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Hi Friends. Today, we are going to do. Bowl Challenge. No, Bingo. Yes, All of you must have played housie. Today's housie is a little special. As you can see, such a big ticket. And. Such big numbers. Let's start the game. There are eight players. These are gifts. Shall I show you? There are eight cards and six prizes. Game is a simple.

This has number from 1 to 90. I'll say number one by one. Everyone will cross the numbers in their respective cards. If you cross numbers accordingly you can win. How will winners be decided? First prize is for early five. The one who gets five numbers the earliest. Amongst you. They will get chocolate box. Second prize is for corners. Four corners. OK. The corners could vary. The winner of four corners will get a wrist watch. And first line, middle line and bottom line. The prizes involve for that are. Spa basket, Edible Basket, and Stationery basket. The last prize is. Five Thousands for Full House. Wow! Let's start the game. This is our fish bowl. I'll start. Yes. Number bowl. Number bowl. We'll start the game of Great Bingo. Alright! I'm taking out the first number. Who will win the most prizes? Me! (Everyone) I can win too, as Ruchi is playing on my behalf. Yes. I have a card too. But I won't look at that side. OK. First number is… Oh! Blank! Wow! What a start! You're teasing us.

I am not teasing. That's what it came. First number is… Five eight, Fifty-Eight. Fifty Who has it? Me! Wow! Piyush, you have it too. Wow. Second number is… Yes! Wow! One four, Fourteen. Oh fourteen! I have it. Wow! I don't have it. I am not getting anything. You will. It has just begun. Pihu will get it too. Everyone will get there number. Next number is… Buy 2 get 1 free, number three. I have it! Makeshift a number for me too. Aayu got it. Single number three.(Everyone) I don't have it. You don't? No. Now the number is sixty five.

Six five, sixty five! (everyone). I have it. I am not getting it. Wow Aayu and Yaana! The next number is… Well, six four, sixty-four. Six four. I have this too. I don't have anything! like number three. Dad is not drawing good numbers. No. I got one. Who will win early five? I crossed three numbers, so I'm ahead. Yes! Aayu is ahead. He's got a better chance. Because I know the first prize is chocolates. Aayu wants early five. Chocolates and Aayu can't stay away from each other. Next number is… Which is good. Yes! Draw my number. What a number! Seven six, seventy-six. I got it! Oh! Very good! I don't have seven-six. Only I'm left. I got some advantage. I'm left too. We've started Pihu. Draw seven-four, seven-five. Tendulkars' number, number ten! Oh I got it, I got it! What enmity do you have with me? You're not giving me anything.

What enmity? Like you don't know. Next number is… One two, Twelve, one-dozen. Oh Man! I am not getting it. Oh! I got it. In which world are you lost? He's not crossing. Pihu you cross twenty one too. If you don't want it, give it to someone else. Yes! Give it to me instead. He'll win. Wow! Sweet sixteen. Sweet sixteen, I want seventeen. Yay! I got it. I got it too. Yay! Mom and Yaana got it together. Who will this chocolate prize for early five? Me! I'll win too. I got three too. Next number is five one, fifty one. I got it, I got it! Won't you say a number before it? Yes! I'm the only one who didn't got any! You keep your card. We all know about your luck. Check it the card says Ruchi right? Next number is three one, thirty-one. Three two, thirty two. 2, 1, 21. Give me one before it. I wanted 32 too. It won't work like that. I have it. OK. Next number is… This is… Golden Jubilee number fifty. Fifty (Everyone) Who has fifty? I have it. I don't! Did someone got four numbers? Mine two.

Mine three, me too. Stuck at three. Mom's got zero. Mine two. No one has more than three. Three nine, thirty nine. Three nine, I got it! You got three? Yes. We are at the same. Hi-five. No one has four. No one got four? No! Another blank! All blanks are done. Draw my number. Which number do you want? If I tell you, you won't draw it out. 41! Single number six. Yay!! Yay, I got nothing. Yay! Ronak got three numbers too. I don't got anything. I got three. Me too. I got three too. Everyone has three. None is getting four. It's on you. Last number. Ninety! Ninety! Yes, I have it. I don't. Mom's got three too. Kanchan got three too. Everyone has three. Yes! Mom's got one. Mine two. Age to vote. Eighteen (Everyone). Seventeen. It's eighteen. I want 17. Can't I cross it's opposite.

I'm playing on behalf of Piyush, so I'll take his prizes. Won't its opposite work? No. A number next to eighteen. One nine, Nineteen! Nineteen! Dad's cheating. He's drawing out his own numbers. Draw out twenty. How can I draw? I'm not even looking. Don't call me a cheater. Similar down and upside, sixty-nine! I got it, early five! Dad got it! Oh wow! I am playing for him. Dad, I am your son. Dad share it. This gift, first let me cross it. I'll give this chocolate box to myself. Give it to me, me! Half is mine. Please. Because I did the work. Remuneration. She asking for her remuneration. I'll give her the basket. Yes, the basket, wrappers. And the gift wrapper. Good, it's half-half. Draw fast. I'll get it from my ticket. Corners! First prize has been given. I am happy. They are sad. Congratulations! Thank you. Congratulations! Now, prizes are left for corners, first line.

Second line, third line and full house. Four two, forty-two. Four two, forty-two. Four, one. four, seven, forty-nine, anything. Won't you draw one before it? I gave away the prize, we didn't check it. Yes! 18,OK. 19,OK. 51,OK. 58,OK. 69. Very good. Alright! Now, the next number is… One-dozen is twelve. So, cross the score. Twelve. No. Ten. One-dozen is twelve, so score is? I don't know. Twenty-four. Twenty! Twenty! Yes! I have twenty. Yay! Yaana got twenty! Yay! Yaana! I got twenty too. I got three now. You got three or four. Seven one, seventy-one. Seven, one. I got it. Seven, one, seven, one. I just want to complete one line I have to complete one line too. Friends, Aren't you enjoying? Please like the video. And subscribe if you haven't. OK. Let's play and see who'll win? You can win corners too. I want to win the middle line prize.

Alright. Number four, single number four. I don't have it. It's cheating. It's four only, how is it cheating. I am barely getting numbers. That's cheating. I keep my pen down only. Single number again, eight. Wow! Single number again. Give us numbers of eight series. Yes, I will give, 81. Yes. 108. No that. Four three, Forty-three. Four three, Forty-three. I don't want that. I've kept my pen down. Me too. Me too. I can still win. What a number! sixty. Six zero, sixty. It's mine. No! Wow, Pihu is about to win the middle line.. She just need two numbers more. India's independence year. Forty-seven. Four seven, forty-seven. I got it. Sixty-seven. I got forty-seven. I want fifty-seven. How many teeth in Mom's mouth? Thirty-two. Three two, thirty-two. I am not getting any numbers. Yes! I got it after so long. You're drawing such bad numbers. Swirl it around. I think the numbers are less. Yes, Can't see it only. You can check it all. Why am I not getting any numbers? Me too.

Seven five, seventy-five. Seven five. No, No one got it? I got it! I dropped my pen. Yay! People drop the mic. I dropped my pen. Seven five, Seven five. Alright, someone was asking for this? A number for the pen drop. One seven, seventeen. Wow! At least, we got something Ronak. Number is four six, forty-six. Four six. Oh! I got it! No, I want 49. Next time. I want it too. I want fifty-seven.

Seventy-two. Five three, fifty-three. Five three. Sixty-three. No! What no? Shouldn't I get some numbers. Seventy-three. I am barely getting numbers. I am stuck too. One five, fifteen Oh! Dad draw out some good numbers. I am about to get middle line. I am stuck. I want middle line too. Pihu, Your middle line is in risk. Why? Let's see who gets it? Number is two seven, twenty-seven. Aayu's Birthday date! Aayu has it too. Seven eight, seventy-eight. Seven eight, seventy-eight. Dad, draw out some good numbers. Only your numbers are getting. Three seven, thirty-seven. Three six, thirty-six. Next number, 57, 21. Don't say other numbers.

Why, I want that. OK. Unlucky number. Thirteen (Everyone) Has someone got it? Me! That's unlucky number. It's unlucky, you won't get anything. At least, I got the number. Double dozen. Twenty-four (Everyone). Twenty-four. Mom has a cross formation. Wow, Game's starting number. One (Everyone). I got it. Wow! Dad's got it too. Uncle please give us series of eight. Everyone wants it. Pihu, me. Me too. Kanchan too.

Everyone want series of eight! I got four. I want it too. Pick up sticks, fifty-six! Fifty-six. I just need eighty for middle line. Wow! My middle line, mine! Dad won't draw eight's series, forget it. I want eighty! No, eighty-one. Eighty-two, eighty-three, eighty-seven. Give her everything. She wants everything. Four dozen. Forty-eight (Everyone). Yes! Mine. I got it too. Draw opposite. Forty-nine. Nobody is winning anything. We want all opposite. Corner, line anything. No, nothing! (Everyone) It's because of you. Next is eight four, eighty-four. Wow! Dad eighty! Eighty-one. Eighty. Mine is eight four. Eighty-seven. Eighty. If I say, he won't give me. Eighty-eight. Eighty-five. Single number. We are five. I don't have five. We want eight. You're fast. We want two. So, shouldn’t I? Aren't you? Four zero, forty. Four zero, forty. Forty-one, forty nine. Fifty-seven. Better luck next time. Double the forty. OK. Is one done? I just need five more for full house. OK. Full house? First complete the line, then full house.

Yes He has very few numbers left. I got four. Very good. Three five, thirty-five. Dad draw good numbers. I want middle line. Yes sweet-pea. It's coming. Look these two. He needs one. He'll get it first. No, me. The number that Pihu wanted. Pihu's luck. Fifty-seven. Aayu, we are same. Yes! I want fifty-one now. He wants eighty. Only your numbers are coming. Eighty! Look at your husband's card too. He won't draw eighty. Look his card is all red. Eighty, thirty. Don't look here, look there too. Eight's Series. What? Eighty-eight. Eighty-three. Eighty-three. Wow! Oh! I want eighty. Eighty-three. Eighty-eight. I also have one number left for middle line. Eighty! Eighty-five. Eighty-one. Wow! One and one. Eleven (Everyone.) Eleven. Two. I got first number of middle line. Eleven! One and one should be two. Yaana eleven! Oh! Yaana got it too.

Wow, four one, forty one. Yay! Yaana got it again. Yaana got two. I got too. Someone was complaining before. Yes! We requested that's why you're listening. Pihu sister and Aayu got it. You want it both ways. Three zero, thirty. Yay! You got again! Yaana is getting numbers continuously. She's waiting for long that's why. Who's going to get lucky now? Sorry, I got two. Dad draw eighty-one. Six two, sixty-two. Sixty-two. You could have gotten sixty-three. One before that. Seventy-two. No! You got it right. No! Do it like that only.

Single number. Two? Seven. Oh! It's mine. Thank you. Welcome. Most welcome. Seven and three. What's it? Ten! Seventy-three. That's done. Oh! I got middle line. Wow! Aayu was so close. And you were the complaining. And you won. Get your numbers checked. 17. OK. 31. OK. 53. OK. 73, 83. Very good, What gift do you want? Come collect your gifts. Mom, take the spa basket.

I'll take it. Spa Basket, Edible basket, Stationery basket? Spa basket. Share it mom. Both the prizes came to our house. Now, don't call me cheater. I'm playing fair. Just draw eighty-five and nine. Then, I'll get second line. OK, I'll find it for you. You can't claim middle line now. Yes, you can't claim middle line now. Otherwise you would be flunked. Corner, top line, bottom line and full house are left. Seventy-four. Seventy-four. Yes! Say seventy-nine. Who got seventy-four? Yaana! Seven nine, seventy-nine. Oh! OK, OK, Corner! Aayu got corners! You're taking all the gifts. Cheating! I won! We can't help. Come, come! This is Bingo! Prize for corners is wrist watch. I wanted it. This is wrist watch. Go ahead and enjoy! I want that.

Go there! I got it. You've to win to get it. I am not getting numbers. Don't play with watch. Focus on next round. Number four five, forty-five. Dad, draw my numbers. Get the opposite of it. You watch, I'll win last round too. No, me! Now the opposite fifty-four. OK, OK, I got one more. Top Line. What! Aayu got Top line. Yay! Aayu take the edible basket. I want edible basket. Aayu share it with me. OK. One thing. No two. Listen! The value full house is more than that of other prizes. You'll take that too, because Aayu's close to full house. I can't do anything. I will win. This is Bingo! Nothing can happen. Eight zero, eighty. Who wanted it. No one asked for it. Me, I won't say middle line. Don't say it Aayu. Aayu wants only one number for full house. Four nine, forty-nine. Four nine. I got it.

Me too. Thank you. Last number is left. My luck is not working. Only last? Her luck is not working. Two nine, twenty-nine. Two nine. Did you put wheels under your luck? No, then how will it work. Like this, like this. The next number is… Five two, fifty-two. Yes! I got it. I don't have it, me neither. Very good. My luck is working a little. Three-eight, thirty eight. Three-eight, thirty eight. I have it. No, I want twenty-eight. Six seven, sixty-seven. Yay, I have it. I have it too. One before that. Bottom line is still left. Uncle, make me lucky. Yes! Corners done, bottom line and full house is left. Number is three four, thirty-four. Seven zero, seventy. Mine! I need one. I need two for first line. But top line is done already. Sister what number do you want? Eight two, eighty-two. Many numbers. Seven two. Seventy-two. Eighty-one. You want double, I want it too. I want eighty-one too. Next number is… Triple dozen Thirty-six (Everyone) Wow! Bottom Line! Ronak won too! At least, we won something. Come! We don't want line. We want full house.

Ronak gets stationery basket. Ronak share it. Yaana will take half of it. OK, Enjoy! Half mine too. No. Full house is left. Five thousands. Win this. Five thousands. Draw number fast. Only full house is left. Five thousands. Only one number is left. Eight seven, eighty-seven. Who wanted. Mom. No one. Mom wanted it. I don't say it only. Help your friend. When will this friendship be fruitful? I want eighty-eight. When will this marriage be fruitful? Friend came before wife. So what, you'll make your friend win. Make your wife win. Eight six, eighty-six. Oh! Betrayal. I asked one after, you gave one before. One for wife, one for himself. Eight one, eighty-one. Yay! Mine! I got it too. Only full house is left. How many numbers do you want fro full house? 5, 5, 5, We all are the same. Yaana's? 5. Number is two three, twenty-three. Two one! Two two! I am asking since the beginning. Six three, sixty-three. Oh! Yes. Aayu can't hold his pen.

He won that's why. My hands got red. Double number, forty-four. No. Don't have it. Double it Thirty-three please. Eighty-eight. We are asking since long. We don't want that. Single number nine. Yay! You're crossing continuously. I want two. What's your problem? Stop it. You're looking at my card. Oh I have too. Double number. I want four. Double three Thirty-three. Thirty-three! Draw double seven. Or double two. Draw everything double. We want all. Mine also one is left. Which one? Sixty-eight. Six one, sixty-one. Yes! What does Mom want? Sixty-eight. Don't tell. Dad, sixty-eight.

Should I throw it out? Yes! You already won a lot. Two one, twenty-one. Mine. I need one more. I need two more and twenty-eight. You have your eyes set on mine. Only these many are left. I have too. I need five numbers. Five! I need three.There are total 10 numbers in it. Game is getting interesting. Yes! Aayu needs one too. Six on six? Sixty-eight. Sixty-six She forgot everything in her excitement. I am just waiting for sixty-eight. So I Win. Piyush if you drew sixty-eight. I won't play. Seven two, seventy-two. Yes, I got it. Dad, I just need one number. Draw that. I can't help son. Yaana want two. Double number. Who wanted it? Me! (Everyone) Seventy-seven. Yes! No! That we didn't want. Double eight or five. Dad got it. How much he needs? Oh! Piyush you also need one.

Which one? Twenty-six? One more double number. What? Say it. Fifty-five. Yay! Finally, he got fifty-five. One more double number. Yes! Double once again! Eight eight, eighty-eight. Yay! He's now getting all the numbers. Of course, if the prize is money. Manish will win. I just need one number. I came from five to one. Give me my number too. Yes son. I want it too. Me too. And one more. Everyone is stuck at one. Single number. Two! That was only left and Pihu knew. Aayu and are similar. Ronak's birth date. Pihu's too. Eight five, eighty-five. Yes I got it. Twenty-eight. Thank you God. Mom you also need 72 and 79. Next number is eight nine, eighty-nine. Kanchan, I just need sixty-one. One number. It came already. What? Cross it fast. Yay! I got full house! Yes! we won! Were you sleeping? He woke up after long. No one called it either. He didn't know! You were focused on us. No one called it either.

No one. We won! Oh yes! We could have called it. Friends, I hope you enjoyed today. I won chocolates. I won edible basket and wrist watch I won spa basket. I won stationery basket. I want the smallest thing. But the biggest! Like and share the video. We'll see you in next video. Bye!.

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