Masha and The Bear – Call me please! (Episode 9)

[Music] we're broadcasting live the biggest footballer in our country it's the match that's where you decide the championship both teams already on the pitch our team is keeping the ball so the opponents can't get possession the ball passes from one player to another as they're approaching the opponent's penalty box our striker tries to shoot the ball bounces off the opponent's defender and their goalkeeper [Music] good afternoon dear viewers this is our weekly health program today we'll be talking about different methods to relieve stress we can resume taking new relaxation techniques that can relieve and reduce stress in just 10 minutes the simplest one is to sit down in a recliner or comfortable chair just relax and breathe normally or you can savor a warm cup of herbal tea try to avoid having any serious thoughts while you enjoy it or you can make yourself a warm bath and do some breathing exercises while you're lying in it like taking a deep breath through your nose with your mouth closed and then submerging the lower half of your face into the water and slowly breathing out through your nose just remember that none of these method is a magic wand fatigue and exhaustion can make your life very difficult but try to keep in mind you will find solutions in you time to walk down the forest what about the works [Music] [Music] along with the cellphone [Music] [Music] the opponent's team was penalized after committing a foul and the players are on the field once again [Music] [Music] [Music] I got throw to you [Music] so so where could all the cartoons be hiding let's start an investigation one two three four five [Music]

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