What If Your Phone Was A Girl? | Angry Prash

music snoring its 6am, wake up, wake up, its 6pm wake up Let me sleep (snoozes alarm) let me sleep 5 minutes later snoring hey!!! its 6am wake up!!! wake up!!! wake up wake up wake up wake uppppppppp wake up supid wake up (music) show me the fastest way to dombivali (in mumbai) turn right wow turn left left! where? is domblivali in the river? three hours later take left and continue on rajasthan national highway how did we reached rajasthan?!!! Take a U turn and continue on pakisthan national highway Hey!!!! i don't want to go pakisthan, i want to go to Dombivali(in mumbai) go down down where? inside the ground? go up I am driving a car, not an aeroplane Approximately 10 hours later… your destination is on the right side i wanted to go dombivali, you got me to Africa! (music) so kids, 150 years ago, world war between Hitler and Osama bin Ladin had occured where a lot of people died (phone rings) shushh! keep quite! quite quite quite!! what is happening in the class?!!! sorry sir are you outta your mind? i said sorry sir! your parents thought this? sir!!!!!! (phone rings) wait a minute, don't interrupt! yes! my phone gives me more knowledge then you i just have to download skillshare app in my phone (phone rings) i told you to wait a minute yes, how much ever you teach here throughout the day we get more knowledge on skill share, sitting at home Stop your rubbish talks No one can give you more knowledge than the school! Aye Stupid, Stupider, Stupidest, 2×1, 2×2=4, 2×3= Stupid, Stupid! Instead of watching your stupid face, i will watch good videos on skilshare app Phone rings! Dance you stupid, dance! (Music) I can't even believe we are talking for continuous 5 hours on phone Don't you feel sleepy? NO! you keep the phone NO! you keep the phone Nahi first you! First you! First you! First you! First you, you, you! (Slaps!) when she is telling you to hang up, hang it up! ***** Do you want to kill me? (Music) Prash! share me the photos that you clicked in diya's party Yes! yes! Doing it now Hey siri! send party folder to my babe Which Babe? Pooja, Archana, Geeta, Aarti or Shanti? How many Babes are there in your life? No one! You are the only one pooja! Pooja? No! No! aarti! no! Archana! Geeta! Shanti! Bhajan! Bell! What are you! Wait I will do your Rituals! Take this sweets! Stop it! Stop It! (Music) Boss message? Prash did you complete yesterdays assignment? Yes i am doing it Boss! 2 minute Boss Yes i am doing it ****! 2 minute ***** Send! I told you boss, not **** Now i already sent it! Boss message! what did you say? Sorry boss! did it was done by mistake Boss! Sorry ****! did it was done by mistake ****! Send! I told you boss, Boss! My phone will get me killed! Boss message,what did you tell me, come to the office tomorrow and take the resignation letter! I am sorry Boss! I am sorry ****! send! (music) what do you want! Autocorrect sir! Autocorrect! who did the invention of Autocorrect? when will you spare me newton? Friend! even I am irritated because of Autocorrect! Day before yesterday i said Nikala Ghosla(nest) instead of Nikola Tesla! He is behind me with an electric wire! See here he comes! Run! I won't spare you! Don't worry! you will get an another job! Shut up! wait i will get you exchanged now from the shop! Sir I want to Exchange this phone! show me a low budget phone yes! yes! sir see it! it is your shop only! hehe, Motu! you didn't die yet? hehe, LG even you didn't die yet! (Both Laughing) Our life is ruined! hi Iphone! Hey! oppya, even today you are wearing similar clothes like me! just the clothes are same! underwear is still a cheap one! Don't tell anyone Shut up! copy cat! sir! did you like anyone? NO No! these one's are talking too much! the corner one silent, show me that! Oh Samson Note! i will bring it now No! No! don't go there, Don't go there! Yeah come! come! (Blast!) Hey! guys if you like the videos like it and i you are new to the channel subscribe it The link of the skillshare application is given in the description if you download from that link first 500 subscribers will get 2 months free trial so go fast and download it! i will meet you in a new video with a new topic, till then bye! (Outro Music)

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