How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S II (Epic 4G)

hey guys Kevin here from kg my net I got the Samsung Galaxy s2 from Sprint here it's a really sweet phone just want to show you real quick how to do a factory reset without going through the OS you might need to do this if you you know you set a lock code on your on your phone and you forget what it is so you can't get in or something like that so we'll get started here first we're going to go ahead and shut it down shut the phone down and get that started all right and I'm also going to pull the SD card it shouldn't really be necessary you shouldn't lose any data but I'm reckon thing take any chances so I've backed up my contacts and so up so on the SD card I'm just open the back and one nice thing about the galaxy s2 here is that the SD card is easily accessible without taking the battery out my previous phone an Evo required you to take the battery and everything out so it was kind of annoying in that way just pop out the SD card to set it aside and ready to go so now what we're going to do is hold the volume up and the power buttons hold them both down simultaneously and continue holding them until the logo appears when the logo appears then I'll let off with the power button and continue to hold the power of the volume up button so here we go both the volume up in the power are pressed there's the galaxy logo release the power button and now we're coming up to the Android recovery menu and I'm going to arrow down to wipe data/factory reset' and i'll touch the home button to select that and then i'll roll down to yes and delete all user data and touch the home button again and there goes so I'm going to take just a couple of seconds here to go through everything wipe it clean and we are at a fresh fresh phone now we just need to reboot it and it'll be just like it was out of the box now we'll take a little bit of extra time to boot up tix has to go through its you know first time in this initialization whatever that entails but just give it a couple of minutes here and see what we get that sequence once again was holding down the power button and the volume up button simultaneously until you see the galaxy logo and at that time you'd let go of the power button continue holding the volume button and that'll get you to the Android recovery recovery menu while we're waiting I guess I can go and put the SD card back in you don't have to power off it can be inserted or removed hot wild phones running and put the cover back on okay there we are just like came on the box it's scanning the SD card we're good to go so if you have any further questions I'd love to make some more videos on this phone it's like I said I'm really enjoying this phone but just if you have questions just post them here or on my website Android cagey money net and we'll we'll see you that

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