The ROG Phone 5 has a Problem – Durability Test Fail!

the rog phone 5 is basically the most powerful gaming phone on the market right now and could be argued that it's the most powerful smartphone of all time i kind of slice my finger open removing the massive heat pipe on the xperia pro so i apologize for that but it'll be relevant a little later in this video inside the box our rog phone the republic of gamers comes with an external cooling fan this time around it's got the rgb lights on the bottom with two extra clicky buttons on either side of the fan moving two gaming buttons to the back saves screen real estate for your eyes it's kind of smart now the display is not covered up by thinkers this guy costs about 1 000 euros which is 1200 so it should be an interesting durability test let's get started [Music] right off the bat this phone is pretty dark black everywhere with some futuristic text and led designs on the back if you remember rog has always been kind of loud with their designs the rog-1 and 2 both had big metal bumps on the back with built-in vents that were supposed to help dissipate the heat from inside the phone then the rog-3 came along with its more subtle design but still had that massive metal aerodynamic cooling system inside for the heat dissipation which was also visible from outside the phone with a little transparent window i was a big fan of this one all of these phones have been pretty rock solid so far rog did skip the number four which is common because in china the number 4 is an unlucky number just like 13 is unlucky here in the usa their number 4 sounds very similar to the word death so it's just better to skip it since nobody wants an rog phone called death the rog 5 design is much more subtle almost falling into that normal boring glass rectangle thing that every other phone brand is doing so it's a little disappointing i still prefer the loud aesthetic of the previous versions also inside the box we get some stickers and a very thin plastic case we also get a large 60 watt fast charger since there are two batteries inside the rog phone 5 it can charge twice as fast there's also a braided cable if you do want a backup or travel charger that's about 1 4 the size of this brick you can always grab a 20 watt charger from my channel sponsor anchor it's just 16 bucks on amazon i'll leave a link in the description it's time for the scratch test i've been systematically durability testing smartphones for the past six years it's a strange hobby i know but performing the same tests over and over again lets us compare all of the popular phones to each other over the years and luckily the vast majority of the phones that i test survive it's pretty rare when a phone fails the rog-5 is using gorilla glass victis and we start seeing scratches at a level six with deeper grooves at a level seven everything's pretty normal so far there is a thin earpiece slot up at the top of the phone for the top stereo speaker and then there's the front facing 24 megapixel camera that's also tucked up here into the bezel the bezels aren't crazy big and for a gaming phone it's actually kind of nice since the phone is normally in the horizontal position and the bezels give your hand a little more real estate to hold on to without covering the screen speaking of real estate there are additional capacitive buttons on the side corners of the phone along with the metal power button and the metal volume rocker these capacitive triggers can be programmed to different actions while gaming the top of the phone is pretty bare and over here on the left side of the phone we get more metal along with the rubber stopper that is most definitely gonna get lost there's a zero percent chance this thing lasts longer than a week we'll come back to these ports in a second the sim card tray is also metal and funny enough a normal size sim card removal tool isn't long enough to open it up you'll need an extra long tool to get the job done also strangely there is no rubber ring around the sim card tray opening which is usually like the bare minimum of water resistance the rog phone 5 has no official ip rating which means even rog doesn't trust their rubber plug the bottom of the phone has another usbc port as well as a headphone jack i'm glad it's back since it disappeared on last year's model now it's pretty cool of asus to include a fan in the box i'm still skeptical that blowing air on the surface of the foam on the outside of the glass has any meaningful impact on the internal temperatures but nesu says that the fan which also has a kickstand decreases the surface temperature by 15 degrees and the internal processor by 10.

I'll have to test that out later you know if the phone survives jumping into the settings we can change up the exterior lighting since we know that the rgbs improve the fpss of the rogs i'll bump the fan to full blast so you can get a feel for how loud it is and then i'll drop it down to minimum nothing super crazy my favorite active cooling system that we've ever seen is still the thermoelectric cooler on the black shark 3. that thing drops the temperature to just above freezing and was pretty impressive it'll be cool to see how these lights work from the inside during the teardown unlike the rog-1 and the rog-2 the surface of the rog-5 is totally flat made out of one solid slab of glass the rear camera lens is also pretty low profile there are three cameras underneath a 64 megapixel main camera that can film an ak a 13 megapixel ultra wide camera and a 5 megapixel macro camera along with a single colored led flash all protected under glass now fingerprint scanners and i don't always have the best luck together the rog 5 does have an under display scanner it's optical but unfortunately it doesn't seem to want to read my fingerprint very much granted there are a few level 7 scratches already over the top and my fingers are not pristine but for a thousand euros i was kind of hoping for a little better performance since you know gaming phones are all about performance the screen of the rog5 is where things start to really shine we have a 6.7 inch display with 1 billion colors a 144 hertz refresh rate and a 300 hertz input touch sensitivity rate which is a pretty big deal while gaming basically means you'll be fired actual fire of course is probably frowned upon but it's good to know that the amoled display can last for 30 seconds under my flame and still completely recover minus the oleophobic coating of course see look at this i've already forgot about the rubber stopper and it's only been like seven minutes and i don't know about you but when i think of gamer i think of some pretty aggressive hand movements because emotions are usually high which means that a gaming phone should be even more durable than a regular phone and keep in mind during this bin test that i'm not even using all of my fingers right now unfortunately with the very first bend we see some pretty major cracking along the antenna line near the bottom half of the phone and that small crack for some reason has catastrophically affected the internal vibrator which now sounds more like a hissing cat than anything else with another bin from the front we lose the entire screen at that same weak point that antenna line the victis glass in the front is still intact it's just the display under the glass that has given up the ghost one billion colors are gone in an instant this of course is not an ideal situation a phone without a screen is like a car without tires finally we'll flip the phone around to the back and try one more time and right there next to the center usbc and accessory port we find another weak point in the frame and just like apple's ipad it's game over for the rog phone five may he rest in peace says i've performed this same test on hundreds of phones over the last six years and the vast majority of them survive which makes it even more embarrassing for the phones who don't especially when they cost this much the led lights on the back of the phone still work but the rest of the phone does not and it's even more sad since i haven't been to the gym in a year and i'm only using nine fingers rog skipped number four because they were superstitious about death but then number five died anyway pretty painfully it'll be interesting to take this guy apart and see why it failed from the inside there's a good chance that that dual battery system messed with the structural integrity this is just the regular rog-5 of course there is one more even more expensive rog-5 called ultimate which has the second display on the back but judging by the fact that it also has dual batteries side accessory ports and this very same antenna line on the side i think it would indeed suffer the exact same fate during the bin test but hit that like button if you think we should check remember most smartphones don't hold their value all that well so if you do want a good gaming phone last year's rog 3 still has 5g and almost the same specs and is now half the price and more importantly doesn't fold in half rog has definitely made some winners in the past just not this time around the rog phone 5 officially fails my durability test as always let me know what you think down in the comments make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss that teardown and come hang out with me on instagram and twitter thanks done for watching i'll see you around

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Asus ROG Phone 2 Teardown! – Is the rear vent Fake?

today we're taking apart the ROG phone to probably one of the most feature-rich smart phones of 2019 we're gonna look underneath that crazy metal protrusion on the back panel and see if it actually does anything besides just look cool and we'll see how the glowy LED lights on the back panel work should be pretty interesting this video is sponsored by Toro let's get started so last year when I took apart the ROG won this metal contraption felt more like decoration than anything else this year my razor blade can slide underneath the growth so we know that it's not a built-in part of the frame but it's also still connected underneath the back glass so I'll have to break out my trusted heat gun to remove the glass before getting to the metal chunk the adhesive holding down the rear glass panel with its colorful accent lines and can be warmed up and cut away with my suction cup and razor blade working my way around the hard angles of the metal vent is fairly complicated glued shut phones are never the easiest to take apart finally though with enough heat and persuasion we can rotate the back cover off revealing an absolutely massive internal battery and a self lit LED reflective back panel the lights inside the ROG 2 aren't deflected from separate LEDs the LEDs are actually built into the reflector itself much better design than last year's ROG one that had the LEDs off to the side shooting into a white piece of plastic this new method is much more efficient and more secure and since it has its own cold contact pads these can basically be added anywhere inside the back panel on future foams and can just shine through wherever the glass is clear so let's cross our fingers for even more lights in the future it's nice to see that the RGB lighting on gaming smartphones is improving a soos is really shaking things up speaking of brands that are shaking things up huge thanks to Toro for sponsoring this video Toro is a car sharing service that has vehicles in more than 5,000 cities across the u.s.

Canada Germany and the UK it's just like renting a car but way easier and the price on average is usually 30% less than a normal car rental service there are some pretty nice cars on here as well Toro has 24/7 customer support and roadside assistance and you also have access to insurance through the Turo insurance agency personally I'm eyeing these Tesla's that I can rent all day for super cheap Turo can be accessed via the web or by downloading the app for iPhone or Android use the link in the description along with the discount code our IG 15 for $15 off your first trip if you need a truck to move something or just want to try out a Tesla for the first time or maybe just need a cheap car to get around while you're traveling Turo is pretty simple and you can even rent out your own vehicle to make some extra cash I'll leave the link in the description if you want to learn more and get that $15 off and thanks the turo for sponsoring this video to get deeper inside the ROG phone – we got to remove the ink screws holding on the bottom plastics and the five screws holding down the top plastics you would think at this point when those screws are off that the back panel could come away from the phone but MIT turns out there are two more screws hidden underneath the metal vent and since the glass is now off I can slice underneath that metal vent and remove it from the frame this guy is its own little unit stuck to the phone with adhesive and it is hollow inside the underside of the hump is made from plastic with only a very thin outer metal shell about as thick as a pop cam the metal hump itself definitely does not provide any active thermal cooling the tiny copper grille however does have a direct opening to inside the phone which from a water resistance perspective is a nightmare but once again there is no direct contact with anything on the motherboard the tiny vent just allows passive heat dissipation for any heat that happens to radiate through the air off the motherboard itself let's just say this thing looks more impressive from the outside than the inside at least this time around we'll see if there's any more copper cooling on the underside of the motherboard in just a second let's go deeper the massive battery is plugged into the center of the motherboard all unsnap that like a little Lego and then I'll make my way down to the three small ribbon cables at the bottom of the motherboard this phone does not have any wireless charging or water resistance which might be deal-breakers to some but it does have a headphone jack which are getting pretty rare these days this tiny little daughter board also comes soldered together with the lower vibration motor there are two vibrators in this phone we'll find the other one in just a second I'll remove the dual SIM card tray and then lucky for us a juice is added a magical pull tab underneath the battery it's a narrow little guy and eerily silent compared to Apple's pull tab but it gets the job done in a safe manner and doesn't bring there is a bit of gentle adhesive on the far side of the battery but nothing that's super dangerous this is a six thousand milliamp power left the in polymer battery pack which is the largest we've seen inside of a cell phone all year and check out what's underneath the battery a solid wall of copper now we're talking this is where the real cooling happens this is an under screened vapor chamber we've run into a few of these in the past we'll have to pull it out to see how big it really is in just a second first I'll remove the rubber plug out of the side dual USBC accessory and display ports and unclip the dual rear facing camera and pull it away from the phone it's got a 48 megapixel main sensor on the left and a 13 megapixel wide-angle camera on the right neither of which are advertising optical image stabilization the front 24 megapixel camera also does not have oh is but does come with a gray rubber ring around the lens kind of random I can finally pull the motherboard now from inside the phone frame it's got a long thin design that basically wraps around the whole phone the design of the ROG 2 seems like things were added kind of at random it's not quite as organized as other flagships we've been inside it does have thermal paste between the processor and the massive internal heatsink little copper square that touches the processor is located up near the top small circle vibrator I imagine there are two vibrators inside to give better haptic feedback on either side of the phone wall gaming just like we would see inside of a normal video game controller the top and bottom stereo speakers are also a bit different the top speaker is much smaller and the bottom speaker doesn't appear to have any balls inside like we saw inside the galaxy full the under screen fingerprint scanner is also down here at the bottom of the phone near the loudspeaker it's a little camera that shines up through the thin AMOLED screen to read your fingerprint now normally we do try to keep these phones in working condition I like putting them back together but this particular design puts the copper vapor chamber between the frame of the phone and the screen because that AMOLED panel is so thin the ROG 2 uses that to its advantage to allow heat to escape out the front of the phone which is pretty smart except that the only way for us to see it is by removing the screen and removing the screen breaks the screen screen removals are usually only performed when the screen is already broken the ROG phone 2 has a large 6.6 inch 1080p display but the thing that makes it special is the 120 Hertz refresh rate it shows images twice as fast as normal phones do and yeah cracking a 120 Hertz displayed hurts me a little bit on the inside but at least now we get to see what we came here for look at the size of this copper layer we might have a new vapor chamber world champ right here this looks larger than even the razor phone to vapor chamber normally vapor chambers have you know vapor inside the vapor wings along the little copper capillaries to keep things cool and usually this paper is visible when we slice it open at least for a second but in my particular ROG phone – no vapor is visible inside it's bone-dry in here but even without liquid it's still a substantially large heat sink and copper does a good job of dissipating heat all on its own I think it was definitely worth taking off the screen even if the phone didn't quite survive on paper the ROG phone – is one of the best phones of 2019 with its impressive screen and large battery but with that open rear ventilation system that's more for looks than anything else it's also very much the least water-resistant phone we've seen in a very long time would that major lack of water resistance and a phone this powerful make you nervous let me know down in the comments don't forget to check out Turo next time you need to borrow a car you can use that rig 15 code to get $15 off come hang out with me on Instagram and Twitter and thanks ton for watching I'll see you around

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Rog Phone 2 Android 10 Official Indian Version Update | Official Android Q Update is Live Now

hello friends and welcome to Gamorox Gaming and friends today I have good news for all the Rog Phone owners for all The Rog Phone fans and for all those peoples who want to purchase this phone Asus Rog Phone 2 Official Android 10 version is finally launched and friends it is nat any Beta update its full official update from Asus Asus ROG PHONE 2 Android 10 Update which was one of the most awaited updates And finally, its launched in India to Update your Phone Go to Settings -> Then System -> System Update now you can update your phone from here as you can see download file size is almost 1GB but before you proceed the update process keep few things in mind it is a big update so it will take some time to install completely therefore make sure your phone has at least 80% charge before the update or otherwise, if your phone battery gets discharged during the update process then you will have nothing but a bricked phone the update may take some time to complete so be careful and finally, I want to say Asus ROG PHONE 2 Offical Android Q update is available now go and update your phone thanks for watching If you liked the video please hit the like button Subscribe my channel Gamorox Gaming see you later till then take care and by

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