A Day Without Mobile Phone || Bumchick Babloo || Tamada Media

'Hi, guys!
This is Bumchick Babloo!' I left my phone behind. I'll be late for work even today. Shit! My friend locked
the pad and left. Now what do I do without my phone?
I can't even book a cab. Bro, coud you lend your phone
to make a call? Thank you. Bro, it is me, Babloo.
I left my phone in our pad. Come back and unlock the door.
– 'I can't. I'm already late.' Please, hear me out.
– 'I'm helpless, bro. I'm sorry. Now bye!' Bro, stop! A ride till Gachibowli, please.
– Sure! Get in. What is the time, bro?
– Bro? You rather call me Malleshanna, sir! Cool! What is the time, Malleshanna?
– It is 9:30. Why? Are you running late? No, it is all cool.
– We'll be in Gachibowli in no time, sir.

Are you married, Malleshanna?
– Yes, sir, I am. And how many kids you got?
– I've two. – Lovely! You're happy with life, aren't you? Of course! I'm very happy with my life!
How many kids do you got, sir? Do I look that old to you?
– I was just kidding. Pull over near that gate, Malleshanna. I want you to come to dinner
to my place someday. My mother is a great cook. I'd love that. How much is the fare, by the way?
– Rs. 80, sir. – Rs. 80? That's it? I charge very minimal rates.
– Are you sure the fare is only Rs. 80? Of course, sir. I don't charge a penny more.
– That is so nice of you! See you, sir.
– See you. What took you so long?
– The location you shared. I shared the right location.
– Yeah, but I was notified of it late.

Give me the OTP, please.
– 4560. Let's go now. Take a right here.
Now take a left here. Alright!
– I said take a left! Hurry up! God, you are bugging me.
– How much is the fare? Rs. 499.
– I'm short by Rs. 10. Not my problem. You've to pay me up.
– You've got PayTM? – Yeah, I do. The money has been transferred.
– Leave me a 5 star rating. – 5 star, my foot! Excuse me, Mr Babloo, may I get in?
– Alekhya! How come you're here? I had to come here as you don't answer my calls.
– Hold on! I left my phone back in my pad.

That's why I couldn't answer.
– You always cook up stories. Can I sit? Please!
You seem so upset. Yes, I am, as you don't answer my calls.
– I told you I left my phone behind. Anyways, had breakfast?
– I had nothing since morning. You had nothing since morning?
I'll finish my work. We'll then go grab a bite. So, did your cousin find a match yet?
– Not yet. I'm not very hopeful he would. I say he rather
remain a celibate. Alright! Let's go eat something. Sir, anything else you want me to get?
– You want anything else? – No, I'm full. Are you sure? – Yes, I am.
– Get me the check, please. So, what else?
– You didn't take a good look at me, did you? I did. You look good.
– Take a good look. What do you mean?
Okay! A white shirt! You don't have one, do you? I bought one the other day, for your sake.
– What do you mean? I love Pandas a lot.
You too look like a Panda.

Even this t-shirt has got a Panda on it.
That's why I bought it. You like Pandas and I look like a Panda
and that is why you bought this? So cute! You bloody..
I look like a Panda? Babloo, can you do me favor?
– Sure. – Could you stop using phone forever. Why? What is wrong?
– Even though we both talk for hours on phones we usually yell and argue with each other.
I don't remember us spending such quality together. And when we talk on phones,
we are always formal and text each other formal things
like good mornings and good nights. I don't remember any of our conversations
being as heart felt as it is now. Could you please cut down
on using phones? Why is she calling now? Hey, Babloo, good morning.
– Good morning.

– Where are you? At work.
– Cool. Had breakfast? – I did. What did you have?
– Breakfast. – What did you have for breakfast? I had Idly if that makes any difference!
– I see. You seem moody. I'll call you later. Oh, cut it!
I'm not moody. It is 2:00PM already?
I've no phone to place an order online. What do I do now?
I'll order from someone else's phone. Bro, could you lend me your phone?
– What for? – To order food online. We'll rather go to the restaurant nearby.
The food tastes great there! You guys go ahead. I'll have my lunch here.
– You seem shy to lunch with us. The restaurant nearby serves great food.
Let's go there. What would you like to have?
– Anything vegetarian, I guess? This place is known for its Non-Veg items.
– I see. One Special Dum Biryani, please!
– It tastes great! How is the Biryani?
– It's amazing! – Also have some Raita! Where are you headed?
– I'm done.

– Already? I'm full.
– The staff here won't let you go this soon. Serve my friend some more Biryani. It is 2:00PM already.
I'll order food online. It's been an hour since I placed my order.
Take a right there and then a left. I'm hardly feeling full. I guess I should order some more. I'm full. You have my Biryani.
– Cut it! I'm full too. I said I'm full.
– I said I'm full too! I'll hire this restaurant to cater food at my wedding.
– Get us the check, please. How much is the bill?
– Rs. 400. I mean, Rs. 400 in total.
So, it is Rs. 100 per head. That's it?
– Yeah! The food here is so reasonable. Hey, bro, come take a seat!
– Sure. Please, be seated! What's up?
– There is a power outage. So, we're just sitting and chatting.
– You guys were having a good laugh.

My friend here passes out
too soon after boozing. After boozing, he called up his girlfriend
and cussed at her big time. The next day, the girl broke up with him.
He is now repenting. It served him right! Did something like this ever happen to you?
– Yes, it did. About a month ago.. Why is there a power outage now?
Hell with this. How do I kill time?
By playing Candy Crush maybe. I'm glad.
– What about? You never spend time with us.
But today you spent the whole day with us. Well, that is nothing..
Why have people gathered over there? Step aside, please.
What is the matter? Oh, no!
Can you hear my? Can you see me? What are you guys even doing? I've a journalist friend. I'll send these pics to him
and he'll come to cover the news. What are you doing?
– Trying to call for an Ambulance. And what are you doing?
– I've gone live on Facebook. Maybe someone from online
would come and help. Sunny, get your bike! Hurry up!
Let's go! Where do we find a doctor?
This way? Doctor, doctor..
– Doctor..

Please check on her. Please wait outside. Sir, how is the girl doing?
– Nothing to worry. She is out of danger. Thank God she is safe. I'm happy.
But you seem upset? It is good the girl is safe.
But I'm feeling so disgusted! Why? What is the matter?
– Because I didn't have my phone on me I reacted quick and brought her here.
Had I had my phone on me even I'd have wasted time calling for ambulance
or I too would've gone live on Facebook.

I don't know whether to be happy
with mobiles improving communication or be sad with mobiles
increasing gaps in communication. Phones are toying with our lives! What we showed in this video wasn't a story.
I faced very similar situations. I'm sure many of you have aswell.
Whenever we find leisure we spend that time on our phones.
We've stopped interacting with people and this is leading
to gaps in communication.

I believe we should value people
more than things. Even I've to change myself and I hope you all would aswell.
Thank you..

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