Real Estate Virtual Tour using Mobile Phone Part 1

hi there my name is Johnson uh today a client
has called me and they want to actually rent a property uh the property is somewhere around
there uh correct this side maybe okay somewhere around there that area is on the first floor
so uh the uh the owner or the agent uh want to actually rent this place out and it's on the
first floor so we're gonna do shooting and I'm gonna show you how the process of doing this 360
shooting by using a mobile phone and this process that I'm going to show you step by step how you
should to go about to do all the shooting okay Whenever you go to this kind of
house you must always wear your mask abide with Government Regulations.

The Real
Estate agents having trouble and that's why we are doing this virtual tour so that the client will
be able to see Virtually before they come and do visit for the final time, so please wear your
mask properly and I'm gonna go and get my gear. Camera Stand is a very important
tool that you must have We reached the house and the owner has
given me has given the key so I'm going to use the key to open it and because
of the Covid many people don't want to visit the home so uh 360
virtual is one of the ways. 360 virtual tour will be the future
so here we in we have created the best way for the real estate
agent uh to make even for a budget property this is a budget property with two rooms one
bath and hall and it's a there's a very interesting balcony here very hugely that
is a good selling point so I have the key.

Okay this property they have two entries one of
the entrance is here which is the main entrance and interestingly this particular house, the owner has actually sublet
one part of it to another tenant. now this door here belongs to the sublet tenant. The balcony is one of the selling points
for this owner so I'm gonna do few shots and before I do the shots let me bring you in. Our shoe is one of the things 360
photography people may forget so if possible please hide the shoes. As you see when we go into a house the amount
of light in the house is lesser than outside. In photography, this is one of the very important
things to look at in 360 because when you capture the 360 light intensity. We call it EV (Exposure
Value) now the EV outside is high inside is low so possibly when you enter into any house please
on the lights.

We need to have enough lights in the house so just on the lights but don't on the
fan okay make the fan stationary. See in part 2.

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