make Oscilloscope form mobile phone ||كيف اصنع عرض الذبذبات في الهاتف المحمول

AL SALAM ALEKOM Hello my friends we need an oscilloscope at home or at work but the cost of buying it is rather high. But you have one in your hand, your Android phone, and it's small and simple. Follow us after the break. Simple components will be shown The smartphone has a headphone input that has an external audio signal input from a microphone.

We will use this input to input external pulses and display the waveform by a special application to display the audio and vibration signals entering through the microphone. We will put the link to download the application below the video in the description and put its name with the following components.. We connect the mike contact and the ground contact with a resistance of 1 kilo ohm to work on receiving the output, and we put a resistance of 1 kilo ohm on the positive line of the mic, then we connect a variable resistance of 10 kilo ohm so that we raise its value at high voltages, the maximum voltage that can
be tolerated is 12 volts
You can measure any pulse at the input, provided that it is less than 12 volts After downloading the application from the link, we open the application. We give the application the authority to enter the voice. We choose the normal mic because there are several options for input We bring the electronic circuit and insert it into the input of the phone, then we prepare any input of signal pulses, for example ic 555 If you want to measure the output of the inverter, you can put a voltage converter on the output to reduce the alternating voltage to 12 volts and put only one diode to make a negative and the other is a pulse that we connect with the circuit and then the phone…

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