but you can see how sharp the z8 is compared to the note 8.

The colors of objects vary between them but greens do not look too far apart a bit oversaturated on the note 8 which is more attractive here it's the same story but maybe less obvious i just happen to prefer the zero 8's shot because of how true to life it looks not to mention better quality overall using a human subject i think the zero 8 still adds a soft bokeh even though it wasn't taken with portrait mode other than that colors actually look natural the note 8 on the other hand has all the colors popping a little bit more and the skin tone and hair look over processed some people prefer it this way not me as for portrait mode the bokeh on the note 8 is much softer than it is on the zero eight and they both missed the mark here and there around my head and beard zero it maps the subject better though there are instances where portrait shots look a lot better on the note 8 and the focus is precisely where you want it using the selfie camera outdoors the note 8 is 7 unrealistic looking brown aesthetics and while it is even less prone to over exposure it doesn't come close to the 08 overall image quality i mean look at the details in that hair using portrait mode they appear to have the same margin for error for phones with dual front-facing cameras i have definitely seen better bokeh let's go inside the selfie cameras indoors look great on both very bright and actually prefer the skin tone on the note 8 if we crop in a bit we can see how the note 8 looks sharper ever so slightly using the primary camera is definitely not ideal without proper lighting on both of these guys as they look way too soft i look kind of lifeless on the note 8 while the z8 still retains my complexion with portrait mode 08 fares better with the selfie camera but both of these are smoothening way too much you definitely need more light for decent portrait mode same story for the portrait mode on the back camera indoors the note 8 is doing slightly better here the dual front facing flash of the note 8 definitely shows in the results produced compared to the single led flash of the zero eight using night mode on both zero 8 looks like the better shot at first glance but when you go a little closer you can see that everything looks blurrier than the note 8 photo these are extreme conditions so we cannot really expect good results here the infinix note 8 shoots videos in 2k from its primary and secondary cameras while the zero 8 shoots in 4k from both so guys we're shooting with the front-facing camera of the zero eight and the note 8 and the desire 8 is shooting in 4k while the note 8 is shooting in 2k uh i'm just going to move around so you guys can see how much it shakes while it's shooting in this highest resolution and then i'll switch to 1080p where you have that image stabilization electronic image stabilization kick in now we are shooting with the selfie camera in 1080p from both of these cameras and the eis is turned on on both so i'm just going to move around to show you guys uh if the eis is the same on both of these phones um so far i feel like the zero 8 has a wider field of view in my experience i can see that you know i have to go all the way back just to put myself in the middle and it's still not in the middle or good of this so i'm going to switch over to the back camera to show you guys what that looks like so we have 2k now from the note 8 and 4k from the 08 this is just uh showing you guys the back camera all right so i'm going to switch over to a human subject right now so i can show you guys what it looks like skin tones and all i can see the viewfinder but i'm guessing that the zero eight also has a wider field of view my hand is completely stretched out so you guys can get the idea of that i'm just going to walk around the beats there's no image stabilization when you use the highest resolution setting on both of these cameras so yeah so now we are filming in 1080p both of these are stabilized using the back camera and i'm just going to do the same thing that i did uh for the highest resolution setting on both of these right now my hands are stretched all the way back and you can kind of see how the image stabilization is on both of these guys and see which one is better they are both on the same tripod so you have the same amount of shakes on both of these so let me know what you think in the comments the speed test outcome was predictable because the helio g90t on the zero 8 fa out classes the g80 on the note 8.

The zero 8th camera may be better overall but the note 8 has a few tricks up its sleeve as you've already seen note 8 also has the dual stereo speakers and here's what that sounds like [Music] [Music] looking at the 90 hertz refresh rate paired with the full hd plus resolution on the zero eight side by side the 60 hertz hd plus on the note 8 i think this will definitely sway a lot of people to pay the price difference for the zero eight it however doesn't do the 08 battery life any favors and the battery is also 13 smaller than the note 8 battery so expect significantly better battery life on the note 8.

zero 8 does have that faster 33 watts charging speed in its favor in a lot of ways the z8 is by far better than the note 8 and that's why you should actually get it if your budget is right if not note 8 will easily save you about 26 000 naira which converts to 50 us dollars if you're still unsure about which to buy you should definitely check out my review of both and maybe also see the zero eight versus note 8 while you're at it all the links will be in the description i hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up and share it also follow me on twitter and instagram to see what i'm up to please subscribe for more videos like this as it will mean a lot to me and i'll see you in the next one peace you.

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Infinix Zero 8 vs Infinix Note 7, Which Should You Buy? – Speed Test and Camera Comparison

hey guys it's eric here and this is my full comparison between the infinix zero eight and the note 7. we'll start off with the speed test followed by the camera comparison and then to other features hopefully this video helps you decide which to buy between them they both have the same storage capacity but the zero eight uses eight gigs of ram while the note 7 uses six gigs of ram there is also a 26 000 naira difference between them which converts to 50 us dollars you should bear that in mind throughout this video and just so we're clear this isn't a scientific test let's begin with the boot up test the zero eight booted up first in 19 seconds while the note 7 took its sweet sweet time to fully boot up 22 seconds later i tested the fingerprint sensors on both a couple of times and they both seemed evenly matched i'll call this one a tie i closed all the running apps before this test let's begin with twitter instagram facebook snapchat play store youtube geekbench we get higher single and multi-core scores on the zero eight and two two benchmarks we get higher and two scores on the zero eight skipping the game's row for now snapseed camera messages settings lightroom speed test test them both on the same network and we get higher download and upload speeds on the infinix zero eight now let's open up some games let's begin with smash hit pop g [Music] subway surf temple run 2.

[Music] moving on to the camera now let's quickly look at some shots from both of these phones in this short taken outdoors i can see more natural skin tones on desire 8. the note 7 is looking slightly over sharpened and has this orange tint to it of course you can only see this when you pair both side by side as for portrait mode we get satisfactory depth sensing on both they also share similar flaws as you can see some blurring around my beard for people with very dark skin i noticed they both overexposed the background in order to adequately brighten the subject you can however tap away from the subject to fix that though at the risk of the subject appearing too dark on non-human subjects their outputs tend to seem more identical with the 08 having a wider field of view when it comes to landscape however 08 delivers better dynamic range even though the sky is looking bluer and more beautiful on the note 7 you can see everything in the shadows a heck of a lot better on the zero eight when it comes to details between the 64 megapixel on the zero eight and 48 megapixel on the note 7 you will have to go dangerously close to see any type of difference but there it is the text on the zero 8 is more legible with the selfie camera it's sort of the same story with human subjects but the margin of difference is wider note 7 is also going heavy on the over sharpening basically on the zero 8 you have more natural looking texture selfies are for humans so the wider angle on the z8 is better to have with portrait mode it's definitely a tie on both it does look like it had some beauty feature even though it isn't turned on let's go inside for the selfie cameras i think i'm again digging the wider angle on the z8 and the image is quite bright but it looks softer than the note 7's over sharpened image most people would prefer the note 7's output indoors as for the primary cameras the zero 8 shot delivers better colors is brighter and more detailed than the note 7 shot no contest here with portrait mode they are looking oddly similar but these portrait shots aren't impressive they definitely need better lighting to take decent portrait shots as for night mode i tweeted photos from 08 shot on a tripod and i was positively surprised at the outcome but without security light on after midnight the zero 8 is only slightly better than the note 7 these photos aren't usable you really should see the ones i shared on twitter though i believe in the link in the description the zer8 shoots videos in 4k from its primary and secondary cameras while the note 7 shoots in 1080p from both in 1080p but i'm going to switch the resolution for the back camera now to 1080p on both of these guys well 1080p on the zero8 so you guys can get an idea of what it looks like let me just show you a human subject so right now i hope you guys can see me because i can't see the viewfinder but yeah so this is what both of these cameras look like and the stabilization you kind of get the idea from me walking backwards okay this is the 1080p footage from the zero eight and obviously 1080p from the note 7 as well uh this is where the ers kicks in on the zero eight so both of these should have fairly stable footage working backwards again but i hope that my hands are shaking they're both on a tripod that is on the same level so you can have [Music] so maybe we should do so maybe we should do a run test i'm just going to run down along and i'm sure it will get really shaky on both [Music] all right so guys this is the video from the selfie camera of the zero eight and the note 7 i'll be switching the audio so you can tell where the audio is coming from i'll be putting an icon so you get to know which phone is producing the audio that you're hearing so far the zero eight is shooting in 4k and the note 7 is shooting in 1080p so i have switched the selfie camera to the 1080p on the zero eight so now we're both recording on 1080p uh so now both of these are running in 1080p just so you can get an idea of what it looks like side by side each other using the same resolution so far the note 7 is doing that over sharpening thing but i think the color of the zero 8 might appear better when i'm editing but you guys should let me know in the comments which you prefer the speed test results are expected the helio g90t far outclasses the g70 and the difference is very noticeable in real life usage especially when gaming installing apps and general day to day use the zero 8 also has a better more feature rich camera overall the note 7 does give you better battery life than the zero 8 because the zero 8 boasts of a better display resolution and 90 hertz refresh rate something the note 7 lacks the zero 8's battery on the other hand charges from zero to full in about half the time it takes to charge the note 7's battery it's still surprising that the less expensive note 7 sports dual stereo speakers and here's how it compares side by side the single speaker on the zero 8.

[Music] if you're still unsure about which to buy you either check out my review of both links in the description or your budget could be the deciding factor because while the zero 8 comes out on top in this comparison the note 7 also comes in a 64 gig variant which costs 38 000 naira less than the zero eight i hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up and share it also follow me on twitter and instagram to see what i'm up to please subscribe for more videos like this as it will mean a lot to me and i'll see you in the next one peace guys this is some extra bit of footage for everyone who made it to the end if you're watching this you're watching 1080p from both of these front-facing cameras indoors and leave a comment below saying uh who saw that to confuse everyone else who actually didn't watch this video to the end

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Infinix Zero 8 Unboxing and Review

hey guys it's eric here and this is the infinix zero eight unboxing and my quick review now i've only had this for about 24 hours so this isn't going to be our usual detailed review when you open the box you're greeted with the smartphone let's take out the sticker on the back and on the front this is the black diamond color i've also seen it in white and i think that one actually looks better you have an envelope that houses the sim ejection tool a warranty card some crazy colored stickers an x-club leaflet a film screen protector we're not going to use this though and a clear tpu case let's see how well the case fits this one looks like it's of the flimsy variety but at least it hides the camera bump on the bottom compartment we have a really bulky 33 watt fast charger with the orange accent a usb type-c cable again with some orange accent and a pair of earphones this one has metal around it but no citrus anywhere this is only a review unit and it did not come with a user guide but i checked the phone settings for all the supported bands and yeah it does support the infamous glow 4g band 28.

On the front you have a 6.85 inch full hd plus ips lcd display with 20 by 9 aspect ratio on the top left corner you have a punch hole that houses a 48 megapixel dual camera setup with flash on the back you have a 64 megapixel quad camera setup with quad flash and some infinix branding on the left you have a three in one tray that houses two 4g lte nano sims and an sd card on the right you have a volume rocker and a power button which also doubles up as your fingerprint sensor it doesn't sit all the way flush with the frame on the top you have nothing on the bottom you have a speaker a usb type-c port a microphone and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack about the design infinix definitely took a risk on this diamond shaped camera layout the chrome finish however adds some premium touch to it love it or hate it it's really unique and i think when we get to the part about the camera it won't even matter what it looks like the back and frame are made from plastic which is a fingerprint magnet it is a huge phone and for this size its weight is neither heavy nor light this is a 200 used type of phone this color definitely has more than one tone but most people will assume it's just black on the front we get really thin bezels and a little bit of a chin the screen is really bright outdoors too there's a lot of hype around the screen because of the 90 hertz refresh rate and it's quite hard to demonstrate that extra bit of smoothness when compared to the 60 hertz refresh rate we get on the note 7.

What we can at least see is that the scrolling on the zero 8 is faster and actually you can turn this feature off to save battery life or use the auto switch option for optimal efficiency the zero 8 comes with 128 gigs of storage and 8 gigs of ram you get about 117 gigs of available storage we're running on android 10 with xos version 7.0 slapped on top of it and with it came a whole lot of bloatware i hadn't even connected to the internet at this point most of them can be deleted but this is excessive man can anyone hear me we see some changes on the interface the sidebar has a new look and it's invisible so you have to drag and hold it to call it out i think the longer process defeats the whole purpose of getting things done quickly you get full gesture based navigation of course i still don't fancy it all that much even less so on a device this big this phone is already very fast and with the 90 hertz on everything responds to touch a little too fast for me i know some of you would love it but for me it's good old navigation keys the reason why it's fast is because the infinix z8 uses the mediatek helio g90t octa core cpu clocked at 2.0 gigahertz yes finally i can say that this is an overpowered overly ambitious gaming mid-range chipset that gives two-year-old flagship cpus a run for their money as you can expect everything from the fingerprint sensor to the face unlock is going to be blazing fast on this guy however even though it is a gaming phone there's only one speaker on here unlike the note 7 which boasts of dual stereo speakers gaming on the zero 8 is still rock solid and it packs a 4 500 milliamp hour battery which should last you 6 plus hours of gaming and a full day for everything else on paper a 33 watt fast charger should charge from 0 to 100 under 30 minutes but i will actually do my own test in my full review the z8 camera comes packed with everything from pro mode to slow mo to night mode so let's see some pictures outdoors the selfie camera is nice and contrasty and we see a lot of details using the 48 megapixel mode with portrait mode depth sensing is not perfect but actually not too shabby the primary camera however takes the cake it is so crisp outdoors the tones are super rich this looks like it was shot using gcam when compared to the selfie camera shot look at how realistic my hair looks portrait mode definitely misses the mark here and there when it comes to depth sensing the ultra wide selfie camera does come at a price because the sacrifice and quality is way too obvious the same can be said for the primary camera although we get high dynamic range across the board now let's see how it performs indoors it's a good thing i use the same lighting and background you can literally check the camera performance of every phone i've reviewed this past year i think the zero 8 is most certainly top three now that super night mode for the front camera is just there for fancy stick to using the front facing flash where the super night mode works best is with the primary camera this is close to midnight and i think these photos are actually usable is it just me or is there something gcam asked about the photo on the right it records videos in 4k for the front and back camera with image stabilization on while shooting in 1080p so i am currently filming with the infinix zero eight front facing camera in 4k and here's what the audio sounds like the infinix zero eight is the reply to a lot of criticism from infinix fans across the globe you wanted faster processors better displays usb type-c and all of that so infinix found a way to meet a lot of those demands even though it does camp out on the dual stereo speakers glass build and oled display this is hands down by far the best infinix device ever released and if the price is right i would definitely recommend it by the time you're watching this the price will be my paint comment do let me know if you think the zero 8 is worth it if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and share it also follow me on twitter and instagram to see what i'm up to do subscribe for more videos like this as it will mean a lot to me and i'll see you in the next one peace so if you're planning to turn your infinix 08 into your vlogging camera this is what it's going to look like with my setup uh as you can see you guys will be the one to decide if this is okay quality see a lot of comparison videos about this phone so no worries just subscribe and stay tuned you

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Infinix Hot 10 Unboxing and Review

Hey guys, it’s Eric here and this is my unboxing
and review of the Infinix Hot 10. Yes, the Hot 9 already has a successor barely 5 months later
and we’re about to find out if it’s worth buying. First off let’s see what we have in the box.
When you open it up, you’re greeted with the smartphone. Let’s take out the sticker on the
front and on the back. This is the Amber color, it also comes in Black, Moonlight Jade
and Ocean Wave. We have a warranty card, an envelope that houses the SIM
ejection tool, a film screen protector, your X-club leaflet, and a transparent
TPU case. Let see how well this fits, you have all your necessary cut outs
and it protects the camera properly. On the bottom compartment, We have a
standard 10 watt charger, a micro USB cable and a pair of earphones.

For supported
bands, you can find it right in the settings, system, manual guide, we see the supported
4G LTE bands including Glo 4G band 28 On the front you have a 6.78 inch HD Plus
IPS LCD display with 20.5 by 9 aspect ratio. On the top left corner, you have
a punch hole that houses an 8 megapixel selfie camera with dual flash.
On the back, you have a 16 megapixel quad camera setup with quad flash. You also have a
finger print sensor and some Infinix branding. On the left you have a 3 in 1 tray that
house is 2 4g/Lte nano SIMs and an SD card On the right you have a
volume rocker and power button On the top you have nothing On the
bottom you have a a 3.5mm headphone jack, a microphone, a micro USB port and a speaker About the design, Infinix Hot 10 spots the
classic 2020 camera layout but without the chrome finish so maybe not the most premium
looking. The back and frame are made from plastic and this gradient color has a zig zag
pattern that is not so easy to see on camera. By the way this color isn’t shouting
like the hot Pink S5 Pro I reviewed, it’s quite subtle. This is a pretty big phone
and its weight is leaning towards the heavy side. Also not ideal for one handed use.

feel like that goes without saying now. On the front, the bezels are looking a
little thick and spots a bit of a chin. There’s no option to hide the punch hole
here coz why will anyone do that. Anyway, the display is very bright outdoors
but the viewing angles are average. Colors aren’t too bad and the aspect ratio is
ideal for consuming media but it is only a HD+ display and YouTube videos are capped at 720P.
Compared to the Hot 9 play, they are design differences like the speaker placement on the
bottom and the Punch hole in place of a notch. Compared to the Infinix Note
7, they only look identical on the front but Note 7 has thinner bezels.
Hot 10 comes with 64 Gigs of storage and 3 gigs of ram.

You get 53 Gigs of available storage.
We’re running on Android 10 with XOS Dolphin version 7.0 slapped on top of it. When you swipe
down, you have a very busy quick settings and yeah let’s not forget all the bloatware
and ads with XOS, some of which cannot be deleted. I can live with it but I think it’s
high time Infinix gave us the second space feature for privacy sake, especially coz FSARS, a unit
of the Nigerian Police force are randomly maiming young people who refuse to give them access to
their phones. We’ve been harassed for years and we’re currently protesting so please help lend a
voice using the hashtag #EndSARS on social media. Meanwhile, I’ve covered most of what you need
to know about XOS Dolphin in my Note 7 review, I’d be leaving a link up above.
The Hot 10 uses the Mediatek Helio G70 Octa-Core CPU clocked at 2.0GHZ and it’s
the same gaming midrange CPU on the Note 7.

In terms of performance, I’d say it generally
feels just as fast as the Note 7. Running everyday apps like social media and messaging like a
champ. I compared Helio G70 with the Helio P35 CPU earlier so if you haven’t seen that yet, I’d be
linking it up above. However I could do a speed and RAM management test between the Note 7 and Hot
10 just to see how many apps 3GB of RAM can keep open compared to 6GB of RAM. Let me know in the
comments if that’s something you’d like to see. The fingerprint sensor is quite
good in terms of unlocking speed and accuracy.

As for the less secure face unlock,
it works great outdoors, fast and everything but it didn’t unlock with indoor lighting which is my
usual scene, so maybe don’t bother setting it up. Here’s how the speaker compares
side by side the Hot 9 Play’s When it comes to gaming, as usual I played
PUBG on HD graphics and high frame rates, the highest PUBG setting for this phone. Yeah
I’m probably playing with a bunch of bots but the gaming performance is pretty smooth just like the
Note 7 which I did a separate gaming review for. Unlike the Note 7 however, I won’t recommend
leaving your game to quickly perform a couple of tasks hoping to get back to it.
Good thing you have mini WhatsApp and Chrome widget that you can access by
swiping right from the edge of the screen.

The Infinix Hot 10 is powered by a 5200mAh
battery and I put it through my usual battery test including an Insane 7 hours of PUBG, and instagram
all on WiFi. This gave me almost 16 hours of screen on time with 5 percent left to spare. It’s
the kind of Battery life that gives you confidence throughout the day. I will file this under the
battery beast plus category. It took me 3 hours and 15 minutes to charge from 0 to 100 percent
which cannot be helped even when you use a fast charger because it does not support fast charging.
The Hot 10’s camera interface is pretty simple and you won’t get some of the features you
get on the Note 7, now let’s see some photos. Using it outdoors, we get okay dynamic range.
However, when cropped in, the details are lacking. With a human subject, it actually doesn’t look
bad at all for a phone in this price range. It’s not the most detailed shot but it’s well
saturated and the skin tones are on point. With portrait mode, it’s looking warmer but
the sense of depth is actually better than most. What it lacks in details, it makes up
for with the very small margin for error. The Selfie camera outdoors is actually
very prone to over exposure and again, lacking in details when cropped in but
will still look good on social media.

Using portrait mode, the depth sensing is fair. It
does look like it has some beauty filter applied. By the way over exposure is something
that plagues the primary camera too. I tried Macro mode, it does put close
subjects in focus. Not that I will ever use this asides testing. Let’s compare it
with the Hot 9 Play, With the selfie camera, we can see that the Hot 10 has a better skin tone
and the Hot 9 Play’s camera is even more prone to overexposure but it does have more details when
you crop in. With the primary camera outdoors, the difference isn’t a lot, they both blew out
some of the electrified wires completely. They look more or less the same here as
well. Indoors, we see the selfie shot on the Hot 10 pull far ahead of the
washed out photo shot on the Hot 9 Play They may be both spot 8 megapixel cameras but
they definitely differ in image processing.

Same can be said for the Primary camera, the Hot
10 is looking like the average low end camera while the Hot 9 Play screams entry level. The type
of picture quality that won’t look cool even on social media. Using portrait mode, the lighting
is better here and we see some oversharpening on the Hot 9 Play’s shot which might have worked
in its favour depending on whom you ask. The dual front firing flash of the Hot 10 gives
it a more realistic color but quality wise, they’re both meh. with super night
mode, it’s not so super on both of these. The fact that one is brighter than the
other doesn’t mean any one is useable. It records videos in 2K for
the front and back camera. The Infinix Hot 10 seems to be closing
the gap between the Hot and Note series. It may share the same processor as the Note 7 and
even have ample 64gig storage space.

However, the camera quality is definitely leaning more towards
the low end spectrum. It also has all of the cons of the Note 7 like the Micro USB port and 720P
display. It also takes forever to charge, doesn’t spot dual stereo speakers and 3GB RAM means only
limited apps can run simultaneously. All of which are to be expected from the Hot series anyway.
It’s more or less an affordable Hot Note hybrid made for people who only seriously care
about gaming and long lasting battery life. It’s priced at N60,200 which converts to $135 US
dollars and you can pick yours up on Jumia Nigeria using my affiliate link in the description.
If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and share it, also follow me on Twitter
or Instagram to see what i’m up to. Do subscribe for more videos like this as it will mean a lot
to me and i’ll see you in the next one. Peace. .

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