Street Fighter II (mobile phone) playthrough

By popular request… … it's Street Fighter II, for mobile phones! Okay, only person requested this one… … and it was my good buddy Rage Quitter 87, and who am I to deny a pal's request? Have you seen his website? If you haven't, jeez, you're missing out. Either way, this little beauty NEEDS to be shown off. It's such a strange, unique little title. Well, that's one way of summarising Street Fighter II. But yeah, porting Street Fighter to a mobile phone. CAN IT WORK? I don't think I need to say there's a novelty to punching virtual dudes in the face. It's pretty timeless, innit? But how do you implement a six-button dude-punching engine… onto a mobile phone? I intend to find out! Also, I'm playing on Easy because I'm really shitty at fighting games. Don't make me dig out the photographic evidence. (ask RQ87, he's got plenty) But now things get interesting! The game has three different control schemes… 2-HAND TYPE: A direction pad of some sort handles movement, and the numpad does fisticuffs. 1-HAND TYPE: Direction pad does movement, and all non-special attacks are relegated to a single assumedly-context-sensitive key.

And last but not least… NUMBER TYPE: Every single friggin' command is spread across the number keys. The scary part is that, on some phones, that's probably your only possible option. Chew on that one for a while. I'm going with 2-Hand Type, because, believe it or not, it's actually quite pleasant to use! (on a desktop keyboard, anyway) I had wanted to use Chun-Li for this playthrough… … but this was before she got her Kikouken. Where's the fun in that? … so I'll be picking everyone's favourite scrublorb, Ryu. I do appreciate the simplified command list. I meant to check Zangief's, actually. How would you pull a 720 on dinky mobile arrow keys? But I've delayed enough. I should probably play the game now, shouldn't I? It's everyone's favourite world warriors! Everyone is here, albeit in choppily-animated and horribly shrunk form. Which is more than Street Fighter II on Game Boy offered, believe it or not. WHOOOOAAAAA Do excuse, it's rare you get opportunities to compare how identical those guys look! Your opponent is selected via this little roulette action thing.

You can hit the 5 key to stop, though it often just chooses another guy anyway. I don't think any other version of Street Fighter II has that feature! (I need to catch up on RQ87's playthroughs, so please correct me!) Well, this looks like Street Fighter, doesn't it? PAFUEKUTO! Sadly, the game never acknowledges your leet-ass skills. "You Win" is all it ever tells you. I worked hard for that Perfect, man! Actually, I totally didn't. The game is fully aware how iffy command inputs are going to be…

… so all special moves can also be activated by pressing the 9, 0 and * keys! For Ryu, 9 will fire a Hadouken… 0 will unleash a Shoryuken… And * will bust out a Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku. Easy as! Now, I'm sure a fighting game purist would argue that this defeats the whole point of special moves. It's all about mastering the character and their commands, knowing to pull off these tricks in the thick of battle…

… right? I'm really not up to scratch on the fighting game community. From what I've observed, all attempts to simplify commands have been a bit dodgy. Either they upset the hardcore players, or they're nerfed so badly you're missing half the moveset (like Marvel Vs. Capcom)… … or it's so damn convenient it breaks the game wide open. Like that infamous video of Guile in Street Fighter IV: 3DS Edition. But I'm not a fighting game player. I haven't got the dexterity, patience or expenses for it. But I dig seein' all them special moves! And to be frank, it's a whole heap of fun having all those moves at the push of a button. And it allows me to actually appreciate and play the game… … rather than constantly fretting, "how do I do a Dread Kick?" So, uh, you might have noticed the game's got a bit quiet. I'm not sure if it's an emulation glitch, or a quirk in the game… … but after your character's theme plays once, that's it. Nothin' but silence for the rest of the game.

Oh, and you only ever see your chosen character's stage. So we'll be fighting on Ryu's bridge for the next thirty minutes. Aren't you just shaking with excitement? Man, Ryu is the worst dude to play as, from a winquote perspective. Lines like that don't strike fear into your enemies, dude. Try "I WILL MEDITATE AND THEN FUCK YOU!!" Or "YOU DID QUITE WELL, BUT YOU NEED A BIGGER DICK TO DEFEAT ME!!"
I need to find out what ROM hack those came from again. It had the words of a sage. Drat. I was aiming for Blanka. All the opponents are pretty lacklustre in their fighting AI… But Blanka is an absolute beast to face off against. And not because he's green and hairy, hardy har har.

I'll get to him later. I should really stop walking into people's fists. Okay, let's time this. I struck the winning blow against E.Honda at 7:18. Let's see how long it takes until I can take control again. Because these long delays were perfect for nipping away for a glass of OJ… … or watching crap on the Wii. "THE ROAD TO BECOMING THE PERFECT FIGHTER INVOLVES FITTING THROUGH THE BATHROOM DOOR." I think I had a video playthrough of Dynamite Deka running on the Wii while I was playing this. It was very strange looking between that and this. One had a framerate, and the other felt I was going back in time. CONTROL REGAINED! Write this down, folks, it took 42 seconds to end one match and start the next one. That might not be too bad compared to other games, actually.

In fact, Street Fighter IV might have the same level of delay… … but at least it's got winquotes, announcer chatter and flashy displays to tide you over. This game just makes damn sure you don't touch the power button. Stop tempting me, man. The crappiest of victories! I would apologise for all the Hadouken spamming… … but screw you, man! I GOT SINGLE-BUTTON FIREBALLS!!! Let's face it, that was the primary anyone chose Mega Man in MvC1. Pity he made that childish squeal with every shot, though. "EYYYIE! EYYYIE!" Imagine if he made the same sound in the real Mega Man games! Actually, no, don't. That's terrifying. Y'know, I'm actually impressed this port can handle multi-hit combos. I just sort of expected the game to croak, or not do them at all, or something. Man, what kind of damage is that? Does Guile gain super armour during a Flash Kick or something? I want my money back on that Shoryuken. I expected serious clobbering. I guess I should mention there's no bonus stages in this game. I know, life just isn't worth living, is it? Thankfully, bonus stages were implemented two updates later in Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers for mobile phones.

But you can't play them without wading through several bouts in the arcade mode first! NOOOOOO That game does look better and runs smoother, as it's rebuilt from the ground up… … but it has some seriously stupid flaws, including a hilariously bad and un-configurable control scheme. But that's a rant for another time. I just realised I missed an opportunity early on for a "SO HOW ARE YOU KEN?" joke. I'm kicking myself! I really feel like I've accomplished something with these 3-hit combos. In a game as slow-paced and clunky as this, it feels rewarding to punch a dude twice before being shoved away. It's no flashy air combo, but it keeps me happy.
We're nearly there! Only six foes left! Yeah, Bison and his cronies managed to make it in.

Thank god for small mercies. LET'S PLAY SUPER MARIO BROTHERS I'M RYU HE'S ZANGIEF JUMP THAT FIREBALL HEY FAT BOY JUMP THAT FIREBALL JUMP IT– oh. Never mind, then. Man, the Hurricane Kick stinks half the time. Zangief knows how to counter my moves. Clever boy. FATAL KO AW SHIT NOT ON MY PERFECT RUN NOOOOOO Is this the end for our world warrior? Nah. You can continue as many times as you like. Your score is the only thing that's penalised. I think the users of Street Fighter II for mobile phones can rest assured that their highscores aren't under threat by me.

Oh, screw you. I DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS It's so satisfying to actually be able to pull off these moves when I want to. It must be what a competent fighting game player feels like! Ah, the most glamourous of finishes. Backing into a corner and kicking furiously in mid-air. Truly you are the world's greatest warrior. So we've only Blanka left before we fight the four baddies, right? Hold onto your butts, folks. So, like I was saying, Blanka's a freakin' beast. He's ALWAYS approaching, only ever retreating to use his rolling attack. If you shoot a fireball, he'll hop over it, air-kick you, then punch, and knock you over with a crouch kick.

After firing a fireball, you've no chance of blocking any of that. And if you don't block it, it's a guaranteed dizzy… … so Blanka can just repeat it over and over until you die. But his regular punches and kicks have mad priority and range, so you can't even approach him safely! And for a spectacularly crummy player like myself, this is bad news. During my test run before recording, I'm sure I fought three or four matches against him, and all ended in failure. He's a tricky chap! But if you can break his defences, it's just a matter of exploiting them. The problem lies in how quickly you can fuck up and squander the rest of the round. Yeah, bare-basic Street Fighter knowledge, I know, but bear with me! These are my baby steps. BAM! Right in the olde smackeroo. A lousy finish, but at least he's toast. The game is a lot easier from here on out! … which you'd hardly believe, given we' only halfway through the video. If you've been watching the video non-stop until now, please, use this opportunity to cast your eyes at something else.

Find a nice glen and watch some birds or something. Anything to remind you what a realistic speed looks like! AW SHIT IT'S EVIL RYU LOOK AT THAT SNEAKY DUDE, HE'S UP TO NO GOOD HE'S GONNA TEACH SHOTOKAN TO FARMYARD ANIMALS OR SOMETHIN' MEAN Son of a bitch, that's MY trick! Well, that was anticlimatic. Ryu vs. Balrog! Surely this fight will require a new backdrop, right? Nope. Well, I think I've exhausted everything I can say about this game. … so why don't I talk about Street Fighter II: Champion Edition for mobile phones? Because, surprise surprise, it is the exact same game, except you can play as the boss characters.

I'll be uploading my playthrough of it, don't worry, but I probably won't do textual commentary for it. I mean, I'm already attempting to talk through ONE creaky mobile phone fighting game… How will I cope trying to do that for THREE MORE OF 'EM?? I can talk a load of shit, but for an hour and a half's worth of content, no chance. So, Champion Edition! I played it as Sagat, and I don't know if they did any adjustment to the bosses' damage ratios. Sagat just tears up the competition. I haven't played as the other bosses (or, heck, any of the other characters at all), so I can't compare.

It is literally the same game, with a different title screen. I wouldn't be surprised if this vanilla version already has all the assets, just locked away. Wouldn't the first time Capcom pulled a trick like that! Oh, there is one thing Champion Edition has that this doesn't… Endings. Yeah, there's no ending in this! (spoiler alert!) You beat Bison, you get your score tally, your fella does a little pose… … and you get booted to the title screen. Mind you, it could be because I lost to Zangief, or was playing on Easy… But, really, I'm in no mood to double-check. Champion Edition does have an ending for Sagat, at least… … though it's the same barebones one he had in the arcade, with the same picture used for all four bosses, just with different text. But it's better than nothing. At least you get something to show for that efforts: that Sagat's still miffed at Ryu. Oh, and when you fight the boss characters, the backdrop changes to Balrog's stage.

Playing as Sagat puts you on Guile's stage, for some reason. Well, I think I've said everything I possibly can for this game. I'll keep playing, obviously, but I'll begin wrapping up this commentary. What do I think of the game? … well, I like it, actually. Yes, the frame rate is insufferable, and the graphics are bad, and it doesn't play as well as it should… … but as a handheld Street Fighter experience, it's pleasantly accessible. It's cheap, sure, but the instant-special moves buttons are a real blessing. You can dive straight in and enjoy a close-enough Street Fighter experience, without having to spend an hour in the training mode working out how those blasted charge moves work. Mostly because this has no training mode.

Okay, most of my positivity comes from the novelty of single-button Hurricane Kicks….. but, darn it, that's something I've always wanted! For a casual scrub, it transforms the fighting game from baffling joystick-pusher to Mega Man-esque "use this move to counter this attack" exercise….. which is how you're meant to view the game, isn't it? In a nutshell? Not entirely, though, surely. Don't shoot me. Well, that's it for street Fighter II on mobile phone. I've still got Sagat and M.Bison to fight, but you can enjoy that without my inane banter, I hope. Later!.

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Using a Windshield Repair Kit on a Cracked Smart Phone

So I read online around April 1st that you
can fix a cracked cell phone using a windshield repair kit. Naturally, even though it was April 1st I
was intrigued and I decided to try it on my own. Even if it didn’t end up fixing the cell
phone, at least I got to learn the basics of car windshield repair. The iPhone 5C is 100% functional except for
the cracked glass on top of the screen. The repair kit comes with glass resin and
plastic shields that help the resin cure smoothly over the crack in the windshield. First I’m going to go ahead and clean the
screen off.

The point of windshield repair is to get the
resin in-between the glass chunks inside the glass itself and this makes the crack effectively
disappear. Normally on a car you would use some suction
cups and a pressure pump to squirt the resin down into the chip or crack, but with a cell
phone, the added pressure might crack the LCD. So I tried to “v” down into the crack
with a little razor blade hoping that the resin would absorb in. Once the resin is applied, I can put the plastic
curing strips over the top. This helps cure the glue when placed under
sunlight. With UV light from the sun, the glue will
dry or cure within 5 or 10 minutes. With this UV light from my shop it will only
take about 2 or 3 minutes to cure. After the glue is cured, you can peel off
the plastic and scrape the hardened resin off with a razor blade. The windshield resin did not hide the cracks
completely, but it did make the cracks much smoother.

It also made the phone smell toxic, so that’s
a plus with holding it up to your face. So it looks like the myth is more or less
busted. A windshield repair kit works well on windshields,
but not on a cell phone. One thing I would do differently if I try
to do this again is see if I can get more pressure on the glue to force it down inside
of the crack and help it hide there. Either way it was a fun project. I learned something new and hopefully you
did too. Hit that “subscribe” button if you haven’t
already. Hope to see you around!.

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Cell Phone Stereotypes

If the ostriches can't be here
by 3:00, we can't use them. Ok bye. Dude, what happened to you? Motorcycle wreck? Oh, oh, cracked my
phone over the weekend. Oh. Yeah, still got
to use it though. [MUSIC PLAYING] It's really not as
bad as it looks. You can still hold it. You can touch it. But definitely don't swipe it. Eight's the seven,
the six is the five. Every other button's the same. Congratulations. You've just won a free cruise. Well, gee whiz. Let's board the boat. Hi, I'm Jennifer calling about
your car's extended warranty.

Well, good golly. Let's extend it. No. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, man. I'm so sorry. I'm just gonna do it, OK? Yeah! [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Whoo. Whoa. No. Oh, no. Oh what are the chances? Oh, please tell me it
didn't crack the front? No. I like funny things. Oh, sorry man. You had to be here. I am here. I already scrolled it. It's into the abyss now. You can't just go back. Gone forever, dude. I cannot believe
that just– no way. What was it? Huh, oh dude. Sorry. I don't even know
where I put it. Can you call it please? We're calling it. Don't all call it at once. Ty look underneath. Are we good? It's not under there, but it is
remarkable what is under there. Oh, it's on silent. Guys, going to take
your shoes off you're going to feel the vibration.

Oh, I found it. Yes. Bang. Ah, N64 Rumble Pack. It has the same vibration
patterns though. I'll meet you in the car dude. We only gave it an hour. [TEXTING SOUNDS] Dude. What? Oh man, I cannot thank you
enough for recommending that hemorrhoid cream. Has helped out tremendously. My sister has 15
warts on her hand. We're trying to figure out
how to get rid of those. Floor two, please. Dude, another crazy
thing I found out– are you listening to my
phone call right now? You know that's illegal. Dang it. Hey, man. What's up? Hey. Wait, are you in the
bathroom right now? What? Yeah, no. Definitely not. That'd be– Hey is that water running? Yeah. Left the office
early to go fish. Can you send me a
picture of the fish? No. No. No. FaceTime? Hey, big dog. What's good, good looking? What do you need? Oh, I just wanted
to see your face. I'm organizing my undies. My phone is at 1%. If I lose you any time– oh. Hey, don't you do that brother. Don't you– hey, real quick. Got to let the dog out.

Don't move a muscle. Be right back. You called me by the way. Dude this is like his
fifth time calling today. Are you underwater? That's actually
kind of impressive. I know you can't hear me,
but never call me again. Oh bag of diapers. 4:54 on a Saturday the 13th. I have some illegal dumping
activity happening right now. Hey. These gentlemen
are tresspassing! Whoa! [INTERPOSING VOICES] And we're live.

I am not dumping sir. I was filming them. This is a citizens arrest. This is a citizens arrest. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Looking for the best
coffee shop, boom. Right there. Hashtag, sponsored. Not really. I'm not sponsored yet. But put on a show and don't
even try to [INAUDIBLE].. They love me. They all love me. Yo, Gar. You good if I add you to
that paintball group text? I appreciate the invite, man. I think I'll pass. It's the paintball boys. Seventh grade, your birthday
party, we had so much fun. That was like 20 years ago. I got you added. You're in. See you Saturday. Sparky!! People on Facebook,
check it out. This is amazing. Hey, hey, hey. Calvin. Calvin. Check out this concert I
was at last year, dude. I paid top dollar
for these seats. Look at this. That sounds like a broken
washing machine, dude. Seven minutes left baby. Let's make something happen. No. No, market doesn't close
for another two hours. East coast, got plenty of time. Stay patient. You bring food? Yeah, I brought dip.

I bought the dip too. I just bought the dip. Which one did you get? He brought chips and dip. Oh got it. Oh, it's going down still. It's still going down. Oh it goes up. It goes up. Yes. Lunch on me. Time is money right now. OK? If I got invited to an
elementary school graduation, I would walk up on that
stage and I would say, ETFs, stocks, crypto,
all in one place. SoFi app. Mic drop. And I would walk off the stage. And that is the best piece
of advice I could give them. Please, respect the game. Yeah. No. [MUSIC PLAYING] I'm number one for the team. I'm number one for the team. We're in a conference. Yes, that's your phone.

What song is that? One for the team. No, I don't have your phone. It's your phone. It's right there. It was in your front pocket. This little knob right
here, silent mode. Let's live life that way, huh? Green bubbles? Who's got the Android? Jonah. I tried giving you an iPhone
and you still refused. Another vote for Jonah. Green is my least
favorite color. Jonah. One more vote and you will be
removed from the group thread. Jonah. We're back to blue bubbles boys. Who wants to rename the group? Spider-man 3. 10 minutes. Let's go. I accidentally called my uncle. Just one second. One second. Hey, did you mean to call? What kind of question is that? Of course I meant to call. I was worried you might
have accidentally called me or something. No, not you, Uncle Remus. You boys got to get back
down here to Georgia. This old catfish came up and
just scooped up the top water right off the top. You wouldn't believe
out of tall the trees have gotten since you
was here last time. I wouldn't? No.

But I don't know if you remember
that girl Katie Funchess, that you used to date
back in first grade? Tell you what– Ah. Hello. I don't have service
unless I'm by the road. Hang on. Can you hear me? I don't know, I
can't see it now. Well, I had to go back
up there and look. They've got a candle burning
at the firework stand. We're lighting these fireworks. We're going to test them. You've got to make
sure they work. We don't sell no cheap
ones around here, these are quality fireworks. Ow, ow. Dude! Can I talk to a manager? Hey, big dad. You want to talk to him? And I lost you. What seems to be
the problem sir? You. Not only will you
not buy a firework from my fireworks shop, you
ain't buying one in this county or nor this state.

You have the audacity to
show up on my property after what you've done
to my family and my life? Get out of here right now. Nope. Ah. You better get out of here. [INTERPOSING VOICES] That's mine. Oh come on. That's my granddaddy's
firework stand! He's had it since 1904. Oh no. No. Come on. Remember the koalas
arrive at 2:00. So– Bean sales,
through the roof. it's really. Can somebody please figure
out whose phone that is. Whoever's phone this
is, you're fired. Wait, guys. Sorry. It was actually me. The koalas are here. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh that is the worst drive
ever, so ugly and flat. Only thing worse is
Amarillo to Albuquerque. Good shot, dude. I would highly recommend
getting lessons. Honey, if you want to
take piano seriously, you got to get lessons.

Dude, will you please
upgrade your phone? Why? This one works just fine. What is that, the
original iPhone? Look how small this is. Looks like a pager. Is that the iPod app? If I want to listen to the Goo
Goo Dolls, I just click them. Hold on. It's loading. Sir, do you mind holding
that for a second? I'm having trouble seeing it.

Could you move
back a little bit? Right about there. That's great. Thank you. My son got a penguin. I just couldn't see the word. Oh wow. Congratulations. Just use my credit card. It's three– Whoa, whoa, whoa shh. Dude. They're listening. What are you talking about? Watch this. Yeah, thanks for
coming over, man. I've been meaning to get
into a new hobby these days. I've been thinking about
getting into soap carving. They listen to everything. Anyways, what was that
credit card number again? Oh, it's three six– What's new with you? Glad you asked. It's my granddaughters,
grandson, family on the beach. This was a cool story. This guy bought this
one at an auction. Brother-in-law who's Sheriff of
Ellis County being interviewed after the tornado. You have 12 pictures
of the ground? Yeah, that's kind
of the way I roll. Three, six– Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Yo Gar point ball– Dude, I can't do this. We had to call in a backup. Sometimes you need
somebody to drop a phone. And the poor man
just couldn't do it. Third person.

Could I get a little credit? Huge thanks to our friends at
SoFi for sponsoring this video. Sign up for a SoFi
Active Invest account where you can win up to
$1,000 to buy stocks, ETFs, trade crypto, and more. And with SoFi social
investing, you can even see how your portfolio
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not a subscriber. Signing up now. Pound it. Noggin. See ya. What a talk! That's cheating, it's cheating!.

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Dual Sim Card Supported Phones – Android Q&A

now don't worry it's not going to be a big knock on your geek cred if you don't know exactly what a SIM card is and what it does a SIM card or a subscriber identity module is a small removable card that is inserted into the back of a mobile device the main function of the SIM card is to recognize you as your carrier's subscriber and gives you access to the carrier's network all carriers require a SIM card but what if your phone could have two SIM cards mmm all right so now that I have your interest piqued why oh why would you want a phone with dual SIM card support well number one reason is that you could have one SIM card for a data and another SIM card for voice and text allowing you to take advantage of the best plan possible there's also a second reason so as an Android geek I was pretty proud of the fact that I got a great plan for my carrier where I could use almost as much data voice and text that I want without incurring unreasonable charges until I flew to San Francisco I called my wife as soon as I landed spoke to her for 30 seconds just to tell her I was safe and I got walloped with a beast of a bill just for that 30-second call now if I'd had a dual SIM card and supported phone I could have had one SIM card for my carrier's data plan and another SIM card for an international data plan that took advantages of better roaming deals that's why you want a dual SIM card of support phone one of the other great features of having a dual SIM card supported phone is that you can have two phone numbers for one phone now along this same vein one of the phones you want to consider is the Moto G but not just any Moto G more specifically I'm referring to the Moto G XT 10:33 dual SIM card supported phone now the Moto G is one heck of a phone released back in January 2014 the Moto G made quite a buzz since its release why because it packs unbelievable solid specs considering its small price tag boasting a quad-core Snapdragon processor and 4.5 inch display this phone provides a fast and fluid Android experience that is extremely impressive at any price point but absolutely astounding when you consider the Moto G's aggressive price tag we were able to review the non dual SIM card version of the Moto G and we gave it our thumbs up the dual SIM version of the Moto G was released in May 2014 now I can read the comments already remember we are talking about a specific model the XT 1033 dual SIM card supported Moto G now next up on this list is the htc desire 816 dual SIM unlocked the htc desire 816 is the HTC's entry into the mid-range market it's a phone that packs a lot of high-end specs into a mid-range price the 816 is a photo lover's dream with its 13 megapixel camera and a 5 megapixel front facing camera selfies anyone the phone is big measuring at 5.5 inches we're nearing tablet territory with this one now we all know that Samsung loves to give us lots and lots of options and they did so with the Samsung Galaxy s5 now we're specifically talking about the Samsung Galaxy s5 SMG 900 FD dual SIM card supported phone now the s5 supports a 5.1 inch Super AMOLED capacitive multi-touch screen with protective Corning Gorilla Glass 3 it comes loaded with Android 4.4.2 but would likely get lollipop very soon with a quad-core 2.5 gigahertz Krait 400 processor chip set with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Adreno 330 graphics it has 16 megapixel camera and comes with 16 gigabytes of internal memory with the possibility to expand to 128 gigabytes via the micro SD card slot now Samsung also offers an option for those of you who want something a little bit smaller the Samsung Galaxy s5 mini duos is a mid-range variant of the full-featured Samsung Galaxy s5 it brings a decent set of specs with a wallet friendly price range the phone's design and build are identical to its bigger siblings including the perforated soft touch back cover and the ip67 certification for dust and waterproofing small and lightweight the Samsung Galaxy s5 mini is a very portable phone featuring a 4.5 inch 720p high definition Super AMOLED display a 1.4 gigahertz quad-core processor 1.5 gigabytes of RAM 16 gigabytes of internal storage and a slot for a micro SD card slot to expand the memory up to 64 gigabytes now HTC has also got into the dual sim game with the HTC One e8 the 5-inch HTC One EA dual SIM version has a Qualcomm 801 2.5 gigahertz quad-core CPU loaded with 2 gigabytes of RAM a 13 megapixel camera and a 2600 milliamp hour battery now if you're a lover of sony's sleek design sony came out with a sony xperia m2 dual SIM the sony xperia m2 dual SIM card Android phone was released in May of 2014 and is likely to be one more popular dual SIM Android phones the Xperia m2 is an upgrade from last year's experience M the 4.8 inch phone comes loaded with a powerful 1.2 gigahertz Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor giving you enough power to take the phone to most limits the phone also features a generous sized 8 megapixel camera that will allow you to take beautiful shots thanks for watching and word army my name is Jace I'd love to connect with you right here on Google+ or Twitter I read all my at replies and comments and I respond to as many as I can you don't wanna forget about my brothers and Android Joss Joe in the tech ninja Kevin lawn and Chris Gary Nash all working real hard to deliver the best Android content on the web please have a great safe happy holidays and Happy New Year I should see you next week on Android June 8th

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CES 2007: LG VX9400 Mobile Phone

hi this is Chris Benner for Digital Trends calm at CES 2007 LG's motto is life's good and boy do they mean it I'm here at the LG booth with Dimitra and she's going to tell us a little bit about one of their new phones thanks for your time Dimitra what can you tell us about this great new phone you guys have this is the LG VX 9400 which is our phone that we're showcasing here at the booth it's the first mobile TV handset that we that we've ever had as well as the first in technology it's with the new Qualcomm media flow technology so basically what you can do is watch live television on your handset so it's linear broadcasting so if you're at home watching MTV and you wanted to finish your episode you have to go to the doctor you're gonna actually be able to take your phone with you and watch it in the doctor's office awesome great what what TV stations are available for right now and are they more coming sure well the phone actually launches at the end of q1 so probably late March and it will launch with eight different channels including all of the main stations as in FOX NBC MTV Comedy Central and a couple other ones about eight channels and if this is live TV the same thing you're getting on your cable at home live TV that is awesome and do you have a price point that you're looking at for this we actually don't have the price yet close to Romansh they'll actually set it but just know that LG's products are set pretty reasonably priced so we don't see it being completely outrageous and then it'll be the carrier's will will actually launch it probably with their V CAST mobile package well one but it's a it's a great looking phone it's really nice people be able to watch their TV when they're out now what kind of storage options are there on it could you could you load them of movie on it and watch that on the phone well there's actually a microSD slot as a couple of our other handsets actually have this which is added storage so you could literally go to your PC and take either a half a movie or pending on how much storage you have on that microSD and download that right onto your phone and and watch a movie or a movie trailer or live television great it sounds like a really handy device to have well thank you to meet you for your time I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us and have a really good show really appreciate it thank you very much all right this is Chris Bentham for Digital Trends calm thanks for watching

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Wireless MobilePhone MonoPod Model:Z07-5!

cube here it's new product go today a wireless mobile phone monopod to take selfie Bluetooth of course and this is nice you can take you can be more creative and take better picture when your outing like this that's for sure so in this box this thing's come and here it's button for Bluetooth for taking picture you have this for upload battery because here it's a battery you can see itself ok I can we can turn it on like this there the blue light yes a blue light there is my iPhone there and we take bluetooth bluetooth on phone here it's find this set oh seven five I know it's rather good ok so now I can put this together on this selfie stone like this okay like yeah like this there we are something like that and first of all I'm not sternum their camera and we can like this looks there and this is long here so you can yeah you can take it much much longer than this see here here's the button so if we want to take this over there this box take a photo of this box near the six extreme in there so now I will touch this Bluetooth there and it was pictures we can look look at that do this okay take picture of this son over there very near so now we can look see how cool is that so in many situation this is fantastic this selfie stone can be so long like this and you can turn it around in every different angle and Bluetooth so common this box wireless mobile phone monopod photograph and we to yourself wonderful everywhere model set oh seven five cool

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A Quick 2-Minute Tutorial to Keep Your Mobile Phone Safe and Secure

the content on your smartphone or tablet is some of the most important in your life you've got valuable contacts private conversations memories of yesterday's home run the whole family on vacation and Aunt Jenny is 90th you don't want to mess around for me I don't know what I would do without my contacts an email McAfee mobile security protects your personal data by backing it up to the cloud so you can restore it to the same device or even a new one let's take a look at how it works go to the home screen of your device and select the McAfee shield icon you'll be asked for your pin select data backup from here you have a few options you can choose to backup different categories of your data or you can select auto backup settings to enable once-daily automatic backups in the worst case scenario if your device falls into the wrong hands or is gone for good you can use the online web portal to back up your data remotely one final time and then wipe your device clean so you don't give away aunt Jenny's secret banana bread recipe or your personal photos and if you find your smartphone tablet again and you can go back to the main screen and select data restore this even works if you switch phones for example from a BlackBerry to an Android or an Android to a blackberry as you can see McAfee mobile security makes it convenient and safe to backup and restore your mobile data to check it out go to McAfee Mobile Security com

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Universal 3 in 1 Mobile Phone Camera Lens with Adjustable Holder – Data Dock

everyone some is on your team get at all today welcome to quickly unboxing and the f in depth of you off a camel and slow there are a lot of young people enter available in the market let's go Stan universal kit lens this sort of things are available in all the online stores actually the price around it starting with 120 130 rupees to approximately seven eight hundred and you will get more than thousand apiece lenses also so round shape it wheelchair I think cause to round adding two to three dollars maybe a four or five dollars next to max so this sort of lens I brought it from amazon and got it at the price of two two and a half dollars actually scored in about 150 rupees kind of that so let's quickly unbox it as you can see there are three lenses one is fisheye another is macro and another is wide angle lens so it's and you will get a clip also so you can attach it with your rubble like you're any smartphones so this sort of things normally used to get as you can see us a clip lens for iphone samsung HTC ipad tablet PCs laptops free in one or any other device is kind of that okay there are some information let's put you unbox it and let's see what we will get inside the box so this is a pretty simple kind of a packaging this is a packaged in plastic wrap in kind of a thing so this is the lens as you can see this is a clip and the lens this lens is fish eye lens with 180 degree and this is detachable and you can add it like this please keep it aside for the time being apart from that you will get another lens ok this is adapt it's a good thing to secure your lens ok this is a wide angle lens and it's a macro so it can detached like this is a macro one and this is a adding wide-angle lens which is 0.6 t7x wide angles ok there are a lot of things which is interred here it's a pretty much gold color looks pretty menial this is the another lens case as you can see in this goes like this way to secure your lenses and you will get a pouch also nice nice pouch so that's it inside the box no nothing is inside so let's set it up i am using right now which is lenovo k 5 plus and let's let's put this like this is it like that on this okay fix it this looks like this as you can see and you have to set it like this and this all goes to the camera lens like this after yeah does this set actually this lens it will look like looks like that actually as I said I think this sort of this is a very hard to exist as because of this lenses are not meant for a particular hansard a particular phone so it's very hard to adjust I i have taken few shots from this couple of lenses can t have a chicken decide yourself how does it basically you will get three kind of lenses actually so this are the closer view of those lenses and as i said i have captured few photos with the 360 degree i think actually is not a 360-degree quite like a 180 degree kind of a thing macro shots i have observed i think it's a better captured in a normal coming in compared to the salensus as you can see this photos and videos has been captured from lens and without lens you can see the comparison i think as per my observation is concerned I think without this lenses I think camera able to capture a good amount of duties and good quality pictures but this lenses are not that much worthy so if you ask me my recommendation we've never go for this kind of lenses if you're looking for a good camera with a good lens definitely go for it but then good budget or good quality camera mobile phones not go for this kind of detachable lenses and all that as I said most importantly in the in my earlier time also liked this video I think this lenses are not meant for like a particular hansard a particular model so it's very hard to adjust also i have found a lot of problem to access all these things so my recommendation would never go for those kind of lenses so that's it for today if you liked the video finally hit the like button and if you have any comment require you can you write it on the comment section and this you go stop in china from the other of hope to see you in my next video have a nice you

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Cell Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Samuel L. Jackson, John Cusack Movie HD

Passengers on flight 5598 Hello Dad Hello my friend Are you coming home? Wear. Yes, yes soon Oh jeez. They are terrorists right? There are terrorists in our country Do not use your cell phone If you want to survive … People will die Are you okay ?! This attack works for the group, as a whole. This could be the next stage in human development. What is happening now is more than chaos It's the beginning of the war …! I want to exterminate them. It's a suicide mission, you are going to die! I want to see my son … Stella Are you fine ? Do not prevent your mercy from us, O my God … Misfortunes without numbers surround us May your love and your truth to protect us. Here lies death and dust from Earth.. good . Evil always triumphs! I think so Did you return to their home country? Are you coming home? I just want to see you at home … It's Johnny's voice. no not like that You know it's not your son!.

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DOWNLOAD FREE. Secret, Spy Cell Phone Tracker (OLD Manual). Mobile App for GPS Tracking Android.

with hidden GPS Fox app you can transform your mobile device into a secret GPS tracker this app appears to be a battery saver on the user mobile screen when the app is launched all tracking settings are hidden and locked to unlock the app enter your password and access all tracking settings after registering phone on wwg PS voxcom you'll be able to track it online view exact addresses and more get alerts when people arrive at work school home or anywhere else get alerts if people are going over the speed limit track and find lost or stolen phones and view reports with visited locations distance traveled and much more download hidden mobile GPS tracker from Google Play and Windows Store for free.

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