How to pair your Jabra Engage 75 with a mobile device

Hello. In this video, we show how to pair the Jabra
Engage 75 with a mobile device, after having performed the first-time setup using the setup
wizard. If you want to pair your mobile device as
part of the first-time setup, follow the steps in the setup wizard. Tap the 'Menu' icon to open the 'Settings'
menu and tap again to navigate down to 'Mobile device'. Tap the 'Accept' icon to select 'New' – for
new pairing. Then tap the 'Accept' icon again. Follow the onscreen instructions and go to the Bluetooth menu on the mobile device, and select the Jabra Engage 75 from the list of devices. The headset and mobile device are now paired and ready for use. If you want to add a second mobile device,
perform the same steps as just described. As an alternative to using the settings menu
for pairing to a mobile device, you can use the NFC zone on the front of the base to pair
with a compatible NFC mobile device. Ensure NFC is enabled on your mobile device.

Then hold the mobile device against the NFC
logo on the base. Follow the instructions on the mobile device
to complete pairing. The headset and mobile device are now paired
and ready for use. To learn more about your Jabra product, use
Jabra Direct, the computer application that is available free of charge. Use Jabra Direct to adjust features and functions
according to personal preferences or company requirements. Also ensure your Jabra product is updated
to get the best performance. Jabra Direct also enables remote call control
between your Jabra product and selected computer softphones. Visit for more information. Thank you for watching. For more information, please visit

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How to pair your Jabra BT2047 to your mobile phone

Hello! In this video, we will demonstrate how to pair Jabra BT2047 with a mobile phone. First, turn on the Bluetooth on the phone and make sure the headset is turned off. Next, press and hold the answer/end button on the headset until the indicator light turns solid blue, Then release the button. Finally, go to the Bluetooth menu on your phone and select Jabra BT2047 from the device list. If you are asked to enter a PIN code, please enter four zeros. The headset and mobile phone are now paired and ready to use.

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Wireless MobilePhone MonoPod Model:Z07-5!

cube here it's new product go today a wireless mobile phone monopod to take selfie Bluetooth of course and this is nice you can take you can be more creative and take better picture when your outing like this that's for sure so in this box this thing's come and here it's button for Bluetooth for taking picture you have this for upload battery because here it's a battery you can see itself ok I can we can turn it on like this there the blue light yes a blue light there is my iPhone there and we take bluetooth bluetooth on phone here it's find this set oh seven five I know it's rather good ok so now I can put this together on this selfie stone like this okay like yeah like this there we are something like that and first of all I'm not sternum their camera and we can like this looks there and this is long here so you can yeah you can take it much much longer than this see here here's the button so if we want to take this over there this box take a photo of this box near the six extreme in there so now I will touch this Bluetooth there and it was pictures we can look look at that do this okay take picture of this son over there very near so now we can look see how cool is that so in many situation this is fantastic this selfie stone can be so long like this and you can turn it around in every different angle and Bluetooth so common this box wireless mobile phone monopod photograph and we to yourself wonderful everywhere model set oh seven five cool

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