Unfolding the first trifold phone

(instrumental music) – Folding phones are boring. Look we've had the first
wave of foldable devices and they're neat, but you've
seen all that already. This is about what comes next after the current generation of foldables. Sling like the tri-fold from TCL, a wild new concept, folding
tablet, phone thing. (techno-music) Unlike most foldables the
tri-fold has two hinges, which lets it fold up into thirds . You can use it as a phone, you can unfold it once
to use as a bigger screen or fold the unfolded
into a full size tablet. It's not a half way compromise
like some of the other foldables that we've seen which basically turn into just slightly
wider phone displays.

This is a full blown tablet. It's nearly as big as an iPad, but you can still fit it in your pocket. The screen folds from a 10 inch tablet down to 6.65 inch phone. You could also open it two-thirds the way and ya know prop that up it'll auto rotate so you can use in whatever
orientation you want. There's a lot of weird use cases that you could probably use this for. The screen on this one is a 3k panel, but again that's just this prototype.

We have no idea if the finished
version will have that, but the tri-fold shows just
how hard it's gonna be to turn these ideas into reality. I've gotten to play around
with the prototype for a bit and it's really rough to use right now. It is incredibly heavy for a phone. It's got those big metal hinges
and there are three separate batteries to power all those displays, it's basically three phones.

And even though it's really
thin as a tablet the phone mode is super thick and that's
before your worrying about things like the software, which is basically non-existent. Durability which is a huge question or price which who even knows. (techno music) But looking even further into the future. TCL also had a very early
mock up of a rollable phone. This is really cool idea
that's a phone that has a fully flexible display that
slides around the side and behind the phone. And it could roll back out
and become a larger display when you need more space. The way it will, in theory, work is that there's gonna be motors
on the inside of the phone and you'll press a button
and it'll expand out from a 6.75 inch display
to a 7.8 inch screen.

Now that doesn't sound like a
lot, but your actually getting almost double the screen space
it's almost twice as wide. The whole system is actually
pretty similar to the rollable Oled TV that LG's been
showing off for years. Now again this is a really early concept, it's not even a functional
device, just plastic and a screen that's literally
just a sheet of paper.

Is this a good idea? Who knows. It does avoid some of the
issues of current foldables, like those easily breakable hinges and the creased display which is cool. But it's almost guaranteed
to have issues of its own. Moving parts they're tricky. Now the tri-fold is
just a proof of concept and the plastic sliding one even more so. You won't actually be able to
buy either of these devices and it's not clear if TCL's
actually gonna make products based on these concepts in the future.

So why should you care. Well, first of all, because it's cool. I mean look at this thing
it's a phone that unfolds into a giant full size tablet. And it actually turns on and runs android, it's like a science fiction prop. But it's also important,
because TCL is planning on eventually making
foldable and rollable phones that might actually look like these. Possibly as early as next year. The company says that it's
experimenting with dozens of different form factors right now.

So it's possible that phones like these, could be real one day. Look phones have basically been the same for the last decade. Black boxes with touch screens. Devices like the tri-fold
or that sliding concept, even if they're not here yet, show off what the future phones might one day look like. And that's really exciting idea. Thanks so much for watching. If you want to see more videos
about cool phones check out our Galaxy S20 ultra review. You can actually buy that one.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review: Tablet Killer

sometime in 2009 a few samsung executives developed a taste for a particular red wine blend from the terlato family vineyards in california's napa valley this was a blend of syrah merlot and cabernet sauvignon priced at 95 a bottle and bearing the label galaxy yep it was this very wine according to jeffrey kane in his book samsung rising that inspired the brand name that has since adorned over 2 billion smartphones worldwide but it's easy to forget that that first galaxy s wasn't quite the smashing success that samsung sought ask any phone nerd who was track and tech at the time and they'll tell you it wasn't until 2011's galaxy s2 that the brand started to gain traction that trend would continue with the galaxy note the first one mercilessly mocked its sequel universally lauded maybe you see where i'm going with this no matter how many videos i make telling you that the first galaxy fold is less fragile and more capable than you might think you know the sad fact is that no product could ever fully recover from a launch as disastrous as that one but the galaxy fold 2 isn't just a fix for a first gen faux pas it's a quantum leap in quality and capability that will change the way you use your phone and make you think twice about ever buying a tablet again okay we need to start with price because of course we do asking people in 2020 of all years to pay 2 000 for a smartphone is ludicrous you could buy an ipad air and a galaxy s20 fan edition and still have a thousand bucks left over for you know rent now samsung could have taken the edge off by bundling accessories like a galaxy watch or buds live but it didn't so i'm not gonna try to justify the expense because frankly i can't that being said i can at least understand the price point i mean it's not like 2012 when two thousand dollars would buy you pointless flexes like a rhinestone-wrapped vertu or a porsche designed blackberry spending that same money on the fold 2 gets you a top shelf smartphone that transforms on demand into a very capable tablet i'm not going to go over all the benefits of the form factor again i'll point you to my into the fold series if you'd like to learn more about how a pocketable tablet has served me through 2020.

From the day i bought that first galaxy fold on new year's eve it's right there it's 400 feet away so why do i have such apprehension about walking in why am i doing this i don't i'm doing it because i want to be a part of the conversation am i doing it because i want a gadget that i was taken away from me am i doing it because it's a useful tool am i doing it because it's easier than working you already came this far sunk cost fallacy great decision made through that final month of constant travel followed by a hospital stave sheltering in place and the tentative cautious reopening that followed through all the chaos of 2020 i always found the fold useful despite its compromises compromises the z-fold 2 has substantially reduced everything here carries the satisfying refinement you'd expect from a second generation product the fast fingerprint sensor has been merged with the power button the earpiece grille is so tiny i had to break out my best lens even to show it to you but you'd never know it based on how good it sounds on phone calls you know the folding phone your mother and by replacing last year's compact cover display with a properly sized panel samsung has promoted it from afterthought to fully fledged phone while part of me does miss how oddly narrow the first fold felt it's nice to be able to use the fold too like a more typical android device and importantly it isn't so wide as to be difficult to use with one hand in fact the only app that's given me scaling trouble out here is instagram but that's par for the course since instagram seems to only want to exist on an iphone let's talk about this new main display the z-fold 2 inflates the primary panel to 7.6 inches over seven diagonal millimeters larger than fold one and it feels larger even than that thanks to the deleted notch and narrower radius corners compared to last year's model the hole punch selfie shooter you get in exchange is kind of goofy looking but the trade-off is still a good one in my view and by leaning into that larger footprint samsung makes everything just a little easier from flex mode typing to new tv discoveries it's perfect for reliving ye olden days of the pc with windows simulator or reliving famous naval battles in my gaming go to world of warships i love what's possible when a manufacturer decides it doesn't need to build the thinnest or lightest phone even when i go full bore on world of warships settings with max resolution at frame rate that snapdragon 865 plus will just crank away with no complaints at the same time the side firing speakers have big enough chambers that they can kick out full rich and loud sounds just keep an eye on how many games you download 256 gigs isn't paltry but it is only half the storage the first fold offered samsung tries to explain this by saying its customer data indicated that people weren't really using the folds full 512 and also that the inclusion of 5g somehow makes the cloud more accessible so you don't need as much storage but you know in my view that's nonsense at this juncture 5g doesn't provide a meaningful enough benefit to enough people to justify this corner cutting and i feel the same way about this that i do about the lack of complimentary accessories when you're spending used car money on a phone any compromise feels like a kick in the face inside baseball moment i was planning on seguing here into the other notable compromise the camera but there's still so much to say about this device i'll try to keep it quick battery full day full stop i usually drop it on my wireless charger after 16 hours and it's got a little less than half left but keep in mind that's without the kind of heavy use that comes with traveling all the time on one of his real world tests my buddy david cogan demonstrated basically a full day in his case so your mileage will vary software i personally don't like samsung's custom interface too much so i'm using nova launcher it's a little hanky with animations but it gives me much more freedom with regard to icon packs and layout oh and as with the previous fold i expect android updates to take longer to come to this one than most phones frustrating if perhaps unavoidable speed bump display yeah we're not done talking about the screen it gets more than bright enough when you need it and dims down to almost nothing when you need to not wake your partner while reading calvin and hobbes on kindle in bed the 120 hertz adaptive refresh rate makes the thing incredibly silky and in fact you can amplify if you're brave enough to remove the rubbery fingerprinty screen protector and that takes us to durability i've spent 10 months carrying foldables as daily drivers and they're not as fragile as you might think but they're also very expensive so cheap and greasy as it feels i'll be leaving that screen protector on for a while to protect it from my fingernails if nothing else and i'd actually be more worried about the glass outer casing were it not for this skin from channel sponsor dbrand you're tired of hearing it but i'm not tired of telling it a matrix style skin saved my first fold from certain shatterage on the corner of my coffee table and the texture and look at lens to my fold too only sweetens the deal de-brand your device at the link in the description finally i promised you a camera classification the bad news first due to its release schedule the fold usually sports hardware that's a half generation behind samsung's most recent flagship which means the fold does lack the high resolution and ultra zoom capabilities of the note 20 ultra i do miss that zoom the good news this trio of 12 megapixel cameras is good enough that most of the time you won't care gone is the cartoonish over saturation of the first fold replaced by balanced mature color processing and a night mode that's surprisingly effective remember the fold 2 can serve as its own tripod thanks to flex mode so long exposures like this 20 second capture are no problem and just look at this a star field a properly exposed subject and a lit house interior whose highlights haven't been blown out i did not expect that from a folding phone and being able to preview the main camera on the outer display opens up new possibilities for higher quality selfies again you shouldn't expect miracles using the ultra wide and low light is not a good idea if you've got pets or fast toddlers or whatever the shutter speed isn't the greatest and these dedicated selfie cameras aren't going to win any awards but if you have those specific needs there are other phones out there for you if your main priority is a folding phone that happens to have serviceable sometimes good sometimes even very good cameras yeah that's the fold too folks i've talked enough about foldables this year that i probably don't have to remind you that the benefits of a pocketable tablet to me have always been many foldables are the true realization of the old ultra mobile pc concept that fizzled because the technology of the mid-aughts just wasn't there yet but even i never would have expected execution this excellent after only two generations i stand by what i said at the top two grand is too much for most people right now and even though you don't have to baby this thing the fact that it's fragile enough to make you feel like you should yeah that's a challenge that needs to be solved but you know so often in mobile tech it feels like we're forced to choose between a futuristic gadget that's fun and one that actually helps us get work done and the galaxy z4 device that accomplishes both more than a decade after samsung decided to name an entire mobile portfolio after a wine brand because it had a premium ring to it i'm raising a glass of that galaxy to this galaxy one that redefines what premium means by reimagining what's possible with a smartphone this review is based on a production-built galaxy z-fold 2 purchased by mr mobile and running retail software with additional footage from a samsung provided review unit that has since been returned as always the manufacturer didn't provide any compensation for this coverage nor was it given any copy approval or early preview of same samsung is seeing this for the first time right alongside you folks i'm going to keep carrying this device probably for the next year so please subscribe to the mr mobile on youtube if you'd like to see my continuing coverage on into the fold and if you'd like to see more videos like this on youtube until next time thanks for watching and if you can't stay home remember to stay safe and mask up while you stay mobile my friends stellar it is good it is pretty all right it's a little tan heavy for me personally not not quite as galactic as i expected but it's good

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