Run your mobile phone at best 1 – Know your mobile – Class 14 (Urdu/ हिन्दी) *English Subtitle*

Greetings! I'm Khudai Nazar Faisal In, to understand and to use properly mobile and computer 14th class, welcoming you. Today, we will continue previous class and will learn more tips to use mobile optimally. So, let's begin. If you have missed any previous class, you can check the complete list from the above link, on this video. Today's first tip: The memory card you use in your mobile phone keep it permanent the same card what you had inserted in it for the first time And, try to avoid changing SD card again and again By changing SD card again and again you can damage the SIM try you can damage card reader inside the mobile if SD card is set on permanent use in mobile apps can having issues in running And to download the data from computer or other device better to use the cable or Wifi To share data easily, among the devices we will discuss in coming classes Today's second tip: As I told you in previous classes that internal memory should be free at least 20 percent By seeing that if you have Marshmellow or afterwards operating system in your mobile it has a new feature, Adoptable Storage where you can use SD card as an internal memory with condition, you don't remove that memory card from mobile If you remove the memory card and try to take out data from it directly you won't be able to do so Because, Adoptable Storage Option encrypt the SD card mix up the data or change the shape of it Only that mobile can read the data of SD card which has encrypted it If the encryption is App based the same App can read it Keep that in mind as well, Adoptable Storage Option is not available in some brand mobile phones.

Even though, they have Marsh Mellow or later operating system running on. When we insert SD card in Marsh Mellow or later operating system, and tap on Setup SD card, in Notification Panel; it asks you, you want to use this memory card as phone storage? or portable storage? If you want to use it as normal memory card, choose portable. Otherwise, phone storage option is better to increase the internal memory size. Means, if you have memory problem again and again, internal memory space, it will be solved by it. When you tap phone storage button, this option will format all data inside SD card. And it will encrypt the SD card. After that, phone will use SD card as an internal memory. If you want to use this option, it is advisable, use the maximum storage SD card; supported by your mobile phone. You can check your mobile configuration, it's hardware and software detail, to know; how big card it can support, you can visit GSMarea website, link is there in the description below.

Keep that in mind too comparing to internal memory memory card data transfer rate is a bit slow. Memory card response is a bit slower. To save games or heavy apps keeping them in internal memory is much better. In other words if you are playing games with this adoptable storage option if you feel lagging in the game or you feel shocks in running games then use memory card as portable storage. Keep noted, every game has different hardware requirements. Adoptable Storage Option alone is not responsible for lagging. Today's third tip: If you have problem in running any application for example, you can't load the application data is not correctly displayed in the app or any other problem, you're facing in app go to your mobile settings go to apps go to desired application go to storage. You will see 2 buttons here one is Clear Cache and second is Clear Data. First, we will talk about Cache. All applications, to run properly create some temporary and necessary files and depend on them for their running.

For example, you're visiting a website for first time through a web browser the browser will save all the data in that website in temporary files in your mobile. It is called Cache. When you visit second time that website then your browser, from that website will download only the data which is updated means which has been changed after your first visit and the elements like pictures, audio and other things; which are not changed browser will load that data from your cache.

As a result website will take less time in loading and your data will be less used. Sometimes, we have problem in the cache then application has problem in running or gives us wrong output pressing Clear Cache will solve our these problems If your problem still persists second button is Clear Data by using this button whatever personal information you had given to this app will be cleared. For example, your use name password or your personal preference for this specific application and if they are saved locally. 4th Tip; which is hidden in 3rd tip basically When applications run, it get bigger by time means, their cache size is getting bigger If you have followed all the previous tips to increase the space in internal memory or you can't do few of them then clearing all caches one by one you can make a lot of space in internal memory and specially, clear that caches first which applications you use most.

what do you think about the class? if you have any question? ask in the comment for mobile optimal performance we will learn more in next classes if you have loved today's class do like my this video to watch next class subscribe to my channel by clicking my this picture and press the bell icon see you in next class good bye.

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Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TEDxTysons

Translator: Peter van de Ven
Reviewer: Denise RQ You probably don't realize that right now, you're actually
looking at something quite rare. Because I am a millennial
computer scientist book author standing on a TEDx stage, and yet, I've never had
a social media account. How this happened
was actually somewhat random. Social media first came onto my radar
when I was at college, my sophomore year of college, this is when Facebook
arrived at our campus. And at the time, which was
right after the first dotcom bust, I had had a dorm room business,
I'd had to shut it down in the bust, and then, suddenly, this other kid
from Harvard, named Mark, had this product called Facebook
and people being excited about it. So in sort of a fit of somewhat
immature professional jealousy, I said, "I'm not going to use this thing. I won't help this kid's business;
whatever's going to amount to." As I go along my life,
I look up not long later, and I see everyone I know
is hooked on this thing.

And from the clarity you can get when you have some objectivity,
some perspective on it, I realized this seems
a little bit dangerous. So I never signed up. I've never had
a social media account since. So I'm here for two reasons;
I want to deliver two messages. The first message I want to deliver is that even though I've never had
a social media account, I'm OK, you don't have to worry. It turns out I still have friends, I still know what's going on in the world; as a computer scientist I still collaborate with people
all around the world, I'm still regularly exposed
serendipitously to interesting ideas, and I rarely describe myself
as lacking entertainment options. So I've been OK,
but I'd go even farther and say not only I am OK without social media
but I think I'm actually better off. I think I'm happier, I think I find
more sustainability in my life, and I think I've been
more successful professionally because I don't use social media. So my second goal here on stage is try to convince more of you
to believe the same thing.

Let's see if I could actually
convince more of you that you too would be better off
if you quit social media. So, if the theme of this TEDx event
is "Future Tense," I guess, in other words,
this would be my vision of the future, would be one in which fewer people
actually use social media. That's a big claim,
I think I need to back it up. So I thought, what I would do is take the three most
common objections I hear when I suggest to people
that they quit social media, and then for each of these objections,
I'll try to defuse the hype and see if I can actually
push in some more reality.

This is the first
most common objection I hear. That's not a hermit, that's actually a hipster web developer
down from 8th Street; I'm not sure. Hipster or hermit?
Sometimes it's hard to tell. This first objection goes as follows, "Cal, social media is one
of the fundamental technologies of the 21st century. To reject social media would be
an act of extreme [bloodism]. It would be like riding to work
on a horse or using a rotary phone. I can't take
such a big stance in my life." My reaction to that objection
is I think that is nonsense. Social media is not
a fundamental technology. It leverages
some fundamental technologies, but it's better understood as this. Which is to say,
it's a source of entertainment, it's an entertainment product.

The way that technologist
Jaron Lanier puts it is that these companies
offer you shiny treats in exchange for minutes of your attention
and bites of your personal data, which can then be packaged up and sold. So to say that you don't use social media
should not be a large social stance, it's just rejecting one form
of entertainment for others. There should be no more
controversial than saying, "I don't like newspapers,
I like to get my news from magazines," or "I prefer to watch cable series,
as opposed to network television series." It's not a major political
or social stance to say you don't use this product. My use of the slot machine image
up here also is not accidental because if you look a little bit closer
at these technologies, it's not just that they're
a source of entertainment but they're a somewhat
unsavory source of entertainment. We now know that many
of the major social media companies hire individuals
called attention engineers, who borrow principles
from Las Vegas casino gambling, among other places, to try to make these products
as addictive as possible.

That is the desired
use case of these products: is that you use it in an addictive fashion
because that maximizes the profit that can be extracted
from your attention and data. So it's not a fundamental technology, it's just a source of entertainment,
one among many, and it's somewhat unsavory
if you look a little bit closer. Here's the second common objection I hear when I suggest that people
quit social media. The objection goes as follows, "Cal, I can't quit social media because it is vital to my success
in the 21st century economy. If I do not have a well-cultivated
social media brand, people won't know who I am,
people won't be able to find me, opportunities won't come my way, and I will effectively
disappear from the economy." Again my reaction is once again: this objection also is nonsense. I recently published this book that draws on multiple
different strands of evidence to make the point that,
in a competitive 21st century economy, what the market values is the ability to produce things
that are rare and are valuable. If you produce something
that's rare and valuable, the market will value that.

What the market dismisses,
for the most part, are activities that are easy to replicate
and produce a small amount of value. Well, social media use is the epitome of an easy to replicate activity
that doesn't produce a lot of value; it's something that any six-year-old
with a smartphone can do. By definition, the market is not going to give
a lot of value to those behaviors. It's instead going to reward
the deep, concentrated work required to build real skills and to apply
those skills to produce things – like a craftsman – that are rare and that are valuable.

To put it another way:
if you can write an elegant algorithm, if you can write a legal brief
that can change a case, if you can write a thousand words of prose that's going to fixate
a reader right to the end; if you can look at a sea of ambiguous data and apply statistics,
and pull out insights that could transform a business strategy, if you can do these type of activities
which require deep work, that produce outcomes
that are rare and valuable, people will find you. You will be able to write your own ticket, and build the foundation of a meaningful
and successful professional life, regardless of how many
Instagram followers you have.

This is the third comment objection I hear when I suggest to people
that they quit social media; in some sense, I think it might be
one of the most important. This objection goes as follows, "Cal, maybe I agree, maybe you're right;
it's not a fundamental technology. Maybe using social media is not
at the core of my professional success. But, you know what? It's harmless, I have some fun on it
– weird: Twitter's funny – I don't even use it that much,
I'm a first adopter, it's kind of interesting to try it out, and maybe I might miss out
something if I don't use it.

What's the harm?" Again, I look back and I say:
this objection also is nonsense. In this case, what it misses is
what I think is a very important reality that we need to talk about more frankly, which is that social media brings with it multiple, well-documented,
and significant harms. We actually have to confront
these harms head-on when trying to make decisions about whether or not
we embrace this technology and let it into our lives. One of these harms
that we know this technology brings has to do with your professional success. I just argued before
that the ability to focus intensely, to produce things
that are rare and valuable, to hone skills the market place value on, that this is
what will matter in our economy.

But right before that, I argued that social media tools
are designed to be addictive. The actual designed
desired-use case of these tools is that you fragment your attention
as much as possible throughout your waking hours; that's how these tools
are designed to use. We have a growing amount
of research which tells us that if you spend
large portions of your day in a state of fragmented attention – large portions of your day,
breaking up your attention, to take a quick glance, to just check,
– "Let me quickly look at Instagram" – that this can permanently reduce
your capacity for concentration. In other words, you could
permanently reduce your capacity to do exactly the type of deep effort that we're finding to be
more and more necessary in an increasingly competitive economy. So social media use is not harmless, it can actually have
a significant negative impact on your ability to thrive in the economy. I'm especially worried about this
when we look at the younger generation, which is the most saturated
in this technology.

If you lose your ability
to sustain concentration, you're going to become less and less
relevant to this economy. There's also psychological harms
that are well documented that social media brings,
that we do need to address. We know from the research literature
that the more you use social media, the more likely you are
to feel lonely or isolated. We know that the constant exposure to your friends carefully curated,
positive portrayals of their life can leave you to feel inadequate,
and can increase rates of depression.

And something I think we're going to be
hearing more about in the near future is that there's a fundamental mismatch between the way our brains are wired and this behavior
of exposing yourself to stimuli with intermittent rewards
throughout all of your waking hours. It's one thing to spend a couple of hours
at a slot machine in Las Vegas, but if you bring one with you,
and you pull that handle all day long, from when you wake up to when you go
to bed: we're not wired from it. It short-circuits the brain, and we're starting to find
it has actual cognitive consequences, one of them being this sort of
pervasive background hum of anxiety. The canary in the coal mine for this issue
is actually college campuses.

If you talk to mental health experts
on college campuses, they'll tell you that along with the rise
of ubiquitous smartphone use and social media use
among the students on the campus, came an explosion of anxiety-related
disorders on those campuses. That's the canary in the coal mine. This type of behavior
is a mismatch for our brain wiring and can make you feel miserable. So there's real cost to social media use; which means when you're trying to decide,
"Should I use this or not?", saying it's harmless is not enough. You actually have to identify
a significantly positive, clear benefit that can outweigh these potential,
completely non-trivial harms. People often ask, "OK, but what is life like
without social media?" That can actually be
a little bit scary to think about.

According to people
who went through this process, there can be a few difficult weeks. It actually is like a true detox process. The first two weeks can be uncomfortable: you feel a little bit anxious,
you feel like you're missing a limb. But after that, things settle down, and actually, life after social media
can be quite positive. There's two things I can report back
from the world of no social media use. First, it can be quite productive. I'm a professor at a research institution,
I've written five books, I rarely work past 5 pm on a weekday. Part of the way I'm trying
to able to pull that off is because it turns out,
if you treat your attention with respect, – so you don't fragment it;
you allow it to stay whole, you preserve your concentration – when it comes time to work you can do one thing after another,
and do it with intensity, and intensity can be traded for time.

It's surprising how much
you can get done in a eight-hour day if you're able to give each thing
intense concentration after another. Something else I can report back
from life without social media is that outside of work,
things can be quite peaceful. I often joke I'd be very comfortable
being a 1930s farmer, because if you look at my leisure time, I read the newspaper
while the sun comes up; I listen to baseball on the radio; I honest-to-god sit in a leather chair and read hardcover books at night
after my kids go to bed. It sounds old-fashioned,
but they were onto something back then. It's actually a restorative, peaceful way
to actually spend your time out of work. You don't have
the constant hum of stimuli, and the background hum of anxiety
that comes along with that.

So life without social media
is really not so bad. If you pull together these threads,
you see my full argument that not everyone, but certainly
much more people than right now, much more people
should not be using social media. That's because we can first, to summarize, discard with the main concerns that it's a fundamental
technology you have to use. Nonsense: it's a slot machine
in your phone. We can discard with this notion
that you won't get a job without it. Nonsense: anything a six-year-old
with a smartphone can do is not going to be
what the market rewards. And then I emphasized the point
that there's real harms with it. So it's not just harmless. You really would have to have
a significant benefit before you would say
this trade-off is worth it. Finally I noted,
that life without social media: there's real positives associated with it. So I'm hoping that when many of you
actually go through this same calculus, you'll at least consider
the perspective I'm making right now, which is: many more people
would be much better off if they didn't use this technology.

Some of you might disagree, some of you might have scathing
but accurate critiques of me and my points, and of course, I welcome
all negative feedback. I just ask that you direct
your comments towards Twitter. Thank you. (Applause).

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Why I Don’t Use A Smart Phone | Ann Makosinski | TEDxTeen

Translator: zainab Alfaqeeh Validator: Mennatullah Mustafa The last time you used the folded phone It was 3 hours and 24 minutes ago. This is my phone. It opens like this. Many people call this design an "old phone". He was also shot by someone from the airport security. I wanted to say, "No, I just bought it!" I got my first phone in September, Just a month ago, I got a phone. Because I was going to college, and I needed to make long calls. Let's be honest.

I am 18 years old, and have never owned a phone. And I was very fortunate to live On beautiful Vancouver Island Basically everyone out there owns a phone. This means that I lived in middle and high school Without a phone. Carrying a folded phone is not considered traditional nowadays As being a "fashionable kid" but I'm here today to tell you That he picked up the folded phone at the age of eighteen Sure, you are expressed as a – "modern kid" My name is Anne Makusinki, I am 18 years old, I am from Canada.

And you can call me the inventor. Actually, this is funny because when I was a child, I was called "different", And it was because of me, That I wanted to be different, However, it is not clear that I am "different" at present- I dress and talk like others do- In fact, I was somehow preparing myself to be different. So how did I prepare myself to "be different" as a child, It was that my dad didn't bring me a lot of toys at all. I didn't own Timaguchi, Nintebo, Wii, Xbox, none of that. But what they brought me was hot gun glue. And I had to make my own toys. That was my first place to pick, Or almost I was forced to be innovative To solve the first problems that you may encounter as a child It's how to make yourself amused. Anne McCosinki: This is my second invention.

It is called "creativity". What I showed you a while ago is called "invention." Because it is the first thing I made. Now this: Can you see this flat? Poses to be able to balance it. Or I can sit on it, creativity. But I do not prolong my sitting because it is fragile. That was my first experience inventing things. Other than not having too many games, Some of the games I've owned were a little strange compared to my friends' games Here is a picture of me playing with my first set of games It was a small radio, and electronic components.

And it started from here When you introduce the world to me that I make things with my own hands, And I feel that it is a skill that is almost lost in our time It has also actually become high as a job demand If you really do have the ability to make things, instead of writing all the time. I was always doing things and being committed. As a child, I was not allowed to go out often to see plays and things like that, Until I finish all my homework and piano practice- I am sure most of you will understand. My parents come from different backgrounds.

One of them is from Poland and the other from the Philippines. This is really funny, so many parents come to me And they're really worried About whether or not they should give their children toys. What I want to recommend – Not being an expert – But if you didn't give your child that many toys, I think you will be fine, but what I found in my view is that creativity, And making things create with need, Because I didn't have many things to play with. I think it is important to encourage your child Because I know that as a parent you want to give your children the whole world, Give them everything you have. Go back in time, when I was 13 or 14 years old my father was a skater, I used to think I wanted to learn to skate and be cool.

And I got a skateboard. And it's still in the corner of my room, And I never touched it. What happened that I thought was, "Awesome! I own a snowboard. I can skate now" and I left him immediately. If only wheels were given to me, Then I had to get a simple job, and work on it, Doing housework, getting an allowance, saving, Design the table and put it all together, I have rated the whole experience as much more than that Because I'm almost actually a skateboarder now Or something like that.

So I think it's very important, when you are young People should encourage you to your passion But they don't give you everything to begin with. Because I wasn't given that many games, I enjoyed almost everything. I think I smell it here, I was a very beautiful child. I have to be honest with you, I say That I am "culturally" I am not very educated in some aspects. For example, I grew up watching movies from 1920, 1930 And I've never seen action fiction films.

Don't kill me, this is not a must watch For some reason, the fact that I don't own a phone as a teen, It limited my chat time with people. But I've never felt like, "Oh my God I'm feeling lost not having a phone." And some teenagers here might know, that this is called "FOMO," Meaning: Fear of failure. I never felt it, because I was keeping what was given. What should I strive for. So what should I do in my spare time? Well, when I was in middle school, I definitely wasn't a "wonderful child", you think. I wasn't the child who would say, "I too wanted to hang out with them." That is because, that in middle and high school You are criticized a lot, My confidence was first undermined by my appearance. I had short hair, glasses, braces, and wore masculine clothes, I didn't have cool things. They introduce people to me and say, "Oh, how handsome you are!" I reply "Thanks!" And I go my way. So, I was definitely a little lonely, But I looked at some people with my life.

While many teenagers are fans of modern pop stars, actresses or actors, I respect that very much. I have some too – The ones I revered were a little different, and I couldn't always communicate with them. For example, my family has a gift, She is the assistant at the "Ravi Chanca" archive. Ravi Shankar was a musician Who brought all Indian culture and music from East to West In the 1960s and 1970s it helped generate the hippie movement. He worked with George Harrison. We got an advantage when we were kids by traveling to California, And every summer, I would learn from him, and learn from his love and passion With what he was doing, he brings it and introduces it to people Who have never seen anything like this before. This was something he loved so dearly.

That inspired me and one day, we went to visit his family in India. I was very shocked at the poverty there. That was my first time ever to try something as well. I was almost eight years old, and that was a huge shock to me. Another time, we went to visit some families in the Philippines, And I saw houses like this, You don't see it permanently in Canada, where you come from. I was stunned. I did not adjust; I knew there were problems in the world, And I wanted to find a way to fix it easily.

But I never expected that I could get any of this done Because I was just a normal teen no one looked like her Except for the untouchable duo who were with me. The two things I loved doing were noticed by my parents They were plumbing and modern work So I was registered with something, the popular high school kids were doing – Just a joke – it is a science fair. This is me in sixth grade. I look like Harry Potter. In any case, I was very proud of this project.

I compared laundry detergents. So, I started doing the project, And I began to proceed with the effort harvesting phase. I was inspired to do my project, when one of my Filipino friends told me That she failed in her academic stage Because she could not afford the electricity costs. She didn't have lights to study at night. It took me back to my childhood days when I ran into trouble From the start, for myself: finding a way to entertain myself I made my own inventions and games. But here was my girlfriend's problem. "Well, why don't I invent a way to save her?" So for that, I made something You might know me, he is "Girl Scout", It is a flashlight that works at the temperature of the human hand. From that I embarked on a whole new journey Where I finally learned to become confident in what I am, And the number one reason for that, to be honest, I never thought that someone was enthusiastic about my project.

It goes to places like Google Science Fair It feels great to see people inspired by what I did. This year I presented my newest invention, called eDrink. This is a coffee mug that is used for extra heat for your hot drinks While you wait for it to cool down a little, this heat turns into electricity So you can eventually charge a phone or iPad from that temperature. Just because you're in college, considered a "college student." This does not mean that it is the only thing to be.

Not that you think, "You know, I'm in college." Stay like this, do nothing else. You can follow what you like to do, and start high school. When I was in middle school, I started making things with electronics. You can do whatever you want. All your dreams are possible. But you have to start and work on it, even if 20 minutes of your day. This is what I wanted to stress today When you don't have much, you have opportunities and time to innovate. When you have a little to start with, Your mind has been designed to handle and solve various problems Also solve people's problems and affairs. I think it's important to emphasize, especially in today's society Where excessive, like buying this and getting that, This is the latest edition of the fashion I gotta wear, And throw all that I have, " something like that. I really think that's going to cause controversy But I totally believe that lack of communication helps creativity.

But you hold your phone, without even thinking about it, Often, look at it for a few seconds or a minute. Thinking that you are looking at your phone in a hurry. However, if you count every minute, every second You'll find you've spent the day on your phone, that's terrifying. Really, it reduces your enjoyment, So you can use your time effectively, If only I would have had one thing to do today, For everyone who owns a phone or any electronic device, In the coming times when you carry your phone, Think of all the possibilities that fall under "turning off" your phone not "turning it on". Thank. (clap).

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ESPSTP-2: Send Stepper Motor 28BYJ-48 over WiFi Mobile Phone to any Angle

Hello, welcome to Robojax's ESP32 tutorial. in this tutorial we are going to learn how to steer the pedal motor from the interface of your phone or mobile device or browser to any predetermined angles by simply touching will be controlled via your Wi-Fi will have an unlimited number of pressures buttons. each will have their own angle direction and speed. you can get the code for this by clicking on the link below the video in the description that will do take you to let's get started. my name is Ahamd Shamshiri. I present this tutorial from Canada. stepper motor is widely used in many applications and mechatronics automation and other industrial applications and I worked on it for some time pedal motors GS car Arduino and other ways to control it. inclusive direct connection or via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. and I wrote this code for this car so you can control and steer the pedal motor to any desired angle. you just press the push button and the car will go to that corner.

If you are I use a separate video for Arduino here you can set the angle where you can set the direction and you can set the speed for each pushbutton and there are no limits as long as you do not device let you push more buttons you can have, and you can send them to that corner. now in this – really you will be able to control the hiker car with an unlimited number of pushes buttons via Wi-Fi from your phone or your computer or tablet browser. so you have different push buttons each has a separate angle, direction and speed. just touch it and the car will go to that corner and with that speed and you can have a personal angle with different directions and make you faster can tap it directly on the screen and just send and the car goes there direction. and it is available for ESP 32 and esp8266 d1 mini and NodeMCU Wiring explained let me now explain the wiring.

I connected five volts external 5 volts to make sure you have this module jumper it is connected. and now the 5 volt comes here in the red side is connected to positive it is linked to the negative. for the cars you can not make a mistake as it is linked here for the module I linked like this IN1, IN2, IN3 and IN4 I have some extension connected man-to-woman cable it comes so and in this this IN1 is connected to pin 13, IN2 is connected to pin 12 there is an empty space in between, because this is ground and then IN3 is connected to pin 14 and IN4 is connected to 27, so they are all ordered inside with the exception that there is a ground GND. and these pens are marked exactly as they are here as you can see here G 13 ground G 12 G 14 g27 on this modulates exactly the same g13 ground G 12 14 27 you can change it to any other digital pen as you like. if you die wiring diagram for it is available as part of my Arduino course at

If you want to learn Arduino, I have a course for best sellers udemy where you can learn Arduino from the ground up with hundreds of projects all course material library codes wiring diagram all available in one place. the link for more new courses below this video in the description. Code Explained the original code that I started it from this example if you click on file examples and then scroll down until you see this area is for ESP 32 and it line the distributor web server and then advanced web server. I took it and it changes drastically. due to some of the inclusion and some features so I did not change it easily, but I changed the code heavily. let me now explain the code.

For the code you need to set the pins here. Pins 1 and 2 & 3 & 4 it's for the pins we have in here for these input pins. so i have set pin 13 12 14 and 27. and then because we want us to have four push buttons has four angles, it's for 1 2 3 and 4 so it's these values ​​you see here to 360 and then the next line the direction and in the next slide we have the direction CW, CW is for 360 s CCW is for 270 CW is for 90 and CCW is for 20 and the next one is a speed factor for which it is 10 for the 360 ​​is 1 for 270, so there is to be in line with each other. and if you want have more just add a comma here and if you want you get for example 287 degrees it clockwise capital CW does not put small CW you will get error. and then a speed factor let's say 2 and then the last one here it's a value that when you click it sends the car and it's just text.

"car sent to" and also for the for the last one also a comma and within the double quote the reason why I stated all because sometimes the location refers to something and for example it place where something moves and you call it 5 degrees and here you call it turn if I turn it off I do not know what to do so to enable you to adjust it I prepare it in full. it's the rest the extent you see here is this in this "in" is here and then a speed factor is this text I prepare and allow them to customize it because people use different languages ​​for many other languages ​​or sorry other purpose you need to be able to change it and this angle is this text and then direction did not use it here comma velocity is this text and then send is this text.

So all these texts that you see here is customizable and here including this stop this stop is here so everything you see with the word title you can customize it. SSID and u Wi-Fi password this is a route I use manual I will turn it off. I do not worry if you know the password. if you must explain the full code available as part of my Arduino course by

The link to my course at Udemy is below this video. Demonstration: desktop computer here is the ministry. the first thing you need to know if it's inside the code connected to my Wi-Fi router for this tutorial it's called Robojax. so your computer should be connected to the same as you can look here it is linked to the Robojax otherwise it does not work. so this is the first condition. afterwards if you upload the code on the series monitor it now opens and press it sets the push button here like the reset press the button as soon as you press it, it will press the IP address for you so you can get this IP address, but in the majority of networks you can type it directly http: // roobjaxESP32, so I'm copying it right now by pressing Control + C and I'm going also show you that one that IP address.

So i'm going to open a new one tab and then control V. and press Enter. so it now comes from this module because the module now acts as a web server. and it is defined so first try this on your phone http: // robojaxESP32 if it does not work then use this IP address. this IP will be different from network to make networks, whatever your ESP 32 shows here will be your address. and late i also show you the one that will make it work. let me open a new tab plus paste and enter. and here through the IP address we get and go through it the robojaxESP32 we can also get this. and now here is the demonstration. currently the car is stopped and these are the available values ​​for the four corners with a set direction.

The speed I do not want to show the speed here, but once you click it for example for 270 so it goes when i start turning the car pressure and it shows you the in angle it shows the direction it shows the speed factor you have set the code and it also shows you the time it will take to complete. with this speed this angle. for example if i go for 90 it will work clockwise 90 degrees somewhere. in here, but because the speed factor is 4, it will take 4 seconds to complete the section.

And these 20 degrees clockwise from here maybe up to here and it took 2 seconds because a speed factor was 10. and now look at 360, so it will happen come back to the same place and it will take 40 seconds because the speed factor is set to 10 for 360 if you set it to 1 it will take 4 seconds and 2 3 4 and because it is 10, 10×4 = 40 40, so it takes 40 seconds to complete and I also show you the counter here at the top. so you can see It. and and when it's running at all at the moment you can just click and stop it. so the stop is always available go for 360 and it runs a lot now slowly, but you can stop it at any time. does not matter. so you can move take it anywhere you want and stop it and then stop all this stuff angles apply for example this 90 means that from this point it is now 90 and with the clockwise direction it goes here.

So it will go 90 degrees in that direction and from here to 90 is now here and all these angles are with respect to the last known location. so this way you can move it and stop it where you want. Demonstration with custom values I also worked a lot on this section too, and it was very time consuming so that you can set your angle, for example, you can set it 450 degrees clockwise and speed factor of 1. now it's 450 so 360 plus some extra corner in goose 450 and I put her in before that means it was normal 450 the angle was the factor was 1 it will take 5 seconds to complete angle within 5 seconds. and if I do it 2 that will be the same angle for 10 seconds now it's much slower and it shows her that timing. Demonstration on mobile and here I have now connected my phone to the same Wi-Fi Robo connection and here I enter the IP address I just showed you here is now a demonstration with a mobile device let us send it to the clockwise 270 degrees, so that it displays exactly the same as a larger display.

90 degrees and stop it at any moment. 20 degrees and you can go also in here and let me insert 289 degrees here clockwise and go. the push button does not display the text here properly. I need to see why. and now if i go with 360 I state that the speed factor of 10 so it would take 40 seconds before that would happen let's go for it. now it shows that it takes 40 seconds and here also in the same way as you can depart with a speed factor the one means the fastest speed and as you increase the number the speed will slow down down, for example if I set it to 2 and I go 360 clockwise or maybe clockwise it will take 8 seconds because one means four seconds and two means it will complete eight seconds. and the calculation also shows there Caption typed and corrected by Ahmad Shamshiri on June 19, 2020 in Ajax, Ontario, Canada I thank my guests from I did my part to help you learn.

Now it's your turn. You can subscribe to my channel. Thumb in the video 👍 and simply say 'thank you' in the comments section. My PayPal account link is below this video if you would like to send cash donations. Think about it. thank you for looking ahead how to do this control the small pedal motor with ESP32 via Wi-Fi on your mobile device or browser. if you learn something and found this helpful it will help my video to search YouTube algorithm. if you have comments or the question posted a comment section below I try to answer and answer. if you want to get updates for my upcoming videos make sure you subscribe

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