Top 5 Best Mobile Phones Under 25000 Taka! (June 2022)

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Top 5 Best Mobile Phones Under 20000 Taka! (April 2022)

Top 5 Best Mobile Phones Under 20000 Taka! April 2022 Best Smartphone Under 20000 Best Mobile Phones Best Smartphones Under 20000 Best Gaming Phone 15000 Taka Better Phone Best Smartphone Smartphone Buying Guide Mobile Buying Guide .

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Tecno POVA 5G Unboxing And First Impressions⚡Performance Powerhouse Under Rs.20,000

This is Tecno Pova 5G The first 2 phones were good in specifications, and this phone is next level Some of the things in this phone are added that you won’t get in a Rs 25K phone We’re going to tell you everything about the phone and make sure you watch till the end. But before that make sure to subscribe To the channel and turn on the notification bell so that you get notified as we upload a new video It seems like they’ve spent a lot of money on the box, the packaging looks good.

It comes on Dimensity 900, 8GB+128GB The case has Manchester City written all over it. This is USB Type-A – Type C charging cable with a 18W charger This is a big phone with a 6.9’’ display nearly 7’’. The design looks premium, & i think it is dual-tone because on one hand it has shiny look and kind of grids on the other This doesn't look like a budget phone, it looks premium. Tecno claims The texture is Kevlar They have surprised me in terms of design in a positive way.

The case quality is average It comes with a scratch guard & a case. It should weigh around 210-215gms, let's check it. It weighs 219.3 gms And not just the big screen it also has a 6000mAh battery. At the bottom we have a 3.5MM jack, noise-cancelling microphone A fingerprint sensor & on/off button at the right. This phone looks good from all angles. But it is a fingerprint magnet. I thought it would be hybrid but now you have space for 2 nano sim cards and an SD card slot The storage is expandable upto 512GB. A gasket is also there If you like the phone or the video leave a like This is a 6.95’’ FHD+ screen, IPS LCD screen with 120Hz fast refresh rate & 480 nits brightness. It is decently bright, you won't have any problems except for the harsh sunlight. The screen-body ratio is 91% As the bezels are very slim and the chin is average. The viewing angles are not bad As I said at the start some features you won't get even in Rs 25K phone It comes on Dimensity 900 5G 6nm based processor so with the 6000mAh battery it can easily last for 2 days This is 8GB+128GB with UFS 3.1 storage type & LPDDR5 RAM, so the RAM and storage are flagship level So the antutu score was more than 490K this score comes in the Qualcomm 778 territory The virtual RAM of 3GB is also available (MemFusion).

So this is definitely a performance powerhouse because it costs under Rs 20K The 8GB+128GB variant comes at Rs 19,999 We played BGMI on HDR and Ultra settings & because of the big display the experience was real fun & on this settings we got A constant FPS of 40-44 so if you lower the settings you might get around 55-60 FPS. We played COD on high & very high settings and the experience was great too The one thing that was not that good was the OS, because there are a lot of bloatwares & there are pre-installed apps as well which you can uninstall This comes on HiOS 8.0 which is based on Android 11, Android 12 would've been better.

Tecno is not known for giving updates, I really hope we will get Android 12 updates This OS has a lot of features as well, the display is peek proof, it also has a game space & there are a lot of customizations as well The side-mounted fingerprint is blazing fast. It comes on the latest WiFi 6 along with Bluetooth 6.0 & it also has 11 5G bands It also has Dual 4G VoLTE, WiFi calling so the connectivity is top-notch Binge-watching looks fun because of the big display and big battery. AMOLED would’ve been better but they have given 120Hz instead The bottom firing mono speakers are loud but the quality is average.

But because of the big screen multimedia is going to be fun. One interesting thing was it has widevine L3 not L1 it might get an upgrade after the update. Generally in this price range we do not get IP rating but we do get it in this (IPX2) It has FM radio, SAR value within limit & no notification light. And i think i skipped on the battery, so it has 6000mAh battery with a 18W charger. Tecno claims that the battery charges in 33 mins, we did not test it but if it really happens then it is a big plus It has a triple camera setup, though I won't say it, is a dual camera setup because it has 50MP + 2MP + AI so let's just talk about the 50MP photos of primary camera are good because i did not expect the colors, dynamic range & the sharpness to be this good the front we have a 16MP selfie sensor.

I’ll show all the samples on screen, you tell us how you like them .

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Top 5 Best 5G Smartphones Under ₹20000 Budget⚡November 2021

So your budget is Rs 20K & you want a 5G phone & the phone you decide should come with good specifications! And so we make such videos for you! These are our very popular videos. Where we do a lot of research & make a list of the best smartphones under Rs 20K. Best 5G smartphones under Rs 20K! Yes, it’s a video on it & we always have a basic minimum criteria! Criteria – Should have 5G, a minimum of 6GB RAM & 128GB storage, performance is very important! should have a minimum of 48MP multi camera setup & fast charging, a fast refresh rate is a good addition. We give more importance to that but it’s not a compulsory criteria.

And 1 out of the 5 phones has 60Hz normal refresh rate. I’m going to talk about everything but before buying any of these 5 phones, you’ll have to buy according to your importance. Like display, performance, camera, battery etc. Although, we rank them from 1 to 5, but you might change the ranking according to your likes. So it’s important to remember these things when you make a smartphone buying decision! We’ve already made a dedicated video on that, so do go watch that video after watching this one. And let’s start! If you enjoy the video, then do hit LIKE & SHARE it with friends if it benefits you! And I’m sure you’ve already SUBSCRIBED, right? If not then do it now! Friends, we update our list every quarter & we do such videos(Under Rs 15/20K) after every 3 months.

The last video was done in May, so 4 months have already passed. And if you look at this list & that, then 3 phones have changed. 2 phones are the same, but they’ve lowered in their rankings. They were at the top before & now have come down. #5 realme 8s – If performance is important to you & cameras aren’t then you can definitely look at this! Because its price is around Rs 20K(Rs 19,999) & the camera isn’t ultrawide. It’s a 64MP+2MP+2MP camera setup & a 16MP front camera. So there’s no ultrawide despite the Rs 20K price. And that’s why it’s at #5, if you look at its performance, then it’s definitely very good. It comes on Dimensity 810 SoC, has a 6.5” IPS LCD with 90Hz fast refresh rate, a 5000mAh battery with 33W charging. All other things are good but because of the camera, this comes at #5! Friends, I must tell you the price for 8GB+128GB is Rs 19,999.

Our minimum criteria has 6GB+128GB & that variant comes at Rs 17K. So the price is quite good! All smartphones mentioned have their product links in the description, do check them out. #4 realme Narzo 30 Pro – Compared to the realme 8s, it isn’t much different! It has a 6.5” FHD+ display with 120Hz fast refresh rate, it’s priced at Rs 16,999 for 6GB+128GB(same as realme 8s). But this one has Dimensity 800U SoC, while the realme 8s has Dimensity 810 SoC. And this one has a 120Hz fast refresh rate so that’s a difference, rest all other specifications are same like 5000mAH battery, 30W charging & this also has 6GB+128GB variants at similar pricing. But looking at all other things, the camera especially includes ultrawide – 48MP+8MP+2MP. So that makes it at #4! #3 realme X7 5G – It’s a little old but it’s still at #3. And in our May month’s list, this was in the top 2! It’s interesting to see #5, #4 & #3 phones are realme phones.

They’re bringing out some very aggressively priced phones. So realme X7 is very good & it’s at #3 `because it has Dimensity 800U SoC, you get 6GB+128GB, a 4130mAh battery with 50W charging! So the charging in this phone is more than the realme 8s & Narzo 30 Pro with 50W! And if you look at the rear cameras, it’s got a better camera setup(64MP+8MP+2MP). Meaning 64MP primary sensor & a 16MP selfie sensor but at Rs 19,999, looking at all things, the realme X7 5G is at #3 but remember, the X series has been replaced by the GT series. But the specifications on paper & the performance, makes it at #3! The X7 is at #3 for another reason, it has an AMOLED screen with 60Hz.

It doesn’t get a fast refresh rate but it’s an AMOLED screen. I think it’s a no brainer! If the screen is AMOLED, then it makes a lot of difference & that’s why #3! #2 moto Edge 20 Fusion – This comes at Rs 21-21.5K but it’ll come at Rs 20K during offers/sales. But if your budget is Rs 20K, & if you can stretch another Rs 1K, then you can definitely look at this. If you want a clean UI & a good OS experience on a motorola phone & it’s camera is good too! Let me tell you, it has a big 6,8” AMOLED screen with 90Hz refresh rate. After that the performance includes Dimensity 800, which is a really good performer. And for camera you get a 108MP+8MP+2MP triple camera setup. And on the front, there’s a 32MP selfie sensor.

So camera, performance & OS! Because you get a clean UI experience with motorola phones. And the 6GB+128GB variant is available for Rs 21-21.5K. So it’s at #2 in my book, definitely! And it’s great value for money! If you want a good display then you should definitely look at it! Display, OS, performance, camera everything! To talk about an all round phone, then you won’t go wrong with this! #1 iQOO Z3 – It doesn’t have an AMOLED screen, it has a 120Hz fast refresh rated IPS LCD screen.

So if you’re into gaming then definitely look at it! Or else, according to me, the #2 moto Edge 20 Fusion can be at #1. If 120Hz fast refresh rate is not very important to you. Moto has an AMOLED screen & this has IPS. But still, looking at other things it has a Qualcomm SD 768G SoC for performance. All others have Dimensity & so if you want a Snapdragon SoC, it’s good & if you compare it with Dimensity 800, the SD768G is better. It has a 4400mAh battery with 55W fast charging so that’s very good. You get the 6GB+128GB (base variant) priced at Rs 17,990. And you’re getting 6GB+128GB under Rs 18K. You get the 8GB+256GB variant at Rs 20,990. Meaning it has 256GB storage & 8GB RAM. So it’ll be future-proof & SD768G works well 90-95% of the time even on heavy apps. So let’s talk about the cameras, there’s 64MP+8M+2MP which is an ok camera. It isn’t the best. In terms of camera, the moto Edge 20 Fusion is better but still it isn’t a bad camera setup.

Overall, looking at the package & price, according to me, the iQOO Z3 comes at #1 in my list. Now you have to talk about your rankings with reasoning in the COMMENTS! Like I said, we spent a lot of time & efforts to rank the phones according to us! But the point of view is subjective & do let us know about it. If you enjoyed the video, then hit LIKE! That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!.

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