This phone has a 15,000 RPM cooling fan!!! – Legion Duel Phone 2

– There's a separate RGB
LED in the little fan, are you kidding me? Everyone and their dog is getting into the gaming phones space now, but not everyone designs
their gaming phone for competitive eSports
play, that's right, David. No, no, stop it, stop it. This is an eSports phone, and, there is legitimately
some stuff about it that is straight up very, very cool. This is the Lenovo Legion Duel Phone 2, not dual phone, it's
just one phone, duel like (imitating battle noises) I'm fighting with you,
that kind of cool stuff. It's got a Snapdragon 888 processor, up to 18 gigabytes of LPDDR5 memory, up to 512 gigabytes of UFS
3.1 storage, and get this, it's got an active cooling system for its vapor chamber cooler, that's got a 12,500 RPM fan here and then a 15,000 RPM fan
at the top for exhaust, so yes, my friends, you are
looking at holes in the phone here and here for flipping cooling.

And apparently they have
rethought the layout of the internals of this phone, so all the heat producing
devices are kind of all aligned along this cooling path. They claim that the air heats
up as much as 22 degrees going from the intake to the exhaust. This thing is crazy. Like, yeah, the ROG phone
is for gaming or whatever, but this is clearly meant
to be held like this, I mean, even if I'm taking a picture. So it's got 63 megapixel cameras, and 16 megapixel rear snappers on it, like if I'm taking a
picture with this thing, I'm holding it like this,
like a freaking camera. Okay, we're, you know what? We're going to straight up open
the camera right away here. – Sup Jono?
– What's up? (camera clicking) – Look at this guy waving in a picture and now I got a blurry hand to look at it. Anyway, the point is, the rear camera is not
the main event here, the main event is the
pop-out selfie camera.

That's right, you cannot
be a legit pro gamer unless you have a face
cam while you're gaming. Man, this thing is a chunky
boy though, which makes sense, when you've got an active cooling system with not one, but two fans, a 5,500 milliamp power battery
that is split into two, and charges at up to 90 Watts. And of course, like any
self-respecting gaming phone, it's got dual forward facing speakers, so hopefully it's going
to sound pretty decent. That's a bit of a slow
fingerprint scanner, but let's see how it performs when, okay, that's fine when you're unlocking, just a little slow to
register your fingerprints, so that's pretty good. All right, so let's just– (screaming and laughing) There it is, look at that.

Sup David? – [Jono] That's pretty good. – Wait, it's on the, hold on
a second, are you kidding me? It is on the lock button, so it… (beeping) Like what? That is crazy. Why would you put the camera
right on the lock button? Yeah, I don't know, if
you want the lock button positioned for right-handed people, and then if you want sort
of, the landscape mode, to be kind of a sensible, you want the volume rocker out of the way while you're gaming, so you got your shoulder
buttons and stuff, I mean, I guess that's
just where it has to go.

As a PC enthusiast, it drives me crazy how much better the front
facing cameras are on phones. Like, are you telling
me, PC manufacturers, that you couldn't find a way
to put a camera that thick in your laptop? – Impossible?
– [Jono] Yeah. – Completely impossible, can't be done? – [David] What about
the processing, though? – Okay, Intel, are you telling me that processing cannot be fixed? Okay, it can't be better? At any rate, wow. (laughing in background) That is a lot of smoothing. I am beautiful. Holy crap, look at that, my
pores are picture perfect. How much you want to
bet that I straight up do not have wrinkles when
I smile on this thing? This side is hilariously smoothed.

Wow. (laughing) Oh, beauty mode, you so silly. That is super cool, and I
think they did a bang up job of getting the length
of the lens just right for a face camera while you're gaming. But of course, there's more to this that
makes it a gaming phone than just performance, cooling,
and a front facing camera, starting of course, with all
of the touch sensitive buttons that are located around the device.

So on each top you've
got two trigger buttons or, well there's two shoulder buttons because neither of them
is pressure sensitive, so you got one, two, three, four. You've got an additional
touch sensitive button on the back of the device,
which I believe is, you know what? I'm going to have to find
that a little bit later. And then finally, this is super cool, they've gone and they've put
a more advanced haptic motor system in this phone so
that you've actually got two pressure sensitive buttons
on either side of the screen. I am really excited to try that out. Naturally, there's RGB lighting. Hey. All right. So it's got a 144 Hertz display, but there's more to the responsiveness of a mobile phone display than just how quickly it refreshes. It actually pools for
touches at 720 Hertz, so that means that when
you touch the screen, by pooling more often, it's getting the most
up-to-date possible information so that your inputs are
going to have less latency.

720 Hertz. – [David] Yeah, that's pretty cool. – We're getting dangerously
close to like PC peripherals. Now, touch screens are
inherently not as responsive as something like a mouse
or a keyboard input device, but we can improve that a lot
by pooling more frequently. Oh my God, hold on a
second, this is hilarious. I'm just going to enable trubo fan here. (laughing) This is cool, so you can
change your lighting effects depending on what's going on, so it can play with their music app, which I don't know if
you would use that much cause you probably have
Spotify, or whatever.

(laughing in background) Color changes by device temperature when you get calls, cool. When did having lights on your phone become not cool anymore? Remember those cool apps where you could have like
anyone that had an RGB LEB this is back in like
the Nexus 5 days, right? – [David] Yeah, the little top LED. – So you could have like color
coded and flashes and stuff. What was that app called? There was like a cool app
everyone loved so much. – No way, that's a separate
RGB LED in the little fan.

Are you kidding me? To Lenovo Legion's credit, the design is really well balanced. They said that, like we
saw on the ROG Phone 5, they split the battery apart, so this is better for battery longevity, as well as for the balance of the device. And, talking about battery longevity, yeah, it's all fine and good to be able to charge your
device to 50% in 13 minutes, but you also have to
have protections in place for your battery. So, since this is a device that is very likely to be
plugged in via USB Type-C. Of course, there are two Type-C ports, there's one that you can use horizontally, and one that you can use vertically.

You want to make sure that
you're not just juicing it up to a hundred percent and
leaving it there the whole time while it's running an
intensive application, like a game and heating up, cause that's really bad for the battery. So, they've got phalanx
battery protection system, not to be confused with phallus
battery protection system which is more common in adult toys. Should we fire up some COD? This video is brought to you by Vincero.

Vincero makes time pieces
that fit a variety of budgets and they're currently having
their spring upgrade sale. You can get up to 30%
off and free shipping on everything they sell. And if watches, aren't your thing, you can check out their new
blue light filtering eyeglasses for some stylish eye protection, and no discount code or
anything is required, it is automatically
applied in the checkout. So don't wait, The sale ends April 12th, so go take advantage of the
Vincero spring upgrade sale at the link below. Look at that, panoramic
stereo sound, 144 Hertz, this displayed will do up to
1300 nits peak brightness, it's just shy of seven
inches, 6.92 inches, and as a 1080P class
display, 2460 by 1080. I'm expecting it to be very good, to compete with the ROG Phone 5, it's going to have to be excellent. (COD theme music playing on phone) – [David] Wow. – That's pretty rich, isn't it? – [David] That's really good.
– [Jono] Yeah.

(gunshots on phone) – Oh, God. Oh, boy. Hey, I'm out of here. How do I just aim but not fire? Okay. Like that. Wow, these bots are really bad. These are clearly designed to make you feel good
about your skills, man. (laughing in background) Cause I have barely been touched. (chuckling) Here we go. Oh, well, sorry, I was
confused, I couldn't move.

(laughing in background) Too busy winning. All right, here we go. Here we go, here we go, here we go. Now that I know how to do
it, this is fairly intuitive, it's not bad. So you go wide triggers. See, I just didn't realize you
can move these things around. Let's see how it handles
screen recording while playing. Okay, let's rampage, I think rampage, Oh wow, high-speed mode. I mean, this game's locked
at 30 to 60 FPS anyway, but there are games that do
run at a higher frame rate. Man, having all those extra functions bound to the touch buttons at
the back and stuff, not bad. And you what? to it's credit, I've been
sitting here playing for… I don't know, what 10,
15 minutes at this point? It's barely even warm
to the touch, here is. So this is where they put all the heat generating components, and even with the fans
running, like it's warm, but the sides where my hands are, not bad.

Hold on, Let me see how many
of these bots I can line up and kill it at the same time. (laughing) – They just stand there. Oh man, I still can't
kill them, it's shocking. Like are they pointing at the ground? Watch them. Watch them, watch them,
let's see where he shoots. Where are you shooting, dog? Look at this guy, look,
he's shooting at the ground. I mean, if the idea of gaming is to make you feel like
an unstoppable bad-ass, this is going to do the trick for ya. It's like I might as well be Darth Vader fighting like Ewoks, like an army of Ewoks, like
Jar Jar Binks sized Ewoks. (laughing in background) Or you Ewok-sized Jar Jar
Binks', what would be worse? (laughing) I'm impressed, the display
looks freaking great, they boast, what is that? 110% coverage of DCI-P3 or
something like that, 111. Pretty darn impressive. The sound is great, HDR 10 plus. If you're into gaming, hey, this is looking pretty compelling. Man, that middle part really is toasty, like this thing is
freaking, it's going, man. Oh, I just realized I never actually finished doing the unboxing.

It comes with two USB C-to-C cables. What else we got here? The thing is freaking heavy. Hold on a second, do you have to plug
both freaking cables in to get the max output? Are you kidding me? Am I understanding this correctly? Okay, what else we got? Stylish outside. Oh God, yeah, that's not
what I would describe as stylish outside. Everything else about this
has been great so far, Look at that, Type-C to headphone jack, how hard was that, Apple? Really hard apparently, SIM. Oh, I didn't even mention
it has dual SIM slots. So we've got a SIM removal tool and that's it for the accessory package. Man, this really puts the brick
in power brick, this thing. This is a really cool device,
now that gaming phones have been through their
first couple of, sort of, yeah, does this really need to exist? If it does, not really in
this form kind of iterations. (sighing) It's getting to the point where like, honestly, if most of
what you did was game on, you know, a mobile device
like an Android device.

There's a lot of gaming
to be done on this, and the price doesn't
even seem that outlandish compared to another mobile
gaming console, like, I mean, well, really
there's only the Switch, and Switch Lite, Switch Lite, Switch Lite. – [David] The Vita's still alive. – The Vita is not still alive, David. – [David] It's still alive – But this channel is still alive, so make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss more
videos here on Short Circuit..

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Asus ROG Phone 2 Teardown! – Is the rear vent Fake?

today we're taking apart the ROG phone to probably one of the most feature-rich smart phones of 2019 we're gonna look underneath that crazy metal protrusion on the back panel and see if it actually does anything besides just look cool and we'll see how the glowy LED lights on the back panel work should be pretty interesting this video is sponsored by Toro let's get started so last year when I took apart the ROG won this metal contraption felt more like decoration than anything else this year my razor blade can slide underneath the growth so we know that it's not a built-in part of the frame but it's also still connected underneath the back glass so I'll have to break out my trusted heat gun to remove the glass before getting to the metal chunk the adhesive holding down the rear glass panel with its colorful accent lines and can be warmed up and cut away with my suction cup and razor blade working my way around the hard angles of the metal vent is fairly complicated glued shut phones are never the easiest to take apart finally though with enough heat and persuasion we can rotate the back cover off revealing an absolutely massive internal battery and a self lit LED reflective back panel the lights inside the ROG 2 aren't deflected from separate LEDs the LEDs are actually built into the reflector itself much better design than last year's ROG one that had the LEDs off to the side shooting into a white piece of plastic this new method is much more efficient and more secure and since it has its own cold contact pads these can basically be added anywhere inside the back panel on future foams and can just shine through wherever the glass is clear so let's cross our fingers for even more lights in the future it's nice to see that the RGB lighting on gaming smartphones is improving a soos is really shaking things up speaking of brands that are shaking things up huge thanks to Toro for sponsoring this video Toro is a car sharing service that has vehicles in more than 5,000 cities across the u.s.

Canada Germany and the UK it's just like renting a car but way easier and the price on average is usually 30% less than a normal car rental service there are some pretty nice cars on here as well Toro has 24/7 customer support and roadside assistance and you also have access to insurance through the Turo insurance agency personally I'm eyeing these Tesla's that I can rent all day for super cheap Turo can be accessed via the web or by downloading the app for iPhone or Android use the link in the description along with the discount code our IG 15 for $15 off your first trip if you need a truck to move something or just want to try out a Tesla for the first time or maybe just need a cheap car to get around while you're traveling Turo is pretty simple and you can even rent out your own vehicle to make some extra cash I'll leave the link in the description if you want to learn more and get that $15 off and thanks the turo for sponsoring this video to get deeper inside the ROG phone – we got to remove the ink screws holding on the bottom plastics and the five screws holding down the top plastics you would think at this point when those screws are off that the back panel could come away from the phone but MIT turns out there are two more screws hidden underneath the metal vent and since the glass is now off I can slice underneath that metal vent and remove it from the frame this guy is its own little unit stuck to the phone with adhesive and it is hollow inside the underside of the hump is made from plastic with only a very thin outer metal shell about as thick as a pop cam the metal hump itself definitely does not provide any active thermal cooling the tiny copper grille however does have a direct opening to inside the phone which from a water resistance perspective is a nightmare but once again there is no direct contact with anything on the motherboard the tiny vent just allows passive heat dissipation for any heat that happens to radiate through the air off the motherboard itself let's just say this thing looks more impressive from the outside than the inside at least this time around we'll see if there's any more copper cooling on the underside of the motherboard in just a second let's go deeper the massive battery is plugged into the center of the motherboard all unsnap that like a little Lego and then I'll make my way down to the three small ribbon cables at the bottom of the motherboard this phone does not have any wireless charging or water resistance which might be deal-breakers to some but it does have a headphone jack which are getting pretty rare these days this tiny little daughter board also comes soldered together with the lower vibration motor there are two vibrators in this phone we'll find the other one in just a second I'll remove the dual SIM card tray and then lucky for us a juice is added a magical pull tab underneath the battery it's a narrow little guy and eerily silent compared to Apple's pull tab but it gets the job done in a safe manner and doesn't bring there is a bit of gentle adhesive on the far side of the battery but nothing that's super dangerous this is a six thousand milliamp power left the in polymer battery pack which is the largest we've seen inside of a cell phone all year and check out what's underneath the battery a solid wall of copper now we're talking this is where the real cooling happens this is an under screened vapor chamber we've run into a few of these in the past we'll have to pull it out to see how big it really is in just a second first I'll remove the rubber plug out of the side dual USBC accessory and display ports and unclip the dual rear facing camera and pull it away from the phone it's got a 48 megapixel main sensor on the left and a 13 megapixel wide-angle camera on the right neither of which are advertising optical image stabilization the front 24 megapixel camera also does not have oh is but does come with a gray rubber ring around the lens kind of random I can finally pull the motherboard now from inside the phone frame it's got a long thin design that basically wraps around the whole phone the design of the ROG 2 seems like things were added kind of at random it's not quite as organized as other flagships we've been inside it does have thermal paste between the processor and the massive internal heatsink little copper square that touches the processor is located up near the top small circle vibrator I imagine there are two vibrators inside to give better haptic feedback on either side of the phone wall gaming just like we would see inside of a normal video game controller the top and bottom stereo speakers are also a bit different the top speaker is much smaller and the bottom speaker doesn't appear to have any balls inside like we saw inside the galaxy full the under screen fingerprint scanner is also down here at the bottom of the phone near the loudspeaker it's a little camera that shines up through the thin AMOLED screen to read your fingerprint now normally we do try to keep these phones in working condition I like putting them back together but this particular design puts the copper vapor chamber between the frame of the phone and the screen because that AMOLED panel is so thin the ROG 2 uses that to its advantage to allow heat to escape out the front of the phone which is pretty smart except that the only way for us to see it is by removing the screen and removing the screen breaks the screen screen removals are usually only performed when the screen is already broken the ROG phone 2 has a large 6.6 inch 1080p display but the thing that makes it special is the 120 Hertz refresh rate it shows images twice as fast as normal phones do and yeah cracking a 120 Hertz displayed hurts me a little bit on the inside but at least now we get to see what we came here for look at the size of this copper layer we might have a new vapor chamber world champ right here this looks larger than even the razor phone to vapor chamber normally vapor chambers have you know vapor inside the vapor wings along the little copper capillaries to keep things cool and usually this paper is visible when we slice it open at least for a second but in my particular ROG phone – no vapor is visible inside it's bone-dry in here but even without liquid it's still a substantially large heat sink and copper does a good job of dissipating heat all on its own I think it was definitely worth taking off the screen even if the phone didn't quite survive on paper the ROG phone – is one of the best phones of 2019 with its impressive screen and large battery but with that open rear ventilation system that's more for looks than anything else it's also very much the least water-resistant phone we've seen in a very long time would that major lack of water resistance and a phone this powerful make you nervous let me know down in the comments don't forget to check out Turo next time you need to borrow a car you can use that rig 15 code to get $15 off come hang out with me on Instagram and Twitter and thanks ton for watching I'll see you around

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The Best Gaming Phone Is…

– Hey, guys, this is Austin. Between the ROG Phone
and the Razer Phone 2, 2018 is shaping up to be an awesome year for gaming smartphones. So with both of them on
the desk at the same time, why, I think a good old-fashioned
comparison is in order. First up we have the Razer Phone 2. Now, a couple weeks ago, we were able to get our hands on this, but it was a very brief hands-on, whereas this, this is going to be a little bit more of an in-depth feature comparison
review gaming benchmark. Are there other words
I can put in the title? Do you see how shiny this glass is? It'll never be this shiny again the second I put my
dirty fingerprints on it. Not only do we have a fast
charger included in the box, something that a certain
fruit-themed company might want to take note on, but we also have a series
of cables and dongles. But what's actually kind of interesting about the Razer Phone is that we have a USB-C headphone adapter. Now this might not sound impressive. In fact, it's included on most phones that don't have a headphone jack, which is basically
everything at this point.

But this actually does
support full hi-fi audio and supposedly has a
pretty good DAC inside. Next up we have the ROG Phone, and I actually don't
know to open this box. (Velcro crackling) Oh, wow, okay, that's,
all right, that's a box. All right. (chuckling) First up, we have the phone itself. So the ROG Phone's kind of unique in that not only does it have a USB-C and a headphone jack on the bottom, but it has two more USB-Cs on the side which are meant for accessories. So the last time I tried the ROG Phone, it was still a fairly early prototype, and I've gotta say, immediately,
this feels really nice.

We do have that, actually, is that aluminum? That's gotta be aluminum. It's incredibly heavy, though, wow. It really feels nice, and it's got such a heft in the hand, and unlike the Razer Phone, which is basically a
giant squared-off brick, this is much more rounded and a little bit more of
a hand-friendly shape. Something unique about the ROG Phone is that unlike basically every
other gaming phone out there, there's a wide range of accessories that are either included in
the box such as this fan, or other things that'll
be available for purchase.

You know what I feel like right now? I feel like ROG is trying to make the ultimate ROG Phone, right? Like, when we do Building the Ultimate, we try to find the ridiculous
and crazy accessories, but they're just selling
all of the accessories. You could literally
get everything you need to build the ultimate ROG
Phone straight from the store. Not only does it have the RGB, but it also has a fan,
USB-C, headphone jack, all that stuff, which is
rearranged to the bottom. This is cool. I really appreciate that
they put this in the box. I don't want to get too
into the dock right now, but the idea is that when
you're using the phone in landscape mode, your hand
is naturally covering up not only the headphone
jack but also the USB-C, so in addition to be able to
get a little bit of cooling, you also have those ports
on the bottom of the phone so you can easily plug it
in, plug your headphones in, and you won't get in
the way of your hands. (box thumping) Wait, what'd you, what are you doing? A Black Shark? Wait, are you trying to add another phone to the comparison in
the middle of the video? "You're Gamer, Let's Shark!" Oh boy, this looks exciting.

What's the deal with this? Oh. Oh, this is not the
original Black Shark at all. Okay, this is an unprecedented move in that there's a brand-new
unreleased smartphone on my desk and I literally
don't know anything about it, except that it looks kind of cool! That's something to know about it, right? So it's got a kind of combination
of aluminum on the sides but it still does have
that glass back panel, and I'm assuming that looks
kind of like an RGB logo? Oh, wow, that's quite the gamer skin, and, oh yeah, we do have
a RGB logo on the back. I like how we have this great comparison: look, it's the ROG Phone
versus the Razer Phone. It all makes sense. And now, I'm like, wait a minute, there's this totally new phone
that I have no idea about. I have to figure it out on the fly.

This is cool, though. I guess they've definitely
upped the RGB game. I mean, that's a look right there. So it looks like you
can individually change not only the logo color, but also the little Shark
Mode thing on the side. "By pressing the Shark button, "your phone will become a game console." What, a game console? In a smartphone? That's crazy! So after spending some
time with the Black Shark, a few things come to mind. First of all and probably the
most important for the video is that this is not a final phone and it's certainly not final software. There's definitely some tweaks that are going to need to go
on before this is released. And also, a lot of the
benchmarks and stuff don't even work yet, so
we're gonna take some of this with a grain of salt. There's also the controller, which actually doesn't
attach to the phone.

It attaches to the case
that comes with the phone, so it's maybe not the most
elegant way of doing it, but it's sort of like you
would expect with a Joy-Con. The only problem is that the controller only works wirelessly, so even though you can slide
it on, something like this, it actually doesn't attach with any kind of wires or whatever, so you still need to separately charge not only the controller
but the phone itself. The big problem is that this
is a Chinese market phone, which means that here
in the United States, well, it doesn't have
the Google Play store, or any kind of Google apps at all. Now there will be a global
version of this phone, and hopefully that will include, you know, the fundamental apps that you
would expect like YouTube, but for now, it's kind of
hard to get apps on this, unless of course you wanna play a little bit of Fortnite by chance.

All three phones have the very familiar Snapdragon 845 inside. So the ROG is slightly clocked higher, but the main difference between the three is that the Black Shark has an optional 10 gigabyte of RAM option, whereas the others only top out at a measly eight gigs of memory. Coincidentally, they all
have the exact same size 4,000-milliamp hour battery, which is a good thing for gaming, but from here, the
differences start to stand out just a little bit more. The first big difference is with displays. The Black Shark has a
perfectly respectable six-inch 2160x1080p panel. It's good but nothing spectacular, especially when you compare it to both the ROG Phone as
well as the Razer Phone. Move over to the ROG Phone, and while it does have that same size as well as resolution of the Black Shark, it is an OLED panel
running at a full 90 Hertz.

Now as far as I know,
this is the first time that any phone has hit 90
Hertz with an OLED panel. The Razer Phone has a slightly
smaller 5.7-inch display, but it is a much higher
resolution at 2560×1440, and importantly, it runs at a whopping 120 hurt refresh rate. Hertz, not hurt. It doesn't hurt to refresh,
it Hertz to refresh.

The only real downside is that
this is a very wide phone, specifically when you put it side by side with the Black Shark and the ROG. It's just not quite as
comfortable to hold, but that screen is really
well-optimized for video. Let's talk about these
screens for a second. The ROG Phone has a very
accurate OLED panel, and even though it's not the most well-calibrated thing in the world, it looks nice to the eye. The Razer Phone thankfully
is much, much brighter than the original version
of the Razer Phone. Again, it's not quite 100% there, but it is a lot better than
the previous generation.

And the Black Shark looks nice, but again, it's not quite final, so it's hard to run
any kind of real tests. It looks goods, but I really
feel like the winner here is the ROG just purely based on the looks. Where these phones really shine is with the higher refresh rate, so it's really hard to show on video, but even the 90 Hertz of the ROG Phone really does make a big
difference in small things like scrolling through a
webpage or moving between menus.

It really does seem a lot more fluid, and that definitely does
apply to the Razer Phone. Now, to my eye, I
actually can't really see a major difference between
90 Hertz and 120 Hertz. Theoretically, this is
a little bit smoother, and I will say it looks
maybe a little bit sharper when you're moving between things, but realistically, both these phones are a big step up over the Black Shark, or, well, every other 60
Hertz phone out there, which is basically all of them.

All three have dual front-firing speakers, but there's a clear winner as
far as which one sounds best. – 780-998-9551 Hey, guys, this is Austin. The Microsoft Surface line
has been growing a lot lately, with everything from a desktop all-in-one with the Surface Studio all the way down to the
cheap and tiny Surface Go, there's a lot to like. – I guess the ROG Phone
wins by default here. That's not what I was expecting. So the problem with the Razer Phone is at least with my specific unit, even though it is very
loud and very clear, there's definitely a
little bit of distortion on the very high volume. Something the ROG Phone
definitely does right are the extra features and accessories that come along with it. One of the main ones
is the squeeze feature. This is somewhat to what
you'll find on the Pixel where if I squeeze it, what
happens is it turns into ROG Gaming X Mode. The thing with X Mode is you
actually can customize it to do whatever you want, but I just like going X Mode, not X Mode.

X Mode! It's just kind of fun to do. But it's not only just for show, so if you flip the ROG Phone over, on the top are the AirTriggers. This essentially adds physical controls to the top of the phone, giving it a little bit more
of a controller kind of feel. The way it works is that each of them can be mapped to a specific
button on the screen. The way it works is that
inside the X Mode software, you can adjust the actual
touchpoint of where you want it, so for example, my right trigger is the actual trigger in the game, and my left is to go on to the sights.

You can do it however you
want, but the thing is, this is a really, really nice addition to give you a little bit
more of a physical control on a phone without having to carry around, like, you know, a
controller, or accessories. One downside to the ROG Phone is that this is one of the hottest devices that I've ever tested. Now it doesn't get uncomfortably warm, but after a few minutes of gaming, it does get a little bit toasty, which is where the included fan comes in. So what you do is snap
this on to the USB-C ports on the bottom of the phone. As soon as you clamp it on, not only will the RGB logo light up, but it will start a pretty easy little fan which will cool the back of the phone. Now in testing this doesn't make a massive difference to performance. What it does do is cool
off the back of the phone to make it a lot nicer
for when you're, you know, doing extended Fortnite gaming sessions and not sweating your fingers up.

Can you sweat your fingers up? Is that, I can't say
that, can I, that's weird. So what's the best gaming phone of 2018? Well, I really like a lot
of what Razer has done with the Razer Phone 2. I gotta give it to the ROG Phone. Not only does it have great
performance, it looks nice. It's got a lot of really cool features, but really, what kind of sells this to me over everything else is this
is the first gaming phone that's not only good at gaming, but it's also good at being a phone, and that, that kind of means a lot.

(electronic static) (screen humming) (deep breath) Hey, guys, this is– (electronic music).

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