2 Method to Connect Mobile Internet to laptop with or Without USB Cable | Wi-Fi Hotspot

There are 2 ways to connect mobile internet to PC or Laptop 1st one is through a USB cable Which we called USB Tethering For which we will need such a USB cable Which you generally get with your mobile in the box And 2nd way is wireless Which we called WiFi hotspot or mobile hotspot So if you are familiar with both of these methods you can skip the video This video will be helpful to those who are new laptop users And those who don't know how we can use our mobile internet to PC or Laptop So this video is for those guys So if you like the video and found it informative so press the like button Subscribe to the channel Let's start this video Jai Hind Friends My name is Pushkar and you are watching tech Screw Let's Start So friends to use mobile internet in PC or Laptop through USB cable You need a USB cable Generally, you get it with your mobile in the box I have another USB cable So if you have a type C port mobile So you need a Type-C to type-A USB cable And If you have a micro USB port mobile So you will need a micro USB to Type-A USB cable What you have to do? First, be clear that your mobile data is On in your mobile As you can see here Mobile internet is ON of our mobile After that, you have to connect your mobile with the laptop through a USB cable Such Pop can appear on your screen Because it doesn't open in every mobile So this is a RealMe mobile so such Pop appears But no problem with it Any option you select No problem will come in USB tethering Any option you select Your mobile internet will run into your PC/Laptop with the help of USB tethering So I tap anywhere on the screen And the pop will close After that go to settings In settings, you will get an 'Other wireless option' Here you get the USB tethering option Okay As soon as you enable it you can use your mobile internet on the laptop Before that, you can see on the screen Currently, our laptop is not connected If we go to Google Chrome So as we refresh the page So you can see the google page is not opening As soon as we enable the USB tethering option So you can see our laptop is showing internet access And the google page has been auto-refresh And you can see the internet has run Means the laptop has been connected to the internet So friends now the next method is…

A wireless method Which we called Wifi hotspot So we don't need any USB cable for the wireless method So remove It And USB tethering is also off So you can see again our laptop doesn't have an internet connection Internet connection has been disconnected So let's minimize it and again go to our mobile So go to mobile settings you will have to go to 'other wireless connection' And here a 'Portable hotspot' option is available Setting can be different names different brands phones It takes different names So here you will get a personal hotspot option If you can't find the 'Personal Hotspot' option So just come to settings and every setting have a search option Search 'Hotspot' here So you will find it So as you will search 'hotspot' you will reach the personal hotspot here you have to enable the personal hotspot Before that, you have to do some settings in personal hotspot Like hotspot name 2 types of security are there 1st is…None
in this, your hotspot will not be protected by any password so I will recommend you to choose the 2nd password method and after that set a password Currently, the by default passport is strange So let me simplify it For now, by the way, you should put a hard password on it After that, 2 types of wifi band options are available in latest devices 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz If your laptop or PC is of an old model So you will not get 5 GHz band support in it So keep it at 2.4 GHz If your laptop is of the latest model So maybe the 5 GHz band is supported So you can select that Currently, we are keeping it at 2.4 GHz and enable the 'Visible to other devices' option Otherwise, the hotspot will not show on your laptop Currently, all the settings have been done And you can see our mobile is completely wireless Means it is not connected with any wire So now save it and let's enable the personal hotspot after enabling it We will click on the internet connection panel on our laptop So WiFi is enabled and it is showing RealMe 6 pro If it remains off This way So you have to turn it ON and it will search Realme 6 pro after that click on it, then click on connect and enters the password which we had set 12345678 And then click on next Then click on yes And now you can see the laptop has been connected to the internet As we open google chrome the page has been auto-refreshed and you can see it is connected And you can also see the internet speed on the taskbar uploading and downloading So from this, you can understand it has connected to the internet Currently, if the internet speed is not showing on your taskbar and you want that I should make a video on it That how to show the internet speed on the taskbar So you can tell me in the comment box So guys you have seen both the method That how you can use your mobile internet to your PC/Laptop with the help of the USB tethering option And how you can use your mobile internet wirelessly to your PC/Laptop with the help of a Wifi hotspot If you liked the video So press the like button If you liked more then share it with your friends and family and also subscribe to my channel except this, if you want that we should cover the video on any other topic So definitely you can tell in the comment box Because we read every comment And also reply it So guys definitely do comment Share it See you in the next video Till then use the technology to a limit And thank you for watching

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How to connect 2 devices to 1 internet useing one device as a mobile hotspot

now let me start the video like this you and your friends are somewhere out nowhere or wherever and you don't have a free wireless LAN connection to your device but both they all want to use internet but only one of you have their internet package or paid for their internet package file meaning you for your internet data well that you can use your sim card whatever and go into the internet whatnot I'm gonna show you how you both can use Internet even so one of you doesn't even like I said have a wireless LAN connection and you me sword and package recharge now I'm gonna use the tablet right here as an example device this doesn't even has a SIM card in it and nor is Wireless LAN home same thing right here I'm gonna use the mobile data package file so this one is charge running slowly because already downed the bits and data but I'm also not gonna have a wireless LAN in here so what you're gonna do is with the device that you are actually running the mobile data package on you just go into settings find tethering and portable hotspot this smack this on on the other device you will have to find its connection in this case its Android AP so right here we are going to search for the Android AP connection this is the one right here so I'm gonna use this it wants me to enter a password so I'm gonna go ahead and do this it tells you everything right here here's your password so let's just go ahead type this M hdzm 8 5 1 3 and hit connect alright now you just remember you have to put on your mobile data and then assume both are successfully connected one device will say connect it to portable and you have the small little icon on top your navigation bar right there then you can just go ahead with the other device go into the internet um my package data is drained to its limit so it takes forever to load right now we can't go ahead try like does this load a little bit faster normally this should be empty saying it can't be connected we hope this is gonna go a little bit faster than anything else it always depends how much gig up by the one person has with new mobile data and you can do this anywhere as long you have mobile data connection it doesn't matter if you're in the middle of desert if you're on top of the mountain I don't know we're in class or in your office whatever you are middle of the city it doesn't matter as long as you have a connection somewhere with the mobile data now this took a while like I said I am my mobile app has drained to its limits but has you seen it's loading up the page normally wouldn't do that if this wouldn't be on so let me just show you so let me just turn this off and now if I open up a new window I should start gonna complain there you go and this is how would complain if the connection wouldn't be established since I just turned it off obviously so you've seen it work to nice right here I'm Brian from pocket I thanks for watching I hope this quick tutorial was useful for you and just give me some thumbs up and Lex feel free to share my tutorial on other videos and check out more on my channel thanks for watching and enjoy I talk to you in the next video you

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