6 Android Tips and Tricks for Android Phones – 2 Minute Quick Tip

hey what's up guys if you've got two minutes then I've got six tips to help you customize your new droid so why wait let's get to it hey guys Enon here from you droid mania and first up we have icon management from the Play Store menu tap Settings and under general uncheck add icons to homescreen keeping your inbox clean no longer has to be a chore you can set up your email to use swipe for delete by clicking on the menu button settings then general settings under archive and delete actions make sure that show delete only is selected next choose swipe to delete in conversation list then when you're in your inbox you can now swipe unwanted emails to the left or right to delete them now we all love taking photos on our phone so make sure that you get your unlimited photo storage from the photo app click on the menu button and then choose settings next tap auto backup and then photo size choosing full size you're limited to 10 gigs however choosing standard size you get unlimited photo storage in the cloud now you can help protect your phone from lost or theft to do so tap on Google settings then Android device manager remotely locate this device is on by default so you only need to allow remote lock and erasing of your phone read over the details and then click activate it's that simple now we know in most cases you can't remove the carrier bloat from your phones but you can at least hide it now I'm running Nova Launcher here and for those of you that aren't familiar with launchers hit me up in the comments below if you'd like to see a video on that type of content so to hide the bloatware simply long press on the app you'd like to hide and drag it up to edit then uncheck the box where the app folder and click the check mark it's that simple again this doesn't delete the app but at least now you don't have to look at it for my final tip today don't forget to head over to the Play Store download and install your favorite apps if you guys are interested in what I have on my phone hit me up in the comments below or thumbs up this video so I know that you're interested in that type of content alright guys so there you have it have fun customizing your droid hit me up in the comments below and let me know if you'll be using any of these six tips if you've enjoyed this video don't forget to subscribe to my channel thumbs up and I'll see you in the next one thanks for watching

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