How to download and setup myCANAL on your mobile phone [English Tutorial]

Hello I am Fishbach from Bonpedia we
vowed to keep up the good content that's why today I am going to show you how to
download and set up my canal so without losing our time let's get started go to
play store type my canal in a search box select my canal a freak click on install click
on accept click on open to launch the app you you click on connection button wait for connection click on inscription to create an
account as you are seeing it the account creation is not available on the app
so we need to create it using their website you will find the site name in video description
click on menu select my canal scroll down and click on connector button the system will
automatically choose your country if it doesn't choose it yourself scroll down click on
the account creation button now we are on the account creation page before continuing let's take
a look at the steps you can follow to get cart and subscriber number if you are using an HD decoder
grab your remote controller and follow these steps if you are using an ancient decoder grab your
remote controller and follow these steps the card number can also be found on the card itself
let's go back to our page fill in your subscriber number fill in the last five digits of your card
number let's take an example of a card number as you are seeing it I selected the last five
digits of this card number you do the same choose your country fill in your active email fill in a strong password and it must be
8 characters long with digits upper and lowercase letters retype the password to confirm check to accept Terms of Use click on account
creation button canal will send a validation link message to the email you used to create
the account go to your email and open that message click on a validation link the link
will take you to a validation success page open my canal fill in your email and password
to login click on connector button make sure that you have an active subscription it's a
bone Mayan French language otherwise you will not see a live TV option you can't watch replays
let's choose any channel to test if it's working to jihad people but see the venetie CC it's
a summer especially far sustained pushed up a the to repeat other file exit who is a Muslim
the video is not visible because I'm recording the channel's content without copyrights but I
am pretty sure that it's visible on your device thank you a lot for your time promote this channel
by subscribing like and share God bless you bye

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